Bills line up meeting with C.J. Spiller

col_spiller2_250.jpgNearly three years after the Buffalo Bills added running back Marshawn Lynch in the first round of the NFL draft, the Bills could be considering a return visit to the position in 2010.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Bills have lined up a visit with Clemson running back C.J. Spiller for next week.

We’re also told that Spiller will participate in the Clemson Pro Day workout, running position drills and cone drills.  It’s presently unknown whether he’ll rest on his 40-yard dash from the Scouting Combine, which generated an official time of 4.37 seconds, slower than both the unofficial number and the times measured by multiple scouts in attendance.

Though some regard the running back position as fungible, with few tailbacks sufficiently special to merit a high draft pick, Spiller could be regarded as an exception.  There’s already talk that the 49ers could try to move into the top ten in order to get him.

Then again, the last thing that anyone will ever admit to at this time of the year is the truth.

30 responses to “Bills line up meeting with C.J. Spiller

  1. They need to trade Marshawn and let FJax do his thing. Fred was better last year anyway. Taking Spiller would be a nice 1-2 punch for the Bills, of course as long as they don’t draft Tebow I’ll be happy. Maybe if Tebow is there in the 4th round he would be worth taking as a project.
    Trade Marshawn for Jason Campbell.

  2. C.J. Spiller = Chris Johnson Spill-over. The dude is going to get way over drafted due to the success of Chris Johnson. CJ os more Reggie Bush than Chris Johnson.

  3. I’d rather they focused on the O-line and QB positions first. That’s an area which needs immediate and drastic improvement.
    No need to waste a a draft pick on a RB if you can’t get him decent blockers.
    And isn’t this more of a passing league lately, anyway?

  4. Buffalo will draft a QB first theres no doubt
    u will not have a winning season with Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB

  5. The Bills will officially be the Raiders of the east if they take a RB in the 1st round of the draft. We have 2 viable RB’s on out team, but NO viable QB’s or tackles.

  6. If they move Marshawn for Jason Campbell then draft a RB they would end up with a QB that is better than the options they currently have, and Fred Jackson has shown he can carry the load..just look at the bedginning of last year when he was one of the league leaders while Marshawn sat out for his stupidity. O Line can be found in later rounds and they have some young guys already that showed improvement last year. I agree that the Defense is a BIG need for them but unless they can get Terrence Cody to play the nose then they will be overdrafting someone.
    With Chan Gailey running the offense they need a QB who is also athletic and Campbell is athletic and smart ( the guy has learned a new offense in almost every year he has played football since he was 19).

  7. @WarrenMoonGOAT says:
    March 9, 2010 9:03 AM
    Buffalo will draft a QB first theres no doubt
    u will not have a winning season with Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB
    Do you think that they will with Jimmy Clausen or Tim TeBlow?
    They need to deal Marshawn that guy is one stupid move from being suspended for a year and Fred Jackson is better.

  8. Fungible, fungible? Florio, that’s a wasted word to this audience. That whooshing sound you hear is the definition of fungible sailing over the heads of your audience.

  9. It would be fine if the Bills could get Jason Campbell, but not by trading high draft picks or Marshawn Lynch. Unless someone is prepared to give the Bills a first round pick for Lynch (not going to happen), they need to forget about drafting a RB. The Bills need to fix their O-line (LT, RT and depth), they have needs related to the conversion to the 3/4 (NT, OLB if Schobel retires and depth at both positions). Only after taking care of these needs should they worry about a new QB, a better TE, a WR to replace T.O., etc. The Bills need to use their best draft picks to address their most critical needs and they need to keep Lynch. Jackson is good, but the only reason he did not finish with less than 700 yards rushing (instead of 1,062) is that the Colts gave away the final game (when he ran for 212 yards) and during the first few games of the year, teams were afraid of the impact that T.O. would have so they did not focus on the run (as a result, Jackson had 500 yards in these four games, and 560 in the other 12). As soon as teams realized that the O-line could not provide sufficient pass protection, they packed the box, shut down the Bills’ rushing and put so much pressure on Trent Edwards that he became Captain Checkdown and the skills of T.O. and Lee Evans were wasted. O-line must be the top priority and must not be addressed with late round picks.

  10. everyone says they will draft a qb first?! who? sam bradford and clausen will be gone most likely. im not saying they should draft spiller but theres no viable options at qb unless theres a surprise. Rams just signed a DT and everyday it looks like they will take bradford, then the redskins and seahawks both need qbs for the future. If the bills want a QB they should trade down or what until next year what jake locker will be in the draft.

