Browns "plan to keep" Shaun Rogers

S. Rogers.jpgTwo days after the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was available to trade, the same paper reports the Browns “plan to keep him.”

So what’s going on here?

We suspect the team doesn’t want to further rock the boat with Rogers, a player that has had his share of conflict with the organization.  The latest report doesn’t exactly rule a deal.

“The Browns plan to keep Shaun Rogers because of his tremendous ability,” a league source told Mary Kay Cabot.  But the notion is qualified by: “Unless someone makes the Browns an offer they can’t refuse, Rogers will be a Brown in 2010.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance?  The inclusion of “tremendous ability” sounds like an effort to calm Rogers down without completely ruling out a deal.

We won’t know until closer to the draft if Rogers could inspire such an offer.  We do know that he’s the only player on the roster talented enough to make a deal like that possible.

20 responses to “Browns "plan to keep" Shaun Rogers

  1. if he wants to play, he’s a beast.
    in a loss to the bears last year, actually a bad loss, rogers still took the game over.
    but he couldnt play special teams or offense.

  2. There’s a reason they call him Big Baby. He’s a tremendous talent but he plays selfishly. After he went on IR last year, it’s not a coincidence that the run defense improved dramatically. Also, your point – “We do know that he’s the only player on the roster talented enough to make a deal like that possible.” Did you happen to hear about a guy named Joe Thomas??

  3. “We won’t know until closer to the draft if Rogers could inspire such an offer. We do know that he’s the only player on the roster talented enough to make a deal like that possible.”
    I guess that’s true…as long as you pretend Joe Thomas isn’t on the roster. He sure makes you forget James Harrison and Jared Allen were on the field against the Browns.

  4. I think Bill Belichick needs to pick up the phone and make a deal to land Rogers. Switch to a 4-3, because every team in the league has raided New England’s staff, so there are too many 3-4 teams out there.
    Putting Rogers and Wilfork next to each other will rival what Minnesota has with the Williams wall…. Make AD a Defensive End on one side, and get some value out of that waste of space and draft a Linebacker/DE pass rusher…..
    But then again, I think just about very team in football should be on the phone with Holmgren to get Rogers. Imagine Rogers playing Nose for the Colts…..or the Saints……San Diego needs to replace Jamal Williams……

  5. I am guessing since reports that talks with Philly regarding one of their QB’s has slowed, Rogers was likely part of that deal. Now, unless realistic talks pick back up or KC, Denver, Buffalo, or another 3-4 base team comes with an offer of a 2nd/early 3rd or maybe a player + pick, they likely will just keep him.
    Before the draft, I can personally see a deal being consumated with either Buffalo or Kansas City, both having a really big need for a 3-4 NT and not many on the market or in the draft.

  6. Actually, he had some outstanding special teams plays, blocking 2 or 3 kicks last year, IIRC.
    I think your first line says it all though, slipkid. “IF” he wants to play, he is a beast.

  7. But he plays for Cleveland which is a good enough explanation for why he doesn’t want to play;)

  8. I love how it’s OBVIOUS you didn’t read the full article. If you did, you would’ve seen it was some columnist writing basically “they should be open to trading him if they can plug more important holes on the team”. Nobody said he was actually on the trade block. Rosenthal, like your boss, you are a ruh-tard.

  9. The difference is that Terry Pluto who wrote the original column is a columnist. He’s paid to write his opinion and weigh the “what-if’s” surrounding the team. Cabot and Grossi are beat writers and for the most part stick to facts and sources, questionable as they may be. This is journalism 101.

  10. LOL, of course they say that. If they didn’t it would lower whatever pick they might get for him.

  11. Houston said they will offer their 3rd Rd. pick for Rogers. Plug him in the middle to help fight double teams and stop the likes of Chris Johnson and MJD, while freeing up Mario Williams.
    Sounds like a plan!

  12. “So what’s going on here?”
    Oh I don’t know, maybe wild baseless speculation by the media? I could be wrong, but I bet that has happened before.

  13. Only guy on the roster talented enough? I guess that big stiff they have playing left tackle who has only made 3 pro bowls in his first 3 seasons doesn’t count. James Harrison might know his name since he makes him disappear twice every year.

  14. broncos could make a play for him.
    tony scheffler plus 3rd/4th makes sense.
    mcd not high on scheffler, broncos need big nt and cleveland just needs everything

  15. The browns are playing the same game with Rogers that Philly is playing with there QBs. He will be traded by the draft.

  16. I think Rogers will be gone. There are only 3 Players on the Browns that are untouchable. Joe Thomas, Joshua Cribbs and Alex Mack

  17. With as many as 5 NT’s going in the first 5 rounds of this years draft:
    Cam Thomas 6-3, 331, N.C (1st or 2nd)
    Dan Williams 6-2, 329, Ten (1st or 2nd)
    Terrance Cody 6-4, 360, Ala (2nd or 3rd)
    Torell Troup 6-3, 310, C.F (3rd or 4th)
    Kobe Weston, 6-4, 317, Georgia (4th or 5th)
    I think Rogers biggest value would be to the Browns, if they plan to use the 3-4 this upcoming season. Rogers is a well known for not working hard, taking plays off and when things go bad, to complain to management. That fact will make most teams shy away. Luckily for teams wanting to run the 3-4, this is a great draft to find a NT. Added the chance to trade a 1st for 49ers Aubrayo Franklin, Rogers will not be the tip of any teams wish list.

  18. The first Plain Dealer “report” you mention was just a columnist speculating. There’s no inconsistency here, nor has any boat been rocked.

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