Derek Anderson says "ruthless" Browns fans "don't deserve a winner"

D.Anderson.jpgFormer Browns quarterback Derek Anderson, cut on Tuesday by the team, ripped Cleveland fans via an e-mail sent to Jeff Schudel of the News-Herald.

“The fans are ruthless and don’t deserve a winner,” Anderson said.  “I will never forget getting cheered when I was injured.  I know at times I wasn’t great. I hope and pray I’m playing when my team comes to town and [we] roll them.”

Anderson also said that, after the 2009 season ended, he heard from no one with the organization until learning that he had been cut.

The cheering incident to which Anderson refers occurred in November 2008, when fans reacted happily to the fact that Anderson was on the ground, writhing in pain.  As it turned out, he had torn a knee ligament.

The team’s quarterback quandary traces to the 2007 season.  Rookie Brady Quinn held out in a contract dispute, making Anderson the backup to Charlie Frye in Week One.  Frye was benched during the 34-7 loss to the Steelers, and he was traded to Seattle a couple of days later.  Anderson took the reins. 

It was presumed that Anderson was merely holding the spot until Quinn was ready, which of course meant that Anderson experienced no pressure.  Which allowed him to hold the ball a little more loosely and play well.  Until the playoffs were on the line and the pressure caused him not to play well.

After the season, the Browns badly misread the situation, re-signing Anderson and making him the starter.  Inevitably, he held the ball tighter and looked over his shoulder and ultimately was benched.  After Quinn was injured, Anderson returned, only to suffer the knee injury that prompted fans to applaud.

So Phil Savage/Romeo Crennel regime made a huge mess in 2008.  Finally, someone is trying to clean it up in a decisive way.

This time around, we can’t fault Browns fans for cheering.

256 responses to “Derek Anderson says "ruthless" Browns fans "don't deserve a winner"

  1. finally someone tells the truth about the swamp land and the scummy people that live in Cleveland.
    They lost one team and they maybe the worst fans in the NFL and the biggest crybabies!

  2. Ahhh…best story of the day. While I agree with you, Derek, it’d probably be best not to burn any bridges.

  3. Meh, Browns fans do deserve a winner. As for the fans that cheered his injury, bad sportsmanship, but he should be laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. Never okay to cheer for injury Okay the guy sucked but so did everyone else on their team besides Cribbs.

  5. Sadly, Anderson doesn’t have to worry about that – if Seneca Wallace is the best the Browns can get at QB, they aren’t likely to win anything for the fans anyway…

  6. Why can’t players admit that they suck? Look, DA had the worst QB rating in the league. I personally would never cheer someone getting hurt. I honestly think if someone was cheering that he was hurt, it’s more the frustration with the organizations. Just my opinion. Bottom line, be gone DA.

  7. wow….dude, you know darn well that is a bad mistake to talk sxxt like that. your acting like a lil girl. sack up and understand its a business. i am really chuckling hard about this! what a douche, shut your mouth you big fag.

  8. If Anderson plays against the Browns in the future he will probably complete more passes to the browns than he has in the past 2 years. aka interceptions.
    So long DA

  9. Jets fans did the same thing with Pennington. After he hurt his knee during the game, Pennington came sprint/hobbling off the field so the Jets wouldn’t have to use an injury time out and Jets fans erupted when Kellon Clemons was put in. I know neither Pennington nor Anderson were playing well, but that’s messed up.

  10. I wonder if there is a Holmgren connection here. Seattle sending Seneca Wallace over maybe Holmgren let them know that they would be releasing DA??? If he ends up in Seattle there may be more to that.

  11. He’s right. The fans don’t deserve a winner there. He gave them a 10 win season……which is more than anybody else has given them since their last team got out of dodge and wisely moved to Baltimore. This was how they repayed him…….by turning on him the very moment their inept front office dangled the extremely over-rated Golden Domer in front of them. Turns out he sucks too and they turned on him just as quick. And they’ll turn on Seneca Wallace just as quick too…..and probably throw in alot of N-words in doing so.


  13. @thedevil
    F&*^ you u piece of trash. You have no idea how amazing Browns fans are. I wish I knew where the F u were so I could kick the crap out of you.
    Oh ya a F U Derek Anderson. I hope you do play in Cleveland someday so we can catch more of your passes on defense then you will complete to your own players. Piece of trash.

  14. Cheering an injury is pretty damned lame.
    I recall Philly Nation afflicted with a severe case of Priapism that time when Michael Irvin was motionless on the field. Not cool. Get it together, losers – Irvine could have been paralyzed.
    Having stated that – Anderson should take heart for this reason. It only takes a relatively small fraction of boozed up ass clowns mouthing off at the top of their alcohol-fueled lungs to make it sound like it’s representative of the thoughts of the entire community.
    Most Cleveland fans – I’ve found – are classy, passionate and loyal …. but there are a-holes in every fan base. We have ’em too.
    a Steeler fan to the grave

  15. ha..browns fans are just like their city. trash. wasn’t it voted as the “shittiest place to live in america” for 2009?

  16. Derek Anderson is a piece of crap. Please come back as the starter somewhere. We will hurt you again.

  17. You are right Derek we don’t deserve a winner so we should have kept your sorry whiny ass !!!

  18. The Wishbone says “worthless” Derek Anderson “doesn’t deserve a starting job”.
    They weren’t cheering the fact that he was hurt, they were cheering because his leaving the game increased the Browns’ chances of winning. Why would they NOT cheer?! They’re fans! They’re not stupid, like the morons that gave him a huge contract.

  19. Approve my comments jerk if you allow some idiot to talk trash about the people of Cleveland.

  20. Nice… No wonder you call yourself the Devil… IQ likely below Anderson’s jersey number.
    – Z

  21. To the Devil…Youre a loser, what do you wait by profootball talk all day for stories to update and make retarded comments about people from Cleveland. Grow up loser, Im sure whatever sweet city your from isnt that much better than Cleveland. Atleast we have Lebron

  22. Class act as always DA! Way to show your true colors and the real reason that nobody saw you as a leader.
    6th Round QBs not named Tom Brady are 6th round QBs for a reason. Good luck on that return trip to the DAWG Pound. You’ll be lucky to get out of C-Town upright!

  23. Classy move Derek. That’ll really endear you to your next team’s fans.
    Maybe they wouldn’t have cheered your injury if you hadn’t been spotted by the cameras laughing on the sidelines while the Steelers were beating you on a Monday night game. You just don’t get it. You’re a friggin’ clone of Tim Couch: good arm, bad head.

  24. ncoolong says:
    March 9, 2010 10:12 PM
    Ahhh…best story of the day. While I agree with you, Derek, it’d probably be best not to burn any bridges.
    Bridges in Cleveland? Let them burn, Cleveland is the bung hole of the NFL, why would ANYONE want to go/stay there?
    Remember the song that Drew Carey used as his opening to his show?
    “Cleveland Sucks”

  25. i wish he would have said, i was rooting for the lions when stafford came back in…………..ahhh sweet justice

  26. # The Devil says: March 9, 2010 10:10 PM

  27. worst fans, eh? Let me guess, your’e one of those fans who can’t go a day without saying ‘sixburgh.’

  28. The stupid Browns never know how to sell a stock HIGH! He had a pro-bowl year in 07 b ecause the schedule was pitiful AND then they RESIGNED him?!?! I knew then it was a horrible decision. Anyway, if/when he does “roll” into town, he’ll just stare down different receivers and throw the Browns some picks.
    I love how athletes want their cake and eat it too. They cry how “noone called me in the offseason to nurture my ego”, but then when it comes to contract negotiations they wanna act all hard@ss and business like. “This is business.” Cry me a river!

  29. What an idiot. if he thinks we don’t deserve a winner than he learned nothing about this city while he was busy stinking it up around town. Is it the fans fault he started throwing the ball around like it was a live grenade? Is it the fans fault he played football like he was colorblind? Is it the fans fault he contributed to the losing tradition of the browns?
    Guess what DA? You already rolled us with that contract you conveniently didn’t live up to. Sony forget every team passed on you in the draft for a reason. You suck at football and honestly I think both of us know you’ll be out of the league before you have a chance to face the browns anyway. Start brushing up on your color commentary, loser.

  30. these are the same fat pieces of crap who eat dog biscuits… of course there qb had a rating of about 6 and still beat my bills. here u can have trent edwards and watch him throw 3 yard digs to cribbs

  31. I was at that game, and the cheers were not for the injury. The crowd saw Brady Quinn coming into the game, and were cheering him. No one wanted Derek to get hurt.

  32. Wick says:
    March 9, 2010 10:19 PM
    I recall Philly Nation afflicted with a severe case of Priapism that time when Michael Irvin was motionless on the field. Not cool. Get it together, losers – [b]Irvine could have been paralyzed. [/b]
    And that would have been a bad thing? Having one less rapist out there with no ability to feel anything below his waist is actually a GOOD thing.

