Roethlisberger to speak with police again soon

Milledgeville Police Chief Woodrow Blue anticipates interviewing Ben Roethlisberger in the next two-to-three days as police continue to gather information about sexual assault allegations made by a local woman.

He plans to speak with all the individuals with the Steelers quarterback on the night in question and expects to interview eight people this week.

Special Agent Tom Davis of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said
authorities would be reviewing videos from the nightclubs Roethlisberger visited.

We could tell you more, but our video team just sent us all the footage.  Note that Blue kept up the local streak of mispronouncing Big Ben’s name; Blue said
Rothenberger, the last dude

They should know the name by heart soon enough.


52 responses to “Roethlisberger to speak with police again soon

  1. Ben sure did leave town pretty fast. If I was innocent of any crime I would be in town trying to get this over as fast as possible….IF I was innocent.

  2. The Steelers have dominated the AFC Central/North for about 18 years.
    Many of their younger fans have only ever known a franchise who sees the postseason more as a right than something earned.
    It’s gonna be weird watching all the support erode as these kids get used to what seems to be the coming era of mediocrity.
    All the key players are retiring, getting old, being traded away, or raping people. We found out this past year what Mike Tomlin’s team looks like (as opposed to Bill Cowher’s leftovers)… and it’s all downhill from here.
    (Somberly, a funeral dirge plays quietly above the soft strains of sobbing rednecks…)

  3. Roethlebirger is only one of a string of many words the good Chief mis-pronounced during his briefing.
    Perhaps the town of Milledgeville should consider investing in a public speaking course for the Chief, because this story ain’t going away any time soon and the good Chief will be doing many more briefings before this is all over.

  4. ooh-hoo, Woodrow Blue
    lives his life from inside of a room
    hides that smile when he’s wearin’ a frown
    ooh Woodrow, you’re not so down

  5. Did you check out that picture? OMG, no wonder he needs to rape chicks. What woman would willingly be with a 300 lb oaf who looks like a retarded version of Will Ferrel?

  6. I just watched the press conference, and I don’t think you’re going to be able to tell us more. That about covers it. The Milledgeville authorities can’t pronounce Roethlisberger, but say the victim did name him. They won’t comment on the investigation except to say that Ben is fully cooperating. They expect to conduct eight interviews, though it’s not clear with whom. They won’t discuss the alleged victim’s demeanor or credibility and don’t know if she took a blood-alcohol test. She is represented by counsel. They will be interviewing Ben and his companions in the next two or three days but won’t say where. These guys won’t explain the nature of the complaint. But when asked, the policeman conducting the previous press conference said it was not rape but “sexual manipulation.”
    That’s all we know and all we’re likely to know until they interview Roethlisberger.
    But I’m sure the general public will continue sharpening their pitchforks. Me, I’m waiting for just a few more details … a little due process.

  7. This is a tough situation for a Steelers fan. And I am a die-hard fan with roots all over the city. First thing there is no way I am going to root for a convicted rapist. I’ve done that before when I was 12 years old when the greatest athlete I ever knew, Mike Tyson, was convicted of the same offense. In a weird way we still root for him… “The Hangover.” Here is my dilemma, if he is proven not to be guilty it’s not cut and dry. If he’s guilty- cut him, if he’s not guilty there is a grey area. A HUGE grey area. Is it all a coincidence with two accusations? Probably not. But he is still the QB of my favorite team. Do I root for the player and hate the man. It’s easier to use that philosophy now that I’m older. But if I was a 12 year old it would break my heart… and I might want him to be castrated.

  8. That guy is a police chief? Wow…maybe he was nervous, but man…that was horrible.

  9. I’m a Steeler Fan, I’ve been one since 1972, Ben is a Dumb@$$ if this is true, and if i was the Rooneys i would kick his @$$ off the team, How stupid can u be to keep putting yourself in these types of situations? what a @$$ hole…

  10. @ trickbunny… Maybe by the time we’re out of mediocrity your team (whoever that is) will be closer to us in SB’s. We still got 6 bi*$%

  11. Naptown20 says:
    March 8, 2010 5:17 PM
    You’re my boy BLUE!!! You’re my boy.
    … he looks glorious!
    Well done.

