Browns didn't give up much for Wallace

Cleveland’s potential starting quarterback didn’t cost much.

The Browns only gave up a 2011 seventh-round pick to Seattle for Seneca Wallace, according to Mark Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  The pick can improved to a sixth-rounder based on playing time.

We know the Seahawks didn’t have much use for Wallace, but this is a steal for the Browns.  Wallace is regarded higher by Cleveland than their in-house options or any free agent quarterback.

Wallace is a big part of Mike Holmgren’s 2010 plans, and he obtained him for the price of a slappy to be named later.

41 responses to “Browns didn't give up much for Wallace

  1. Other than some respect from the fans. This guy is a backup at best. How do you go from Anderson and Edwards to Wallace and Cribbs and think you have improved ?

  2. WOW! Not bad Cleveland. Wallace isn’t the greatest but IMO he is certainly worth more than a seventh rounder and should definitely produce better than the previous two knuckleheads. Nice pick up for the price!

  3. Hey DolphinDan,
    Did you see the way DA and stonehands Edwards played the past couple years?

  4. Really am I missing something ????? How is the backup part of big plans he is a slot wr all day I would much rather take vick all day then this cfl wanna be c’mon man…… If Bradford goes first who we taking a defensive player right ? That means no upgrade at wr or rb ?????

  5. Anderson’s 40 QB rating and Edwards attitude and league leading passes dropped are hard to let go, I know.

  6. I wonder how many games he’ll play before Browns fans cheer for an injury?

  7. wow what idiot gets paid for thoing that kind of trades in Seattle??? – i want that job
    keep in mind that Wallace is the better QB then the one who is starting and got a similar name as
    David “JimJack” Hasselhof

  8. I have been a fan for many years and I gotta say that I would not be mad this time if the team moved in the middle of the night and we expanded again!

  9. Rosenthal strikes again!: “The pick can improved to a sixth-rounder based on playing time.”

  10. DolphinDan says:
    March 10, 2010 2:31 PM
    Other than some respect from the fans. This guy is a backup at best. How do you go from Anderson and Edwards to Wallace and Cribbs and think you have improved
    Anyone that makes a statement such as this has either A) Never watched a Browns game with DA and Edwards playing or B) Is a complete and utter moron!

  11. Great Trade for the Browns. Having a veteran who knows the system your running is invaluable. Especially when you give nothing up.

  12. Hey Jon
    Ya i did see how DA and Edwards played the last few years. I also saw the lack of a competent offensive line, coaching staff and front office, not to mention talent surrounding them. That includes Cribbs who on his best day at WR is still looking up at the #2 on the depth chart. Bad route runner, questionable hands. No wonder it took so long for his agent to negotiate (rob) that much money from the team. All he is, is a Great kick returner.

  13. @BaltimoreSports
    Wonder how many games before another Raven Commits murder.I say the Over/under is 4 games.The fans were not cheering D.A.’s injury they were cheering because the Q.B. that we waited 2 years to see play was running onto the field.A fan can only watch so many balls thrown waaaay behind the receivers before they want to see the back-up.Wallace will not be the Q.B of the future anyway.he just knows the WCO .

  14. I have to agree with Ryan.
    Clearly Cribbs and Wallace are better than what they had. The issue is that what they had was probably the worse in the league and that the “upgrade” isn’t going to translate into more wins any time soon.
    Brownie fans can count on continued misery from trying to support a losing team.

  15. Watch Anderson end up in Seattle now. It sounds like the Browns agreed to cut Anderson at just the right time to circumvent his salary and get Wallace pretty much for free.

  16. This is a good move for Cleveland, if, and only if they are bringing him in and plan on drafting Bradford, who likely will be gone, or Clausen, who could still be there. Wallace could start for a season why one of these guys learned behind him. But, if they are bringing him in to be the long term starter, it’s a disaster, no matter what they gave up for him. He is not the answer at quarterback. Holmgren has a reputation for being too loyal to his guys, which is why he lost his GM duties in Seattle. Hopefully for Cleveland fans they plan to bring in a young guy to learn for a year. Quinn is not that guy.

  17. DolphinDan says:
    March 10, 2010 2:31 PM
    “Other than some respect from the fans. This guy is a backup at best. How do you go from Anderson and Edwards to Wallace and Cribbs and think you have improved ?”
    Seriously??? This is your comment. Move on Dolphin. Now that being said….
    Wallace is a steal at that price. I don’t think he is a starter, becuase.. well… he isn’t or Seattle would have kept him. He does however bring experience to the QB position. Something we really didnt have any of. I like what the Browns have done so far. I would really like to see Kolb come over.