  33. A below average QB whinning about getting dumped after recieving about 14 million dollars. How about you don’t suck and the fan’s would have liked you. Just like they did in 2007.

  34. FU DA. The reason we hate you is the ONE season where you were worth a rats ass was the same season that you blew the chance for the playoffs during the Cincy game throwing 4 picks. When asked how you felt you said “at least I didn’t throw 6”. Your worthless attitude makes you a loser no matter where you go. Just go away. Hey, maybe Pissburgh can take you to replace rapistburger. They sure turned on him in a hurry.

  35. I started Anderson for a week in fantasy and the bum didn’t even complete a pass. Somehow I still made my playoffs.

  36. Browns fans are the most entitled crybaby sucks ever. How can you cheer for one of your guys being injured? Good on D.A. for speaking out. I hope they get rolled by his next team, too, though in all likelihood, Anderson’s part in that rolling will be holding the clipboard.
    And to BBB82, what do the fans have to do with that 14 million? It was management that decided to pay him that fat contract. What’s he supposed to say? No? On the Cleveland fan’s behalf? Please.

  37. @madbillsfan
    hey there were plenty of Browns fans in your sorry stadium when we beat your pathetic team last year. Good luck cheering your team when its in Toronto.

  38. Nobody should cheer someone who is hurt in a game But DA is a backup , at best If his team does beat the Browns he will probably be on that teams bench.

  39. I have been a Browns fan my entire life (30 years) and a season ticket holder the past four seasons. That being said I ABSOLUTELY agree with Derek. The majority of our fans suck. I’m happy Derek has another chance. Where are all you “fans” that were crying for Lady Quinn now? Thank you for your service Derek.

  40. Many of the Fans of today are a mirror image of much of society. Respect, Honor and Loyalty to many are a thing of the past which might just be one of the reasons the country is falling apart at the seems.

  41. Advantage Derek Anderson.
    He get’s to keep the $14 million and more importantly he gets the hell out of Cleveland.
    Not sure what he’s so bent out of shape about. He should feel like a guy that was just released from prison.

  42. Hey Derek- Fans will be fans. If you suck, they WILL boo you. Take it like a man…. You know, like Tim Couch did.

  43. rowns fan for life here and while i dont agree with his saying we dont “deserve” a winner, i also am pissed at anyone who cheers when a guy is hurt. i was pissed when the fans did it to Couch too. thats just BS.
    i liked DA as a guy but he just proved he wasn’t a long term answer in cleveland and wish him luck wherever he goes.

  44. Has DA ever “rolled” anyone or anything in his life? I give it to you…..pretty lame cheering by some true aholes when you got hurt, but give me a break dude, you suck! This is one of the happiest days of my life as a Browns fan, I just wish it would have happened two years ago!

  45. Derek,
    Sorry it didn’t work out in Cleveland. Good Luck in your future endeavors!
    Gotta agree with Wick “It only takes a relatively small fraction of boozed up ass clowns mouthing off at the top of their alcohol-fueled lungs to make it sound like it’s representative of the thoughts of the entire community….but there are a-holes in every fan base” – so true

  46. It’s too bad Art Modell doesn’t still own the Browns so he could pack up and move them again.
    Cheers to Derek Anderson for speaking the truth. I hope he gets his opportunity to roll the Browns.

  47. This is hardly a lone incident. As people have stated below… the Jets fans did this to Pennington. Baltimore fans have done this to Kyle Boller, more than once.
    The simple fact is, teams raise ticket prices. Teams force people who already shell out a ton of money for season tickets… to pay FULL PRICE for PRESEASON GAMES. That’s right, for the same price as the regular games that actually count… fans must also buy tickets to two home preseason games.
    Paying all this money, fans expect teams to act like they want to win. That includes players. When you routinely throw interceptions and there is not a receiver anywhere in sight… we get angry. The LEAST you can do is admit you are not that good and bench yourself or play better.
    A perfect example of a team that should have their fans in total uproar right now: The Washington Redskins.
    You spend money all the time, but now that you FINALLY don’t have to worry about a salary cap… you haven’t addressed anything!?!? No offensive line? No running backs? I don’t think Peppers would have helped them that much anyway, so that was a good move. But I can’t believe they haven’t spent any money on free agency. THIS is the year to do it Snyder. 10 years from now, nobody is going to remember that this was an uncapped year and a team “bought” their super bowl. All they’re going to see is: (insert team name here) – 2010 Super Bowl Champions!

  48. The commentators to this article make me never want to attend a Browns game, or even go to Cleveland.
    Weren’t they the same fans that threw bottles at players a few years ago?

  49. This guy is nothing but sour grapes. His only good season was done on smoke and mirrors. If Edwards and Winslow didn’t save him with some great catches on off the mark passes. Lets not forget he played aweful for the last half of that season. The guy can’t read a zone defense and couldn’t hit the side of a barn. He should be praising the Browns for making him a rich man with a foolish contract, that was never even close to being lived up to. DA you will never get the chance to play us because you are not good enough to start. So have fun riding the pine you disgruntled loser. Oh and by the way the only reason we cheered you when injured is because you had a ridiculous coaching staff under Crennel who refused to pull you. So that was the only reason we knew we would get you off the field. Don’t take it so personel, you are a professional grow some thicker skin.

  50. “The Browns don’t have ANY fans…” – coming from a Bills fan.
    Browns are at the top of the list when it comes to fan base and loyalty, right up there with the Steelers, Patriots, Packers, etc. Most logical people agree that Cleveland deserves/needs a winning team.
    Derek Anderson was a weak person with a strong arm. He had no heart, little intelligence and no leadership skills to speak of. His parting words only confirm the fact that he is an utter douchebag.
    Oh and Lebron is never leaving Cleveland….with apologies to all the idiot, clueless nay-sayers.

  51. I really hope Shaun Rogers eats DA’s leg like a drumstick if we ever play against him…. Granted, I don’t know how likely it will be that we face a team’s 3rd string QB.

  52. The cheering wasn’t about you being injured as much as it was about bringing in the future QB that fans were clamoring for to play.
    Typical drama queen thinks it’s all about him…
    GL elsewhere.

  53. If he thinks they’re bad, he should get acquainted with Florio’s critics on here. They re-define, “Ruthless”.

  54. “The Browns don’t have ANY fans…” – coming from a Bills fan.
    Browns are at the top of the list when it comes to fan base and loyalty, right up there with the Steelers, Patriots, Packers, etc. Most logical people agree that Cleveland deserves/needs a winning team.
    Derek Anderson was a weak person with a strong arm. He had no heart, little intelligence and no leadership skills to speak of. His parting words only confirm the fact that he is an utter douchebag.
    Oh and Lebron is never leaving Cleveland….with apologies to all the idiot, clueless nay-sayers.

  55. @Wick
    Thanks for being the first a**hole to turn this post about philly fans.
    Someone who thinks you’re a typical d*ckhead steeler fan!

  56. Honestly I think it is wrong for fans to boo someone when they are injured and I can guarantee that the majority of Browns fans never wished DA would get injured. But to take your anger out on Browns fans is classless. Clevelanders deserve a winner just like everyone else does. When my parents were kids the Browns were one of the hottest teams in football. Cleveland has always been first and foremost a football town. We never deserved to have that ahole Art Modell take our team in the middle of the night to another city. DA has always had great potential and probably would have had a better experience with a real front office. Luckily for him he was able to play football and still has a chance for another team. I have a hard time feeling sorry for him when he says we don’t deserve a winner. You’re the loser DA!

  57. DA,
    And this is the exact reason why no teammates of yours ever considered you a leader. You are a joke of a man and a player.
    The problem is that you can’t handle the diehard fan base that is the Cleveland Browns fans. Take your a$$ back to Scapoose, Oregon, your washed up at 26 years old.

  58. @madbillsfan
    you’re an idiot. seeing as you’re a coming from a bills fan, you don’t have any right to comment on other fanbases. Cleveland fans are actually very loyal, but they can be too much sometimes

  59. How many millions did this guy get paid to suck ? And he’s bitching about the fans ? Hope he’s out of the league for good.

  60. Wick says:
    March 9, 2010 10:19 PM
    I recall Philly Nation afflicted with a severe case of Priapism that time when Michael Irvin was motionless on the field. Not cool. Get it together, losers – Irvine could have been paralyzed.
    Were you there??? I was and we were not cheering the injured Irvine (as despised as he was/is) it was at that fool Deion dancing around him like a fool. Get your facts straight. This story is old…

  61. Im a Vikings fan…You dont think Favre had pressure. We hated his azz for 15 yrs. We would have been calling for his head by week 3 if he played like crap. D.A. is lucky he had 1 good yr and now is a multi-millionare.

  62. I also was at that game, there were very few people cheering because Anderson was injured, and no one except Anderson is dumb enough to think that a few drunk a-holes represent all Browns fans.

  63. Squeezing the ball wasn’t from any other pressure than not having a line, TE, or WRs. Tom Brady would suck in Cleveland.

