Larry Johnson has a couple of suitors

The man who has played for two NFL teams has two more NFL teams who are interested in his services.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that former Chiefs and Bengals running back Larry Johnson will visit the Redskins tomorrow.

A league source tells us that Johnson is scheduled to visit the Raiders on Sunday.

Johnson was a first-round pick in 2003, and at one point he was one of the best running backs in the league.  The Chiefs dumped him during the 2009 season after imposing a suspension due to a Twitter (or Facebook or one of those other things that make me feel old) assault on coach Todd Haley and a locker-room remark allegedly directed at a reporter.

It’s unclear whether and to what extent Johnson has anything left in the tank.

Some Redskins fans might welcome the addition of Johnson, if for no reason other than to lock Larry Johnson and Clinton Portis in a room and, you know, see what happens.

33 responses to “Larry Johnson has a couple of suitors

  1. Shanahan has a track record of taking mediocre backs and turning them into stars.
    It’s a shame that LJ isn’t even a mediocre back anymore.

  2. Sounds like a ploy by his agent to use the only 2 teams in the NFL that grossly overpay crappy talent as contract leverage to get other teams that he actually wants to play for to pay up. That’s the only possible explanation!

  3. Ok D.C. or Bay area women…..if you see loser Larry in a bar please be sure and ask the management to make him put his spit helmut back on.
    Larry’s already had strike 1 and 2 in terms of altercations with women so it will be really enjoyable to watch him get Strike 3 in somewhere like Oakland.

  4. Redskins and Raiders. Why does it seem like it’s the same teams doing the same things every year?

  5. “The man who played for two NFL teams.” Ohhh that man. C’mon Florio you’re better than that…right?

  6. I wonder how long it’s going to take for other teams to realize that a visit to D.C. doesn’t mean you need to pay the player more money?

  7. wow lj the raider…what a story line, just imagine him returning to arrowhead wearin black and silver….wow lol

  8. really? to go with the other 2 that don’t produce on a regular basis. perfect. how much? 8M per season for 5 years sounds about right. $15M signing.
    al davis is more and more puzzling.

  9. Oh C’mon FATHER TIME! Get with the now! Facebook and Twitter allow users to speak their minds…with severe consequences.

  10. Wow that’s so ironic that LJ has played for 2 different teams in his career and now he has 2 different teams that want to sign him. Shit’s crazy!

  11. I love watching Snyder ef his team up and over year after year.
    Almost as much fun as watching Al Davis do the same.

  12. You people realize you know nothing about football right? Id appreciate it if everyone stopped stating their opinion as fact. Thanks.

  13. Some of you have no idea what you are talking about. Check out his games with the Bengals. He has plenty left – just needs a decent O-line. He even had a 100 yard game and looked great last year.

  14. I can’t recall if he is a good blocker, because that is what the raiders need most.

  15. You all act like skins have already signed him!
    If you knew anything at all you would know that LJ grew up here about 25 miles outside of DC. His father was also a coach at the same high school.

  16. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought he actually looked good in the few carries he had as a Bengal. I think he would be successful behind a decent run blocking O-Line if used in a complimentary role.

  17. Cmoney20 says: You people realize you know nothing about football right? Id appreciate it if everyone stopped stating their opinion as fact. Thanks.
    Yeah, he may still be able to play but what we are talking about is his attitude and issues off the field. Spitface!

  18. Dear Mr. Snyder, Allen and Shannahan,
    To this point in the Free Agency signings I have been impressed, as a die hard Redskins fan, for the first time in years. you haven’t blown a ton of money on any over rated 30+ veterans who will sit plays out. You’ve taken the right approach in rebuilding the O-line. And next months draft looks promising so far. Im confidant you will pick up the right personnel. With that said, please dont let us fans down!! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT bring LJ to Washington. We don’t want another aging cancerous growth in the locker room. I’m quite sure you will never read this and my pleas will go un-answered. All Im asking is…..Do the right thing!!

  19. highly doubt LJ leaves DC with a contract offer seeing as how willie parker and larry foote both left without offers.
    i like this approach by the new regime at redskins park.

  20. Look to all you LJ haters! He would be a GREAT fit in DC! He’s a home town guy, He would bring POWER back to our RB spot!

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