Falcons finalize Chris Houston trade

As expected, the Atlanta Falcons have traded cornerback Chris Houston to the Lions.

The Falcons announced the trade moments ago.

The Falcons have received in exchange the Lions’ sixth-round pick.  Also, the two teams will flip flop draft picks in the fifth round.

Houston was a second-round pick in the 2007 draft.

15 responses to “Falcons finalize Chris Houston trade

  1. I’m trusting Dimitroff has some late round guys up his sleeve. Houston is worth more than that in my opinion.

  2. martin mayhew is really utilizing these late draft picks for vet. players that are still in their prime. love it, they might not be pro bowlers but no lions have been in a while 1st round or 5th round so using the later pics on proven goods is brilliant

  3. Good luck with this one Detroit. At best the WR had a buddy to run beside/cheer him on down the sideline with Houston covering him. Good bless the poor kid, he could run with anyone, but making a play for the ball or breaking up a pass was impossible.

  4. Atlanta always gets its value back from cornerbacks they take high in the draft. They got more back here than they did for DeAngelo Hall a few years ago

  5. @ genericusername021,
    The Lions got him for a 6th round pick. At worst they get a guy to be the #3 or #4 corner for a year and don’t re-sign him. At best the coaches can work with him and get him to turn his head and play the ball and they get an absolute steal.

  6. @ToledoLions they probably could have had him for nothing after the Falcons cut him after training camp. They spent a 6th to make sure they didn’t have to worry about other offers and have him in their camp.

  7. Poor Falcons, just can’t figure out the CB position…..dumping Chris Houston this year and it’ll be Dunte Robinson in 2 years from now.

  8. @ grendel,
    Very true, but do you think the Falcons came out and said “hey we’re gonna cut him but we’re just trying to get something for him”? I’m just saying that to trade a 6th round pick for a 25 year old CB who can run like the wind and is strong as an ox (27 reps on the bench press) is not a bad deal by any means, and you can’t say it is. Plus it ensures we get him instead of waiting and having someone else pick him up. What are the chances they would have drafted someone with that pick that would even make it through training camp let alone actually be able to play? Probably like a 5% chance of that. I know the Falcons fans didn’t like that he couldn’t turn his head but i like the chances of him being decent working with Schwartz. He made a 7th round pick in Finnegan a pro-bowler and arguably the best CB in 2008.
    All the problems that Houston had are coachable. He has the one thing you can’t teach and that is speed. Like I said if he doesn’t work out we let him walk after his contract is up next year without giving up much for him. If he takes to the coaching and actually performs really well then they got a steal.

  9. Houston is painfully bad. Plus he has serious confidence issues. Once he gets toasted, he’s wrecked for the rest of the game. Put it this way… he lost his job to Brent Grimes. Grimes is an UDFA from Shippensburg State. And he’s about 5’4″. But still better than Houston.

  10. chc4 says:
    March 9, 2010 8:47 AM
    Once he gets toasted, he’s wrecked for the rest of the game. Put it this way… he lost his job to Brent Grimes.
    TRUE STORY. Maybe the Lion’s can pull a reverse-exorcism(?)…you know…maybe a demon possession could get his head to turn. IMO…if Emmitt Thomas can’t coach him, it doesn’t look too promising. And I actually like the Lions.

  11. @ chc4 and arthurblanksmustache,
    He’s better than Buchannon was for the Lions last year and Buchannon did a decent job holding down receivers. That’s because he was paired with Delmas and so will Houston if he starts. That will give him a little more confidence knowing he’s got Delmas behind him. I hope! A good safety makes any CB better. Look how bad Baltimore or Pittsburgh’s CB’s looked last year without the all-pro safeties back there. Not nearly as good as they usually are.

  12. @ ToledoLions
    Louis Delmas is a fine safety and I thought he was a steal dropping to the Lions. It appears to me that the Lions have put together a competent, formidable front office (much like my Falcons) and looking forward to good things from the core of young players they’re putting together. I see alot of similarities between the two franchises and maybe the balance of power will shift for the two long suffering franchises. I wish Chris Houston the best of luck in the Motor City. Maybe a change will be what he needed.

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