Vikings "appear to have interest" in LaDainian Tomlinson

When the Chargers cut running back LaDainian Tomlinson, we immediately pointed out the possibility of one Texas native joining forces with another Texas native who plays tailback in Minnesota.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Vikings “appear to have interest” in the 2006 NFL MVP.

Zulgad also writes that the Vikings “aren’t believed to have expressed interest” in veteran tailback Brian Westbrook, who played for the Eagles when Vikings coach Brad Childress served as the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia.

Before the Vikings act on that interest, they’ll need to determine whether Tomlinson is interested in being a backup to Adrian Peterson.  L.T. might want to exhaust any opportunities to be the lead dog elsewhere before accepting a backup role.

Because Tomlinson was cut, the Vikings are free to sign him without regard to the rules of the “Final Eight Plan.”

65 responses to “Vikings "appear to have interest" in LaDainian Tomlinson

  1. I hope LT or Westy wise up and realize the great opportunity it would be to play in Minnesota.
    A championship contender at this stage of their careers is a slam dunk, no matter how much time on the field they get.

  2. If you check out this side-by-side video comparison of Tomlinson and Peterson, they really aren’t that different. Check out the burst LT has compared to Peterson:

  3. Don’t do it! He will divide the locker and cause a real schism, because of his bad attitudes. Besides he said he is an overall better back than AP, during the season he didn’t even crack 1000yds, and was not effective at all.

  4. We need LDT like Pat Williams needs a discount at waffle house… please tell me they aren’t going to bring him in…

  5. As a 3rd down back with an emphasis on catching passes out of the back field he could have a lot to offer.
    Hopefully, LT has the humility to realize he is now more of a “role” player.
    If he is interested in a run at a championship in the few years he has left there is a short list of teams ready to make a run right now. The Vikings are one those legitimate few.

  6. If LT isnt in chillys Escalade by tomorrow, he’s and idiot.
    LT, you want a ring… get your mind right and sign with the best team in the NFL.

  7. That’s old news. He was being phased out in San Diego. They stopped giving him the carries he used to get. Why? Norv Turner is a DORK. That’s why. As for friction? Rivers is like Cutler. He has a huge ego and a bad attitude. LT didn’t get along with Rivers, but not many do.

  8. The only way the vikings are one of the teams that have the tools to make a super bowl right now, is if Brett Favre is on the team. If he retires you all go right back to being a top 12 team but not an elite team and had the vikings not had Favre last year, Green bay would have won the division. So therefore with out Favre i believe the Packers become the favorite to win your division. No need to burst your bubble but its the truth, now if Brett comes back which i say is possible then the Vikings are a legit contender if he can stay healthy. However with sage or Tarvis or however you spell it, you all are destined for a wild card and an early exit.

  9. This is a great move… the reason being, he’d be as productive if not more than Chester Taylor was, being a quality 3rd down back and with his receiving skills. Plus, if Peterson has lingering fumbling issues, LT will certainly get a shot to prove just how “great” he is… Great Move, SIGN HIM!

  10. I don’t get it. LT and AP fued doesnt exsist cept through the media..
    i really doubt that LT or fumblina will let a few “words” get in the way of destiny.

  11. Lord help us if the Saints sign Tomlinson (Brees Buddy) before the Vikings…
    Conspiracy theories will be heard in every ice/fish house in the Land of a Thousand Lakes…
    Vikings fans have been the biggest cry-babies…

  12. Because Tomlinson was cut, the Vikings are free to sign him without regard to the rules of the “Final Eight Plan.”
    That just made things a whole lot more interesting!

  13. it’d be nice to have him. i’m sure he and ap could squash it for a ring. i’m sure adrian could really benefit from him.

  14. I say the Viking’s go for it, as long as LT’s contract demand’s are with in reason. LT can block and catch passes out of the backfield just as good, if not better than Chester Taylor. As for everyone saying LT and AD can’t co exist, you’re crazy. In the Jim Brown interview with AD, AD praised LT, it was Jim Brown who dogged LT saying he didnt have a “fourth gear” like he and AD. This move makes so much sense it’s not even funny. Not only would LT fill the hole left by the loss of Chester Taylor, he would also bring leadership to the team, serve as a mentor to AD, and help entice Favre to come back for another season.

