Patriots close to deal with tight end Daniel Fells

The New England Patriots are looking to add a blocking tight end, and they may have found one.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Pats are closing in on a deal with free-agent tight end Daniel Fells.

Fells played in 14 games for the Rams last season, starting four. Although the 272-pounder is mostly known as a blocker, he did catch 21 passes for 273 yards and three touchdowns last season.

The Patriots are also said to be interested in tight end Alge Crumpler.

14 responses to “Patriots close to deal with tight end Daniel Fells

  1. Patriot the team to watch in this year’s draft.
    Filling TE would allow them to spend some of their four choices on receivers and running backs

  2. Daniel Fells is not a blocking tight end.
    He has decent athletic ability for his size and has shown some promise as a receiver although has had some problems with consistency.
    I was hoping the Rams would keep him.

  3. Remember Pats fans, TEs are a blocking first pass catching second unit in their offense.
    Boldin was their guy that they should’ve grabbed as he is the red zone threat they need…not a TE.
    As long as these guys can catch the 30 passes that will be thrown their way then all is good.
    We need WR more for the vertical game, but TE’s are needed and more than just one.
    Pats have many holes to fill and TE is just not the top priority, yet.

  4. Tight end is a priority to fill in free agency. As has been said, the just need a blocker, pass catching is secondary in this offense. They have many holes to fill and I’d rather see them go after defense and WR in the draft.

  5. I love the idiots who think the Patriots have a bad defense. Wishful hating won’t make your wishes come true.
    The key stat is points.. you gotta score more than you give up.
    To that end, the Patriots allowed 285 points last year in an admittedly transitional year for the defense as they intentionally got much younger. That ranks them 5th in the NFL in points allowed.
    The Patriots do not have a “bad” defense – they simply don’t have a dominating one – yet.
    Conversely, they scored 427 points (minus Welker for three games and without a consistent rushing attack), giving them an overall net of +142 points. That ranks 4th in the NFL, behind New Orleans, Green Bay and Minnesota.
    Thus far in free agency they have held on to key players, and will begin adding workable free agents and four draft picks in the first two rounds. Thus, it is truly wishful thinking to assume that this team is in decline. They had their decline at 11-5 and 10-6 the past two years.
    It is going to be immensely satisfying to come back this season when the Patriots win 12 or more regular season games, then make a deep playoff run and perhaps win it all, to hear the excuses from haters then. What will be next year’s excuse? Brady was on ‘roids? They cheated? The NFL “wanted” them to win? Or my personal favorite – they won, but it was the system and not the players that won it.
    Here’s a simple fact – 3 Lombardi trophies. Whine all you want, but this franchise is not going away. Keep dreaming, haters…. You kind of remind me of Cubs fans – you’re wrong every year and hae a short memory, but at least you’re passionate about it.
    Go Patriots!

  6. They won with Larry Wigham. They can win with this guy. Sounds like a hard worker.

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