Antonio Bryant has visit set up with Redskins

Antonio Bryant’s market has been surprisingly slow to develop, but interest is picking up quickly.

Bryant is in Cincinnati Tuesday, and his agent Lamont Smith tells the Tampa Tribune that Bryant has a visit scheduled with the Redskins

The Bengals appear to be playing Bryant and Terrell Owens against each other in an effort to drive their price down.  Bryant’s announced visit to Washington could be a way to show the Bengals he has options.

Then again, the Redskins could certainly use receiver help.  Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly still have a lot to prove, and Santana Moss’ future with the team is in some doubt. 

Moss’ position in Washington will be especially precarious if Bryant does indeed get out of Cincinnati without signing a deal.

16 responses to “Antonio Bryant has visit set up with Redskins

  1. another journeyman, that’s what the Redskins need……..
    Let the young guys develop, save Snyder’s money for some O-Linemen, dammit…………..

  2. move moss to the slot so he doesn’t disappear for 3.5 quarters. and since he wouldn’t be the #1 spot he can also do some punt returning since Mr Fair Catch is back in Pitt. why is this an obvious move to everyone except the coaches?

  3. look Moss is a slot receiver, he has deceptive speed, he is not equipped with the skill to be a number 1 receiver

  4. Antonio Bryant and T.O. fighting it out to be a Bungle. That’s a real turd fight if there ever was one.

  5. I actually want this guy, he can play and he would be a good go to guy and then MOSS could either go or be used as a 4th reciever.
    “save Snyder’s money for some O-Linemen”
    They are TRYING to get O-linemen if you haven’t noticed. Clifton, Pashos all left, we will get linemen.

  6. Bryant will sign with the ‘Skins- he always said he owed Bruce Allen and Gruden for giving him a 2nd chance in Tampa…

  7. Whats with the negativity about Moss? I seem to recall him playing like a #1 for the Redskins not to long ago. It’s hard to make big plays as a receiver if the QB dosn’t have enough time to let you finish your route.
    I love how fans today think that a guy “sucks” or “is a third receiver” unless they catch 100 passes for 1400 yards. There is some in between you know. Moss is a good receiver.

  8. I’d be ok with starting Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly with Moss as the slot. Get the young guys some PT. Marko Mitchell showed promise around the goaline as a rookie. Get him some PT too.

  9. Still bitter Ravenmuscle? Hey look at the bright side, you guys now have one viable starting receiver, good job!

  10. The progress train slows – free agent WR’s and the Redskins don’t mix. Let’s move forward w/ the young guys and Moss. Might as well suit Bobby Mitchell up…….c’mon ShannyDanny.

  11. I hated to see him leave Tampa I don’t understand why they let him go to trade for a guy like Reggie Brown. Good move skins if you land him!

  12. Santana Moss is a Ruthless Gangsta
    Superstar! If Redskins fans think Moss is the problem, then they can join Little Danny in the Six Flags/Johnny Rockets All-World Fantasy Playoffs. Please, Mr. Allen, continue with your plan to pursue o-line help, get quality bargains in free agency and let Shanahan’s offense set Moss free. Moss has probably hurt his rep in the blogosphere by not spending the last three years whining and crying about his divaness, choosing instead to work hard and be a team player. Moss is one of a handful of players who can alter the fabric of time and space – Let Him Loose! Hail!

  13. Thanks gurnblanston…..
    Great post….Santana Moss is the “Truth”. Washington has kept him handcuffed the past 3 years and it is time they unleashed him….Kelly is soft and slow. A third receiver at best….I would trade him.

  14. this will be a typical bust signing for the Redskins…he’ll get a huge deal then won’t produce because no one will be able to throw him the ball…if he was smart he’d go to a team with a QB

  15. dont sign this guy! look Go after LJ yea he’s 30 but he’s got a lot left in him!!!!! And in this new O he will be a great fit!

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