  64. To the guy that wants to kick everyone’s ass: Go back to work, I need a fill up on pump #7
    Bottom Line: No true NFL fan of the game would cheer for a player that just got hurt on a play.

  65. “Ummmmm, maybe this is why the team left in the middle of the night???”
    Seriously? Get a clue. The Ravens came to be because Modell didn’t have a clue how to run the business side of the team while in Cleveland. He signed bad deals all around and was losing $$$…from the stadium concessions to the parking. Baltimore offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse and offered to build a brand new stadium. This happened over the course of their last season in Cleveland…this was no overnight drama.
    And…when was the last time ANY team in any major sport moved and the league stepped in and said:
    -The team colors must stay
    -The team name must stay
    -And we will start you up again in 4 years (1999)…when the Browns started up again
    ??? So if Cleveland fans suck and it is a horrible place…why did the the NFL give them a team almost immediately after the Ravens started???
    And LeBron? He isn’t going anywhere…Sorry NY…you guys suck too bad!

  66. CaptainFantastik says:
    March 9, 2010 10:18 PM
    He’s right. The fans don’t deserve a winner there. He gave them a 10 win season……which is more than anybody else has given them since their last team got out of dodge and wisely moved to Baltimore. This was how they repayed him…….by turning on him the very moment their inept front office dangled the extremely over-rated Golden Domer in front of them. Turns out he sucks too and they turned on him just as quick. And they’ll turn on Seneca Wallace just as quick too…..and probably throw in alot of N-words in doing so.
    YOU are an ASSH__E

  67. Sniper:
    Wasn’t the players we were throwing the bottles at. It was the refs who decided to change the rules for reviewing a previous play after the next play had already been run.
    We were throwing them at the refs and would do it again if they pull that crap!

  68. Drunk fans at a game does not equal all fans DA! Throw some passes to Browns players to where they could catch and people would not cheer for an injury. I personally would never cheer for someone’s injury but a bunch of drunk fans at one game does not equal all fans. Grow up Derek! It’s a business. You did not live up to your contract. You play well and earn the contract, you don’t get cut. Enough said. Good riddance!

  69. Disclaimer: I’m an Eagles fan, I have no reason to like or dislike Derek Anderson. But his QB rating hovered around 20 the entire time he was with the Browns. Perhaps at his next stop ( if there is a next stop), he can spend less time worrying about fan reaction, and more time concerning himself with preparing himself to at least give a halfway professional effort when he is on the football field. You know Derek, everybody in that town wishes that their worst problem is that they were a spoiled millionaire who hasn’t produced in years. Sure, they ‘re angry at you and it manifested itself the day you tore up your knee, because deep in their heart they felt like you were stealing money. Work harder, and you’ll find that respect is earned, not the ‘given’ you apparently think it is.

  70. Well I have to agree with DA, that when his team comes to Cleveland, I hope he’s playing too. Especially if it’s a big game.

  71. I do not know if I find this saddening or hysterical…while I do not believe Anderson was the end all end of quarterbacks, he tried his best to help Cleveland. One thing holds very true, Cleveland fans, like Oaklands’ are brutal in certain facets, and I think that booing a player is fine, I boo Kyle Orton all the time…lol. But when it is regarding an injury, very, very unclassy.

  72. U know what DA we r allowed to boo a QB that we paid 14 mil to suck as much as u did. We aren’t bad fans for that we’ve stuck by our team even though they left us for a time, even though we’ve been horrible since our return we’re still here. Go away find Kurt Warner and ask him if u can have that job bagging groceries he left years ago. We’re not terrible fans ur a terrible QB.

  73. @SuperNintendoChalmers
    Youre an idiot I was in the stands. The Jets fans were cheering for Chad because he got up, and then we cheered Clemens because we were hoping the kid would do well.
    You poor poor fools.Invest in your team and go to the games and stop listening to what everyone else tells you.

  74. Mr.Anderson,
    I’m sure you feel as if we let you down at times, but we paid you ridiculously well for the privilege of doing so. I hope you go on to bigger and better things and I’m sorry you don’t share the same hope for us.
    But the fact remains, it took the league a bit more than half a season to figure out how to shut you down and in two seasons since that time you’ve made Kordell Stewart look like Johnny Unitas. Good luck turning that around, you’ll need it. And in the next city you ride the pine for, you wont have us to blame for your problems. Whether you get cheered for it or not, something tells me your next football related injury will end up being hemorrhoids.

  75. cleveland,
    Good news – you just made the PFT Top 10 commented stories. If you push really hard maybe you can push a few more turds out.
    Nobody stays in Cleveland very long – esp. winners
    You will lose LEBABY soon enough
    When was your last championship – did your grandfather get to witness it?
    Your such a loyal fan base; you forced on team to leave due to your outstanding support
    finally, your the 3rd city of Ohio

  76. Again, as a Browns fan, this one has been the saddest. Even when the guy was winning, most fans were cheering against him and coming up with BS for their own agenda so they could get their wish of Brady Quinn.
    Thanks folks… That is working out fabulously for us. Hopefully DA gets a good opportunity somewhere that he doesn’t need to keep worrying about someone being given his spot.
    I’m just glad that part of the drama is over with…. BQ = NEXT

  77. Catamount…
    Only 9 teams gave up less sacks than the Browns last year. Running game was top 10 the second half of the season. Please come with some facts next time you ignorant POS.

  78. It’s not news that Cleveland fans are asses.
    In Cincy we even applaud when the other team’s guy is able to get up and walk off the field.
    Have some class Cleveland. You deserve what Anderson said and you deserve to have a bad team if you root for your own players to be injured.
    There is a long history of incidents there. remember Sam Wyche reminding Bengals fans “you don’t live in Cleveland – you live in Cincinnati”
    Yes, there are asses in every NFL stadium but Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philly and Indy just seem to have more of them.

  79. He is a bum, strong arm with no brain matter at all, he will get on another team but will never be more than a back up. I am glad they got rid of the no class piece of trash.

  80. I was at the game when DA was injured…despite the fact that I am an avid anti-DA fan, I was ashamed of the fact that my fellow fans actually applauded when he was injured. However, his recent statement cleared up any sympathy I may have felt for him, and I hope that he is playing when he comes to town to “roll us”… despite any fans he had, he now has life-long enemies in Cleveland.

  81. Just for that billsfan I hope u guys pick him up to start then u can find out how truly horrible he is

  82. As a non-Clevelander who has visited a couple of times, I can say that Browns fans are the absolute best. I can’t think of another base that deserves a winner more than these folks. Tailgating in the Muni lot clinched it for me. GO BROWNS!!!!
    DA was but a bug on the windshield in the Browns journey. He needs to just shut up, take the money and run. He should have never made it this far. Had BQ not held out he’d have been cut and Frye would have been the backup.
    If he thinks he will come back and roll over us, he is going to have to first figure out that receivers can’t catch the ball with their feet.

  83. I am just glad that I live in Denver. Regardless of who, what, where, and why..I dont live in Cleveland. Whew. That place is a cess pool of loserdome in sports and in most cases life. I would rather not win a game next year in the NFL than live in Cleveland and win a playoff game.
    But DA stinks. And I dont blame Brown fans for their madness.

  84. Having Seneca Wallace in your QB stable is nothing to get excited about. Having watched him at close range here in Seattle since he first took the field, I can tell you, you will find yourselves wishing he would just play receiver and not go under center at all as he is like a freaked out loose cannon and cannot make good decisions to save his life. This does not constitute a good day in Cleveland.
    I gotta side with Anderson on this one.

  85. In the words of the mighty Kenny Powers…Derek Anderson…”YOU’RE F***IN OUT!!”…And being a Redskins fan I can say I stay allied with the Browns fans because like us followers of the burgundy n gold, you are up there with some of the most loyal fans in the league. We had a douche player talk smack about us fans in the stands last year during the Rams game when we booed our team as they went off the field before halftime because they had scored no touchdowns and played absolutely awful. I believe it was Henson, who was a bum to begin with, but he’s gone now. So just like the fans of Cleveland should be, I laugh at you DA for your lack of professionalism and class, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Take your check, shut your mouth, and quit whining you bum. The fans weren’t booing you getting hurt, they were booing because you weren’t going to be in the game anymore, and anyone who truly understands fan-dom knows that there is a difference.

  86. As a religiously faithful Browns fans I just have to say that Derek Anderson has every reason in the world to be mad at the Browns organization, but didn’t help himself by not overcoming the Brady Quinn bandwagon which he was given every opportunity to do. Having grown up in the Akron/Cleveland area my whole life i can tell you that no one loves a winner more than the fans of Northeast Ohio. After the 2007 season Derek Anderson was a loved member of the Browns organization and expectations were high for 2008. After 2008 though, tempermants changed and as much as Northeast Ohioan’s love a winner we hate a loser. Especially one that given a full season with expectations, only delivers costly turnover after costly turnover such as Anderson did. Keep in mind Anderson had help in becoming a pariah in Cleveland in the form of Braylon Edwards who i think even with fly paper for fingertips would drop a roll of toilet paper. It didn’t help either that teams actually started to game plan for us and the schedule became tougher. All that being said, I wish Derek Anderson the best of luck as I do think he has a lot left in the tank being that he’s only 26 and does have what the Adam Schefter’s of the world call a “rifle” arm. Maybehe’ll turn up in Arizona to give Matt Leinert a small taste of what he received in Cleveland and I only wish the best for him.

