As Willie Clark jury deliberates, dismissed alternates said they would acquit

The jury that is pondering whether Willie Clark killed Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams has spent nearly a full day deliberating the evidence.

The two alternate jurors who were dismissed once deliberations began had a strong opinion about the case:  They would not have convicted Clark. 

According to Felisa Cardona of the Denver Post, one of the jurors (a 24-year-old African-American man who asked to remain nameless) said that he believes Clark was set up by gang members who wanted Clark to take the fall for the murder.

There was not enough evidence,” the juror said.  “Maybe if [the prosecution] had good witnesses.”

The juror said that he thinks everyone involved in the incident should have been charged.  “I think all of them were friends and maybe he is like their little homie and they just put him under,” the juror said.

“Alternate” jurors are extra jurors who sit through the trial in the event that one of the main jurors leaves the case, for whatever reason.  Typically, the alternate jurors are dismissed from service once the trial ends and deliberations begin.

The fact that both of the alternates would have acquitted Clarks makes it unlikely that all 12 jurors will unanimously vote to convict.  Thus, it’s possible that the jury will be unable to reach a verdict.  It’s also possible that there will be an acquittal.

UPDATE:  As of 4:45 p.m. local time, the jury wrapped up Day One of deliberations, per Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.  They’ll be back in the morning.