Bryant's agent denies he has visit set up with Redskins

In one Tampa paper this morning, Antonio Bryant’s agent said his client would visit the Redskins.  In another Tampa paper this afternoon, Bryant’s agent is denying the report

Lamont Smith told the St. Petersburg Times that Bryant has a “couple” of visits lined up, but wouldn’t identify the teams.

Back in Cincinnati, Bryant has left the Bengals facility after a long visit.  He’s believed to be Cincinnati’s top choice at wide receiver, but the team will meet with Terrell Owens Wednesday.

T.O. is currently on a plane to the ‘Nati and very excited about it judging by the amount of exclamation points he’s used Tuesday.

12 responses to “Bryant's agent denies he has visit set up with Redskins

  1. best news i’ve heard all day! sign willie, larry, and take a look at atogwe so landry can play near the line.

  2. Hes coming to Nati, and Im picking him up with a few big mac attacks! We need both Bryant and Ocho Uno

  3. “Good, don’t want a guy that can’t even finish an entire season.”
    You must really love Haynesworth.

  4. OCHO….. Get both of em….Make this happen man… Make us season ticket holders happy

  5. OCNN: You are right! Bengals need both of them. Just hope Mike Brown gets it done.
    Or I would be happy with signing TO and drafting Mardy Gilyard.

  6. Sorry BonnieD.
    There is secret agreement already in place between the League owners.
    Mardy Gilyard will be drafted by the Saints at 32.
    Soon after, he will petiton the court and legally change his name to Mardi Gras.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  7. Hey man…I know you have the pull…. And you know it…. I have faith…. WHO DEY baby!!!!!

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