  87. Screw DA, and especially screw all you A**clowns bashing on the team, the city and the fans.
    How many of you tools have actually lived here, or been to a game here? We may have our problems but so does everywhere else. I’ve never seen so many damn people pile on a team. You act like every fan in every other city is a class-act upstanding citizen. You Raven fans are especially despicable, ragging on a team when you know what it was like to have one stolen from you. THAT’S why I hate the damn Ravens, because you turds don’t even appreciate what you have and rip on everyone else. If I didn’t have a life like so many of you tools who take your time to come on here and rip on other teams, fans, and towns, I’d do the same just so you can see how pitiful it is.
    I supported DA for as long as possible, and yeah, it’s deplorable that people cheered him getting hurt. But as someone said, a few drunks don’t represent everyone. So if he wants to leave with a parting shot like that, then I hope he fails miserably wherever he goes. And I just wished him good luck in an earlier post.

  88. Sup,
    I really doubt that the fans were cheering Quinn warming up. The reason is, as Florio stated, DA was only in the game because Quinn had gotten injured in a previous game. I don’t know which QB came in after DA, but I doubt it was Quinn. This was just a situation of scumbag fans cheering an injured player. Although still disgusting, at least the Eagles’ fans cheered an opposing player getting injured.

  89. I was watching that game. Fans were cheering Brady, not celebrating his injury. Many clapped as he left the field.
    His crappy play actually has nothing to do with this. It’s about Derek’s maturity, or lack thereof. Making a blanket statement about all Browns fans based on the behavior of (what may be) a few idiots is idiotic in and of itself. Hopefully, his agent or someone will encourage him to apologize. Tomorrow.

  90. I was at the game DA got injured at as well. It’s being dramatically overstated how much the Browns fans cheered. I did notice it, but it was mostly just small clusters of drunk idiots.
    I love how fans of other teams are riding in here on their high horses, making ignorant comments without a clue of what they are talking about. I guess that’s the way it goes on internet chat boards. It’s the only place that these pu$$ies can run their mouth without receiving a wedgie or a knuckle sandwich….

  91. I like the Browns and I agree with what he said. He probably has a right to be mad. The entire city of Cleveland was clamoring for Brady Quinn to start, then Mangini went and traded all of the Browns offensive weapons. That was a terrible situation for any quarterback. Not that he doesn’t suck, but if I was him I’d be pretty pissed too.

  92. im a redskins fan and i hope we pick him up. he had no talent around him in Cleveland. you guys have not had a stand out good player since yall got your team back in 98. year in and year out your team drafts horrible players or trade/cut any somewhat decent players. ownership on that team sucks. Derek Anderson has probably more wins than Brady Quinn and Seneca Wallace combined. Plus Quinn gets hurt every year. im not saying redskins are any better by all means but at least they try to put together a good team.

  93. HE’S RIGHT!!
    im a die hard browns fan and what the did when he was injured was disgusting and unforgivable.
    Im not a DA fan, but i hope he does beat us every time he comes to town.
    No one deserves to be treated like that.
    Whats wrong with you people??? (booers)
    embarrassing not only to cleveland, but to mankind!

  94. I can’t understand how any human being could cheer another’s injury … but I’m sure Browns fans are not the only ones who’ve done it. I also can’t understand why fans boo their own teams–though I know some of our fans do. I’m critical of lousy play, too, but booing during a game isn’t going to inspire better performance.

  95. Not too long ago Anderson was supposed to be the quarterback that finally one-upped the Steelers and took the division crown LOL!
    I think Anderson does have something to offer a team out there. Definitely a solid backup.

  96. Cleveland lost the first team – to Baltimore – because they would not support the team. I have never been to either city, but after watching those YOUTUBE tourism videos; i can only say that city of cleveland really sucks it bad.
    I don’t even think the devil would want to watch a game there.
    I only have one question: why the hell do you people live in such as backwater, depressed, run down city?
    why don’t you move out?

  97. I guess he gets the last laugh. Cleveland sucks. the clowns were 5-21 against Bill Cowher and and currently 1-5 against Mike Tomlin.
    That’s terrible. The Steelers rival is now the purple browns. Yes, we hate the poop and orange but we beat you 90% of the time so it’s not fun making fun of you. Go root for the King, he’s your only hope. We have our Lombardi trophies and Stanley Cups. Even our banks (PNC) own you.

  98. several of the previous comments were wrong…none of the cheers for DA’s injuries were due to seeing Brady Quinn coming in to the game. Quinn was actually the starter prior to that point until he broke his finger, taking him out for the season…which then allowed DA to start that game against the Colts. When DA was injured, that made it so Ken Dorsey came in as the third string…soon to be followed by Gradkowski as fourth string after Dorsey was subsequently injured.
    Whoever said they were “at that game” and saw the cheering for Brady Quinn…well, maybe you should pay more attention to the game next time…

  99. Oh DA just remember u said this about us. Because if there’s one thing Browns fans do we remember. Please come play against Cleveland. You’ll go deaf from our boos.

  100. If God were ever to give the planet an enema, Cleveland would be where He’d stick the hose.

  101. Huh. I always thought Jets fans were the worst in the league. Who knew?
    They’ve got it all over Browns fans who have had to suffer since… um… Jim Brown. Poor bastards. Hope Holmgren changes it for you better than he did in Seattle and more like he did in GB.
    For chrissakes, Browns fans are seriously loyal and the commenter above is right: all it takes is a vocal minority of drunk jerks. That said, nobody should boo an injured player no matter how badly he stinks up the joint.
    As an aside: I really liked Kosar BTW and you guys should keep him around because he actually deserves it. when he came to Miami he did a great job when Marino went down. If Holmgren shuffles him out, you all need to start wondering about Big Mike at that point.

  102. At that game as well. And DA is a DIVA thinking it was cheering about his injury personally. The fans had been FED UP with Romeo refusing to take him out playing so poorly game after game. That’s why there was excitement… see what someone else can do. We’ve seen enough that DA is does not have it beyond his hot streak. At least Quinn had potential instead of the known fact about DA being awful.
    Same with Couch complaining about the cheers. I cheered that the hot handed (at the time) Kelly Holcomb who continually lit it up was coming offf the bench. An what did he do? Lead us to 3 TDs in the 4th qtr and miss the game winner in the final minute. That’s something to cheer about.
    By the way, it is well known (by DA too), that nobody in the lock room viewed clown shoes as a LEADER.
    (We know you are reading Derek).

  103. By the way, props to Florio for calling DA out like he is instead of bashing the Browns.
    DA could stand the heat and is now known as a fraud.

  104. he’s looking forward to coming back, holding a clipboard and hoping his team beats us?
    does he really think he’s going to start?

  105. Hey DEVIL, you haven’t gotten one fact right yet in any of your posts… give it up, sonny!
    The Browns sold out just as consistently when the move to Baltimore was announced. Art Modell took a sweetheart deal because he was bankrupt with bad decisions!
    Try stating at least one fact for a change.

  106. Florio- Why do you have to bring Crennel’s name into this? He has nothing to do with anything that Anderson complained about. And, while we can speculate as to what advice Crennel may or may not have given to Savage, it was ultimately Savage’s decision to re-sign Anderson.
    – a Chiefs fan.

  107. Why doesn’t this “Devil” jackass just get hit by a train?
    So….you say the team left because they weren’t supported? Yet…they had to leave colors, name, etc here for a GUARANTEED expansion team?
    And you’ve never been to Cleveland or Baltimore but feel the authority to comment on both? And you take a parody video (which I found hilarious, and I live in Cleveland) seriously?
    Rot away in your trailer, a**hole!

  108. Stay classy DA.
    Hope you get to play in Cleveland again someday and get your bell rung.

  109. @God’s Own Silver and Blue says:
    March 9, 2010 11:35 PM
    If God were ever to give the planet an enema, Cleveland would be where He’d stick the hose.
    No sparky, it would be the part of town where Jerry built his new palace.

  110. Ruthless? Try completing a pass to someone on your own team once and a while, and the fans might be less ruthless. The Browns were considering changing the team colors to green with white stripes, after all the balls he put in the turf. Over, under, and behind is how you’re supposed to have sex, not how you throw a football.

  111. BENGALFL – Cinncinnati = Worst team of the 90’s and most arrests of the 2000’s
    2 winning Bengals seasons since 1990 (yes two!)… yeah, you picked a winner there!

  112. Pretty simple DA… you play better than your typical 2-17 for 32 yards game, you probably get cheered for the right reasons.
    Guy had one good season against a bunch of bad teams. If anything, he should thank the Browns that he got to stay in the league as long as he has.