  15. @ Favrin
    Where exactly did you hear that, because I don’t recall AP ever saying it? If he did I find it ironic, considering LT has put up HOF numbers behind mostly subpar offensive lines while AP has always had one of the best lines in the league.

  16. Sweet…now they can add another high profile former All-Pro to their roster -and continue to run out of excuses when they go nowhere.

  17. AD did not say that. Brown did.
    And to CanadianVikingFan, clearly you haven’t been following American football, but some Canuck crap. LT has, and always has had, one of the best team attitudes in the NFL.

  18. @ Favre2Harvin
    Jim Brown made those comments, and he said that Tomlinson was lucky to be in the system he was in and not the caliber of back that Peterson is. Peterson’s only comment was that LT isn’t a downhill runner.
    He was right that the Tomlinson of 09 was not in the same category of Peterson. But to say Tomlinson is a product of the system he’s in is just plain stupid. How could he be a system back when his O-line was constantly shuffling for most of his career?
    In that same article, Jim Brown criticized Barry Sanders for not having a “4th gear” and that being a reason for him not being the same caliber as a back like Peterson. That’s why I don’t put much into what he says. Jim Brown seems to only appreciate runners who like to bowl over defenders, not elusive runners.

  19. Slow Joe says:
    March 8, 2010 10:58 PM
    If you check out this side-by-side video comparison of Tomlinson and Peterson, they really aren’t that different. Check out the burst LT has compared to Peterson:

    Excellent, nice one. Didn’t know he was making a comeback! Seriously, everyone click that link.

  20. Why don’t y’all draft a RB in the mid rounds instead of hoggin up stars like the Cowboys like to.
    Saw somewhere that Tebow in the 3rd would be good for y’all…and I gotta agree, no hate.
    Seriously Vikes fans, u trust TJackson or Tebow?
    Last year Tomlinson said he was much much better than AP, this could get weird.

  21. @CanadianVikingFan: I’m not a Tomlinson fan, but people keep talking about how L.T. said that he was a better back than Peterson when what actually said was that he didn’t believe that Peterson was the most complete running back in the league.
    He wasn’t talking about “best”, as a guy who doesn’t catch or block well can still be the best runner in the league albeit not the most complete.

  22. I know he’s hit the dreaded age of 30 but what do you think the chances are that LT’s declining production has anything to do with Norv Turne phasing out the use of a traditional full back in his offense?
    I believe LT played with a lead full back for much of his career prior to this..
    any thoughts?

  23. If he can hold on to the freakin football, BRING ‘EM IN cause the other guy sure can’t.

  24. It been reported that LT loves playing in California so there might be a better chance that he signs with the Vikings……in 2012 when they relocate to LA.

  25. # OscarMooseFarmer says:
    @CanadianVikingFan: I’m not a Tomlinson fan, but people keep talking about how L.T. said that he was a better back than Peterson when what actually said was that he didn’t believe that Peterson was the most complete running back in the league.
    He wasn’t talking about “best”, as a guy who doesn’t catch or block well can still be the best runner in the league albeit not the most complete.
    Faulty memory:
    “But anything on that field you want me to do — throw it, block — I can do it. That’s what I pride myself on is not having any weaknesses. And that’s what makes me the best back.”

  26. LT has the ideal skill set and price to fit with the Vikes. He is a good 3rd down back and short yardage runner. AD can do those things but you have to spell the man to keep him in on 1st and 2nd down where he is still easily the most feared back in the NFL. I have to find this stat I came across but basically against 6 and 7 man fronts you cannot stop AD. Period.
    The problem with LT is his attitude. The Vikings quietly have become a group of class act pull for each other bunch of guys. One of the nicer groups of players you’ll come across and they have a lot of fun together. Chilly and Co have considered character and personality type as a major issue in drafting and FA acquisition. This might doom LT’s chances of signing here assuming both sides have general interest in his skill fit in the first place. LT is not a bad person per say but he does seem to have more interest in himself than the team.

