Bears sign Eddie Williams

Last week, fullback Eddie Williams was one of ten Redskins to be given his walking papers.  The seventh-round pick from the 2009 draft thereafter cleared waivers, and he now has been signed by the Bears.

The team announced this afternoon that Williams has been signed to a one-year deal.

Williams was cut before the 2009 season began, and then added to the Washington practice squad.  He was called up to the active roster on November 2.  After being deactivated for three straight weeks, he was placed on injured reserve.

10 responses to “Bears sign Eddie Williams

  1. With all of these great moves there is no way that the Bears are not going to win the super bowl!

  2. Anyone is better than that turd Jason McKie, who for some reason has hung around as a starter for like 7 years now.
    Meanwhile, the idiot people who run the Bears and couldn’t identify talent if their lives depended on it got rid of Lousaka Polite, who has been playing great with Miami.

  3. “With all of these great moves there is no way that the Bears are not going to win the super bowl!
    Yeah, because the FB is the key. They’re not going to all be stars.
    You still wearing a helmet and a life preserver when you’re the sandbox so you don’t drown?

  4. Howie-
    Just messing around , you need to relax and enjoy life
    Its nice to see the Bears trying to improve there team and not just sit like a turd in a toilet like the Pack

  5. Remember that guy J.D. Runnels who played fullback a few years back? I can’t remember which MNF game it was, but I remember him picking up a head of steam catching the ball as a check down and bowling over a defender around the first down line, losing his helmet and charging for 10 or so more yards before a committee pushed him out at the sideline. I also remember him laying great blocks on quite a few running plays.
    Why is it that we’ve had McKie for so many years despite hardly noticing him, but we lose players like Runnels?

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