  18. Every move doesn’t have to be a blockbuster to be a good move. This is a good move. They gave up nothing for a guy that’s shown some promise when he’s gotten to play. And if you draft your franchise QB later on, then Wallace becomes a great gadget guy/backup QB in the mold of Brad Smith.

  19. I’d be OK with letting the guy start for a year while building up the rest of the team, then looking for your QB of the future. His stats are decent.

  20. Strange that Holgrem is focused on 3rd string qbs. This is going to be a longer rebuild then expected Browns fans.

  21. @DolphinDan says:
    Seattle did not keep him because they now have Pete Carroll who I guarantee is going to try and get Matt Leinhart from Arizona.By the way Cribbs is not a good wide receiver..would rather see him at running back some.He is better running straight ahead than turning and catching.As far as your comment about our O-line we did have a weak spot at R.T. because Sinclair sucks but we have a Pro-Bowler at L.T and soon to be at center.Not the lines fault that Q.B.’s held the ball too long due to all rookie receivers not getting open.Pashos’s at R.T will help that plus the draft with 11 picks.

  22. I think what a lot of people are missing is the different dynamic that Wallace brings. A) He can sit in the pocket and throw the ball. Under Holmgren in 08′ he had 1500 yds, 11 TDs, only 3 picks, and carried an 87 rating.
    Add in the fact that when Cribbs lines up at QB in the Wildcat, teams MUST account for Wallace lined up wide or in the slot, not look at Quinn and run to the middle of the field.
    If Cleveland were to add Spiller and Jacoby Ford in the draft, a lot of teams will have difficulty with the game breaking speed and talent on this team. In my opinion, I think Holmgren is leaning that way in building around smart players who are fast…. Similar to a Colts/Saints style offensive team. *Don’t anyone misconstrue my words for saying that Seneca Wallace is Manning/Brees or that the Browns have the tools for that style, yet. I am saying that is the dynamic of offense I see him leaning towards*

  23. A 7th-rounder for a guy who knows the “new” system seems reasonable as long as the intention is that Wallace is there for two purposes: 1.) assist in the development of their QB of the future. 2.) keep the seat warm until the understudy is ready to play.

  24. And St Louis trades the number one pick in the 2010 draft for Cleveland’s #7, a third round pick, and Brady Quinn…

  25. In the end, I think this trade is a wash. Seattle really had no use for Seneca, and they were likely to cut him if they drafted a QB of the future. The Big Show gets a talent that he knows well, even if it’s a stopgap to allow him time to find his QB, giving up what amounts to a crapshoot pick. And lets be realistic, its easy to think that Mangini will get the axe after a poor start and Big Show will take of HC duties.
    Frankly, I assume that Big Show first went after Matt, but Carroll was actually sincere about having him be the QB next year and that Holmy went for the next best thing. “Devil you know” … kinda deal.

  26. I’d love to see Wallace have success in Cleveland. I’d like to see the Steelers go through a few more 40 year droughts….

  27. I can tell 99% of this weak ass comment section, doesn’t even watch any teams besides their own. Have you guys actually seen Seneca play? Go check that New England game he started 2 yrs ago. Check the Falcon game (I was there) from3 yrs back. He has a really good year filling in for Hasselbeck, 2 yrs ago. If given the chance, he can easily be a top 15 qb. He fits the West Coast offense perfectly. Learn football, and stop taking the next mans opinion. Check Seneca’s stats!!!

  28. heartstl says:
    March 10, 2010 2:33 PM
    They didn’t get much either
    Dude, that’s cold. Funny, but cold.

  29. Dolphin Dan, First off, Cribbs is the Best Return man. Second I would take Cribbs over Edwards, any day of the week. It is funny people bring up Cribbs questionable hands when comparing him to Edwards.

  30. @d3murf says
    “Learn football, and stop taking the next mans opinion. Check Seneca’s stats!!!”
    Dude, I have watched many Seattle games and saw Seneca Wallace many times, so I know his level of talent. And I can honestly save I LOVE this trade for the Browns.
    Of course, I should also mention, I’m a Steelers fan.

  31. This is laughable commentary and a terrible move. If Holmgren really believes this guy can win then he needs to retire. NOW.. What did he really accomplish in Seattle anyway ? Favre made Holmgren a lot of money…
    Gravytrainin’ all the way to Cleveland.

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