Derek Anderson is done in Cleveland

D. Anderson.jpgDerek Anderon’s rollercoaster career in Cleveland has come to its logical conclusion.

The Browns released Anderson Tuesday, well aware that no one wanted him via trade with a monster roster bonus due in ten days.

The Oregon State product was picked off the waiver wire in one of former G.M. Phil Savage’s best moves, and made the Pro Bowl in 2007 on the strength of vertical passing and an easy schedule.

Things fell apart dramatically since, as Anderson’s accuracy and decision-making were among the league’s worst the last two years.

With all that out of the way, Anderson now becomes the best free agent quarterback available.  (This was a market in which four teams showed interest in David Carr.)

We’re just speculating, but Arizona, Carolina, and Oakland are three places that would make logical suitors.

77 responses to “Derek Anderson is done in Cleveland

  1. If they were smart, they would have dealt him the year before and obtained a draft pick. Now he will walk away with the guarantee money ($13.5 mil) and you have nothing to show for it.

  2. Am I the only one out here still wondering WHY he fell off dramatically? SOMETHING caused it, he didn’t just suddenly forget how to play. You don’t go from the Pro Bowl to the subbasement without cause. Something else was going on there. I wish Anderson well, hope someone picks him up and helps him find a way back – we sure are good about picking up and re-upholstering a lot of players who don’t deserve another chance.

  3. What a shocker…
    Derek Anderson’s agent deserves a monument built for the for the deal he got him after that facade of a season in 2007.

  4. Now the Browns know that when your forced to pick between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn you choose suicide.

  5. Hey as a Browns fan, DA you were alright with me, you had a gunslinger mentality and a pro bowl season, you had one of the most prolific seasons a quaterback has ever had as a Cleveland Brown!
    I will root for you, wherever you go! Unless you playing against the Browns!
    Good luck fella and godspeed to you!

  6. Derek seems like a nice guy, but that just doesn’t cut it in the football business. I wish him the best of luck, but I’m glad to see changes from the new Cleveland brass.
    Now, let’s see what Seneca is really worth, because no one’s seen him play a whole season as a starter, if that’s what’s really going to happen.

  7. “Anderson’s accuracy and decision-making were among the league’s worst the last two years.”
    yeah no shit!

  8. Do you think the Eagles will sign him? That would give us four awesome QB’s that can start in the league.
    Time to pounce!!

  9. Just watch. Al Davis will see the #3 jersey, have a Daryle Lamonica flashback, and overpay Anderson to hold a clipboard in Oakland for the next four years.

  10. With Seneca now in Cleveland it would make sense for Seattle to make a play for Anderson as a backup to Hasselbeck and draft the teams future QB.

  11. Finally hes gone!
    and he did it to himself ,he had a good 8 game stretch in 2007 and fallin flat on his face ever since. it finally looks like were making good decision

  12. Good. Anderson is replaced by Seneca Wallace as the back up. Now they just need to find a starting QB.
    And offensive weapons and a defense.
    Good start though.

  13. DA is what he is. He will make some of the dumbest mistakes you’ll ever see any NFL QB make. He will have his occasional eye-popping game, but those are the exception rather than the rule. He has a big arm and some coaches just love big arms.

  14. Poor guy. Braylon Edwards, for all intents and purposes, ruined his career.
    Say whatever you want, but dude made some near-impossible, and *ridiculously* accurate throws in 2007 along with racking up 29 TDs. He was damn good until near the end of that year, when Edwards suddenly (and permanently) adopted his Butterfingers persona. And Anderson, out of nowhere, became utterly INT-prone as well.
    That continued through 2008 and DA had no one else worth a damn to throw to either. Dude’s confidence got severely mangled and that was it… Only some can return, mentally, from this kind of stuff and DA ain’t one of those guys, as far as I can tell.
    Too bad. Good luck elsewhere, DA.

  15. and by “logical” suitors you mean teams that are bad enough to consider Derek Anderson an NFL player. I’m a Browns fan, I watched pretty much every DA game, this guy is one of the worst QB’s I have ever seen. Complete piece of garbage.

  16. Would like to see the skins at least bring him to to meet with him, not sure about what Colt can do as our back up.

  17. Browns tried to hold a short news conference to announce it, but Anderson missed it, short and to the right.

  18. “(This was a market in which four teams showed interest in David Carr.)”
    Continue to hammer Carr, after all he had all the talent in the world in Houston to work with. While he only had 23 wins, Carr has stared 79 games in the NFL, had 65TDs, 70 INTs and passed for over 14000 yards. In 2004 he passed for over 3500 yards despite being sacked 49 times. If he can be salvaged (big if) he can play.
    Of course Anderson is shockingly better- 27 starts, 14 wins, 7000 yards passing, 46 TDs 45 INTs. Move over Brady and Manning.

