Troy Smith wants to be a Brown

The Cleveland Browns are considering a number of options at quarterback this off-season. Troy Smith hopes one of those options is him.

Smith, a restricted free agent who was tendered at the original round level by the Ravens, would love it if the Browns would sign him to an offer sheet or work out a trade with the Ravens that would put him in Cleveland.

He would crawl from Baltimore right now to be able to play in Cleveland,” Smith’s agent Ralph Cindrich told the Canton Repository. “That’s clearly where his heart is.”

Smith was born in Cleveland and won the Heisman Trophy at Ohio State. Cindrich says Smith wants to go home, and that he thinks the Ravens and Browns might be discussing a deal.

“Cleveland has been on the up and up on this thing,” Cindrich said. “I did hear from a source there may have been discussions between the Ravens and Browns. . . . It would be the ideal situation to see if a trade could be worked out.”

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  1. PLEASE do this Holmgren, here’s to hoping “The Big Show” takes a look at this kid, being a Buckeye fan I have watched Troy since day one, he has tremendous skill and upside. He could come in an be a long time starter in the league just needs his shot.

  2. Browns want Kolb and hope to make a deal for him. All other moves are either feints or setting up Plan B.

  3. What is he smoking??? Who in there right mind wants to play for the Browns. We all know he has experience losing to the Steelers already!

  4. Do it. Might as well go ahead and get one QB who’s far better than Brady Quinn while you can…

  5. Yezzir! I can see it happening. I do like quinn and think he atleast deserves a chance…. in training camp ….. let’s battle boys

  6. That says a lot when a QB like Troy Smith is an upgrade for a team – but we are talking about the brownies after all!

  7. In BBWeTrust
    Why would anyone want to be a Brown?
    Good question. They have a GM that is one of the great men in the NFL. Absolutely a class act. Their owner is a billionaire and his family sold MBNA for several billion a few years back. The fan support is some of the best in the NFL, in spite of their continued mediocrity. Houses are cheap, fans treat the players like Greek gods (you don’t hear about Browns getting arrested like Bengals, wonder why? The cops don’t arrest Browns, duh) They have one of the lowest payrolls in the NFL but are willing to spend to keep their own. He’s a hometown hero and adored in Cleveland.
    Aside from those, yea, why would he want to go to the Cleve?

  8. troy, please go to the browns they need a good qb. unfortunately for the browns, after you get there they will still need a good qb!

  9. Troy Smith is another player that thinks he’s a lot better than he really is.
    There is a reason he’s not the starter, and it’s not just because he came down with an “illness”.

  10. Tremendous skill and upside……could come in and be a long time starter….But he couldn’t beat out Kyle Boller before Flacco got there….
    Sounds like Florio!!!

  11. How can people claim that he is better than what the Browns have? He has 2 starts in his career! The Browns need to stick with Quinn for the year and draft a Holmgren pet-project later in the draft. A Snead-type tools player.

  12. @ all those asking “why in the world would anyone want to be a Cleveland Brown?”
    Because he wants to play!
    @ClevelandSucks aka Philly Sewer Rat
    Troy Smith has beaten Pittsburgh in his only start against them.
    But if this happens, Cleveland has absolutely nobody to throw to so all the Troy Smith haters will go wild saying “Told you so.”
    People make fun of Baltimore’s wide receivers, but they don’t look so funny once you look at what Cleveland has after trading away Winslow and Edwards.

  13. The Ravens should feel lucky to get a 5th for this joker. Troy thinks he’s better than actually is

  14. Wake up Troy. Nobody thinks you’re as good as you think you are. Ravens aren’t protecting you with anything except a measly fifth rounder, and nobody is calling while the great David Carr gets chased around. Start crawling Troy, you have a long journey in front of you.

  15. I think Troy would be a good back up QB for the Browns.
    I don’t think he will ever progress to where he is an elite starter.
    Clearly the Browns are on their way up, and the steelroids??? Well, maybe Rooney will order the league, refs, rape police, and PED drug testing lab to back off so they can get to what made them, err…great.

  16. Ravens might as well do it, why have a player on your team who doesn’t want to play for you. However, I doubt Ozzie Smith would trade a player to a division rival, regardless of talent.

  17. However, if it is an offer sheet I can see the Ravens not matching it. But I doubt they would willingly trade him to the Browns unless it was for a 3rd round pick, which lets face it, won’t happen

  18. what a joke…this guy is another vick wannabe…get a real QB…if this guy was real, other teams would really be after him.

  19. Good one Cleveland Sucks aka Philly Sewer Rat!!!!!!!!!! But it’s still better than having experience dealing with sexual assault charges right?

  20. Troy Smith WILL be in Cleveland for the 2010 Season. “The Big Show” will also bring in Hasselback to mentor/back up Smith the way the had Dilfer do for the Seahawks with Hasselback.
    BOOK IT!

  21. be careful of what you wish for there Troy. Even with Holmgren there the Browns are still one of the worst franchises in the NFL and won’t change anytime soon. Unless Josh “Pay Da Man” Cribbs can also play QB/RB/WR/TE and defense.

  22. Troy Smith is still a stiff! Remember, he lost out to a rookie and still can’t win the job. Quinn is better than Smith even though he’s only played in what, 12 games? I like Quinn to have a shot under the steering of the Big Show and see what happens to him. If he still sucks, send him off!

