Giants land Sorgi

Quarterback Jim Sorgi will continue to be a backup.  And he’ll continue to work behind a Manning.

But it no longer will be Peyton; it will be Eli.

Giants’ V.P. of Communications Pat Hanlon posted the news on his Twitter page.  Hanlon says Sorgi will compete with Rhett Bomar.

And if you don’t know who Rhett Bomar is, then Sorgi has the clear edge.

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  1. I just wanted to post this comment…to give YOU tme to miss spell some of the words for me….or you, to get a laugh!

  2. Yeah, every draftnik knows who Bomar is. Former Oklahoma starter as a freshman who was booted off the team and finished his career with Sam Houston St. (or something like that). A good talent that needs plenty of schooling to stick.

  3. I dont know much about Sorgi, other than he wasnt the guy that completely turned the Jets game around (not in Indy’s favor, lol).
    Because he was out for the year if I remember correctly. However, the fact that Indy let him go, and put their trust in the guy that single handedly imploded against the Jets, coupled with the fact that Sorgi didnt seem all that interested in trying to pursue a job as a starting QB tells me all I need to know. IE: he is less talented than Indy’s talentless back up, and he has no desire to actually be a starter, but rather collect paychecks (I dont have a problem with that at all, I wish I could do the same thing). But I would think teams would want players that have a desire to play, and have a desire to win, and compete etc. Sorgi doesnt appear to be “hungry”, but rather, he appears to be satisfied……
    As I said, I dont know much about him, and perhaps I am way off, but that is how it looks from the outside…. and if either Manning has a season ending injury, especially early in the season, their respective teams are done….

  4. Sorgi has a sweet opportunity for a book deal down the road:
    “The Makeup of the Modern Manning: A Backup Quarterback’s View of Peyton & Eli” by Jim Sorgi

  5. “And if you don’t know who Rhett Bomar is, then Sorgi has the clear edge.”
    Please. Who hasn’t seen or read “Gone With the Wind”?

  6. HawgNSonsTV says:
    March 9, 2010 1:01 PM
    I just wanted to post this comment…to give YOU tme to miss spell some of the words for me….or you, to get a laugh!
    Aside from your comment making no sense, you misspelled ‘misspell’.

  7. Looks like Eli has some competition. Judging how good Eli is, this guy should replace him by week 4 or 5.

  8. If they draft that punter from the combine, they’d have Sorgi, Bowmar and Zoltan. Sounds like the characters in a 50’s sci-fi movie.

  9. It puts the lotion on the skin…
    You are partially correct. Jim Sorgi does not seem to have any desire to be a starter. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent.
    Earlier this year Tony Dungy was on DP and said Sorgi is just as good of a quarterback if not better then Matt Cassell.

  10. Or he could be prepping himself for a QC or OC job after his dis-illustrious career is over. Not that it makes him any more appealing.

  11. I went to high school with Rhett.
    Everyone snickered a bit when he was kicked out of OU
    Funny how it all went down, ESPN didn’t really put the truth out on that story, but who cares.
    But it was awesome to see a guy leave Texas to go to OU and then get kicked off the team after 1 season.

  12. Charges_Pending, perhaps h was let go because the Colts figured the balance of salary vs production was too expensive. However, when it comes to Dungy, I tend to not take too much of what he says as gospel either. This is the same guy that said the Colts would beat the Pats by 2 TD’s, and got the 4 & 2 gift. He also said the Colts would beat the Saints easily, by 2 touch downs….
    No question he is a smart guy, knows more about, forgot more about football than I will ever know, but sometimes I think his compassion and emotions get the best of him. He probably truly likes Sorgi, and if he can help Sorgi out by saying he is as good as Cassel, then it certainly doesnt hurt to throw that bone out there, doesnt matter if it is true….. Likewise, he thinks so highly of Manning, that he will predict a Colts victory every week…..

  13. Wow a lot of Giants haters… How does it feel to watch us make all the moves while you guys sit back and wait for the draft?

  14. Who can blame Rhett for leaving texas? I’m stuck here at the moment. But apparently he’s not good enough to play anywhere else but in tx.

  15. As a Giant Fan – I really don’t like the fact that they signed this guy without even interviewing guys with starting experience like Garcia and Delhomme. Maybe this guy works out better anyway, but at least bring in Garcia or Delhomme to talk with. If Eli gets hurt, Gmen season is over.

  16. It puts the lotion on the skin says:
    March 9, 2010 1:09 PM
    I dont know much about Sorgi, other than he wasnt the guy that completely turned the Jets game around (not in Indy’s favor, lol).
    Actually that was Curtis Painter. Sorgi was on IR by that point, I believe.

  17. Wouldn’t it be great/unfortunate if Peyton gets injured in week one? Imagine Jim Sorgi’s state of mind

  18. And if we do know Rhett Bhomar??
    P.S. Sorgi is a million times better than Curtis Painter ever was and ever will be.

  19. painter isnt even up to sorgi’s standards.
    sorgi has a much better chance of playing (due to starter injury or ineffectiveness) in NY, however. better at the NYJ actually… but, so be it with the NYG…

  20. Sorgi does not have desire? What does that mean? He was going to beat out Peyton? Please he is a backup QB and knows that

  21. You people are all so stupid! Sorgi has won the exact same nuimber of Super Bowls that Eli Manning and Peyton Manning each have won. Plus one more than Archie Manning ever did!

  22. Wow.
    Did you just use ‘land’ and ‘Sorgi’ in the same sentence.
    Coming from a Badgers fan, you just ‘landed’ a ‘guy with a heartbeat’.

  23. How desperate are some here to criticize the Giants for the signing of a backup QB who won’t start a game this year?

  24. I am very confused
    We replace david I never got dirty carr with another guy who will stand behind the great Eli and watch a Pro SB MVP QB play.
    I would give up my job to hold a clipboard for that kind of money.
    How many teams have a BU that will win if the starter goes down for more then a game or two?
    All of you who have QB’s that can not hold a manning jock strap should stfu
    And do not forget Eli has the same number of SB wins and Brett and one more then the Vikes or Egals

  25. Garcia, Anderson, Brunell, Delhome, even Lorenzen…. These would all have been better choices. This move seems to be prompted by some type of strange loyalty, similar to signing Gilbride’s son as another coach.

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