Jeremy Shockey, Charles Grant sue former Saints snapper

Last year, Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey took to Twitter to unload on former teammate Kevin Houser.

But Shockey is no longer taking matters into his own fingers.  He’s taking Houser to court.

David Hammer of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Shockey and former Saints defensive end Charles Grant have sued Houser for allegedly duping them and others into investing thousands in a film company as part of a tax-credit scam.

Litigation was filed last year against the film company by linebacker Scott Shanle and former punter Mitch Berger.

Houser was cut after the matter came to light.  He took it surprisingly well, offering up a quote that ended up being downright prescient.

We’re . . . put out there to win a championship, ” Houser said at the time.  “And if
. . . maybe this could have caused a rift, and if there are any
underlying issues out there that people didn’t come out and say to me,
or that people did not have all the answers to the questions that they
had for one reason or another . . . listen, I understand.”

Shockey and Grant aren’t willing to be so charitable, and so Houser might end up having to give them some of the money he didn’t earn during the 2009 playoff runn.

10 responses to “Jeremy Shockey, Charles Grant sue former Saints snapper

  1. In other news in a Shockey is trying to get a name change for one of his recent purchases and is telling his teammates the Brooklyn Bridge will soon be called the Shockey Bridge.

  2. People who know very little about the “investment” they are talking about probably shouldn’t be calling other people dumb asses.

  3. They shouldn’t have listen to financial advice or invest in anything with a guy who throws footballs between his legs for a living, that says it all right there.

  4. Let’s see. I’ve got a few million surplus I need to invest somewhere to protect my future. Should I hire a professional financial advisor? Nah. That’s a waste of money. I’ll just put a nice chunk in this great thing that the team’s long-snapper is telling me about. Maybe put some more in this great product my neighbor told me about. Dump the rest in lottery tickets.

  5. It may be dumb to invest in something brought to you by a long snapper and not an investment firm (which by the way is not necessarily dumb, plenty of people have had extreme success investing off the beaten path).
    But dumb or not, if the long snapper lied abour or misrepresented the investment he’s got trouble.
    If he explained it clearly and accuratly to what he understood, those that chose to invest with him need to shut up and curse themselves for not looking at it closer on their own.

  6. Chiefhiawatha:
    1 point for spelling correctly.
    -3 points for not understanding grammar.
    “Can any of you guys spell?”

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