Anthony Davis has odd day

A few offensive line coaches showed up to Rutgers’ Pro Day Wednesday, hoping to watch tackle Anthony Davis work out.

According to Mike Mayock on NFL Network, Davis didn’t show up because of a hamstring injury that wasn’t fully communicated to teams.  Feeling sick, Davis wasn’t even at the school.  (Hmm.)

Mayock reports that coaches then needed to call Davis to come in to meet them.  When he arrived, he wouldn’t weigh in.  (Hmm.)

Davis is a first-round pick, but there have been some concerns raised previously about his weight fluctuations and maturity.  Wednesday’s adventures can’t help his case.

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  1. “Wasn’t even at the school.” Does not mean much in Davis’ case.
    He grew up in Piscataway, NJ.
    Location of Rutgers Stadium and Practice facilities: Piscataway, NJ.

  2. Of course he couldn’t stand on the scale! He had a bad hammy. These NFL scouts are so demanding.

  3. @Sumeria I’d take him in MN, he’s a good player. I dont know what team you support but Id bet the Vikings have a better offensive line. Scratch that, a better team.

  4. And people question if Tebow is a first round pick? This may be apples to oranges, but that’s also kinda my point.

  5. Anthony Davis slipped in the draft to the tale end of the first round……………..hmm.

  6. yeah i love reading comments on the bills website saying this dude has to go in the draft before the guy from iowa because he has so much “upside”….what a joke. always take the level headed white guy over any other guy with “upside”. the dude is obviously an immature fat pig getting bad advice from an agent. we need somebody who can start and play well immediately.

  7. Anthony Davis shouldn’t even have gone in if he wasn’t there in the first place. That’s an instance for one of those make-it-up-off-the-top-of-head-quick excuses like “there’s was a water leak in the bathroom where I live but I shut off the water and water got all over the carpet in the next room and the carpet cleaner guy is here right now and we’re moving around furniture and he should be done in hour or so but I gotta pay him by check afterward but I have a coupon that takes 25% off before the 31st so thing’s’ll be okay”. Coaches aren’t the brightest bulbs so an elaborate unorthodox reason for an inability to show after a phone call would most likely be believed. “I’m sick today” won’t cut it.

  8. How can you be so close to millions of dollars and act like this?
    Stay away, stay far away.
    Unless he wants to look immature so he falls down the board in the first round. That way he’ll be drafted by a team that did well last year instead of a 5-11 team.

    Hope you enjoyed last season, that was one of the luckiest runs I’ve seen in a while. No way it’s happening again.

  10. GUARANTEED this drops him to the 3rd round, unless Oakland takes him. You just cannot do these types of things to NFL teams before your set to enter the draft with an expectation of them paying you big dollars!
    Davis = 3rd
    Veldheer and the guy from Abiline Christian will rise above him in rankings.

  11. that just solidified trent williams ahead of him in my mind! please big Al, make it happen at #8. pass on this guy! pick up trent williams…. PLEASE!

  12. Al Davis isnt drafting Trent Williams. That would be the right thing to do. No senile Al will build on the great success he had last year when he reached for dhBUST. This year he goes back to Maryland to reach for the combine warrior Bruce Campbell.

  13. Saw AD for 3 years at Rugters. He is very good.. but the questions are valid ones. He really doesn’t have an “attitude” problem that was visible in any way really.. missed one game for a team rules thing in his true frosh year. Immature might be valid.. but I think he just turned 20. Get him in with the right coaches and team-mates and team and he will be an absolute beast by the time he’s 26.. which is when OL begin to peak, I think.

  14. @ JDB,
    Yes, the world knows that DHB did not perform this year. Congrats for being so astute that you noticed the obvious. Now clearly you are not a Raiders fan, but can you tell me any other guys that were drafted by Oakland in ’09? Despite what many would have you believe, the decisions were not all that bad. I’m not suggesting that Al’s time hasn’t passed, but don’t be so quick to jump on what d-bags like Florio have to say about Al’s drafting ability. He hasn’t made perfect picks like many wish he would have but beyond DHB, his draft was pretty good last year. I believe that he could have traded down a little and still gotten Mike Mitchell, but just cuz Mayock and Kiper don’t rank you high, it doesn’t mean you can’t ball!

  15. @Cannon… Unless I’m a Lions fan, which I’m not, your team doesn’t have a better offensive line.
    With your quick release QB, he was still sacked 34 times….he was only sacked 20 times with the 4-12 Packers. Yes, that Viking line is solid.
    Birk’s replacement blows. (Sullivan)
    Anthony Herrera. He’s a joke.
    Phil Loadholt (nearly the slowest man in entire draft classs…a slug. )
    McKinnie… (what great character…can’t wait to see this clown vs. Peppers twice a year)
    Hutchinson… the only good one but is breaking down from injuries.
    AD had a 4.4 YPC last year…and Favre was sacked 34 times…I’d say you need some help, Cannon.
    Boom Boom.
    This isn’t Detroit, this is the SuperBowl!

  16. Davis has always been an enigma, and this latest issue is just another head-scratcher. It was actually his sophomore season that he was suspended, along with Britt, I might add, for breaking undisclosed team rules. He also was demoted in training camp last year for being overweight. But Schiano is a coach that does not coddle his superstars, and will sometimes use them to set an example to the team.
    But it’s important to understand that Davis is not a bad guy. He’s not known for being cocky or doing stupid things. He’s more of a slacker, but one with alot of talent. We Rutgers fans expected alot from him, and he didn’t quite live up to the hype. But the light will go on for him when he matures, and he’s no danger to become a cancer or destroy a team.
    And as for dropping to the 3rd round, that will never happen. If Andre Smith went 6 after his draft season, AD will still go in the mid-first.

  17. @Sumeria
    So who is your team man? You are quick to throw the insults at the Vikings but you keep failing to say your team so lets here it.

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