Niners, Leon Washington have spoken

We recently pointed out that a market for Jets running back Leon Washington, a restricted free agent recovering from a broken leg, could soon emerge.

The folks at ESPN 1320 in Sacramento tweeted yesterday that the rumors linking Washington to the 49ers are heating up.  Though the pot is not yet boiling, something definitely is going on.

Per a league source, Washington has spoken with the Niners.  There is some interest; however, no visit has been scheduled yet.

Other teams are also interested, we’re told.  We don’t currently know who they are.

By tendering Washington at a second-round level only, the Jets have invited teams to sniff around the all-purpose tailback.  The leg injury could scare some of them away.  With the deadline for signing restricted free agents to offer sheets coming eight days before the April 22 draft, it might be that no one will be ready to take a chance on him before it’s too late to do so.

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  1. I think this is a great strategy imployed by the Jets… by forcing another team to offer him the L/T deal he’s been looking for, the Jets can sit back, evaluate the deal, and either match it, or, if they decide it’s too much money, they can let him walk and obtain another 2nd round pick.
    I love Leon as a player and leader, but he was asking for way to much money prior to his injury. It would hurt to lose him, especially with TJ gone, but that extra 2nd rounder would’nt be too bad either.

  2. dude would definately be an asset to the 49ers and MUCH BETTER return specialist then Arnaz Battle
    he can run the wild cat, and could compliment Gore because of his change of pace running

  3. Niners will take him. Then trade back down one of their 1st round picks to get a 2nd round pick back since they’ll be giving one up to the Jets. The best Tackles will probably be gone by 13 anyways and I don’t like the guys who will be there.

  4. If we lose Leon also, I think we have to go out and get Brian westbrook. I think as long as the weight of the world isn’t on his shoulders, he can stay healthy. People were always expecting too much from him in Philly. He can be dangerous in small doses.

  5. I think the Niners would be better off signing someone like Fargas and spending the 2nd on a return guy.

  6. i dont think the injury is an issue. Breaks are 1000% times easier to bounce back from than a mcl, pcl, acl tear etc.. Breaks heal. And the guy who suggested getting fargas over washington is on crack. Im not a Jet fan but live in NYC so I see washington on a weekly basis, he is nasty.

  7. I like Leon—he was the best offensive weapon for the Jets the season before last. However, great rb’s are a dime a dozen and can be replaced.
    The Jets always seem to find a solid kick returner (but never a punt returner).
    It is not ideal to have to replace Leon and TJ in the same offseason, but the 2nd round pick would help.
    —With Mangold/Revis/D’Brick/Harris/Edwards/Cromartie—and potentially others looking at new contracts next season—4.5 mil per season to a backup running back coming off a broken leg isn’t the best way to budget the bank.

  8. It was an ugly break. Hard to watch. A second round pick for a back coming off an injury like that would be pretty sweet.
    I love him as a player, but this is business.
    Smart move by the Jets.

  9. @ thegoldengod
    Revis/Mangold/Brick/Harris in that order…
    Braylon and Cromartie need to prove something first before they make the bank.

  10. yes please get him Niners. I like giving up a 2nd for Washington better than using a 1st on Spiller.

  11. Frank Gore, 2nd year man Coffey, AND Leon Washington?
    All the 49ers need now is a QB, WR, Safety, and Corners

  12. This wont happen. Hes said time and time before he wants to be a jet in 2010 because he wants to play a full season under rex ryan because he loves his coaching style and he loves the city of new york

  13. @CBS…
    We don’t need a safety, Lewis and Goldson are fine. We don’t need any big free agent WRs. As for QB a lot of teams need a QB what are our options? Corners? Yeah we need those. We really do need a return speacilist though.

  14. Since when does what the player wants matter to the Jets? If Westbrook stays healthy, he can do the things that Leon did before his injury, and at a fraction of the cost. I love the guy also, but a 2nd round pick in this draft is worth a lot with next years uncertainty.

  15. mrzazz41387 says:
    March 9, 2010 11:31 AM
    If we lose Leon also, I think we have to go out and get Brian westbrook. I think as long as the weight of the world isn’t on his shoulders, he can stay healthy. People were always expecting too much from him in Philly. He can be dangerous in small doses.
    Dude, that would suck. He’s done. Jets should use it on a RB, cuz they’d be down to just Greene. I think.

  16. How can you say all this about Leon. He is a better/younger Brian Westbrook. And I think that’s an insult to Leon. Besides, with the uncertain situation involving next year every contract is really only for a year anyway. Leon is definitely worth the money because you’re going to pay a rookie a lot anyway and they won’t have nearly the skill set.

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