  12. IF the police want a conviction they should have the interview done by a female cop. Big Ben will do his best to have her on the table (and I do mean have her) in no time.
    The dude is a sexual addict and can’t seem to help himself.
    Maybe Tiger can give him the name of his therapist?

  13. Even if he is not charged with this, I think the team should discipline him for putting himself in these types of situations and casting bad light on their team.
    They should also look into whether or not he has an alcohol problem which is impairing his judgement in these situations, and if he does, make him get help for it or he’ll be right back in another situation like this again.


  15. Deb – I have mucho respect for you as a Steeler fan. You are one of the few that will give credit where it is due and not come off like some of the many miscreants on line like Katmandu and Frank Burns.
    I am one who also feels that due process is needed. But one has to start wondering about this guy who is your QB. What is a man in his upper 20’s who is worth 50 million or so, doing hanging out at a bar with 20 year old college students. Given what happened to him last summer, you would think that he would be very, very careful not to put himself in a position to let something like this happen. Is he just really stupid? Or is he a sexual predator?
    The fact that he lawyered up right away with a guy like Garland to me is very telling. Something happened. Like before, we will never know what really happened, but bet your a$$ something happened.
    I appreciate you’re being an avid Steeler fan. And I support my Ravens till death do us part. But if I’m a Steeler fan (G-d help me), I would be feeling very uncomfortable right now.

  16. @mrrogers18 …
    I know it’s annoying that I keep injecting legalities into this discussion, but Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t have to prove his innocence. If there is probable cause to pursue it, the state of Georgia will have to prove his guilt.
    I am no fan of Mike Tyson. But now that you’re older, you might want to go back and study the details of his rape conviction. You should also google the Innocence Project and read some of the material there.
    I advocate the strongest possible penalties for sex offenders–and that will include Roethlisberger if he proves guilty of this offense. (The documentation already produced makes it clear he is not guilty of the first accusation). But wrongful convictions don’t help victims. He may be an idiot, but that doesn’t make him a sexual predator.

  17. So many sick people.
    trickbunny all included
    Florio for you to let such trash on your site does say much .

  18. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.
    I hate the Steelers and that cannonball headed QB. But I would hope that if he is guilty he goes to jail and gets done to him what he supposedly did to that woman. Hey dumbass why do you put yourself in these types of situations anyway?
    Why is a 28 year old athlete hanging out with college age girls. Duh.. because he thinks he could get them drunk and then…
    What an a-hole, but a least Jeff Garcia is still available.

  19. HawgNSonsTV says: OK …Florio…it’s real obvious you don’t want your viewers to realize I GAVE YOU ANOTHER GREAT IDEA…BUT WHY TO YOU KEEP …CENSORING MY COMMENTS……GET OUT THERE AND DID UP THAT DIRT ON THIS THIR$TY!…………………………..DO NOT MAKE ME RETALIATE!!!!
    @ Florio –
    THAT’S the comment you chose to post from this guy? The others must be beauties.

  20. Big Ben, pay the lady, when you are rich and dumb you must pay when you play, ashkKobe, and Tiger.

  21. “sexual manipulation” aka I was drunk now regret my decisions. Why does the victim need a lawyer? and is the lawyer a criminal or civil attorney?

  22. I wonder how many Squealer fans STILL protect their crazy, ravaging, raping QB still? What a scumbag.
    Talk about Brady (posterboy)/Manning (penis-head choke artist) all you want — this is ridiculous.

  23. Sorry, PFT nation,
    That darned HawgNSons got out of the cellar again. He can’t see well, so he needs to use the cap lock — just the way it is. I’ve put him back down in the cellar, where he’s didding up dirt, and tending potatoes. It makes him happy (relatively). Don’t worry. I’ll alert you all if he manages to stumble off property. In-laws, what can you say?

  24. I would opine Mister Roethlisberger needs to find
    himself a wife. Has worked well for Carson, Peyton and Tom. Not sure about this guy now
    maybe he’s pretty much a rock and is having
    problems emotionally/intellectually connecting
    with anyone. 2 super bowl wins and still doing
    the alleyway & staircase routine????