  19. I think he would fit in for my Bronks, can’t be worse then Simms?

  20. I can easily seeing him going to the Vikings behind Favre if he comes back or even see him going to Detroit…

  21. The Raiders should bring in Derek to replace Charlie Frye at #3. He’s atleast had one above average year in his career.
    As everyone saw last year, even the #3 QB has a chance at starting at some point in the year.

  22. I too wonder why he went from having 1 really good year to being a crappy QB. There is talent there, something tainted it. It can’t be that all of the sudden defenses just figured him out.

  23. You Browns fans should be ashamed of yourselves. Not for ragging on Derek Anderson, but because you are fans of the Browns…

  24. My God there is absolutely NO appreciation left among football fans! Do you really blame DA for the Browns troubles? He’s just not that good and not that bad. All you drama queens try to separate players into GREAT and HORRIBLE.
    It didn’t work out in Cleveland…whatever get over it. I don’t think he did anything to deserve everything you A-Holes are saying about him.

  25. I’m a Browns fan, and enjoyed 2007 (well, until the 2nd Cincy game) just as much as everyone else, but as much as I hate Braylon, don’t blame DA’s fall on him or anyone else. This guy was a 6th round pick let go by the Ravens for a reason, and that is his poor decision-making. I don’t care that he could throw it through the wall, (but the Raiders might). Don’t forget, his magical season of 2007, in which he couldn’t even beat out Charlie Frye, who opened the season as the starter (then traded the next day after one of the most pitiful displays of professional football I’ve ever seen). The fact is that every team on the Browns schedule that year was preparing for Frye, and DA, and his arm strength took the league by suprise. Once NFL teams got enough tape on him, he was done for. Yes, he threw 29 TD’s that year, but his last 4-6 games, his ratio was something like 12 TDs to 14 picks (something like that, and for a usually OCD stats guy, sorry, I’m just too lazy to look it up right now.)
    Brady may not be the answer, but the Browns could’ve been smart and turned DA’s 2007 into a 1st and a 3rd (yes, amazing), and didn’t. Ahh, another whatcould’vebeenontheshoresofLakeErie………………………

  26. if this means BQ is our starter next yr isnt gonna be good and as a matter of fact can we just fast forward next yr so we can fire Mangina and have the first overall pick in the draft

  27. Derek Anderson played like Bo Derek. DA should catch on as a 3rd stringer/mentor watch-this-guy-to-learn-what-NOT-to-do type.

  28. Gotta jump on the “adios” bandwagon here. As a Browns fan, he simply sucked! After he threw five td’s in Cincy to personally keep us out of the playoffs, I was done with him for good. Caveat Emptor to whoever picks him up!

  29. SF. oops they got a new carr…
    tampa. detroit backup. cutler backup. wash if they keep signing wideouts.
    there’s always buffalo. denver backup.
    maybe even pittsburgh! they may need a new starter……………..

  30. One down, two to go!(Too bad Quinn and Daboll arent hitting the pavement with him.) A million dollar arm with a one dollar brain! DA had absolutley no touch on his short to mid range throws. His meltdowns and 5.7 qb rating will be missed. (Not!)
    We will see if Quinn can dink-n-dunk his way through 2010. We will see how long it takes for Mancheesi to show him the bench (provided he gets the starting job). Senecia may take the Breckgirl down.

  31. # Steeler4life says: March 9, 2010 2:57 PM
    Like QB, Like Team
    Using this logic we all can infer that the Steelers like to sexually assault one girl every offseason.

  32. Shocker!! Saw this coming from 3 td’s and 10 int’s ago.
    This move is about as much of a surprise as that news that Pittspuke’s QB assulted another woman.

  33. I’m sure he’s glad to be away from the “Most Miserable City in America”, the terrible organization, and the fans that so quickly turned on him after he gave them a 10 win season and something to cheer for. Now they have Brandy Quinn and Seneca Wallace to rest their hopes upon. Looks like ops normal for Cleveland. Some things never change.

  34. DA was almost certainly not as bad as he looked last year with no receiving corps. Dan Marino would have been made a fool with this supporting cast.
    DA is no DM, but he’s a young gunslinger with a good attitude, a big arm and a pro-bowl season under his belt. I think some parallels to Testaverde exist.
    He’d be an upgrade for a few teams, including Oakland, St. Louis, and the post-Warner Cardinals.

  35. Browns fan is awsome!
    They have no legit QB on their roster but they’re giddy at the news that the last one to have even a little success in their uniform has been let go.
    Man you guys are a loyal bunch. And by loyal I mean absolutly insane.

  36. DatSkinzDude21 says: March 9, 2010 2:53 PM
    They didn’t trade him last offseason because he was due an 8 mil bonus dumbass.