  113. Wow Cleveland fans, after reading these comments you’ve just cemented yourselves into position as the least classy people in the country. And that beats the idiots in Green Bay, so hang your heads low.

  114. I feel so dirty…
    I just visited a Cleveland Browns web page.
    I must shower immediately
    It was a listing of page after page of “Who’s NOT” in the NFL

  115. Here is all i needed to learn about the Fabulous history of the Browns:
    Cleveland is one of four NFL teams that had yet to qualify for the Super Bowl. Furthermore, Cleveland has never hosted a Super Bowl, making it the only NFL city to have neither hosted nor sent a team to the Super Bowl
    During the final game of the 1995 season, fans set fire to the staduim and threw rows of seats onto the field
    Any action on the field moving toward the DAWG pound, had to be moved to the opposite end of the field
    Stay CLASSY Cleveland – you have so much warmth, charm, history and tradition. SOAK IT UP BABY

  116. LOL @ all the turds on here saying how crappy Cleveland fans are for booing a hurt DA. EVERY team has those same drunk rednecks who cheer when someone goes down. Get over it. It’s not just a Cleveland thing…

  117. OK PFT please stop with the judgment talk. Like you know 100% the reason why Anderson did well in 07 and then did poorly the rest of the way? You try to sell so much stuff as fact when in reality we dont know. You guys think you know everything. Anderson just showed no class with those remarks, not that the fans showed great class in cheering because of injurie either. You think Cleveland is hard? Philly would eat you alive!!!! PS: Cheering when Irvin was down wasnt right, but Irvin is a “BAD” class act as well, just like Emmit Smith, Jerry Jones (hmmm what is it with Cowboys? Bad Apple franchise if you ask me)

  118. here is another nuggett that everyone will find interesting:
    It has been nearly 30 YEARS since a browns fan was able to watch a HALL-OF-FAMER (OTHER THAN A VISITING PLAYER)
    30 FRICKIN’ YEARS – NO hof’ers. This is like one whole generation of fans and crappy players
    why do you still buy tickets to watch this crap? are you frickin’ brain dead? or do you enjoy donating your money?

  119. @ BENGALFL good to see that your so proud of that outstanding franchise history cincy has………you might just be the only one…..I’ll take 8 championships over 2 super bowl losses any day

  120. LOL @ DA. As a Browns fan, I can’t wait to play DA. Maybe he can complete a pass to one of our guys finally.
    Good Riddance DA. GO BROWNS!!!

  121. @bunglefl
    So you’re saying you’re a worthless front runner piece of trash?
    That’s cool. I agree.

  122. Hey canadawg, derek anderson would be a good backup i wasnt meaning starting qb. i still have faith in jason campbell he threw for 3600 yards on 64% he doesnt throw ints really. look he put up those numbers with no oline, no te, no wr, and a crappy coach. he only threw on third down just wait until they let him start throwing more his stats will go up its only a matter of time. redskins dont have a good backup they only have colt and they gave chase daniels away when they should have gave todd collins away. redskins dont need to draft a qb they need to keep working on campbell and bring in a veteran qb like anderson in to play back up. everyone needs to stop hating on anderson if he played for the colts or pats he would be a hella better qb but no he played for the browns and they suck and havent had a qb since the rejoined shoot they havent had a team since they joined they got really lucky that one year they made the playoffs

  123. Florio, the QB quandry in C-Town goes back to the 1999 draft, that’s where is started and hasn’t stopped or even SLOWED DOWN since then.
    I was always an anti-DA guy but I can tell you that he was dealt a bad hand from the very beginning when Phil and Romeo tried to make him something he was not.

  124. Tell it like it is DA. The QUINNBOTS of Cleveland couldn’t wait for their leaping fairy to get in the game. He stunk like hot garbage and to this day his leaping fairy following still wants him to start. They’re already ripping Wallace and his plane hasn’t even landed yet. I’m not really sure what they see in the homosexual, but they deserve him.

  125. That fanbase is a complete dumpster fire. Anderson (even though he sucks) is right, they don’t deserve a winner.

  126. Priceou86 says: Go away find Kurt Warner and ask him if u can have that job bagging groceries he left years ago. We’re not terrible fans ur a terrible QB.
    i actually laughed out loud.
    p.s. thank you c.bass for reminding me YET AGAIN why i hate steelers fans.
    p.p.s. isn’t football great? god i hate all of you non bengals fans 😉

  127. “At that game as well. And DA is a DIVA thinking it was cheering about his injury personally. The fans had been FED UP with Romeo refusing to take him out playing so poorly game after game. That’s why there was excitement… see what someone else can do. We’ve seen enough that DA is does not have it beyond his hot streak. At least Quinn had potential instead of the known fact about DA being awful.”
    And when the cheering stopped, how’d that homosexual thing work out with Quinn? Oh that’s right, he’s played like the loser fairy that he is. But still you love him. It figures.

  128. The only way DA comes back to Cleveland to play QB is if his team’s other two QB’s are hurt that week….of if it is against the Gladiators.

  129. Wallace to Cribbs instead of Anderson to Edwards. I think the Browns actually got worse.

  130. Here’s how it is, DA looked good in 2007, yeah the team tripped and fell before the playoffs but why didn’t they trade DA for a 1st and 3rd round pick in the 2008 draft? simple…Quinn wasn’t “ready” in crennel and savage’s eyes causing them to take heat from owner Randy Lerner and the fans. Now Lerner wants to bring in mangini(mistake) and Holmgren who will get who he(holmgren) wants. I feel bad for DA that he should’ve been gone sooner not dealing with this mess, I blame mostly the front office of Lerner and the fans(aka Dawgpound Mike) for 1. putting so much faith into someone from Notre Dame and making DA as the fall guy, and 2. DA isn’t the first QB that played for Cleveland that complained about the fans(Couch, Garcia, Dilfer, Frye, anyone else I forgot?). PLEASE DA come back and roll on us…it’s nothing new to us.

  131. this made me laugh…
    o.k., first of all, derek anderson only referenced the cheering when he was injured when he said they don’t deserve a winner….
    i’m sure he played there long enough to form a well rounded opinion based on a large sample of interactions…
    lets be real here, the browns were in danger of not selling out with the cheapest tickets, or damned near in the league. sure they sell out the end zones, but the sidelines are available well into the season…a true sign that the seats in demand are not for fans who want the best view of the game….
    browns fans claim that they are loyal, and that the fans of any team that has won something are bandwagoners, but its only logical that they must be among the best fans in the league, because they believe it, and tell each other they are, and that is logical enough for them….
    really, all browns fans have is being a browns fan, they aren’t loyal to the team, players or anything but their fellow fans, and their myopic, deeply flawed and sometimes psychotic world view.

  132. “Ahhh…best story of the day. While I agree with you, Derek, it’d probably be best not to burn any bridges.”
    You think he’d want to go back?

  133. who will have a .500 season first? anderson or the browns? we could be waiting a long time for the winner.

  134. As a Steelers fan living just outside of Cleveland, I’d say the fans here are pretty damned dedicated and loyal to their team; a team that hasn’t stopped losing since they came back. But the passion is still there every year.
    I don’t agree with the cheering while a guy is down. That happened to Tim Couch too. I know it’s not the majority of the fans in the crowd, but it was enough so that you could hear it clearly on TV.
    Anderson was put in a crappy situation and I am sure he is relieved to get out. Quinn was the golden boy with the clipboard for the longest time.

  135. I think in general NFL fans could stand to be more ruthful. There seems to be a paucity of ruth among most NFL fanbases, with only a few small pockets of ruthfulness here and there.

  136. what a bum give me back my 99 cents for the paper u wasted of mine for getting ur autograph

  137. I love all the tough guys like Devil & Captain Fuktastik who can hide behind their little computers from Mama’s basement and run on a message board & take their little shots at Cleveland & us Browns fans. It pretty much proves to me that everyone that took who took the time to fire insults are just like the weak minded & weaker hearted QB who failed & was shown the door for not being tough enough. Just shows their ignorance and weakmindedness to blindly comment on places & stories they know very little about. Please, just keep your cowardly little mouths shut next time.

  138. cool, it only took 5 comments for someone to mention eagles fans. keep hating, losers.

  139. @ BENGALFL, you are an idiot!! 55 years old, and still talking like a kid? Yeah, tha Bungles have 2 Super Bowl appearances, both LOSSES!!!! Why don’t you spend a little more time worriying about your team, and stop worrying about tha Browns. You may only count Super Bowls as championships, but we have more titles, (AAFC, and NFL) then your team, so keep talking up your Super Bowl LOSSES, and if you check the NFL record books again, CLEVELAND, not Cincy, actually has NFL Championships. And you USED to be a Browns fan? You are obviously the kind of fan that you talk about. “THE TRUTH IS…. YOU ARE ONE OF THE GOONS!!! LOSERS!!! WHINERS!!! You probably root for the Steelers and Ravens too! Your such a LOSER!!!

