Jamal Williams joins Denver's defensive line makeover

Josh McDaniels is creating his very own “Over the Hill Gang” on Denver’s defensive line.

The Broncos agreed to terms Tuesday on a three-year deal with nose tackle Jamal Williams, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The news will sting in San Diego, where the Chargers wanted to re-sign the 3-4 run plugger at a lower cost after releasing him.  (Shawne Merriman summed it up nicely.) Williams was also scheduled to meet with the Saints.

Williams is the third defensive lineman signed since Friday that is over 30, joining Justin Bannan and Jarvis Green.  Bannan and Williams will split time at nose tackle, which should improve Denver’s lackluster rush defense.

25 responses to “Jamal Williams joins Denver's defensive line makeover

  1. Good thing the Bills didnt interview him…They dont need a NT cause they are switching to a 3-4 too….wait a minute….nevermind…Bills are napping

  2. This is great news for Denver. Kudo’s to GM Brian Xanders and Pro Personnel Director Keith Kidd . Two things are said of DL, 1) it takes three years to develope 2) they can play into their middle thirties.
    Boy is there going to be competition on the DL positions. Wayne Nunnley is a happy man.

  3. these aren’t necessarily bad accquistions, because these players needed a new contract and a fresh start to get themselves motivated

  4. So, we have Jarvis Green and Jamal now. Cool!! I like our line this year. Some other Denver fans may be disappointed that we aren’t bringing in O-linemen, but we will get what we need there in the draft. I am confident of that.

  5. Is it just me or does Josh McDaniels not inspire a whole lot of confidence that he is the long term solution as the HC of the Broncos?

  6. Well I am not a donkey fan, however if there is one position that you can maintain a few “over the hill” players it is probably the D line given how most teams rotate that position so much during a game. I think Green and Williams were both wanted still by their former teams so probably not a totally crazy idea by any means.

  7. Looks like denver is thinking Safety/QB/WR/LB for the draft…
    Should get interesting.

  8. No, but it does point to something I stated earlier…Denver is likely to have a very offensive based draft, they have brought in a cornerback for depth and to challenge at the nickle spot; they are high on the defensive backs drafted last year and according to local media are happy with their linebacker corps. They may draft one or two defensive players at most, but with how heavily they have signed veterans for the defensive line, I really expect Denver to fix their offensive issues in the draft.

  9. Very nice signing for the Broncos. You can see Williams value by looking at how bad the San Diego run D was last year after he got hurt. With him, Bannan and Green the Broncos have added quality veterans who work hard and know how to do their jobs. In a 3-4 that is exactly what you need up front and the fact that Williams is 350 lbs doesn’t hurt either.
    I would still like to see the Broncos sign a guard and/or center before the draft. With the D-line looking decent now, if they can get some help on the O-line thier options for the draft will have opened up completely.

  10. “Bannan is a 3-4 DE, not NT”
    B.S., Bannan signed with Denver to be their starting nose tackle, Williams and Fields will rotate with him, but Bannan is expected according to what the organization has said to be their starting nose tackle.
    “Looks like denver is thinking Safety/QB/WR/LB for the draft…”
    Does anyone actually pay attention to the Broncos? Seriously…why would they draft a safety when they are high on McBath and Bruton whom were both drafted last year, let alone they have Hill and Dawson? As for linebacker, I thought maybe, but Denver is pretty high on the group they have, or according to the D.C. they are. So, more or less…I would say Denver is going to be drafting a quarterback, Tight End, Center, Guard, possibly another Tackle and likely depth at the Wideout position.

  11. He’ll regret it come February. Denver must have threw a large sum of money for him not to visit anyone else.
    A few extra million more than what you’re really worth to play for a .500 team over a chance to get a few championships and an abundance of playoff money? TRAGIC

  12. Brian Dawkins maybe has only 1 year left, denver should and will get a safety in the 1st 2 rounds of the draft… WATCH AND LEARN BUDDY.

  13. @ ppdoc13: it is NOT just you. And i could care LESS about the Cutler debacled (thanks Emmit). He never won squat and made bad decision after bad decision.
    Last year’s draft SUCKED. Moreno will be an excellent back eventually. Ayers could be good (hard to know). But the giving up of a 1 for Smith was a BLUNDER.
    He’s got a lot to prove, that is for sure.

  14. Overall, I like the moves this offseason. They are upgrading their DL for the short term. They needed a stouter DL as McDaniels rift with Nolan was over wanting Nolan to blitz less, which Nolan did partly to cover up for an average DL.
    In terms of the draft, I think this gives them the opening to take either Clausen, Dez Bryant, or Rolando McClain, depending on who is available. I guess I wouldn’t rule out popping an OL guy this high, if a guy like Anthony Davis or Trent Williams is there, a guy that can be plugged in at RT right away.

  15. Good, solid moves.
    Here’s a news flash – teams don’t give up great players in their prime. So, you need to add guys that may give you 1-2 years while you build from within.
    They will still draft a DL early and give a year to develop.
    This team was 8-8 last year, they look to be a game or two better this year with improvements on DL.

  16. Williams was injured all of ’09 and hasn’t been a force since ’06 or ’07 so this signing isn’t all that impressive… at least it’s not another former Patriots player.
    Visit http://www.joshmcdanielssucks.com/, a Denver Broncos online community advocating for the swift termination of Josh McDaniels, or at the very least ensuring McDaniels knows that Denver Broncos fans deserve better than Kyle Orton!

  17. uncle rico why are u obsessed with mcdaniels btw your site sucks deal with the fact that he is the broncos coach i like what the broncos have done and think mcdaniels is doing a good job go cheer for the bears if u dont like him

  18. @Uncle Rico
    Williams has been a force every time he has stepped on the field, even last year. Sure he doesn’t put up great numbers but when he was not on the field the Chargers run D went for good to terrible instantly. He is a big body who is strong at the point of attack and requires a double team, something the Broncos desperately needed. Ronald Fields did an admirable job last year but he just wasn’t quite big enough or strong enough to hold up in the second half of the season. Now the Broncos have options on the D-line and good depth so they should be able to stay a lot healthier and stronger in the second half of the season.

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