  25. Well all I can say is you dont hear this crap about the best QB taken in the draft that year Easy E #10
    Ben this is the third stupid mistake first the Motorcycle then the chick at the Casino now some College kid what an ass
    This time you have a real issue for I would guess this young women has a dad and if daddy finds you oh well.
    What the hell is this guy doing with 20 year old kids. Grow the f up boy

  26. I don’t get the feeling there is really anything here. This may just blow over and be another footnote about his apparent lack of regard for common sense.

  27. @Deb
    As you continue to shake your black and gold pom-poms, please allow a member of the law enforcement community clue you in on something regarding criminal investigations.
    When we would question a suspect a *second* time, (particularly on a serious felony charge) chances are pretty good that we have enough information to send to the GJ for a formal indictment.
    This is the moment of truth for them.
    Either we give them the chance to either acknowledge the facts we (as LE) already know ..or let them to continue to dig the hole they have been digging for themselves with the inconsistencies that they have been telling us all along.
    If they “lawyered up” by this time, it makes it more difficult, but not impossible to achieve this.
    I don’t know the particulars of this exact investigation, but let’s be clear of one thing: Culpability is in play here on a most sensitive level at this stage.
    It would be in Mr. Roethlisberger’s best interests to realize this as well.

  28. Once again if it walks like a Duck and if it talks like a Duck, it is a Duck.
    Just like with M. Jackson, a claim here and a claim there and something is up.
    Many of these clowns have gotten by with murder since a young age and think they are above the Law and the sad part is some times they seem to be.
    That is when they are dealing with a victim that calls 911. I do not call 911 and if I was the young girls Father there would be some justice handed out and that you can take to the Bank and I can promise you he would not be able to throw a ball any longer.

  29. Facts are:
    1) He hasn’t been arrested
    2) He hasn’t even been charged with anything.
    Apparently that’s too much logic for most of the asswipes posting here though.
    Sour grapes perhaps?

  30. Dear Coach Noll,
    The first lady was a golddigger. What’s the excuse this time? Has that first case even been settled yet?
    Dennis Dixon

  31. @ppdoc13 …
    Thanks for the kind words. They’ve been rare the last couple of days 🙂 Yes, I agree. At best a really really stupid, immature, idiot with a frat-boy mentality.

  32. @DJ …
    With all due respect to your investigative prowess, my brother and sister-in-law are successful criminal defense attorneys, so I’ll defer to them regarding criminal investigations. (Ironically, a close friend of ours is a Milledgeville prosecutor, but we wouldn’t ask and he would never breach his ethics to talk about it.)
    Goodness knows the police have never wrongfully charged or convicted anyone of sexual assault, have they? Nah.
    As for my pom-poms, I’ve spent many many hours with rape victims and since the women on another thread were too dense to read between the lines of that statement before wishing all sorts of mayhem my way … that would be because I have personal experience. So I’m not terribly sympathetic to sex offenders–no matter what team they play for. But since the police keep filling prisons with pot smokers and 19-year-olds who had consensual sex with their 16-year-old girlfriends, there’s not enough room for real sexual predators like the one who allegedgly just raped and murdered two teenage girls in California. So, yeah, I am kind of a stickler for due process.
    Now since the documents filed in the Nevada case show with virtual clear certainty that the McNulty woman is making a false accusation to extort money … and the Milledgeville police have already said there was no rape here … you’ll have to excuse me if I wait to learn the charges (if any) and Ben’s involvement before screaming for his testicles on a platter.

  33. This one is for ppdoc13. This is great advice coming from from a die hard Raven fan who knows what he is talking about. Their are Ravens who were in trial for murder. So ppdoc13 said it best for ALL us steeler fans God help us. After all he is a PP DOC so he must know what he is talking about. I agree with everyone in here that he should not place himself in situations like this. BUT he is human and He has a right to be out wherever he chooses. This is America, land of the FREE. It is not his fault that there are girls out there that are trying to get a pay day the easy way. Do it like us and work for your money. IF he is guilty, then he deserves the consequences. IF he is not, all you women wanting to do harm and malice, LEAVE him alone. Roethlisberger deserves innocent until proven guilty. Not just because he is a Steeler, but because he is a human being. On another note if he is innocent, who’s gonna pay for his pain, suffering, mental anguish and defamation of character????????