  140. There is an Evil that has awakened
    in this land. And whilst my
    people fight for their very souls
    against it, you, Derek Anderson,
    wage war on us. Your people
    are no better than the foul
    corruption that lies in the bowels
    of that pit! May God have mercy
    on your souls.

  141. He’s only saying what we all already know, Cleveland fans are trash. Plain and simple.

  142. Browns fans are horrible.
    I also think Anderson is a better QB than Quinn, though that isn’t saying much.

  143. This is sad that they cheered his injury. Why knock the guy for venting his anger at the fans? He is giving an overly emotional response to fans who gave him an overly emotional response to him getting hurt. It’s just ugly but I’m sure not all fans there are that awful. You’d get this behavior from eagles, patriots and jets fans too.

  144. Years ago I was at a Patriots game and was part of the crowd that cheered when Tony Eason got hurt.
    We cheered when Eason went down and True Patriot Steve Grogan came in. I didn’t regret it then and I don’t regret it now.

  145. BengalFl:
    The fact you switched to the Bengals is proof that you never were a Browns fan.
    Enjoy your team of convicts and wash-ups.
    Karma is rough!

  146. The Browns are cursed until Modell is in the HOF. FU Cleveland and suck ass teams.

    What is Anderson talking about???? The Browns don’t have ANY fans…
    You must not be a bills fan, because last time I looked browns stadium was filled with more fans than that dump where your “team” plays!

  148. Good for him. Hes not a great player but damn those Browns fans are the worst most classless scrubs in the league.

  149. I live in Baltimore now and I’ve been in Cleveland a few times. Baltimore has its problems, but Cleveland is one of the most depressing, hell-holes I’ve ever visited. Furthermore, the fans in Baltimore would never cheer if a player got hurt, not even Ben Roethlisberger (although we are snickering about his legal problems).

  150. Derek Anderson
    I my hope and thoughts and prayers for you are that the next team that signs you, gives you a good seat on the bench so that you can see the game and that it makes you feel like your actually contributing ! 🙂 really……

  151. Stating for the record, I am a cleveland Brown Fan! From the womb to the tomb kind of Cleveland Brown fan!
    Couple of things here:
    First and foremost, can’t blame D.A. for feeling that way, some people were cheering when he was down, but some were cheering that he got up and was okay – so it was mixed reactions that day. Still not cool to cheer someone for receiving an injury.
    Second – WOW! What is it about the Cleveland Browns, where people can come on websites like this and rip the dog snot, out of a city, it’s people and a particular franchise? We haven’t won anything in years, we are not a threat like the Patriots and Colts are year in and year out!?
    We haven’t had that kind of luck in 60 years, but people have this hate for the city and the team and I just find it sooooooooooo odd? What’s up with that?
    For someone to say a team doesn’t deserve a winning season, after 30+ years of bad football is kind of immature and moronic? I can see if we were winning and beating up on teams like the patriots and the colts – but we been losing!!!!!!
    The fans are beyond frustrated, it’s outrate manic depression rooting for this team year in and year out – getting the results we do every year!
    Then to see some Ravens fan come on here and call Browns fan’s whiners, is like a bank robber stealing money from a bank and trys to go bank to deposit the money he just stole in the same bank he just robbed! Better yet, that is the pot calling the kettle black! You would think they would be more decent after the colts vamped town on the city of Baltimore! Karma is a b*tch you stinkin ratbirds!
    D.A. good luck to you, I hate what you had to go through – but city of Cleveland is way overdue for a winner! The fans are very loyal and the world knows it!
    Stop the hateration people! Get on the bandwagon or get off!

  152. I’m glad this was worthless article was posted for DA’s benefit so that the moronic Brown’s fans on this forum could prove that DA is right on the money. Any Cleveland fan of any sport must be aware that Cleveland itself is referredf to as the Mistake on the Lake…they are the Raiders Midwest. I am surprised that Mike Holmgren wanted to put a tombstone on his career.

  153. You suck! and you stole a ton of money from the Browns. Does the name Scott Mitchell mean anything to you? One good year and then a BIG BUST. What an A-hole, I guess thats what you call sour grapes.

  154. Derek……………..
    I my hope and thoughts and prayers for you are that the next team that signs you, gives you a good seat on the bench so that you can see the game and that it makes you feel like your actually contributing ! 🙂 really……

  155. I’m a Ravens season ticket holder and have followed the team to other cities (including Cleveland). I can say for a fact that the Browns fans are by far the worst in the NFL.

  156. Anderson wasn’t really angry about the fans booing.
    He was more angry at the mob that showed up at his house Tuesday with the tar and feathers!

  157. It is not cool to cheer an injury, even here in Dallas!
    But to quote…”I hope and pray I’m playing when my team comes to town ”
    I think that feeling is shared by the Browns fans and their defense. Because ANY team that DA is starting for is in serious trouble.
    Long live the CZAR!

  158. Cheering an injury is as classless as you can get.
    He’s right, those kinds of fans deserve nothing but being shown the exit.

  159. Well, now I know he’d be perfect for Philly. He could team up with McNabb and trash the fans all day.
    Although McNabb could teach him how to be more passive-aggressive about it.

  160. How did Anderson “steal” the money?
    Like how the Jets stole money from Thomas Jones?
    Worse or better?
    Who here ever gave back 10% of their daily paycheck because they spent 40 minutes on over the course of a workday?
    Anyone? Show of hands?

  161. If Anderson had brought this amount of fire onto the football field he may have actually won over the fans years ago. Guy just never seemed to care. Hard for a team to get behind a qb who is emotionless, ala Cutler.

  162. As a Browns fan, I agree with DA’s irritation at being cheered for being injured. There’s no place for that. However, the small minority that’d cheer that are the same drunk retards that threw bottles on the field a few years back. That hardly typifies typical Browns fans.
    Anyway, I hope DA finds success elsewhere. I liked him in CLE, and he has potential. I just don’t wanna see him in Pittsburgh.

  163. You people are insane. You really think we were cheering DA’s injury, not likely, we were cheering because the QB coming in behind him, you know.. the one who was signed and didn’t do anything but hold a clipboard for a couple years.. they wanted to see him play, they thought he was the future of success in Cleveland and were ready to watch it begin.. anyone who thinks that the fans were delibrately cheering for an injury is just hating to hate.. Even DA, if they would have let Quinn go and kept him, he would have said the fans of Cleveland were the best in the land… DA is a piece of shit for even suggesting that, the fans supported him far longer than he deserved to be supported. What an idiot. I’m sure a public apology will come out within a couple days..

  164. Derek……………..
    I my hope and thoughts and prayers for you are that the next team that signs you, gives you a good seat on the bench so that you can see the game and that it makes you feel like your actually contributing ! 🙂 really……

  165. Of course DA didn’t steal money from the Browns. Anyone in their right might would’ve accepted that ridiculous contract. I think what Browns fans are trying to say is that this Dbag came in here, lit it up for 3 or 4 games, the league figured him out and he proceeded to play a historically bad stretch of football. And he did so without any heart and didn’t even pretend to give a crap. It’s hard to cheer for a guy like that.
    I do appreciate all the ferries from awesome cities such as Baltimore and Buffalo coming onto the internet to talk smack about a city. About as classless as booing for a injured (albeit pu$$y) Derek Anderson.

  166. Woah Woah Woah, don’t bash Bills fans just because of a few simple comments made by guys who buy the seats, at least we don’t ahve players calling out our fans. McGahee could only bash the nightclub scene in Buffalo (unhealthy lifestyle ). Bills sell out there stadium that holds more fans than the Browns do, not by much , but no game is blacked out. Jeez.

  167. Wick – what section of the stadium were you sitting in when Irvine (sic) lay motionless on the turf.
    Let me know, because me recollection is quite different than yours. But maybe you had a better seat than I did.
    Or are you parroting statements you heard second hand, with no actual knowledge?

  168. He won’t forget fans booing, but I won’t forget him throwing 4 INT’s during a game with the playoffs on the line against a 5-9 Bengals team!!! Get over yourself DA. You’ll go down as the biggest fraud at the QB position. You put together the best 8 games of your life and it put $14 million in your wallet. You should be kissing the city of Cleveland’s ass!!

  169. Hard for a QB to win when they get rid of your only weapons – Winslow and Edwards.
    Face it, the Browns are on the slow boat to LA. Bad owners, mediocre team, small market, and fans that cheer when their own players go down.
    LeBron is a dope if he stays, but judging by his embarrassing, clownish acts around the bench he may not be that bright.

  170. 194 responses so far? What other team gets this much reaction? None…. seems like other fan bases are not nearly as large. Probably because Browns fans are fans win or lose. Fans of other teams just bail, or go root for someone else.

