Sapp agrees to return to Minnesota

Benny Sapp will be back with the Vikings to provide depth at cornerback in 2010.

Sapp’s agent Andy Simms broke the news on Twitter.  Sapp has played the dime and nickel back for the Vikings the last two years, often moving up the depth chart because of injuries.

We have nothing more to say about Benny Sapp.  Plus, there’s another signing to report. 

28 responses to “Sapp agrees to return to Minnesota

  1. Great resigning, surprised he didnt get more attention with how well he covered for Winfield and how great of a tackler he is. With Favre the Vikings should be Superbowl favorites

  2. He is a solid player. Too bad Herm Edwards said he will only ever amount to a nickel corner.

  3. when u mention u have nothing more to say about Benny Sapp are u referring to anything negative or nothing else to add to the story period?

  4. That vikling secondary needs a lot of help but Sapp isn’t the answer.
    Completions, viklings 22nd(tie)
    Completion %, viklings 25th
    Passing yards surrendered, viklings 19th
    1st downs by pass, viklings 19th
    Opponents QB rating, viklings 27th
    They need a real CB in worst way.
    They still need to replace Sharper with someone competent.

  5. We have nothing more to say about Benny Sapp. Plus, there’s another signing to report.
    You deftly met the three paragraph minimum.
    Nice job, Gggregggg.
    I have nothing more to say on the issue.

  6. Good. I like Benny Sapp. Not as much as Brett Favre . But then when you have someone who has caused that much pain to Packer Nation, you gotta love him….

  7. All you Viking fans will become Packer fans when they move to L.A.
    You know its gonna happen!!!

  8. @ Bob Nelson
    Benny Sapp is not the answer, but rather one answer in a multiple player question. Let’s get one thing straight tho…Darren Sharper did virtually nothing since his first year in Minny. (except for this year obviously) He was a total liability in pass protection, and he was never in the right position. I may be in the minority with this opinion, but he really didn’t deserve much of the credit he was getting.
    It was almost like he played when he wanted to…let’s see, where have I heard that before?
    I would like to see the Vikings go after a vet to help in the secondary. Likewise, we need to look that direction in the draft.

  9. # MuskyHunter2542 says: March 9, 2010 3:59 PM
    All you Viking fans will become Packer fans when they move to L.A.
    You know its gonna happen!!!
    Why would I root for San Francisco (and its occupants) if the Vikings are in LA?

  10. We need another Cornerback, another free safety (Drop Madieu Williams’ ass) a new Left Defensive End (I hate Ray Edwards and his underachieving ass, when he has the most ideal situation of having single blocking against him).

  11. Glad to see the Vikes continue the trend of wisely investing in young, high-upside talent rather than squandering millions in big name, past-their-prime players like the Bears have been doing. Seriously, are they ever going to pick up a free agent under 30?

  12. All Packer fans can do it hope and wish and pray that the Vikings move (which will never happen) because they are tired of getting their asses handed to them by the Vikings.

  13. Huh, that must mean their interest in Buchanon and that former Colts CB wasn’t all that major. While I don’t think anyone truly believes Sapp is the answer, the team does need depth at CB with Cedric’s injury. They still have safety issues.

  14. The Vikes are looking to sign a big CB in the next 2 years, then at some point moving Winfield to safety. That said, the injury to Griffin might make them not only pick up a FA, but draft one as well.
    My guess a few weeks ago they would go after Bodden or Buchanon, which doesnt look likely ATM.

  15. Hey BoB shouldn’t you be worried about how the hell the Packer O-line will be able to stop J.Allen sacks on rodgers next season, your O-line sucks and youre worried about the vikes CB. makes alot of sense.
    youre Kinda pathetic. not as a packer fan, but a person in general.

  16. good move to solidify the DB bench. Now we just need Safety help and a CB starter while Griffin heals. I hear the draft is quite deep this year at both positions.

  17. “because they are tired of getting their asses handed to them by the Vikings.”
    Yes the Packers are getting tired of getting their asses handed to them. The Vikings swept them this year for the first time in what, 4? 5 years?

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