Schobel can take his time

Aaron Schobel was due a $2 million roster bonus due this week, which seemed like a natural deadline for the Bills to decide what to do with the possibly retiring defensive end.

It turns out, though, the money is fully guaranteed.  There is no real decision for the Bills to make presently, which gives Schobel more time to decide what he wants to do.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News points out the team could delay the bonus or try to get it back in the future should Schobel retire.

Either way, the team’s position seems to be clear.  They would love Schobel to return, despite his $6 million base salary.

9 responses to “Schobel can take his time

  1. as long as he is in by the start of training so he can learn his new position.
    this is gonna be another disaster season for Buffalo, maybe next year they will switch to a Wildcat Offense and the old Umbrella Defense

  2. This is B.S. I have enjoyed watching Schobel on the team for the most part, but if you need to sit and think if you want to play for the Bills, then beat it. Big part of the problem on this team the past decade and a half is lack of pride, discipline and dedication.

  3. Schobel should force the Ills hand and make them cut him. He can’t play LB in the 3-4. At best he is a 3rd down pass rusher…..If the Ills cut him, then he can sign with a real team with a chance to contribute and make the playoffs. He could be a good addition to Houston as a 3rd down specialist, plus it would be close to his home………
    The Ills will be horrible in 2010 and that is saying something for this pathetic franchise……..I can’t wait for Ralph’s estate to sell the team!

  4. ” if you need to sit and think if you want to play for the Bills, then beat it. Big part of the problem on this team the past decade and a half is lack of pride, discipline and dedication.”
    Are you on crank or something? The Bills ORGINIZATION has shown a lack of pride, discipline, and dedication. It’s dead-cat orginizations like the Bills that drive hardnose, quality charcter people like Schobel into retirement.
    If you want to talk about YOUR team, No.1 Bills fan, maybe you should take the rose colored glasses off. Schobel has been a good soldier for a team that most people would have left for dead.

  5. Well said Gaiterdan65.
    I am a life long Bills fan and right now I absolutely hate the management and owner! What a disaster!
    I believe Schobel is overrated, but it makes complete sense that he wants to escape this sorry excuse for an NFL franchise!

  6. Ditto Gaiterdan65 and Reddog9
    When youve made millions and busted your hump everyday for an organization that clear as day doesnt give a ratsass about its players/fans, its gotta be tough to keep putting your body through hell.
    Its getting harder everyday to love the bills. Thanks god for the Glory day 90’s on VHS.

  7. Nomnoms,
    Yeah I feel bad for a guy that signs a 49 million dollar contract….Boo hoo…..He’s a good guy and all but gets his stats against subpar tackles and isn’t a gamechanger at all…..
    The 10-11 season might be the worst one yet…..I’m nearly 30 but this team looks downright pathetic on paper now…..Ralph’s estate sure isn’t trying to increase the value before the old man kicks the bucket….

  8. I am going to beg Schobel to come back, we can’t afford to use another draft pick on replacing a guy who left his positon pre-mature. PLEASE com back Schobes!!!! Make this coming year your last year. The Bills need you. If you want to be traded, then work that out. Don’t just leave!

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