  27. Who cares about what the hell happens in NFL Minnesota. It’s where old players go to die (Walker, Cunningham, Moon, Favre…). The franchise historically sucks and trips on a dick everytime they get close to anything. Cleveland trading for Seneca Wallace trumps anything the Vikings do. Even though they are terrible- at least the Browns have won Championships.

  28. If I were a Viking fan, I wouldn’t want LT on my team. I’d rather have Westbrook. Even though you’ll probably only get 9-10 games out of him, he’ll be a lot more affective than LT at this point. There’s a reason why LT was on his last leg in San Diego. Great at one time, but that time has passed.

  29. If i was LT i would be licking my chops. He probably feels it will be only a matter of time before they sit AP and he becomes the starter due to his fumbles.

  30. Jimmy are you ready to put some money on the line about your 2012 LA statement you make every time your hand gets free from touching your dad? And dont say its not possible to make a money bet because it can be arranged. But for that to happen you would have to quit hiding behind your key board and give your name. All of you people that bash A.P. would take them over any rb except Chris Johnson . The more you keep hating the vikes just shows your jealously . Unless you root for the Saints,Colts or Jets you dont have shit to brag about last season or to downgrade the Vikes .

  31. As a Bears fan, he won’t get his ring playing for the Queens. On account of Minnesota never winning a Super Bowl EVER. That’s what you get for wearing purple and not having fans that will actually cheer for you when things aren’t just dandy. Or maybe it’s because the team is full of incompetent retards and felons that spend their time beating women and driving drunk. Who will challenge this post? I really owned the Vikings. Come GIT some.

  32. Jimmy thinks he stings the MN fan base, well let me say that again ALL PACKER FANS think they sting the MN fan base bc of the LA VIKINGS comment. which is by far one of the dumbest fking things anyone could say.
    and charlie, since when do players come to MN to die? seems like when MOON,CUNNINGHAM,FAVRE were all here they all produced. but of course you will spin it, some how some way. you all do.
    That old man favre you know the same guy you said came here to die, had his best season in 19 years. and put shame to the other “star” QBs 1/2 his age.
    but you go head and pimp seneca wallace and the browns LMFAO

  33. Yeah …..Vikings bring in LT that will fix all your worries, add him to your ancient QB (if he comes back) LOL…I’m sure with the addition of LT it will keep him upright. Peppers has owned McKinnie every time he’s played him, Vanden Bosch from Detroit will also give him troubles. We all know what happens when Brett gets knocked down and harried….he turns into Brett “the Baker” the turnover maker. If I were “The Baker” I would look at the additions in the North and retire for good! Walk away before you’re carried away

  34. @Charlie Wood –
    The Canton Bulldogs and Akron Pros have also won NFL Championships (ask Bob Nelson as I believe he may have been a water boy for one those teams) . They are equally as relevant in today’s NFL as the Browns.

  35. As much as I don’t want LT to go to Minnesota for a stacked team in the NFC. He would be a perfect fit for a young RB who has problems holding on to the ball. He is an all around RB and can add some diversity to the run and bulldoze anyone in front of me. Which isn’t a bad thing, but soon someone will catch on.
    As for Old QB’s coming to die there, it’s kind of right there. I mean yes, Favre did come off his best season ever played, BUT does he have a ring to show for it. Moon and Cunningham were great, did they win any rings?

  36. It is obvious that all of the haters in here are either jealous Packers or Bears fans. I read your posts dissing the Vikings and I just LOL! I know you all will be crying come next year’s Super Bowl. It will be hard for you haters to watch the Vikes win it all and do it with these same players that you disparage (Favre, Harvin, Adrian and Tomlinson), won’t it?

