Lito Sheppard lines up suitors

Cut last week by the Jets, veteran cornerback Lito Sheppard is looking for a new home.

We’re told that two teams are in the mix for his services.  Per a league source, the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears have expressed interest.  

To date, no visits have been scheduled.

Sheppard was traded last year from the Eagles to the Jets.  The eight-year veteran appeared in 11 regular-season games with nine starts in 2009.  He started eight in a row before being removed from the starting lineup for the AFC title game.

19 responses to “Lito Sheppard lines up suitors

  1. I liked Lito as a Jet, as he did pretty well at times, but he was injured way to often. Couple that with the $10mm roster bonus he was due to receive and it made the decision to let him go pretty easy.

  2. Lito to the Lions! If they get him and draft one of the big DT’s in the draft they might end up with a pretty good defense.

  3. Come on Teddy, bring this guy in to be the nickelback – gotta be better than having Bush in the game.

  4. Well the Lions could certainly use help in the secondary, but I think he is a better fit for Chicago.

  5. Sheppard’s the only starting-caliber corner available (besides Bodden, who won’t come back to Detroit). The Lions already did the best give-a-little/get-a-little trade they could, acquiring Chris Houston for a sixth and a swap of fifths, but I believe he’s the only corner on the roster who’s started in the NFL (not counting starts for the Lions last year).
    Even if the Lions drafted a corner in the first few rounds, they’d be starting Houston and a rookie. So, it’s either Lito, or give up higher draft picks to get a better veteran–and I don’t see the Lions doing that.

  6. If you’re Sheppard which team do you choose? Wherever the money is best, of course!

  7. I never liked him in Philly and still don’t like him. He takes too many gambles and most don’t pay off. There is nothing wrong with taking high percentage gambles. Most the better players in his position do. The key is knowing when to take a gamble and when not to. He gets burned too much.

  8. Poor guy did pretty well for himself until the 2008 season. He got injured, whined for a new contract, and got demoted by the Eagles and then traded to the Jets.

  9. Lito Sheppard is a good CB. He’s a big play kind of CB as well. His problem? He doesn’t usually give it his all and he takes games off.

  10. I am surprised only two teams are interested in Lito. I would’ve pegged the Browns as an interested team given that Heckert is there and they need to boost that area.

  11. Why wouldnt the Ravens be in this coversation? Are they too sold on Frank Walker?

  12. As a life long Eagles fan, it was sad to see Lito get burnt byPlaxico Burress way to often. I’d hate to see what a better team like the Vikings with receivers like Rice & Harvin scorching him.

  13. Bears would be much better off upgrading their O-line with an average blocker who could play OK in Martz’s offense. Let the Lions pay Lito.

  14. I think he would be a upgrade at CB for the bears opposite of tillman, but they really need a FS with serious ball skills, hopefully they make a run at otogwae

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