  11. bobinpuertorico-
    did u ever think that jacksons production went down because lynch came back?lynch was suspeneded and jackson was doing amazing, then he came back and jackson started doing kick-returns because he was not getting nearly enough running attempts. And no one was afraid of T.O. o yeah why cant marcus stroud play nose tackle? hes one of the best DT in the NFL i think he can make the transition.

  12. @ bobinpuertorico says:
    March 9, 2010 10:12 AM
    Seems to me that they need to address most of the postions on their team so why not take the best player available.
    After the start he got off to the only reason Fred Jackson didn’t finish with more than the 1,062 yards he got was because DICK decided that Marshawn had to get the majority of the carries even though Jackson was more productive.
    With the weather in Buffalo they need a good running game, and like I’ve said before Marshawn is one more stupid move away from missing at least 8 games. They need to try and trade him before they lose him to suspension, which looking at his track record isn’t too far off.

  13. C.J. Spiller = Chris Johnson Spill-over. The dude is going to get way over drafted due to the success of Chris Johnson. CJ os more Reggie Bush than Chris Johnson.
    First of all, no one thinks they can pluck another Chris Johnson out of the draft. How often does that happen? But you’re smoking something if you think Spiller is at all similar to Bush. Much stronger, better blocker, better receiver. If used right, he could be a weapon unlike anything else in the NFL–runs inside, runs outside, runs deep routes well. I would love to see him play with a team with some imagination–NO, Indy, NE, that would leverage his skills.

  14. It is the same situation as when the Vikings took Adrian Peterson….
    The vikings just signed Chester Taylor, a Premier back, had he been given a real shot…He rushed over 1200+ yards….When Peterson fell to the VIkings at 7th overall pick, they had to take him…..If spiller, whom I think will be a stud in this league, is available…THey almost have to take him…Then if they later want to can trade his rights…but, I think it worked out fot the Purple….
    Just a thought!!!!

  15. Seriously, JASON CAMPBELL?!?!?!?!? Let’s give JaMarcus Russell a look too while we’re at it. What is wrong with you people? That clown is no better than Edwards or Fitzpatrick.

  16. madden42 says:
    March 9, 2010 11:32 AM
    Seriously, JASON CAMPBELL?!?!?!?!? Let’s give JaMarcus Russell a look too while we’re at it. What is wrong with you people? That clown is no better than Edwards or Fitzpatrick
    I’m not saying Campbell is a top 5 QB, but comparing him to JaMarcus Russell is pretty stupid on your part.
    Campbell has a 61% completion rate. 55 TD to 38 INT ratio and has gotten better ever year despite having to learn a new system every year except for last season, when he had to deal with that whole coaching debacle.
    Edwards still hasn’t gotten over his first concussion, and playing like he is scared to death.
    The Bills already had an Ivy league guy on the team, Rob Johnson, and they both suck ass.

  17. BigStretch –
    I am with Madden42…Jason Campbell shouldn’t even be brought into the discussion. He is awful. He may be better than JaMarcus, but is he really better than Trent or Fitzy? I mean if we are comparing completion percentage, wasn’t Trent’s really high two years ago. Stats can be overrated, especially when you are completing all your passes to the running backs. Besides, let’s talk about the stat that usually means most, what is his W-L record?
    We either need a seasoned, winning veteran (which isn’t out there) or new blood.
    BTW- Rob Johnson was not ivy league…(when you jump on someone for being “pretty stupid”, you may want to get your facts right to save face)

  18. my bad on the Rob Johnson call….for some reason i thought that jackass went ivy league.
    still there is no way you can tell me that Edwards isn’t completely shattered as a QB, you might as well call him David Carr, as for Fitzpatrick give me a break.

  19. big stretch-
    dont even compare him to David Carr. Carr was a 1st rounder, edwards was a 3rd rounder. Carr has also had alot of seasons of being a starter. Edwards still hasnt had one where he hasnt had to look over his shoulder. Edwards will have a better career than Carr when its all done and over with.

  20. Taking or even trading for a QB would be such a waste- behind that line you’ll get the same production out of just about any QB out there, including Edwards. If they can get rid of Lynch for a good pick that would be nice, because I believe good RB’s are a dime-a-dozen nowadays so they’ll easily be able to find somebody to share the load with Jackson).
    But with their first draft pick it would be absolutely crazy not to adress NT or OT by selecting the best player at either of those positons available with their first two picks. They’re simply not going to fill all their holes in one off season, so they must start with the most gaping, both literally and figuratively. Good RB’s and good receivers are, more than anything, products of good system. The O and D lines are like infrastructure on the field, you can’t get anywhere without them. Unfortunately these picks are not too sexy and won’t help sell tickets, so they’ll probably draft a RB pr WR.

