Arizona's quarterback search will include Anderson

We wrapped up our recent Derek Anderson post by speculating that the Cardinals would be one of the teams to show interest in him.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who does actual reporting unlike certain internet hacks, has confirmed as much.  He writes that the Cardinals will be one of Anderson’s strongest suitors.

The Cardinals are also taking a look-see at Chargers reserve Charlie Whitehurst, who was tendered at the original round level.  (He was a third-round pick.)

Anderson will come without compensation, and his big arm could be attractive to teams that have vertical threats.  Like, say, the Cardinals.

20 responses to “Arizona's quarterback search will include Anderson

  1. Any updates on Bodden?
    Seriously though, Anderson could wind up being a steal for some team. I never bought that his good season was a fluke… the guy was playing with confidence two years ago, so his nose-dive isn’t all that surprising when you consider he was playing for a terrible team like Cleveland, which was doing everything it could to give the QB job to the inferior BRAdy Quinn.
    Aren’t you glad you aren’t a Browns fan?

  2. Anderson to Fitzgerald would be a sweet combination. He could be succesful in this league.

  3. Local talk radio in Phoenix mentioned this weeks ago anticipating that he’d get released. He would do well, as long he gets to hand off a lot. His agent played Savage, and Savage grossly over-estimated what the rest of the league thought of Anderson. He will not be missed.

  4. He has a big arm, but not accurate. His decision making is bad, he forces throws into double and triple coverage, can’t throw a short pass less then 50 mph. They (Cardinals) can have him. the only reson he had that one big year in Cleveland is that Edwards made some impossible catches (he has since stopped doing that) Once opposing D’s figured Anderson out, it was over. He will never amount to anything, anywhere. Give him pressure, and he will get rattled and throw the INT. The Browns should have seen that back at the end of ’07 but they were head over heels in love with that “Big Arm”

  5. he sucks… he couldnt beat anybody out in baltimore so he was cut….. his only good year was not bad but he had winslow and edwards having career years…. what a sad it willbe if he beats out leinart.

  6. He’s not the most accurate guy, but I think he’s hands down a better decision-maker than Leinart. And Fitz and Breaston can go get those not-so-great balls better than most WRs. Good Luck DA.

  7. ‘Zona can have him.
    He would be perfect to lead them right back to the bottom of the league!

  8. He’s not even good.. His best year was full of interceptions as well.. But then if you have a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, those numbers go down.

  9. Anderson to Fitzgerald??? HA!!! More like…. And yet AGAIN, Anderson throws it OVER Fitzgerald!!!!

  10. You can pretty much bet that those casting aspirsions towards DA are crestfallen QUINNBOTS. Won’t AZ be happier with Brady Quinn?

  11. Sorry ‘Zona…I am a Browns fan, and I would have taken him over Quinn anyday…however, thats like choosing between brain cancer and lung cancer…you really don’t want either. Both of those QBs are sorry career backups at the best…I don’t know much about your QB situation…buy my suggestion is run from this guy and never look back. To let you know how bad both Andersuck and Quinn are, I shed a little tear of joy knowing that we got Seneca Wallace…and that’s BAD

  12. DasAgency:
    Nice to see you brought your man-crush for Quinn to a new forum! Come back to! We’re having fun over there reminiscing over what an idiot you and your DA predictions are!!
    Have fun on the Cardinal blogs! Good riddance!!

  13. He’s worth a look after all it’s not like Leinart has done enough to just deserve to be handed the job.

  14. If this guy can spend a few years locked in a room studying game film……….. he might just become a good NFL QB.

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