  37. pvtsquiffy; YOU DA MAN!!! That was a dead on perfect shot dude.
    Personally, I blame Jim Rome for all these wanna be funny guys who are not funny at all, that constantly put their worthless posts on PFT. Nobody thinks it’s funny guys; NOBODY. Please have an intelligent discussion–if you can. The Browns fans were the only posts on here that were thoughtful and honest and not “trying to be Jimmy Rome” only Jim is Jim. The rest of you are not even “clones” You are idiots.

  38. You CLE fans are funny. The guy gives you the only season in the last decade that was at least interesting and you’re planning a parade because they “finally” released him. With no offensive weapons or a whiff of a defense, DA was the least of your problems. Brady was the guy I would have let walk.
    3 Teams that make sense to me:
    ARI- He’d have Fitzgerald and hell, even I could beat out Leinart.
    OAK- Ja-lardass sucks and they at least have some young receivers that look like they have potential.
    SEA- Probably has to sit behind Hasselbeck for a year, but would be a tremendous insurance policy and at least has a chance to regain his confidence with Coach Carroll.

  39. Though probably the biggest Browns fan and supporter on this board, I am going to laugh my ass off when he goes elsewhere, gets an opporunity, and lights it up.
    Nobody, fans or front office alike, gave this kid a fair shake or a realistic opportunity. He was done in Cleveland when Quinn (the guy who touches guys crotch areas @ golf outings) was brought in.
    Good luck to you DA. I personally will be rooting for you wherever you end up!

  40. Remember when he was a restricted Free Agent and Carolina was going to sign him to an offer sheet and give up their 1st and 3rd for him….and then remember when Cleveland signed him to a 3 year deal so Carolina could take him……
    Ah, the good ole’ days.
    AFC North QB’s are dropping like flies! Imagine the day when Charlie Betch and Senaca Wallace are starters in the same division.

  41. Can’t say I’m sad to see him go, but I’m definitely sad it didn’t work out. He was, for that one season, one of the most exciting QB’s to watch, and made some insanely good throws. Unfortunately, he made more insanely bad ones more recently. I still think that in the right system and with the right kinds of receivers, he can be a great QB. While I do think he got the shaft in 08′ he simply hasn’t done anything to help himself.
    Good luck Derrick, and thanks for the good memories. I’ll try to forget the bad ones!

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Quinn is likely next, via trade.
    Let’s not pretend that DA was a great QB. But he did give us a good season, and he deserved a lot more from these retarded fans. Maybe he’ll get some respect in his next city.

  43. Thanks braindead. All the negative comments do get old. I’m a Browns fan, but I’m also a fan of the game. A.K.A- I don’t troll the news on other teams just to bash that team. I don’t get it- just seems adolescent to me.

  44. What is fascinating to me is seeing all the Cleveland fans bash this guy to bits when the same fans were crowing online about how Phil Savage schooled Ozzie by picking Anderson up off of the practice squad.
    Anderson is no different than he was a couple of years ago. Immobile QB with a very strong arm who actually is an accurate passer, but doesn’t really read defenses well. The best comparison I can think of is Mark Rypien of the Foreskins. Remember Rypien won a Superbowl.
    If you put Anderson with a team that has a good OL and some good receivers he can probably be successful in the NFL. He might even win you some games just on his arm strength which Quinn has never done and will never do.
    The problem for Anderson was that he was stuck on a historically bad team many of whose fans blamed him for all of the teams woes.
    I’ll make a bet now that Derek Anderson has a longer career than Brady Quinn. You can’t teach arm strength and accuracy. Anderson has it (although he throws too many INT’s because he reads poorly and thinks he can throw any pass) and Brady Quinn never will.
    But Brady sure looks good with his shirt off. Maybe he’ll have a career as a male model for the LGBT community.

  45. Nice guy, just not cut out to be a starting NFL QB.
    DA’s FA deal alone was reason enough to fire Phil Savage. Good thing he negotiated against himself to sign him for big bucks rather than take the 1st and 3rd he told us we’d have gotten for his RFA tender.

  46. It’s funny that the Browns keep Quinn but release DA. At least DA can throw the ball over 20 yards. I think he will do okay if he actually has some receivers to throw to at his next stop.

  47. Now we just need to get rid of noodle arm Quinn and pick up a decent qb via trade or the draft.

  48. ppdoc13 – you obviously never watched DA one hop the ball to his receivers at least 5 times a game. Talented receivers has nothing to do with not being able to deliver the ball.

  49. With Big Ben going bye-bye for awhile this time, Pittsburg could use either DA or BQ.
    Wouldn’t it be ironic to see DA or BQ driving the Steelers to the Super Bowl, and the Clowns are sitting at home w an 0-16 record…but, the first pick next in 2011?
    (Don’t laugh, remember Bradshaw & Hanratty didn’t exactly light up many lights at the beginning either.)

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