Patriots to host Crumpler

The Patriots have found a target to fill their stop-gap veteran tight end position.

Alge Crumpler will visit New England Monday, according to Chris Gasper of the Boston Globe.  Crumpler is looking to fill the medium-sized shoes of Kyle Brady and Chris Baker, who have rolled through town the last few seasons.

With Ben Watson taking trips elsewhere, the Patriots are nearly starting over from scratch at tight end.  Crumpler would primarily help with blocking.

10 responses to “Patriots to host Crumpler

  1. At least if they sign Crumpler they might not take a blocking tight end in the first round. Then they could try to find a Percy Harvin-type impact player to help Brady, or a pass-rushing D-lineman or linebacker. Lots of holes to fill.

  2. Pats ought to try and get Tony Scheffler from the Broncos, since he was benched week 17 for attitude problems he may not want to be in Denver anymore

  3. I don’t think this has ever been typed before, but Michael Vick made his career. Pass.

  4. WTF? I am so sick of these re-tread veterans that Belichick brings in to the team. Those Superbowls were built on Brady, the Parcells era defensive guys, and three good seasons of drafting and free agency. The past seven seasons have SUCKED. They haven’t drafted a LB other than Mayo. They never use the TE position but blow first round picks on TEs. They haven’t drafted a receiver since Branch and Givens. They haven’t drafted a decent corner other than Samuel (don’t get me started on Ellis Hobbs and the Wheatley/Whilhite combo). They sign pass rushing LBs and then make them set the edge as run defenders (Colvin, Thomas). I love this team and they’re not going to be anything better than above average for the rest of Brady’s career because Belichick is too set in his ways. He loves veterans, doesn’t trust young guys, and thus doesn’t give young guys the reps they need to become veterans. It is so frustrating watching this team slide downhill.

  5. Scheffler needs to go to a team that would actually throw passes to him to utilize his receiving skills as opposed to asking him to primarily be a blocker.
    Hopefully for his sake he’ll end up on a team willing to use his skills.

  6. @mvlonergan, have you seen anything that Belicheck has been doing in the past few years. The Pats defense has gone from by far the oldest defense the 21st overall oldest unit in the league. That’s a pretty significant shift. You’re foolish to think that he isn’t upgrading with youth, Belicheck loves youth, but he feels he needs a veteran presence which is true. He’s looking to bring in Crumpler because he’s a proven veteran, he can’t look younger yet because the draft hasn’t happened yet and you say he drafts poorly, but look at the talent he’s recently acquired. Jerod Mayo is a very solid player, Julian Edelman, and we have yet to see Brandon Tate and the guy from SFU. Belicheck is in no way shape or form only interested in veterans, he knows they can play and for that reason can always bring them in at the right price.

  7. The past seven seasons have SUCKED.
    You’re crazy.
    This team has been great to follow ever since Mr. Kraft bought it.
    There’s about 20 teams that would like to suck like the Patriots.

  8. TE is not a position that has the same importance it did historically. Dramatic changes to the contact rules have made WRs the rage at the TEs expense. There are only a couple elite guys that are difference makers at that position now. Today you need two steady guys that can block and catch a pass to keep a D honest, that’s it. BB will not waste a high draft pick on a position that has so diminished in importance to the passing game. He will grab a cheap vet who can do that less than critical job. DBs are the rage in the NFL now, or should be, because of said rules changes.

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