Jaguars fans don't want Tebow

Thumbnail image for col_tebow.jpgConventional wisdom is that Tim Tebow would help boost Jaguars ticket sales; their owner said as much last September.

Conventional wisdom, as usual, isn’t very wise.  Season ticket holders in Jacksonville voted by a 55%-45% margin over the phone Tuesday against drafting Tebow.

The vote was part of a “fan forum” event that also included questions and answers for G.M. Gene Smith.  The result isn’t especially surprising, especially how it was asked. 

It would be tough for any single player to get a huge majority, and Jaguars fans could be deathly afraid of Jacksonville using their tenth overall pick on Tebow.  (As they should.)

The result, however, enforces what should be obvious.  Collegiate starpower is overrated; fans just want a team that wins.

25 responses to “Jaguars fans don't want Tebow

  1. And of course all NFL teams use fan polling in the construction of their draft boards….

  2. “The result, however, enforces what should be obvious. Collegiate starpower is overrated; fans just want a team that wins.”

  3. i think the rams should get him with their third pick, and go after vick, and trade down to get okung with their first pick (for more pix) , and my lions can still get DAMN U KONG SUH

  4. I’m not sure it’s that obvious. The phone poll was for season ticket holders only, the margin was small, and it was only 800 people. I think the issue is not to convince current season ticket holders to come out to games, but to convince the people who aren’t attending.
    That said, picking him in the first round is silly. The second round, however, might not be the worst idea.

  5. Or it could just be that 55% of those ticket holders are also FSU fans and the thought of rooting for Tebow makes them want to throw up.

  6. @dc8ce:

    I’m not sure it’s that obvious. The phone poll was for season ticket holders only, the margin was small, and it was only 800 people. I think the issue is not to convince current season ticket holders to come out to games, but to convince the people who aren’t attending.

    Actually, 800 people is about the size of the samples used by professional polling companies when they ask about political preferences. Of course, that is scientific (allegedly…).
    But you’re looking at this the wrong way. I’m a season ticket holder. We’re the ones buying the tickets every year, and many of us can be counted on to come back, year after year. We’re paying a lot of the bills, essentially. So the ST holders’ opinion counts for a lot more than some casual fan who says he’s considering buying tickets because of one player. The majority of us want nest available player. Not some fantasy about a guy who’s allegedly going to fill seats. We know he’s not.
    The issue isn’t to convince people who aren’t attending. That’s what blackouts are for, actually. For years, people didn’t have to buy tickets because the place was full (or full enough) to lift them 95% of the time. Now that this town has had a season of nearly all blacked out games, people who took that for granted are finally beginning to see what Sundays without the Jaguars on TV are like. And many will say it sucks. And ticket sales have improved because of it.
    Show me a team in any city in the league who drafted or signed a guy simply because they thought it would increase ticket sales. If you find one, look at their record. I guarantee they’re a loser. I’m not talking about drafting a Manning or a Montana or a Marino. Those guys were outstanding football players who were pretty much a lock to succeed. Tim Tebow is no such thing.
    We don’t want a loser here anymore. Best player available.

  7. Those who feel that for some reason Tebow can’t play in the NFL are morons who don’t know the game and haven’t seen enough of Tebow.
    I think he’d look great in a Steelers uniform.

  8. While it may not make sense to use an early round pick on him, it would be stupid not to take a flier on him later in the draft or to sign him if no one drafts him (It’s not like Garrard’s getting any younger or that they’re going to replace him with what they’ve got on the bench now).

  9. season tix holders don’t want him drafted because they’ll lose that empty seat next to them.
    GO GATORS!!!!

  10. The Jags at this point don’t have a 2nd round pick and I honestly don’t think Tebow will be there in round 3. The Jags will need to trade down if they want Tebow for decent value and not reach for him or see him taken well before they pick in round 3.

  11. To comment on dc8ce’s and joe.attaboy’s posts:
    Drafting Tebow *would not* be a move for the Jacksonville faithful; they are obviously already willing to show up and support their team through thick or thin. As an Atlanta fan, I view the potential acquisition of Tebow in a similar light as the acquisition of Michael Vick. Both are/were immensely talented players with huge amounts of hype that could easily put butts in stadium seats.
    I’m with Florio. Drafting Tebow would be a brilliant move for picking up *new* business, at least for a couple of seasons.

  12. @joe.attaboy
    Montana was never “pretty much a lock to succeed”. He was 82 pick – third round and lot of folks at the time thought he was pretty lucky to get that far regardless of his time at ND.
    Three quarterbacks went before him.
    Am I saying Tebow is the next Joe Montana. No. But I would not count him out as having a productive future as an NFL QB.

  13. Tebow has the potential to be a great QB. He has the work ethic and desire, now he just has to do some work on fundamentals of his game. I wouldn’t be taking him early, but late 2nd or early 3rd is a good possibility.
    He needs to be on a team where he is the definite back-up behind a really good starting QB for a couple years and learn. If he were to be a back-up on Indy or Minnesota, both of which he could sit and learn, he could turn out spectacular.

  14. Jacksonville is a shit town that didn’t deserve an NFL franchise to begin with. They have never consistently supported the team by filling all of those seats whether the team was good or bad, new or old.
    That town has consistently proved since they got the team that they do not have an NFL fan base there. This is the one team in the league that stands out as the most logical choice to be moved to LA.
    They were also hosts of the “worst” Super Bowl in history. Were it not “The Super Bowl” bringing in fans from all over – J-ville would not have been able to sell out that game either.
    That franchise desparately needs to move west (or any place else) in order to be successful. Maybe having a coach and GM that can effective judge talent would help as well – but that still won’t bring out the J-ville fans.

  15. not really a fair poll. you poll jaguar fans about ANY player not predicted to go in the top 5 picks and they’ll probably majority vote “no”.
    that’s a huge uphill battle, and poor argument for any case.

  16. Not sure why you guys hate Tim Tebow. He’s just a guy. He doesn’t run a dogfighting ring, beat his wife/girlfriend, shoot himself in the leg, and wasn’t the suspect in a murder investigation.
    Maybe, just maybe, Jags season ticket holders don’t want Tebow is because they don’t think David Gerrard is the reason the team sucks.

  17. I voted yes. I think he’s a dynamic football player, regardless of position, and he’ll sale seats.
    @Pier588: Eat a dick.

  18. There’s a million guys with work ethic and desire – there might even be 5 who read this website. Guys who make it in the NFL have work ethic, desire, and talent. Sorry Tim, but good luck in all your future endeavors.

  19. @ Pier588: Do you know how stupid you sound when you talk about J-ville not being able to sell out the Super Bowl without out-of-towners? The LEAGUE controls the tickets for the Super Bowl. The host city gets very few…
    What a maroon….

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