  171. DA sends an email the same way he throws a screen pass – without evaluating the entire situation and without the correct sensitivity. There are probably 5,000 classless thugs – not fans – that deserve his condemnation, but most of the other 65,000 in the stands cheered him on while some sat in quiet frustration at the team’s performance. All 70,000 combined paid Anderson’s salary. The 5,000 idiots are likely many of the same that cheered Tim Couch’s injury and threw bottles after a bad officiating call; they are an unfortunate black eye to the community and the weak link that strength of Cleveland is measured by. Unfortunately, due to the way Anderson delivered his message, those 5,000 are laughing in delight that they were once again recognized, while 65,000 previous supporters are offended.

  172. Cleveland fans do suck! I attended a game there this past year and couldn’t get over how rude I was treated. I get the idea of ripping an opposing fan, but throwing things and using vulgar language crosses the line. I still can’t get over why Holmgren would choose such a dump! Be glad your gone Derek!

  173. I agree with Maddog – DA didn’t WANT to play here, just like Gaylon Edwards and K2 – all prima-donnas who wanted to play in big markets, making every excuse for why they didn’t succeed in Cleveland. What they failed to realize is that if they WORKED hard enough, they would have been good if they played on the moon, but unfortunately for us Browns fans we got stuck with a bunch of gutless b*tches who wouldn’t (couldn’t) play as good as many people thought they were capable of. Joe Thomas, J. Cribbs, Alex Mack all play their a$$es off and we LOVE them for it – this is a hard workin town and we respect and get behind HARD WORKIN players. DA take your ball, go home and cry – if you had put in the time maybe you wouldn’t have been LAUGHED out of town.
    p.s. – I was at the game he was booed for the injury – there was a large section of fans booing the injury right behind the Browns bench. MOST fans were cheering for Quinn going in, except for that section that was closest for the players to hear…
    p.s.s. – Anyone who actually SAW why bottles were thrown vs. the Jags would understand if they watch football and don’t have a biased hatred for Cleveland. That would have happened anywhere – pittspuke, baltiwhore, New England, San Diego – you name it – the refs blew that one…

  174. I find it odd – and this even happens in my own city – that no one will trash the owner and GM who gave the player the money. Instead, they attack the player – who just isn’t that good and never should have been given the cash.

  175. Hey DA
    It was nothing personal. Browns fans did not want to see you hurt or die. They just wanted you and your poor quarterbacking skills out of there and back on the bench where they belong.
    Personally I always thought you were a good quarterback from the neck down.

  176. Attention Browns fans, or should I say, attention Losers: As bad as Anderson was, he is STILL BETTER then Quinn. Quinn is the local kid, the golden boy, BUT he CAN’T play quarterback in the NFL. Holmgen is going to give him a look, but he’s not EVER going to be a Favre, or Hasslebach, like Holmgen had before. Quinn is not a starting QB, PERIOD!!! As for Anderson, Lets look at the good, and the bad. Yes, he did overachieve in 2007, and they played some bad teams, to inflate his stats. He probably shouldn’t have been a Pro-Bowler. Is he a franchise quarteback, NO!!! Is he better then QUINN? YES!!! Anderson got you within a game of making the playoffs. Does ANYONE (Including, Quinns parents) really think Quinn is going to get you close to the playoffs???? Anderson will probably sign as a back up to Ben in Pittsburgh (Unless he gets suspended) or as a back up to Palmer in Cincy, and have the last laugh on Browns fans. Actually, I predict Anderson signs as a back up with the Cards, or Bears, and eventually starts there, after Leinhart, and Cutler flop again. I could also see Anderson with Dallas, as he could replace Kitna, as the back up, and then picture Anderson winning a ring in Dallas, hugging Jerry Jones. Bottom line, Anderson is still better then Quinn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. I love the majority of browns fans but I watched us do the same thing to Tim Couch when he got hurt and can’t say I’d ever cheer an injury but honestly name one browns fan that likes DA? Nobody so whether he was hurt or not we’d all boo him and cheer when he’s out of game so BYE BYE DA we all Hate you and thank you for the 10 win season you bum.

  178. Something went awry with Browns fans somewhere along the way.
    They cheer when a guy gets injured and stand buy a lying snitch like Eric Mangini.
    They have gotten, and will continue to get, the team they deserve.

  179. Hey Derek, We boo’d you because you SUCK ASS AT FOOTBALL.
    We were cheering the fact we wouldnt have to watch your dumb-oaf-ass sack yourself over your own shoes anymore.

  180. Well, this morning, Derek is singing a different tune….
    “I said some things to Jeff Schudel (of The News-Herald) earlier that I regret. Those of you who got to know me personally from covering the Browns over the past five years, know this was out of character for me. I wasn’t taken out of context, but I was speaking out of my frustration after my career with the Browns came to a close.
    “I had some great times playing in Cleveland, especially during the 2007 season and I met some great people and made many lifelong friends along the way. I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.”
    I’m not sticking up for the rude and classless fans that cheered when he was injured, but I will remind everybody that every team as drunken and ignorant fans that do stupid things that make your fan base look classless.
    Good Luck Derek!

  181. I have nothing to say at this time, just to be a part of the 200+ comments club. Thank you.

  182. @ BaltimoreSports says:
    March 10, 2010 7:25 AM
    I’m a Ravens season ticket holder and have followed the team to other cities (including Cleveland). I can say for a fact that the Browns fans are by far the worst in the NFL.
    Spoken like a true Baltimore B*tch!
    Yeah your taken’ our sloppy seconds you leftover lame!
    Gimme’ a break, get our team – and want to talk smack about the city “YOUR” team originated in! Karma is b*tch and Baltimore will hate seeing the burnt orange and seal brown twice a year!

  183. Has anyone ever noticed that the scummiest fans are in the Northern cities that are heavily populated by Democrat voters? I wonder if there is a correlation? When’s the last time Philly did not elect a Dem as mayor?

  184. Who deserves a winner more, Those that pay your salary or you who has ripped us off. I don’t wish you luck Derek, in fact I believe you are, and always will be a professinal LOOSER. Thanks for nothing! BTW you lucked out going to the Pro Bowl, you didn’t deserve that either. So Long Dick Head!!!

  185. kinghill – Please keep political trolling out of this, so that everyone only has to display their ignorance in one topic. There are plenty of scummy fans all over the map, regardless of which party is in the mayor’s office.

  186. Bottom line on why fans hated him:
    Year Att Comp Pct Yds Avg Yds/G TD Int Rate
    2009 182 81 44.5 888 111.0 3 10 42.1
    2008 283 142 50.2 1,615 161.5 9 8 66.5
    You suck that long without producing, you get booed, and cheered when something happens to get you out of the game if Romeo is too blind to do so himself.
    As for DAAGEGENCY- all of your comments are about homosexuals, you trying to let us know something as it seems to be your favorite topic. And DEVIL, you still have half of it wrong.

  187. @ Duck Fallas says:
    March 10, 2010 10:12 AM
    kinghill – Please keep political trolling out of this, so that everyone only has to display their ignorance in one topic. There are plenty of scummy fans all over the map, regardless of which party is in the mayor’s office.
    Excellent post, couldn’t have said it better myself!

  188. @kinghill
    There is this guy you would just love; his name is Glenn Beck, and he is on fox.

  189. Duan says: Yeah your taken’ our sloppy seconds you leftover lame!
    Gimme’ a break, get our team – and want to talk smack about the city “YOUR” team originated in! Karma is b*tch and Baltimore will hate seeing the burnt orange and seal brown twice a year!
    I’m pretty sure Baltimore took your sloppy firsts and turned it into a class organization with division, conference and super bowl championships.
    The browns are the team that hates to see the ravens.
    I’ve been to Browns stadium and the fans have no class, are rude and deserve all the criticism they get. I can’t imagine how classless you are when the Ravens come to town

  190. Cleveland fans are an insanely loyal bunch. Hell, to this day I see people wearing Bernie Kosar-related apparel on the streets and the guy never even made it to a Super Bowl (at least for the Browns).
    I was at the game when DA got injured and people cheered. The vast majority were cheering BQ, however there was a contingent cheering for his injury. If you put 70,000 people in a stadium, some of them are going to be idiots, drunk, or drunk idiots. Characterizing those drunk idiots as your entire fan base is ridiculous.

  191. Having lived in Cleveland, I can’t say there was anything to enjoy there. At least Buffalo has Canada for those under agers yakno what thats aboot

  192. js136202 says:
    March 10, 2010 11:52 AM
    “Characterizing those drunk idiots as your entire fan base is ridiculous.”
    Unless of course we’re talking about Philadelphia.

  193. Does anyone think MAYBE the fans act the way they do cause their beloved team continues to put garbage on the field YEAR after stinkin YEAR!? The Browns organization should be happy they have 5 people in the stands… let alone several thousand.

  194. Browns fans relax, dont you realize that the only reason people are posting on this article and ripping cleveland is because they know it will piss us off…For example theres probably some front running Bengals fan sitting in his basement eating a hot pocket in southern ohio and the only thing he has to look forward to today, is pissing off Browns fans.
    We Have Lebron

  195. poppinfresh64 must have a small penis with all of those personal insults thrown out there

  196. @DemocratsAreStupid
    thats why your mom has dents in the back of her throat.You might not recognize her when you get home because I shaved her back.

