Pennington slated to be third quarterback

Chad Pennington did not return to Miami to challenge for playing time.  He probably won’t even be the team’s backup quarterback.

That’s the word from Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, who writes that the plan is for Pennington to be the No. 3 quarterback behind Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen.

Pennington reportedly wanted to return to the Dolphins partly because he returned from his last shoulder surgery too quickly.  In Miami, he will be able to take his time rehabbing and ideally stretch out his career.   (He now wants to play for five more years and be the new Kurt Warner.  Or Vinny Testerverde.)

Since it’s our job to look for ulterior motives, we can’t help but wonder whether this news is intended to drive up the pricetag if anyone sniffs around Thigpen. 

Pennington is making $2.5 million this year, which is a lot to pay for veteran guidance and clipboard holding.

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  1. This is going to be a 2 month game of chicken…the bills want thigpen, the dolphins dont need him.
    The dolphins paid a 5th for him and probably want more than that for their “back up”, whihc in reality is their 4th QB.
    Hmmmm…will buddy/chan over pay…
    they’ll do what they always do – which is nothing.
    Sorry Parcells but you can out negotiate cheapness.

  2. Tyler Thigpen has looked way more like an NFL QB than any quarterback on the Raiders or 49ers…

  3. The decision to re-sign in Miami makes more sense now…
    Even if he doesn’t dress out for games this season—his leadership and guidance to Henne is important to making Henne a better QB.
    Pennington is a competitor—he would want to win a job in any other system—his comfort level as a backup in Miami makes sense….if he was healthy he would be in Cleveland, St. Louis, or Washington working to be the #1 until a young player was ready to take the job.
    Comeback POY in 2 years?

  4. Let him heal for a few years, like wine on a shelf, then when he is fully healed, mount another comeback player season

  5. Be interesting to see what will precipitate.
    What happens:
    to Thigpen???
    to White? If kept, how will they use him?
    Got a feeling the triad is contemplating the same options and will be awaiting their next move.

  6. Of course Pennington is No. 3 on the CURRENT depth chart. He can’t really throw until his shoulder is fully healed. The fact that an injured Pennington is still ahead of Pat White should be the story.

  7. Well they can’t carry 4 QB’s on the roster, so who’s gonna be the guy that gets scooped up by another team when they try and sign him to the practice squad…??

  8. Pat White is a total BUST, especially considering the Fish wasted a 2nd round draft pick on him. The Trifecta is not as good as advertised. Although they have some “hits”, (Jake Long, Pennington, Fasano, Bess, Sean Smith and Vontae Davis) they also have some BIG misses (Pat White, Ernest Wilford, Gabril Wilson, Patrick Turner, not signing a FA WR) so their grade so far is about a C-. You CANNOT miss on 2nd round draft picks and free agent signings like this and continue to be successful in rebuiling the roster..too many holes to fill.

  9. The only way White stays on the roster (and he will, because they used a 2nd round pick on him and won’t want to admit the failure) is as a Slash/Jim Jensen type of player. He would either be a “roster” RB or WR. He also better learn how to play special teams.
    IMO Thigpen should be the number two. He is, frankly, a decent #1, especially if Henne struggles to mature. Pennington should remain at three as long as Thigpen is on that roster (and the Fins would be wise to keep him – most fourth rounders will not turn out as well).
    In an uncapped year, 2.5 million is nothing for the smarts Pennington has and can teach to Henne.

  10. Not a Phins fan, or a WVU fan either.
    You need to give this Pat White kid a break. He has been in the league a minute, We are so quick to label early round draft choices a bust if they do not contribute immediately on the field. I for one do not think he will ever be a great NFL player, but I am willing to be patient and see how he develops.
    He came from a system that gave him good numbers and won a ton of games. Having seen that system at 2 Universities now it is easy to say that the QB position does not translate into NFL caliber skill sets for immediate impact within Rich Rods gameplan. It is simply a case of one not really being prepared for the next level. (Does any of this sound familiar to a current QB draft prospect?)
    The fact that really there are so few players who have a major impact on either side of the ball, though it seems more frequent on D, just highlights the ridiculousness of the current rookie contract system. If 6 of those taken in the first 2 rounds do well (just thinking of impact rookies this past year I was pressed to think of more) then you have a little over 90% that should then be labeled busts according to the instant gratification that we as Americans expect.
    How many of you graduated college, and after your first year were promoted to a VP position in your company? Oh, that didn’t happen for you? Well then you are a bust and your company should release you immediately. Why should they train you and get you ready for the real world? I mean, come on, we all know that college teaches you everything you need to know for the next level.
    Learn some patience America.
    Oh, and don’t you think it is ironic that a society so hellbent on instant gratification is in love with a 60 minute game that lasts well over 180 minutes.
    Last thing, Florio, you should begin a movement to ban “Rock and Roll, part 2” from all sporting events. While it is an iconic piece of sport music, it was written and performed by a known and convicted distributor and consumer of child pornography. It is just another example of us shrugging off the mistakes and flaws of others so long as they can produce something to entertain the masses.