  34. I totally agree Deb!! This site is full of idiots, but yet I still find myself coming back and reading their bull. Why? I don’t know. Where these idiots are getting “rape” from I don’t know, but they need to learn to READ the article before they post the crap they’re posting. I think most of them just post it because they know they’ll get us Steelers fans in an uproar. I too will wait until all the evidence is presented before making my thoughts known.

  35. @jjsteelerfan – and you would be one of the miscreants of whom I would be speaking. what in my comment was offensive? that G-d forbid I was a Squealer fan. Well excuseeeee me.
    Ben has no one to blame but himself. Given the events of last summer he ought to know better. But obviously he is too stupid to learn a lesson and you are to busy worshiping your god and making light of my handle to realistically read what I said.
    And if it turns out that this was a 3rd of 4th degree assault which does not involve penetrative intercourse and he is convicted, I expect you will be the first Steeler fan on this blog to come on and talk about the pain and suffering of the 20 year old girl who was put through the ordeal.
    I’ve cared for many assault victims in my time as a doc. How many do you know? I realize it is difficult, but put your glasses on and reread what I wrote. If you were offended, then you are the one with the problem, not me.

  36. I’ve been a Steeler fan ever since I was born. But, this incident with Rothelisberger is boneheaded on his part. Why would a person nearly 30 years old, go to a club with college kids? From a guy who wants to be in the Hall of Fame act like such. Doesn’t he think this might tarnish his own record?
    What grinds my ass is this guy in 2004 was a guy with ‘Conservative Christian’ values. Myself being a Conservative Christian, do not see any of this as either of them.
    Also, Rothelisberger is no leader. If we were to compare him to another Pittsburgh athlete like Sidney Crosby (different sport, yes). The way he handles himself is unparalleled compared to Roethlisberger. Crosby can go to any club and party all night with proper I.D., but he chooses to remain low-key. Crosby is a Gentleman, and he is only 22 years old, but acts more mature than Rothelisberger.
    This incident makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, because this determines what, and how we will draft. Also, I do not like the idea of having this scumbag on my team if he is guilty.
    Don’t get me wrong I do hope he is not guilty.

  37. Ben may be innocent of all charges, and I for one will abstain from calling him a rapist till he is proven to be one, the Steelers look like they didn’t do their due diligence regarding Ben and his character issues. This is all hearsay, but my wife is a Miami U grad with friends who were in the athletic department at the time and there were allegations back then of unwanted hanky panky from Big Ben. He was a Grade-A douchebag from way back and doesn’t sound like he has matured much. I would like to hope that he hasn’t done anything wrong, but after two allegations, even if both are false, it makes me feel like it is only a matter of time till he actually does something wrong and gets caught for it.
    Welcome to the hell that is perception. Bengals fans have lived it, and the team earned it, for a while now. I would like to hope that they would all be model citizens and we could all just enjoy football, but that would be too much to ask, wouldn’t it?

  38. As a Ravens fan, nobody hates everything Steelers as much as I do.
    That being said, Ben has the right to due process like anyone else. A lot of us Ravens fans from the beginning remember Ray’s accusations vividly and felt a lot like many Steelers fans feel now…a sense of shock, disbelief and disappointment. I did not want a murderer on my team, period.
    So with an open mind, I watched everything unfold and watched the entire trial on CourtTV. After seeing absolutely no solid evidence of Ray’s involvement in the fight and Ray finally man-up and admit to his obstruction charge, my concerns were put to rest. (That and the fact that Ray has completely kept his nose clean since then.)
    So Steeler (and all NFL fans), let the process play out before you jump to conclusions! Just keep an open mind.
    (Though, after all the thousands of times Steeler fans yelled “You have a murderer on your team”, pay back is kinda sweet. Sorry. I digress.)
    In all honesty (though it is difficult for me to say), even if the accusations are false, Steeler fans deserve a better MAN at QB than this off-season drama boy.

  39. @shaunypoo and RavensChick …
    Great comments … a nice reminder that there are some thoughtful, knowledgeable, adult fans among our rivals in the AFC North.

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