  21. Just because Edwards hasn’t played as long doesn’t mean he doesn’t have that same scared shitless look on his face when he plays. Edwards is too scared to even look downfield. He takes a quick look at his #1 than checks down to avoid a pounding, kind of like how Carr plays.

  22. @ Big Stretch
    “I’m not saying Campbell is a top 5 QB, but comparing him to JaMarcus Russell is pretty stupid on your part.”
    Your incompetence astounds me. I was being facetious. Do you really think that I was comparing the two quarterback’s to one another? I was merely making the point that they are both terrible at the position and would not provide any kind of upgrade over Edwards. I would rather sit through another season of watching Gailey work with Edwards than watch Campbell. I lived in DC, he is painfully awful to watch. Moreover Campbell, while it wasn’t great had something that resembled an offensive line. I’m not looking for QB who has huge stats; I’m looking for a QB who makes smart decisions. Campbell is not that player and never will be.

  23. madden42 says:
    March 9, 2010 11:32 AM
    Seriously, JASON CAMPBELL?!?!?!?!? Let’s give JaMarcus Russell a look too while we’re at it. What is wrong with you people? That clown is no better than Edwards or Fitzpatrick.
    by saying that the Bills should look a Russell you were comparing them, especially when you throw in the statement that Campbell is no better than Edwards or Fitzpatrick. Which would then mean that you think that Russell,Campbell,Edwards, and Fitzpatrick are all equally bad.
    Campbell is not a top QB in the league, but he is better than those other 3 guys without question.

  24. thats all you’ve got as comeback?
    and yeah i got out of my basement last night, just ask your mom.

  25. Oh no….mom jokes….
    You really got me good.
    Anyways, back to the issue at hand. There are no available QB’s that are any better than what is on the roster. That includes free agents and any REALISTIC trades. Let’s be honest, they aren’t getting McNabb.
    Next time, before you contribute any more garbage to these posts, read aloud what you have written. More than likely its absurd and you should just delete it, walk away from the computer, and try again later.

  26. ok guy – let me try to explain what i was saying so that you can understand it. My point is that the Redskins need a RB and they obviously have decided to blame that teams failure on Campbell. Marshawn Lynch is the second best RB for the Bills and he has a knack for getting into trouble. We all know that the Bills O Line is subpar, but we all can agree that the QBs on the roster right now suck. They have all been given a chance to prove they can play and they have failed, except for Brohm but the fact that he couldn’t beat out a 7th round pick in GB would leave most people to believe that he is not very good. If the Bills can unload Marshawn who will undoubtedly get in trouble again and the next time he does the suspension will be for at least 8 games, we know this because Goodell does not mess around and Marshawn has already been in front of him twice in his short career. Once Marshawn get his next suspension the ability to trade him is going to be greatly decreased, and I don’t think you can disagree with me on that point.
    I did not say anything about Campbell being the answer for the Bills the point is that he is better than Edwards and Fitzpatrick. It does not make sense to me to continue on without addressing the fact that the current Bills QBs are NOT winners. Of course here is where you point to Campbell’s record. The difference is that while Edwards and Fitzpatrick total inability to perform at an NFL level was a big factor in the Bills horrible offense, Jason Campbell has spent his career improving his play every year while having to deal with a coaching carousel which included benching the head coach for a guy that was retired in the middle of the season.
    You say that there are no free agent or current vets that are better options for the Bills then you must think that a rookie is a better option. Which means that you think that the current crop of soon to be rookie QBs are better than Campbell. There may be someone in this years group who will prove to be better, but the success of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco recently should not be enough to gloss over the fact that a rookie QB playing like a seasoned pro from the start of his career is an absolute rarity.
    My argument has more to do with the fact that Marshawn seems like a player destined to screw himself out of a long productive career, past behavior is usually a good sign of what to expect in the future. He averaged 3.7 yards in 120 attempts last year and caught 28 balls with a 6.4 ypc. Fred Jackson averaged 4.5 yards in 237 attempts and caught 46 balls with an 8.1 ypc. They are both big and the can both block. Why not trade Marshawn for an upgrade at QB instead of continuing to use the ineffective QBs they have or even worse sticking a rookie in there and blow a first round pick in the process?
    If you can’t see that Campbell is better than Edwards or Fitzpatrick then I suggest that before you write anything in response you go back and watch some games.
    Shit Tavaris Jackson has shown more life than either of the Bills potential QBs. Or are you gonna tell me that Gibran Hamden just needs his shot.

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