Last word on the Peppers deal

Our item from last night regarding the ability of the Bears to pull the plug on the Julius Peppers contract after one year, making it essentially a one-year, $20 million contract with a team option on the rest, has created a stir.

But the info is legit.  The Bears can declare the move a mistake and avoid the rest of the deal with no guaranteed money beyond what he received in 2010.

Multiple sources have pointed out that the decision to guarantee the money for injury only and not for skills arises from the reality that guarantees for injury and skill must be immediately funded.  As one source pointed out, the Giants used the same tactic with quarterback Eli Manning.

The difference?  The chances of the Giants choosing to cut Eli Manning before the money guaranteed for injury only comes due are slim.  In Chicago, a decision to part ways with Peppers after one season is far more possible.  If Halas Hall gets cleaned out after the coming season, the better adjective will be “probable.”

Amid these realities, we’re told that Peppers has received every assurance that all guaranteed money will be paid.  Apart from the fact that the Bears can get in hot water for making promises beyond the pages of the signed contract, any such promise in completely unenforceable.

Besides, the supposed assurances that Peppers will be with the team over the long haul are coming from a regime that might not be employed when the time comes to make the decision. 

Finally, we have been reminded that the 2011 roster bonus of $10.5 million is due to be paid before a lockout would be imposed.  On the surface, it’s a shrewd move by the Peppers camp.  At a deeper level, however, it could make the Bears more likely to cut Peppers before the 2011 roster bonus becomes fully guaranteed on February 10, 2011, if they have any doubt whatsoever regarding Peppers’ abilities and/or effort.

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  1. Bottom line: that’s a TON of money for a guy with a questionable heart and work ethic.

  2. Yeah, he got franchised two years in a row to be cut by the Bears (seriously?) a year after his mega-deal. You’re dreaming.

  3. So they essentially put a franchise tag on him. Would have cost Carolina about $18.5 million to tag him this year. Bears tagged him at $20 million.

  4. whatsamatta florio, didnt leave the big ben beef jerky link up?
    if ben had merely jerked his own beef a coupla times, he wouldnt be in the pickle he is in now.

  5. Isnt the flip side to this that Peppers has a lot more incentive to kick ass? The Bears just got some fresh talent, im still excited.

  6. I don’t get how this is a bad deal or the bears? Hasn’t he had double digit sacks every year? I don’t get how thi doesn’t work out for them? People are saying that he lacks heart and plays when he wants to?? I wish I knew of other players that take time off and record double digit sacks year in and year out. I think you all are WAY too hard on a guy who can and will be the cornerstone of any defense. I think the bears made a good decision and will like to watch him and Urlacher work together.

  7. @ FireJerryJones
    Would have cost Carolina closer to $21.5MM. There are stiff penalties for tagging a player in consecutive years.

  8. @diehardskinsfan
    Peppers get sacks in games that are meaningless. When the big games start he disappears. Double Digit sack years dont mean a thing when he is not a factor in big games. Against AZ in the playoffs he had one pressure and one tackle

  9. Peppers just found out that he has to play hard all year in order to collect all of his “guaranteed” money and is pissed off.
    If Peppers does not give maximum effort all year and it looks like a lock out is on the way, the Bears will dump Peppers so fast it will make his head spin. You might want to save some of that money for living expenses next year.

  10. Check out his sack total of 2007. I think it was a HUGE 2.5. 30 yrs. old, huge money. Scary

  11. Peppers success is really based on what Cutler does because if the Bears do not get a lead and the other team then does not have to pass to catch up it will affect his sack totals and his success would then be based on stopping the run.

  12. First, I’m not going to say if it was a good or bad deal. I think Peppers can be a hell of a player. What they paid is a lot of money though. We’re almost talking about Haynesworth money from last year. We’ll see if it pans out.
    I would like to say this though. What is with the Bears? They just used a ton of money to get 3 free agents in the only 3 positions, QB aside, they’re already set in. Last year, when the Bears Defense showed up, the D-line was good. The secondary is what is lacking. TE is already fine as well. Have 2 good ones. Lastly, you already have 2 young, solid RB’s.
    So what gives? You still have no WR’s, despite what that idiot tried to say yesterday on NFL Network. You still need O-line help. Still need CB’s and a safety. You didn’t need any of what you just drafted.
    Lucky for the Bears that Martz is coming to town. At least his play calling might be able to salvage something if you fail to make a splash with any WR’s. Small guys like Knox and Hester only work for a while.

  13. Simple simon…..geez I guess the name says it all. 3 positions they are set in? really? they had 2 DEs one Alex Brown (who is okay) and the other is Mark Anderson, who had a great rookie season but has struggled since….Whale is a free agent, and would have cost us starting DE pay (which is why they didn’t blink at paying Peppers) so they needed a DE badly. You mentioned the Oline which got far better after they benched Pace needing help……hello? When you sign the best pass blocking TE in the game and you sign one of the best pass blocking backs in the business you don’t think that signifies help?
    Hester WILL not be a starting WR….he’s going back to returns. Aromashodu is 6’2″….Bennet and Iglesias are both 6′ and 205….Olsen is 6’5″ and the new TE is 6’2″….yep a bunch of midgets.
    The do need help at safety still but I think they are trying to work a deal for Atogwe from St. Louis…if they swing it the Bears D will be one of the top units this year.

  14. @ Simple Simon
    They did what they could in free agency. the most important component in a cover 2 is the D- line so they had to get peppers; their line is not good enough to succeed especially with a oft injured tommie harris. They needed a second running back because Forte can’t carry the load a whole season
    Safety will be addressed in the draft, hopefully its not myron rolle

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