  37. “the 2 best runningbacks of this decade on one team?
    i just got shivers”
    May just ought to turn the thermostat up, Homer. Might want to put off that declaration of Peterson being one of the two best running backs of the decade when he only played the last 3 seasons of it – while racking up way too many fumbles. Not to mention he finished 5th in running yards this season. Hardly the best.
    Tomlinson: He may have been one of the best until his body gave up on him. Exactly how does that translate now or instill fear of any team he faces? Why not go out and see if you can drag Brian Griese out of retirement? He had the most passing yards in 2000. Trent Green was in the top 5 for several seasons in the decade. Why not go out and sign him? You’d better hope your boy doesn’t retire (not that he want continue to make mistakes that cost big games) because you’ve got no one better than Green behind him.
    Own up to the fact that this year was probably your best shot and you’ll sleep better at night.

  38. Since the Saints lost Mike Bell, there is room in the backfield for LT. But, once again, he would have to accept a backup role. The Saints offense has starter status in the backfield in name only, however. It’s a running game by committee, and that may help LT’s decision.

  39. FreddieBaby… havn’t you been threatening Super Bowl for the last DECADE??? Ouch!!!
    The answer is- NO. I DON’T HATE THE VIKINGS. I actually love them because- between their fanbase and roster… they’re a bunch of retards, retreads, jackoffs, castoffs, rapists, retirees, misfits & morons. From owner to coach, player to bus driver… the entire organization seems to be perennially composed of a bunch of losers. Unless the fanbase is composed of an entire bunch of retards- how can any one of them expect their team to win?? I have never seen a working equation where the formula is as follows:
    Loser + Loser + Losers = Winnings it all.
    Therefor- I love ’em. I never have had to worry about them accomplishing their dream of one day winning a Super Bowl. It’s never happened and never will. Keep dreaming window lickers… keep dreaming.

  40. Wow, Charlie Wood…what is it that makes you hate Vikings fans to such a disturbing extent?
    You are a sick f*cker, you know that?

  41. SERIOUSLY!!! What are they thinking…if Favre doesn’t come back we need a quarterback and I don’t mean the two backup jokers we have now? Come on MAN, make a decent pic this year, and go after Sam Bradford. If Favre does come back what a great mentor for Bradford. Tebow are you kidding?????

  42. I love when people come in to a post and try to stir shit up…..My beloved Vikings , beyond blew it last year…their performance in the title game was beyond embarrassing……It leads me to believe only 1 thing…..THe NFL is rigged…there is no other explanation……THe Vikings are by far a Superior team to the AInts…..No other way to slice it…It was still one of the most enjoyable seasons I can remember….So that being said…the Wilfs will not let the VIkings fall this year…They need a ring, and will get one…No matter how much they were paid to tank it last year, they will be the favorites to win it this year..If Favre does Not return….Mcnabb is our guy, if he does return……SB all day…
    I say Bring in LT….they would be great together…It was only the media trying to make a story…the athletes respect one another …Nuffsaid

  43. If he’ll accept a 2 role and the pay that comes with it… dude… it’d be stupid. Just the value of the motivation he’d provide AP would be worth the cost. I say do it. Way before Westbrook. That dude is literally one concussion away from being dead.

  44. Charlie Wood –
    Did you mommy not whip out her teat for your breakfast this morning? Is that why you are so whiny and cranky? Or are you walking around with a big load of you-know-what in your diaper today?
    You’re obviously a sore-loser Packer fan because only a drunken ‘sconnie Cheesehead could possibly spew that much illiterate sewage out of their pea-sized brain in one paragraph.
    If you don’t have something good to say, then beat it. Oh sorry, that was a wrong choice of words. You are probably already beating it as you drool over the Vikings lineup and wonder why your team’s management doesn’t know how to put together such a talented team.

  45. @OscarMooseFarmer
    Go back and look for yourself, you are wrong.
    Thanks for quoting that. 🙂

  46. Percey Harvin will Back up Peterson and a Wild Cat will be emplyed with Tavaris Harvin and Peterson this year at least 8-12 downs a Game giving Farve even more Bang for his Buck at 41!

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