Sweed-to-Falcons rumors are off the mark

sweed1_500.jpgThere’s a rampant rumor making the rounds that the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the process of trading receiver Limas Sweed to the Atlanta Falcons.

Per a league source, the rumor is not true.

Though it’s entirely possible that the Steelers are willing to declare Sweed a bust and move him on to a team with an affinity for pass-catchers who can’t consistently catch passes (Jacksonville, anyone?), the Falcons won’t be the destination.

Look for Atlanta to stand pat with their current depth chart at wideout, barring a setback in the rehab of Harry Douglas (torn ACL) or the sudden inability of one or more of them to, you know, catch passes.

30 responses to “Sweed-to-Falcons rumors are off the mark

  1. Dude if the steelers could get a seventh rounder next yr for sweed I would be awestruck.

  2. However, Sweed to out of the league, Sweed to the UFL, or Sweed to the CFL might be true. Star at Texas to 2nd round BUST.

  3. rumor is that the Falcons are, indeed, interested. However, they like to keep things quiet…..oops.

  4. You couldn’t have selected a more appropriate picture, unless you photoshopped hooks onto his hands.

  5. The picture says it all.
    If you can’t run fast but will catch almost everything thrown your way, you make a team.
    If you can’t run fast, can catch the ball pretty good but you are good on special teams, you make a team.
    If you are fast and can’t catch you are turned into a corner.
    If you are slow and can’t catch, hey, that’s T.O. or in this case, Limas Sweed.
    Or he just needs a new start. I kept waiting for Ashley Lelie to get better, though, also.

  6. how did this guy go from potential preseason top 10 pick to second rounder to bust.

  7. Nobody would trade even a bag of used kicking balls for Limas Sweed. There are no rumors linking him to Atlanta. The only credible rumors are related to his mental health and problems with depression…….which were problens linked to him before he even came into the NFL. Sweed has bigger problems than his ability to catch a ball right now. Hopefully he gets himself straight.

  8. I hope the Steelers get a 5th round pick for him. I doubt it though cause he’s worth like 5 cents and that’s being a little to kind.

  9. I looked at that picture and wondered when Braylon Edwards had been traded to the Steelers.

  10. sweeds gonna be a top 10 reciever in the leage within four yrs! He dropped a few passes which were high profile( afccg last yr and the chiefs game this yr)
    How many wr’s get as wide open as this guy does in their 2nd season? He blows past dbs, makes circus catches, stands 6’4″ and has a great work ethic. All things you can not teach!
    This guy has it all and he has shown it on a nfl level, silly to give up on a guy cause he dropped some passes! Hines ward and holmes had a lot of drops this season in big games, but since they have a name it is no big deal….
    I hope he winds up in a good situation, because he will be a major player once hes settled in!

  11. I’d say that the 0-3gles might be a good landing spot but I doubt he can beat the best slot-receiver in the NFL, first down machine Jason Avant, out of a job.

    Sweed is plenty fast. And he can run a route as well. The guy’s mental game is absolutely screwed right now. His problem was NEVER speed or even running routes, it was/is ONLY catching the football. If the guy wasn’t fast enough to get behind the coverage and get open noone would know if the guy could catch or not. But we do know that he CAN’T catch b/c he always blows by the DB’s. A shame this guy couldn’t get it together.

  13. Great work ethic? This guy was constantly ragged on by Mike Tomlin for his lack of preparation and mental miscues. Great work ethic leads to getting better in practice, getting it right over and over until you have the confidence to just go out there and react, not overthink every route or think “please don’t drop the ball” when it’s coming his way.
    Physically, he’s got the skills but as in every field of work, there are hardworking people with less talent then you who will never stop. Those people trump the Limas Sweeds of the world 99 times out of 100 with the 1 being Roy Williams and his fat-contract, poor-route-running, skillet-hands ass.
    That said, I hope Limas can get his off-field issues straightened out and salvage his well-being, along with his career.

  14. They should pull off a trade like in that movie with Will Ferrell, “Semi-Pro”.
    Limas Sweed for a washing machine.
    But in all honesty, Sweed had all the potential in the world. Its a shame it didnt work out. I remember the day he was drafted, I heard it on the radio on my way home from work and I was ecstatic that the Steelers were able to get him in the 2nd round. But, now that he’s been in game situations and can’t deliver, it’s time to part ways and move on with what they have.

  15. Bring Limas Sweed on in. It’s obvious the footballs thrown his way from Big Ben were infected with the itchy-scratchy’s from Assaultlisberger’s insatiable pastime. That brown leather can be very dirty and disease ridden. Let this be a lesson to all in this flu season to WASH YOUR HANDS in warm soapy water frequently. Seventh round pick is ready for Mike T. and company.

  16. I don’t think you could have possibly picked a better picture for this article.
    I was playing a game Madden last night against this guy and found myself down 4 with about 20 seconds left. 4th down from the opp 24 and my receivers fatigued from my no-huddle I was running, Limas Sweed was my slot guy. Had a linebacker on him. Blew past the LB, hit the post and got past the safety and all of a sudden was WIDE open in the end zone. Hit him in stride, perfect pass, he dropped it. It was one of those rare Madden moments so true to life that I couldn’t help but laugh.
    The guy is mighty talented, though. Anybody who saw him in the preseason this year witnessed that. I was convinced he was poised to have a huge year, and then I heard the news that some rookie named Mike Wallace was going to be the third guy this past season, I thought inexplicably. How wrong I was. It’s obvious Mike Wallace is their future. He and Limas Sweed are the antithesis of each other.
    If he can get out of the depression he’s supposedly in and puts in the right work, finds the right team, etc., I think he could potentially have a successful career. We’ll see. I wish him luck. He seems like he’s a good kid.

  17. Steelers have mismanaged Sweed greatly. Instead of coming back to him when he dropped a ball he was never seldom thrown to and then inactive. Plaxico Burress dropped a hell of a lot of passes early on too.

  18. I feel awful for the guy, but perhaps a change of scenery will help him out.
    With the Steelers signing Antwan Randle El and Arnaz Battle to go behind Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward and Mike Wallace, Sweed is all but cut. There’s no point in a team trading a pick for him now. Pittsburgh will release him soon enough.
    How can a 6-foot-4 guy with that much speed at that low of a price tag end up released after two seasons…just sad. Good luck, Limas.

  19. # The Jimmy says: March 9, 2010 10:08 PM
    Steelers have mismanaged Sweed greatly. Instead of coming back to him when he dropped a ball he was never seldom thrown to and then inactive. Plaxico Burress dropped a hell of a lot of passes early on too.
    Yeah and he dropped his gun too… Sweed is a bust and Plex was a diva… There are a lot of similarities with these two in their first years in the league…

  20. How do you go from being an elite D-1 college receiver at Texas to completely forgetting how to play the game?
    The guy looked like a can’t miss prospect coming out of school. Instead he’s been awkward, scared and confused since day one.
    The Steelers rarly miss in the draft which makes this even more of a head scratcher.

  21. Hey Florio, just wanted to let you know that I caught something last night. A cold. So up yours.
    Troy Williamson

  22. Ah, the consistent fascination by NFL teams with guys who can run fast down the field but can’t catch a cold continues!

  23. This just in: Al Davis just traded their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pics, the chains from his glasses, Randy Hanson and Tom Cable’s abused ex-wife for Limas “Bean Hands” Sweed.

  24. This just in: Al Davis just traded their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round pics, the chains from his glasses, Randy Hanson and Tom Cable’s abused ex-wife for Limas “Bean Hands” Sweed.

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