NFL content lands on Hulu

For those of you looking for stuff to watch online while otherwise working on your computers, we’ve found a way to fill up more than 400 hours of your time.

The NFL has exported a large chunk of NFL Network and NFL Films content to

We’ve mentioned on Hulu several times in the past.  It’s a site at which television shows and movies can be viewed at the grand sum and total of zero dollars and zero cents.

PFTV segments are on Hulu, yet another reason for our fondness for the operation.  And Hulu has now launched a brand new NFL Network section.

The development was first reported by SportsBusiness Journal; the NFL has since announced the move.

Content will include the America’s Game series, NFL Game of the Week, NFL Films Greatest Games, Hard Knocks (the 2001 Ravens, 2002 Cowboys, 2003 Jaguars, 2007 Chiefs, and 2008 Cowboys), Live Wire, Season in Review (from 1993 though 2005), Sounds of the Game, Super Bowl highlights, and team highlights.

excited to make all of this great historical content from NFL Films and NFL
Network available on Hulu,” said Hans Schroeder, NFL vice president of
media strategy and development.  “This is a continuation of
our efforts to give NFL fans access to more content in more places throughout
the year.”

So for those of you who think football season is over, well it still is.  But you can enjoy many moments from seasons past simply by checking out

And, yes, NBC is a partial owner of, along with FOX and ABC and others.

14 responses to “NFL content lands on Hulu

  1. Hard Knocks (the 2001 Ravens, 2002 Cowboys, 2003 Jaguars, 2007 Chiefs, and 2008 Cowboys)
    No 2009 Bungals? LMAO

  2. Nice…….Now i can watch The Missing Rings segment of the 98 Vikings whenever i want!!!!
    See, the NFL does cares about it’s fans……

  3. The Jaguars were never on Hard Knocks. The documentary series “Training Camp: Jaguars Summer” was made by NFL Network (not HBO) and aired in 2004, not 2003.

  4. meh. NFL Total Access isn’t on there, so for now the NFL Network Hulu page is pretty much worthless. Until they upload timely programming, it’s a waste of time.

  5. Wow Hulu has been running a long time and the NFL has been there for some time.
    The season in review of the Lions 0-16 season ought to be hilarious.
    Classics like the Ice Bowl never get old.
    I wish they had Football Follies like Jim Marshall running the wrong way for a safety.
    No matter how hard you look you cannot find a vikings team with a George Halas Trophy, a Vince Lombardi Trophy, or victory parade or celebration.

  6. Classics like the Ice Bowl never get old.
    Watching your team’s Super Bowl runs and the awarding of trophies is great.
    Unless you are a team like the vikings that has never won a George Halas Trophy, Vince Lombardi Trophy, or had any kind of victory celebration.

  7. The Bengals are not included because the 2009 Hard Knocks were considered to be the best episodes yet…And thats from Sabol and many media members….Get educated dumb ass and stop looking for the silly one liner that ends up making you look ignorant….
    And by the way there is no team called the Bungals in Cincinnati…..Education is key when it comes to stating the facts….Good luck!

  8. NBC Universal, now majority owned by Comcast Cable, is not likely to have ordered Florio to write anything about Hulu.

  9. The Game of the Week should never have been taken off the NFL Channel. Have missed seeing it on TV and have had to log into vidoes to see it.

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