  23. What has anyone seen in Quinn that should warrant “ANOTHER” shot. He’s had his chances and it is time to let him go. If the Browns bring in a QB via trade or free agency, that player will be the starter and they will draft one. Holmgren said it already, there will not be QB competition in camp. They will pick one and go with him

  24. NO.. Just because he’s from Cleveland and played at Ohio State. Who cares. The Buckeye fans think all the Ohio State guys can play in the NFL. I’m from Cleveland and I’ll take a PAC 10 or SEC QB all day long. He’s not better than what we have. Let him stay in Baltimore or journey man around the NFL.

  25. He may end up in Cleveland, but he won’t be playing………..If “The Big Lebowsky” brings in Hasselback it will be to mentor Quinn and not Smith…..

    You know what, I take that back SAADisfaction, I’m going to go buy a blank book to keep track of your opinions, so when they come true I can shout from on high that you were right. I’m sure the Seahawks will trade Hasselbeck, so that Seneca Wallace can start. If I’m Pete Carroll, I’d actually just give him Matt Hasselbeck for all of Holmgren’s faithful years of service to the Seahawks. I’d much rather start a rookie or Seneca Wallace.

  27. Troy smith=senaca Wallace, idk why everyone is so hyped on him e was a 5th round pick for a reason he couldn’t even steal the job from boller when they tried basically giving him the job. Yea he beat Pittsburg in 07 but I was at that game and he shouldve had about 5 picks but the 3rd string d he was facing kept dtoppin em

  28. And how is troy smith better then wat the browns currently have? Derek Anderson won 10 games and went to the pro bowl wtf is wrong with u people

  29. js136202 says “The fan support is some of the best in the NFL, in spite of their continued mediocrity.”
    I agree with the fan support… I’m not quite sure if you’re interpretation of the world “mediocrity” is accurate though. Since they re-entered the NFL the Browns record is as follows:
    1999: 2-14
    2000: 3-13
    2001: 7-9
    2002: 9-7 (1 playoff victory)
    2003: 5-11
    2004: 4-12
    2005: 6-10
    2006: 4-12
    2007: 10-6
    2008: 4-12
    2009: 5-11
    2009 was a mediocre year for the Browns, not by NFL standards (Average 5-11 over past 11 years)

  30. Typical Browns fan reaction…
    Just sign any available former Buckeye and everything will be fine.

  31. Id take him! proven winner in college who hasnt had a chance to play yet. Better then BQ and cheaper then DA.Obviously Kolb is first choice and Smith would be plan B

  32. Troy Smith didn’t lose out to Flacco. He had the job then got sick when he was in the midst of playing pretty well… a reason he was the front runner to start in the first place. He then got Wally Pipp’d by Flacco having a good rookie campaign.
    And after that rookie year and being a first round pick, there’s no way in hell any coach is going to pull the plug on the guy even after a very average soph season. There’d be chaos and mutiny in Baltimore if that were to unfold.
    Smith got stuck behind a guy who played well, then he got stuck behind politics when Flacco started to regress. See the process a little better here now all ya haters???

  33. I don’t much care either way, but I’m wondering, Massaquoi and Robiskie were both at Ohio State, what kind of history the three have. If he was good enough with these guys (and I’m not sure it was them at the time) to get the Heisman, then maybe there could be some mutual benefit.

  34. The only way I don’t have a problem if Troy Smith comes to the Browns is if it is in a back-up role. The guy is in no way shape or form better than the QB’s we have now. And as someone already pointed out, and rightfully so. All the Ohio State/Browns fans in the state of Ohio want to just ship every piece of garbage OSU player right to Cleveland which is utterly hilarious and stupid. I saw a good one where some guy wanted the Browns to bring in Troy Smith this offseason as well as Mike Nugent and some other OSU player who clearly sucks.
    Yes, Brady Quinn is still a better option than Troy Smith.

  35. Most Ravens fans would love to see Smith going to the Browns. A 5th would be outstanding, but even a sixth or seventh would be a plus. Anything that the Ravens could get would be a plus. In three seasons, Smith has shown nothing to merit being selected in the NFL draft. Undersized and inaccurate, with his scrambles easily contained, he will never be an NFL starter.

  36. I think the Ravens would let Troy Smith go to the Browns (or anyone else) if he had a legitimate shot at starting. I think Ozzie and Harbs think they owe that to Troy. Without Troy’s illness in camp and the breakout season from Flacco in 2008, Troy would have been the likely starter for the Ravens.
    If Troy Smith will be a back up, I think the Ravens would rather he be their back up. Troy is good in the locker room, on the sidelines and in some of their 2QB formations. John Beck is not Troy Smith.
    The low tender was a message that Troy could be available if it were the good for him. They might even consider letting Troy go to Cleveland without starting given his history in Cleveland.

  37. For the Browns it’s not about getting a QB who is better or worse than what they already have. It’s about changing the mindset of the team and fans.
    Quinn and Anderson both have huge upsides and are pretty much victims of Phil Savages indecisiveness. This competition should not have happend. They gave up the farm for Quinn so he should have been the starter in 08 whether Anderson got 10 wins or not. Best case scenario they could have put a 1st and 3rd round tender on Anderson or resigned him then traded him to get some of those draft picks they lost for Quinn back. Instead they second and third guessed themselves resulting in not developing TWO young QB’s and here they are not any further along then they were back then.
    The only way you get Browns fans back on track is to dump both and get behind 1 new guy. As long as either of the old QB’s are on the team, half the fans will be complaining about who the starter is. I doubt Troy Smith is that guy (though he would fit in well with the west coast offense) but whoever it is win or loose he’s going to be the Browns only starter. I mean really, when is the last time a Browns QB played all 16 games?)

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