Panthers continue housecleaning with Hoover

One of the outstanding aspects of Twitter is that players can break their own news.

Panthers safety Chris Harris had a scoop Monday for OCNN to envy, saying that long-time Panthers fullback Brad Hoover was cut.

Well we just had
another because your 30 casualty on the panthers roster. Brad Hoover you
will be missed my man
,” Harris wrote.

We haven’t received confirmation on the release yet, but it appears that Hoover is gone.  Veterans like Harris are starting to wonder what’s going on in Carolina.

Makes me think?
What is our number 1 priority this season,” Harris said.  “I know what mine is.

It’s a weird time in Carolina.  The coach looks unlikely to be back in 2011 and the team is slashing salary. Harris wisely realized he shouldn’t write much more.

“If I state my
opinion I might be the next on the long list of released players,” Harris said.

18 responses to “Panthers continue housecleaning with Hoover

  1. J-Rich (owner Jerry Richardson) is playing “hide the check book” this season….great…another losing year- here we come!

  2. As a Panther fan, I agree with Chris 100% The end of last season really had me looking foward to this season. The defense played great the second half of the year and I really thought they would have a chance to compete with the Saints for the South. I thought Peppers was highly overrrated and I can eaisly understand the Jake move but, some of these other cuts are really mind baffling. I went from thinking playoffs next season to now starting to think do I want to spend $800 on tickets to watch a rebuliding team?

  3. Unfortunate too….I am a die hard viking fan, but I for some reason have a soft spot for the panthers…….I think its becasue of my man crush on Steve Smith…he is too fun to watch…anyways…they are not to many missing peices from being competative…I am not sure what they are up too????

  4. Oh nobody. Just the safety that led the league in forced fumbles year before last.
    At one point in that season he had forced a fumble in 8 consecutive games. He just hits like a freight train.
    Nobody a no-football-knowing scrub like you would have ever heard of.

  5. Come on Chris, speak up some more so you get cut and can go back to the Bears! Angelo should have never traded you for Kevin Payne.

  6. WHAT the HELL is goin ON!!>>>???? dude, seriously, brad hoover? He has been a fan favorite for 10 years now… Im seriously in wonder right now, this is getting ridiculous..
    I think Richardson is trying to show owner around the league whats up with this work stoppage looming, and tyring to set a bar..
    But still, Hoover???? its gonna be tough bein a panther fan this year.. He was arguably the most important offensive player on the team.. The games he missed this year, the panthers running attack f’in sucked.
    Good luck Brad, a truly sad day in Panthers history.

  7. Chris harris is a leader on the carolina defense, a safety traded from chicago. This offseason is awful, Richardson WTF are you doing? Does anyone think this is a good move? Hoover was a leader and Fiametta looks like a bust

  8. I think we are going younger to have experienced players in their primes when the league settles. Rebuilding? I hink it is more like uncovering the potential we had buried under veterans. This is a deep draft, and I think we can land three starters.

  9. You think we can land three starters??? Have you seen a Hurney/Fox draft?? This is beyond ridiculous. I genuinely am worrying about the status of even Steve Smith this year, since he’s 30. I agree with Chris Harris, and I question what the organization’s priorities. If the coaching staff/front office/ownership had any nerve, they’d come out and say it-“We’re rebuilding”

  10. I highly doubt hoover was making much cash, hes a fb for god sakes. For as long as hes been around, they should of waited to the until preseason to cut him if hes washed up or cant play or whatever.
    Good FB rarely get the acknowledgement they deserve.
    Hoover may not of been the most talented, but he was tough and smart.

  11. panthers screw things up as usual trade our first pick in a draft this deep they didn;t cut him for money and tony couldn;t take the job from him so why they cut him?

  12. It’s scary but in a way I think if you look at the big picture what Richardson is doing makes sense. He’s protecting himself, the CBA isn’t the only game changer up in the air at the moment, the American Needle case is another factor that can change how the NFL is ran financially.
    If American Needle wins, the Players will have all the cards when it comes to CBA negotiation, if the NFL wins, the owners are holding the best hand. And either way you are still looking at a possible lock out in 2011, so what do you do? Cut the Team down to long term contracts for as little $$$ as possible, when the CBA deal is done you use the 2011 and 2012 draft picks, and then take the cash you reserved and go for broke in free agency. Sure there might be a lockout in 2011 but I think the draft will still happen, at least for securing rights to a player. Look at teams like Chicago that are spending huge in Free Agency right now, sure they might do well this coming season, but how will that effect them down the road? That’s $$$ that have to be factored into future draft choices, can you imagine 2 years worth of signing bonus’ hitting all at once? Right now Carolina is looking at few big contracts, and no coach in 2011 (possibly) on payroll. How many doors does that open towards hiring and signing quality players and staff for 2012 and 2013? If there is no lock out you can still have plenty to spend on Free Agents next year and your draft picks.
    I think Richardson is just factoring the odds and playing it safe. It sucks a lot of favorites are leaving, but the NFL is a business first and foremost, and as a business you have to protect your long term stability.

  13. Ok… i’ve been saying this for over two years now, so listen. Bill Cowyer will be coaching the Panthers next year (period). Why do you think Foxy’s contract wasn’t any more than what it is? Go back and think about all the moves and contract talks and then ask yourself why? Some doesn’t make any sense until you throw this scenario into it.
    Bill will be coaching and this is nothing more than getting the Panther orginization ready for 2012.

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