Chargers aren't impressed with free agent running backs

Don’t expect the Chargers to try to fill their hole at running back in free agency.

The team is “not interested in any of the current free-agent running backs” according to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Take that, Thomas Jones, Brian Westbrook, and Willie Parker!

The lack of quality free agents will make it tougher for the Chargers to seriously entertain trade offers for Darren Sproles.  The Chargers need Sproles for passing downs, and will probably draft a starting running back. Then we’d expect them to take another rookie for good measure.

The team added Marcus Mason on waivers Monday.

30 responses to “Chargers aren't impressed with free agent running backs

  1. Headline for playoffs in 2011: CHARGERS LOSE THEIR FIRST PLAYOFF GAME AGAIN.
    Norv. That is all you have to say. NORV.

  2. Please, please, please grab Montario Hardesty in the later rounds…the guy’s gonna be a stud!

  3. Well they don’t need an RB – they’ve got the most courageous human being in the history of mankind playing QB – goes by the name of Marmalard. They’ll be fine, until they talk themselves into oblivion when the playoffs start.

  4. wow i would really think that Thomas Jones would give them a lethal running attack.
    Chargers should have traded Cromartie for Leon Washington and a 3rd + sign Thomas Jones lol
    i think the Chargers need a power run as such as Steven Jackson or Ronnie Brown

  5. Take that, Thomas Jones, Brian Westbrook, and Willie Parker!
    queer…anyways thomas jones will probably be on the Lions

  6. Yeah, I can see why they’d be turned off by Thomas Jones and his 1,402 yards rushing and 14 td’s this past season.

  7. Send a draft pick to Carolina for Stewart or Williams. Carolina has given up on 2010 already. Jerry Richardson is preparing for a lockout.
    BTW, Chris McClain is a winy BIATCH.

  8. draft anthony dixon or ben tate in middle rounds. very cheap and likely out-produce LT of 2009.

  9. why not see what u can get for Marshawn Lynch, or see what u can get for J Norwood

  10. Chargers have needed a “banger” for years. A.J. Smith has let this team down and the proverbial ‘window’ is now closed.

  11. We’re gonna cut L.T. even though there is no one else out there that we’re interested in.
    Sometimes Charger logic is hard to understand.

  12. flipside715 says:
    queer…anyways thomas jones will probably be on the Lions
    why would he go to the Lions? he wants to play for a team that will win

  13. Deangelo Williams will be going to San dieago before the 2010 NFL Draft. Carolina has no #1 picks and Deangelo is in the last year of his rookie contract. Also Johnathan Stewart did have more rushing yards than Williams last season. If this doesn’t happen than both teams have their heads up their rear ends!!!

  14. Yeah real smart, give up a great RB with a unproven starting QB. How about keeping the 2-headed monster until you can get a legit QB and a 1 or 2 round pick, like McNabb and Philly.

  15. Why should the Chargers be interested in any of the high priced over the hill free agent running backs?
    It doesn’t make a lot of sense for any team to go after any of those backs. Even if the price drops, we are still talking about running backs that are most likely on the down side of their careers.
    Sure, some of these backs could be brought in and serve in a complimentary role, but IMO, they most certainly can’t be brought in as an every down back.

  16. @Milehiclown….HEADLINE FOR 2011…. Donkeys set another NFL record with ridiculous third straight late-season meltdown!!!! Film at eleven.

  17. Hey Chargers fans just wondering if you think LT would be a good fit in MN? You guys watched him all year but from what I saw he still had some burst but didnt have the best blocking and had trouble getting to the second level. As a Vikings fan I feel you all’s pain of having great teams but never being able to celebrate your home team winning the big one. Any honest opinions on LT would be much apreciated. Thanks.

  18. @jcannon: to tell you the truth, it all starts with the line. during the last two years, LT ran behind a line that couldn’t open holes for their lives. oppositely, LT became a back that could not thus make his own holes and make his own plays. ive been a charger fan all my life, and i could honeslty say that his time was up. it seemed like every run play he was given, he tripped up in the backfield while trying to channel his greatness of a couple years back. but he does offer great blocking, catching, and good mentorship; just look what he did with michael turner and darren sproles.

  19. @jcannon,emejia….To answer Jcannon’s question “YES” L.T and AP in the same back feild or even alternating carries is down right nasty…L.T still has some very good football in him and if he goes there you can almost guarantee Farve will come back…and EMEJIA you are partially right about the the blocking but our line other then last year with all the injuries we was for the most part the same group…THE KEY ingredient here folks is a man called LORENZO NEAL….the moment we (Charger Fans) lost him LT started to struggle that is the fact. LT had no FB opening the holes he needs. LT still has alot of juice in his legs and we will see it this year mark my words….SOMEONE said early about the “WINDOW” the chargers had, unfortunately i think you are right.
    Lets look at what the AFC West has already done..1. the Cheifs added Thomas Jones (solid,quick, and dependable) his numbers last year say everything. 2.The Broncos just signed argueablly the best Nose Tackle (Jamal Williams) in the NFL I dont care how old he is people just ask Charger fans and our defense how much Jamal Williams will be missed..
    3. The Raiders well…..there the Raiders they dont really scare me until Al Davis goes to be with Jesus, the Raiders and their over paid and over rated QB will always suck a–. Al runs that team and the entire league and media world know that.
    I say all that to say the window does appear to be gone for us Charger Fans and the AFC WEST will be anybody’s (except the Raiders). The Chargers will have to seriously impress me in the draft and they better get a RB and make a trade to get a little further up on the board.
    However AJ smith does have a nack for finding people that everyone over looks and turn out to be pretty solid…but what usually happens is they spend a few years with us so we can develpoe them and then they get traded or released…GOOD LUCK my fello Charger Fans..its going to be interesting this year

  20. @J.Cannon
    I agree somewhat with what emejia said. Watching LT run now, is like watching a deer with a broken leg try to walk. Honestly, I think for most Chargers fans who have seen what he used to be capable of, its just sad. He’s too focused on breaking the big one, so he’ll get five yards out, and rather than just steam ahead for two or three more yards, he’ll try to stutter step and slip instead. This is always the way he’s ran, he just doesn’t have the ability anymore. Granted, Jacob Hester played fullback, despite being way too small and switching from RB, and the line is somewhat diminished, but Sproles time and time again broke long runs.
    There are still positives to LT. He rarely fumbles. He is a great pass blocker. You’ll also notice that despite 700 yards last year, he still had 10 TDs, all of which were scored within 10 yards. That’s because when its a short yard situation, whether on 3rd down or by the goal line, LT focuses on getting that amount of yards, not trying to break a 40 yd run. If he goes to Minnesota, expect him to a be a solid 3rd down option, or possibly a goal line go-to-guy.

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