Raiders unload Javon Walker, Greg Ellis

The worst contract in the history of free agency is no longer active.

The Raiders finally cut Javon Walker Monday and dumped defensive end Greg Ellis while they were at it, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Walker was named the biggest free agent bust ever by the NFL Network, and we can’t disagree. His contract was particularly egregious because it was obvious in 2007 Walker had nothing left physically.  The guy was benched for Glenn Martinez in Denver.

(I actually wrote a post at the time in my former life calling it the worst contract
.  Blind squirrels, nuts, and all that.)

Oakland paid Walker $21 million over the last two years and got 15 catches in return.  He may wind up in someone’s camp this year, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’s played his last regular season snap.

Ellis actually started his Raiders career well enough,  but knee troubles slowed him down late in the season.

38 responses to “Raiders unload Javon Walker, Greg Ellis

  1. Miami is desperate for a WR, let’s hope they’re not that desperate. Walker is too injury prone.

  2. Now that we have clear more room I would love to see them bring in a true number 1 reciever and sure up the line. Make it happen Al. So far I must say I like what I see this year.

  3. This signing, the Tommy Kelly re-signing, and the DeAngelo Hall trade were the moves that set this organization back another 5 years, and inspired Raider fans everywhere (the ones that still liked him) to finally be done with Davis. And even a 5-year-old knew THEN that they were all bad moves.
    But Al Davis is senile and stubborn, and would much rather keep making mistakes his way then bring in someone who actually knows TODAY’S football and have that person get any credit for turning the team around.
    Just win, baby…. Not any more.

  4. C’mon. If not for JaMarcus, maybe he would’ve caught more than 21 balls.
    That’s less than 1 Mio$ per catch, aka the DHB salary range.

  5. It may be the worst free agent contract ever, but it’s not the worst contract ever.
    The worst contract ever might be that other receiver, Darius Heyward-Bey.

  6. The Walker deal was a complete shock considering his knee injuries. Al should have let Walker retire when he came into his office in his first season with the club. Walker even offered to return his $11 million bonus money.
    The Ellis move is surprising considering he had seven sacks for Oakland, but he is 34 and broke down later in the season. He was a quality veteran to have in the Raiders’ locker room though. Remember reading an interview with Ellis where he said he was tutoring Matt Shaughnessy to become a pass rush specialist. Well, now Shaughnessy gets his shot because Ellis is now gone.
    Ellis will probably land somewhere as a certain-situation pass rusher.

  7. About time on Walker, and too bad Ellis has knee issues. He was a true pro who played well.

  8. I’d be curious to know if there is another team that has literally wasted more money on bad moves then the Raiders. They get 15 catches for $21,000,000 out of Walker. That equals $1,400,000 per catch. I wonder what the per catch amount is for last years #1 pick DHB. Also I wonder how much they are paying per TD for Russell, it would probably be more appropriate to see how much they are paying him per INT.

  9. I just dont get it. Is Al Davis purposely trying to hurt the team????
    At the time, EVERYONE knew that Javon Walker’s career was done. Shannahan even said so in a presser the year before. I cant say it enough – EVERYONE knew that the guy was done. EVERYONE. Yet Davis goes and signs him to a crazy deal WITHOUT any kind of injury clause?????? And then when Walker tries to admit that he is done and wants to retire, Davis talks him out of it????
    That whole story sounds ludicrous! But it actually happened. How can someone hear that story and not say that Davis is either trying to sabotage the team or he is completely senile beyond recognition.

  10. too bad though, walker was very very good that one year in green bay. he struggled out of the gun, but i think his 3rd year he exploded. then he got hurt. and if things couldn’t get worse, he eventually wound up on the raiders
    The Oakland Raiders: where receivers go to let their career die.

  11. seriously if anyone was to pick him up it would be the Bengals
    but really what can this guy do for a team that an undrafted or 7th round rookie can’t do?
    he’s done

  12. Wow. Sometimes, Florio, you are worth the cost of membership to PFT. Fifteen catches, $21 million. That reminds me of the time i got payed 8.7 million for switching out some sewer pipes full of roots and … matter.

  13. To bad they didn’t sign Fresno State’s David Carr, oops that would be the same problems, no quarterback and no receivers. When the let Fargas go, then things are not looking good.

  14. This entire mess brought on by AD makes me want to vomit. I wish he would fire himself.

  15. Walker was in FULL prima donna mode when he demanded his release from Green Bay, now look at him…
    Howd’ya like us NOW Bitch?

  16. Walker, Hall-Pass, K. Harris, T. Kelly, dhBUST, JaLardass. Just a few of the many examples of just how Clueless and senile Al Davis really is.
    Us Raider fan cant wait to see what reach and bust the crypt keeper drafts at pick 8 this year.

  17. Gotta say I’m with raidertg on this one. I like everything they’ve done since the off-season started.

  18. For those that think this was a salary dump, you’re wrong. Walker was guaranteed 2.6 million this year no matter what. No money was saved by dumping him, just a roster spot. Part of the re-worked worst contract ever.

  19. @raidersnation
    What two Hall of Famers are you talking about?
    Dumb Redneck,
    Ellis and Walker.

  20. Same song…
    Jamarcus, De angelo Hall, DHB, Robert Gallery, Micheal Huff, McFadden, Gibril Wilson( really impressed how he stuck it to Parcells the following year with another big signing bonus), Tommy Kelly, Richard Seymour (4 sacks!?), Randy Moss, Javon Walker,
    Every big move Al Davis has made in the past 5 years has bit turned around and bit him. Seymour may be the exception, but 4 sacks is hardly the productivity of a Pro Bowler.
    That laundry list of names has been paid out north of $200 million easily… not just fluff on the back end of the contract.. actual dollars in their pockets.
    Honorable mention goes to draft picks like Fabian Washington (1st rd 2005: traded for a 4th rd), Mike mitchell (who had all draft experts saying who dat?).
    All that being said. The Lions, Cheifs, Rams, Redskins, and Tampa Bay are worse off right now than the Raiders with regards to talent and direction. How is that possible?
    I know what the crypt keeper is doing. What’s going over those organizations?

  21. So where’re all the TT bashers telling us what a fatal mistake it was for the Packers to unload Walker?

  22. The only hope for my Raiders: Pick up a new owner in the Draft.
    Hey Al, Irwindale called – they’re giving Yvonne the Key To The City. Weird, right?

  23. @raidersnation
    You claim Walker and Ellis are Hall of Famers and you accuse someone else of being dumb? I’m guessing that your middle name is “Ron” and your first name is “Mo”.

  24. All you Raider faithful who are optimistic (and I sincerely applaud you for your unwavering support) get real, nothing positive is happening until Al takes a dirt nap.
    Even if there is some undeveloped talent on the team the environment is so poisonous that it is near impossible for the team to be successful as long as Al is alive.

  25. @ Big Tex
    Friend, if Raidresnation’s sarcasm went over your head, you can’t be very ‘Big”, Tex.
    Did you accidentally misspell Raiders as “Raidres”, or is there some sracastic reasoning which went over MY head?

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