  197. poppinfresh64 thanks for proving how classless Cleveland fans are. Keep em coming

  198. At least we release our players after they commit murders.We dont root for them and buy there jerseys and contribute to the murder/payoff defense fund.I was pissed when we signed your cocaine dealing running back and now tippy toes has finally retired.Probably be reading about his arrest in the ATL before too long now that he has free time on his hands.Although I think the PFT arrest counter will be reset by Rapistburger before Lewis the junkie,not to be confused with Lewis the killer.Of course wishmycarwouldhavestalledworth will be riding shotgun until he gets his suspended for life(lol) driver license re-instated.You guys lead the league in minium sentences thats for sure!

  199. poppinfresh dough boy said: “Yeah but we got our team back with all of are colors and records”
    That’s hilarious. Like Baltimore wanted your sh*t brown uniforms and your record of being one of only four NFL teams never to play in a Super Bowl. If you guys were smart, you would have given up all that stuff and kept Ozzie Newsome, instead of “stealing” Ozzie’s ball-washers–Savage and Kokinis.

  200. @richabbs says:
    The Browns have won more NFL Championships than any team in NFL history.I know the name of the Championship game was changed to S.B. Ozzie was already hired by your carpetbagging owner so how could we have kept him? Your stolen teams stats are mingled with Indianapolis’.
    Savaged and Kokinis both sucked and you were stupid enough to re-hire Kokinis last week.Are stats are pure and last time I checked the Browns have more H.O.F members than your 2 teams combined and then some.Only reason Unitas wore those high tops was so you couldnt see the bruises from him grabbing his ankles.What else you got A-hole.Bring it!

  201. As a Steelers fan who has visited Cleveland Browns stadium, I can say that the fans are ruthless and brutal. Hell, I almost got forced into a fistfight with a Browns fan. All I was doing was waiting outside the bathroom for my brother. The 2008 incident was abhorable and I felt really bad for him. Maybe Anderson will land somewhere with low pressure and a starting job available, like Buffalo.

  202. I once was at a Browns game wearing my colors and a couple of fans touched me in the no-no place.
    Cleveland Bowels

  203. Any Ratbird fan who sets foot in Cleveland stadium is going to catch grief — the kind of grief you’d give to a guy who slept with and stole your wife, and then comes over to your house to taunt you about it.
    Your city stole our team — we are going to give you grief every time you come to town.

  204. To: poppinfresh64 at 3:59 PM
    “The Browns have won more NFL Championships than any team in NFL history.”
    Ummm, perhaps you’ve never heard of a team called the Green Bay Packers. The TWELVE TIME WORLD CHAMPION GREEN BAY PACKERS !!!
    TWELVE is more than four. Geez, what a dope.
    The Brownies DO have the second most LOSSES in NFL Championship game history with 7, though !!! Congrats.

  205. Honestly, Anderson shouldn’t have opened his mouth to begin with. If he was “professional” enough, he would have kept his thoughts to himself. By making these statements, he’s broadcasting some severe character issues to the football world, which will hurt his chances to receive a good paycheck with another franchise. If he catches the failure bug once again and mouths off about another city’s fans, he’s out of football for good. The Browns gave Anderson a shot as a starting quarterback in the National Football League. And yet he still complains.
    As a lifelong Bills fan and Buffalo resident, I’ve heard every insult in the book hundreds of times already. Insulting my team, my city or my region doesn’t get me angry anymore because people with insecurities always want to scapegoat someone else for their own shortcomings. It’s nothing new. Insulting a person because their fans got a little too drunk one day (it happens to every team, people), that their sports team hasn’t won a championship or because their stadium doesn’t have padded luxury seating or high-priced tickets is CHILDISH.
    But then again, that’s why this is the internet…a place more depressed, disgusting and uglier than any “rust belt” city could ever be.

  206. At least if DA plays against the browns there is a chance he will complete more passess to browns players than he would of if he played for them.

  207. Hey Devil,
    Ozzie Newsome played in 1990. SO for most people the math would be ,
    – 1990
    Time to go back watching Barney to refresh your math skills.

  208. Browns fans…… even you have to admit that your team, city and state all suck. you don’t deserve a winner because none of you are.

  209. @jsbeck
    “im a die hard browns fan and what the did when”
    “Im not a DA fan, but i hope he does beat us every time he comes to town.”
    Clearly you are not a “Die hard” Browns fan. I would never say that… EVER!! DA is a bum who benefitted from a weak schedule in ’07, and he was a pro-bowl ALTERNATE for the record. Get a clue, the fans were cheereing because Quinn was finally getting his chance, not because DA got hurt. The next team he goes to will also get tired of his terrible decision making and off target passes with literally NO TOUCH, good bye DA. Don’t let the door hit ya!

  210. Swigger:
    As a pissburgh fan trying to speak negatively about the Browns, inventing words like “abhorable” kinda makes you look dumb. I’m just saying.
    Have you ever been to Ohio? I’ve lived in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, and this misconception that Ohio is this horrible state is usually devised by people who’ve never been to Ohio. Columbus is a wonderful town, Cincinnati has it’s charms. I’m from Cleveland and yea, it’s a little rough.

  211. Goldash:
    I like how you think. Us rust belt people think alike. Cleveland and Buffalo may be in some ways unappealing, but I’ve lived in my share of big, glamorous cities and dealing with the big-city crud of human beings gets tired.
    Derek Anderson is Kyle Boller if a few things went better for him, a guy with no leadership skills but a big arm. For him to have put together the career he’s had with a sub-50% passer rating is something future generations will read about in bewilderment.

  212. @js136202
    I have been to Ohio, it is awful. And saying Cleveland “is a little rough” does not properly describe the awfulness that is that city.
    BTW “abhorable” is a perfectly crumulant word, and it embiggens us all to try and enrich our lexicon (I hope someone gets this joke).

  213. I think this shows what a low class jerk Derek Anderson is. I understand he was upset about some fans acting rudely, but they are not the entire Cleveland fan base. I am sure there were plenty of people who cheered for him when he did well. There isn’t a city in the U.S. right now that needs a sports champ like Cleveland. Take it from a Philly fan, this guy is worthless anyway.

  214. @Lastshot,
    Wrong. Those fans pretty much were the entire Cleveland fan base. And there weren’t that many cheering him in 2007. They still wanted Quinn. Cleveland got just what it deserved from DA’s email. If you’re going to act tough, Browns fans, learn how to take it. What a bunch of crybabies you guys are.

  215. Watch. In five, six years, they’ll still be cracking on this guy. Guaranteed. Pitt/Balt fans would just say, “yeah, pal, up yours” and move on. Browns fans will hate this guy forever. That’s the difference between them and other fan bases. He hurt their widdle feelings and they’ll never let it go. They act tough, but they’re as thin-skinned as it gets.
    Hey, Holgren trade your boyfriend Quinn yet?

  216. I used to have nothing against the Browns, aside being from a divison rival. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the idiot Brown’s fans say that Baltimore ‘stole’ their team. Get your facts straight. Baltimore was stripped of our TEAM, our HISTORY, and our COLORS in 1983 when the COLTS moved to Indianapolis. Technically Johnny Unitas was an Indianapolis Colt. Disgusting. Cleveland wouldn’t fund a new stadium for the Browns, so Art Modell moved the team to a city that was DYING for an NFL team. Not only did he leave your COLORS, and your HISTORY in Cleveland, you a-holes were also guaranteed your team back in 4 years. Now that is insurance. The Ravens were an expansion team, with new colors, new history, and new everything. Cleveland, you still have your Browns, so seriously stop complaining. I will always love my Ravens, but we as the city of Baltimore will never get back our Colts Super Bowl that we won. We have one Super Bowl Championship. One. Indianapolis? Two. So stop crying, and enjoy what you do have. Because you could be Los Angeles.

  217. This thread may be dead now, but I must call out Siggtacular for being a complete ignorant idiot. His facts are all wrong.
    Art Modell basically owned Cleveland Muni Stadium. Long story short, he leased the stadium out to the Indians and kept all the revenues from the corporate box sales. Well, the Indians got fed up and got the city of Cleveland to approve Jacobs Field. Modell, in his infinite arrogance and ignorance refused to reduce the price of the corporate boxes even though his customers would only be receiving 8 football games rather than 8 football games + 81 baseball games. He was outraged by this, the little b!tch that he is, and asked for a new stadium. The city of Cleveland pretty much unanimously voted in FAVOR of a new stadium, but by that time Modell had already reached a deal with the city of Balt.
    Meanwhile, dbags like Siggtacular spread false information.
    And the LA comment is absurd too. That city has proven that it can’t support a team.
    I hate idiots like you.

  218. This Class Sucks:
    I am torn because you just badmouthed my hometown and the city I love, and yet your obscure Simpsons reference has charmed me.
    “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest youth”

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