  11. finsfan- i hate to say it but i think you are right on the money as far as the tri-fecta goes and pat white & the bunch of disappointments via f/a & draft goes. but i hope they took a step towards righting the wrongs by signing dansby and i really hope they make the most of this upcoming draft and i’d really like to see a real # 1 wr as for the most part ted ginn is just not cutting it.

  12. What about Pat White??
    No way the Dolphins carry 4 QB’s… I would guess that all 3 of them, White, Thigpen, and Pennington (considering after all the hoopla, his contract does NOT include a no-trade clause) are on the trading block and the Fins will trade whoever they can get the best value for. My guess is Thigpen, who in the right circumstances, probably has the ability to start in this league.

  13. I like Pat White as a person, but I’m glad that this appears to be the writing on the wall for him.
    If he doesn’t turn into a WR or return man his NFL career is done. I hope he sticks as a WR. He’s a good kid.
    I just don’t ever want to see him take a snap as QB for the Fins ever again.

  14. damn ppl chill out, so we missed on p. white, who gives a crap. teams hit busts all the time with their first round pick as well…there are busts everywhere in the draft.

  15. LetsGoPens says:
    March 9, 2010 11:57 AM
    Tyler Thigpen has looked way more like an NFL QB than any quarterback on the Raiders or 49ers…
    Hey Sydney Crosby… get in line ;-), the scRAMS should have seen Thigpen first. And since they’re present array of QB’s SUCK (that includes YOU Feeley) worse than Chuckie Barkley’s rap skills on a Taco Bell commercial I would hope that the Dolphins would be interested in listening to Devaney’s pitch of a 3rd round pick for Thigpen. If the scRAMS pick Bradford 1st overall I’m offically on a suicide watch. God help us… I can hear his glass shoulder crunch from here.

  16. It is still too soon for Pat to be a bust. Patrick Turner…rookie WR, can’t call that a bust. I for one am very happy that Pennington stays but I dont really want to lose Thigpen unless it is for something real good like a WR that we can use.

  17. FinsFan,
    I can’t argue that the trifecta has made some massive mistakes, but I think you are going a little overboard… Do you remember just how bad we were in 2007? Seriously, think about it… It was hard to watch. 1-15 to 11-5 in one year, and besides the busts that you’ve mentioned, let’s take a look at some of the guys the trifecta has brought in to help… Most of them are young, improving players with tons of upside:
    Offense – Pennington, Henne, Polite, Fasano, Hartline, Bess, Long, Grove, Smiley, Garner, D. Thomas
    Defense – Ferguson, Starks, Langford, Merling, Davis, Smith, Wake, Dansby
    That’s alot of quality players in two years. Also, look at the garbage they purged from the Saban and Cameron eras – Derek Hagan, Lorenzo Booker, John Beck, Rodrique Wright, Reagan Mauia, Samson Satele, Rex Hadnot, Joe Toledo, Fred Evans, Travis Daniels, just to name a few. Talk about failures…
    Have some patience, you can’t fix it all at once

  18. You guys are idiots. How was Pat white, a guy drafted as a WILDCAT QB in a system that already had the best wildcat offense in the league just using their runningbacks, supposed to have a productive year? His role is the same Michael Vick’s for the Eagles, basically. Give him time and he might be decent. But how the heck is a change of pace guy (who is buried in the depth chart under 3 starting caliber QBs) supposed to make a huge impact? Be patient. You can’t label a guy a bust after his first season unless he’s a top 10 pick

  19. LIONPRIDE says:
    March 9, 2010 11:52 AM
    I wish Detroit would take a good hard look at Thigpen.
    Why? I thought Stafford looked good. Do you mean as a backup or something?

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