Jarvis Green visiting Denver

Career Patriot Jarvis Green is headed to Denver for a free agent visit, which doesn’t bode well for New England’s chances of keeping him.

Multiple Boston outlets are reporting the move.  Since free agency opened, the rotational defensive end has seemingly been pursued strongest by the Patriots and Broncos.  Something got him to jump on a plane to Denver.

Green has been a solid piece to New England’s defense for years and turns 31 this season.  Denver has already invested on the defensive line with former Raven Justin Bannan.  They also met with Dwan Edwards.

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  1. It’s good to see the Broncos being active in trying to add to the D-line. Bannan was a good start, now they have already met with Dwan Edwards with Jamaal Williams coming soon and now Jarvis Green. If they can get one of two of those guys to sign it will definately open up there options for the draft.
    I would like to see them meet with some interior O-linemen too like Boobie Williams.

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  3. I expected this to happen. For the Pats, they had to start rebuilding their DL. If Jared Odrick falls into their lap, I think they’d be giddy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they traded up. But Green was aging and they needed to move forward.
    For the Broncos, if they get him, this gets them a better fit for the 3-4, someone who knows the defense. If they can somehow add Williams and/or Dwan Edwards, along with Green and the aforementioned Bannan, that’ll be a nice, albeit older, DL, It would give them a lot more draft flexibility, allowing them to target perhaps an interior linebacker, find another young edge guy, some DB help, a WR, a couple interior lineman .. and a QB.

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