Rams reel in Robbins

Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo served as the Giants’ defensive coordinator before getting the job in St. Louis.

A year later, Spagnuolo has reunited with one of the more unsung members of the team’s defensive line.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that defensive tackle Fred Robbins has agreed to terms on a three-year deal that could be worth up to $12 million.

It remains to be seen whether the Rams will make additional moves.  Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently pointed out that prospective owner Shahid Khan already is influencing the team’s approach to free agency.

11 responses to “Rams reel in Robbins

  1. Congrats Rams. He’s a great guy and always put it on the line for the Giants. Sorry to see him go… but nobody rooting for the Blue is going to say a bad word about Freddie. Thanks for the years… good luck in the future… hope he does well in St. Louis.

  2. with carriker and robbins already in tow, they aren’t behaving like a team that’s going to take a DT.

  3. Could this be a sign that the Rams are looking at taking Bradford with pick #1?
    They already have a DT they like in Clifton Ryan, they still have former top 15 pick Adam Carriker (who hasn’t played much due to injury) at DT, and now they shell out $4 mil a season for Robbins? They have the #1 pick in the draft, they don’t need to smokescreen anybody.

  4. Tim Robbins’ black 2nd nephew, related via fling with Fred’s aunt in 1987.

  5. “St. Louis becomes Robbins’ Hood.”
    I’m available to work part time as a headline writer, but you can have that one for free.

  6. When he left the Vikings a few years back as pretty much a bust, I never thought he’d still be in the NFL today. Dude has really improved since then. Good signing for the Rams

  7. Fred was great in blue for a couple of years and i loved his play. can’t say i blame the Giants for letting him walk though… he’s done. hopefully he can get a few spurts of solid play by reuniting with Spags.

    With Detroit trading for a DT and Robbins on his way to do the Midwest Swing, my Bucs are poised for a BIG BOY DT!!
    Give me either one baby….Suh or McCoy!!!

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