Agent: Colon didn't witness alleged assault

The agent for Steelers tackle Willie Colon says his client was with Ben Roethlisberger last week, but not at the time when the quarterback admittedly engaged in “sexual conduct” with the woman alleging he assaulted her.

“Willie, although he was in the building, had no knowledge of the incident and his name
should not be brought up about this incident again,” Linta said. “The first knowledge he had was when he was stopped when leaving the place to be asked some questions.”

It’s unclear if Colon will be interviewed again by police.

38 responses to “Agent: Colon didn't witness alleged assault

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a “That’s what she said!” joke in here somewhere.

  2. Tomorrow the story will change to something like this “I witnessed the woman alleging sexual assault fall and on the way down she grabbed Ben by his belt buckle thereby undoing his pants and causing them to fall down. In that process, the womans skirt got caught on a nail and tore both her skirt and underwear off all while Ben struggled to catch his balance. Unfortunately he did not do so and fell on the woman in a position which resembles the ‘missionary position’. Additionally, she hit her head…done…”

  3. Again I am not jumping to judgment on Ben, although I am looking at it much more different than the obvious BS case in Nevada.
    Where is the NFL’s stance on this? They usually at least say “We are waiting to see how the investigation plays out.” I have yet to even hear that from them.
    If someone has please provide link, thanks.

  4. “The agent for Steelers tackle Willie Colon says his client was with Ben Roethlisberger last week, but not at the time when the quarterback admittedly engaged in “sexual conduct” with the woman alleging he assaulted her.”
    but if he was in the same roon, that means that Big Ben really is a “team player”

  5. Would one usually expect some statement of support for Ben out of Willie within this statement?
    Sounds like he is running away as fast as he can.
    This sounds really bad.

  6. Yes, where is Goodell?? He jumps on everything else.
    I do enjoy seeing steeler fans squirm!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ben having one wild lass yell “rape” in a civil case can be washed away. Now two can’t be so easily cleaned. After the first one, ole Ben should have learned when his presence is wise and when it’s not. Despite attending Miami University at Oxford, Ben ain’t too bright. Time for the Squealers to start looking for a QB somewhere around round 2 in the draft.

  8. I honestly believe Colon is lying. Other than hanging around Big Ben wtf did he have to do at this club?

  9. There was also an off duty cop and PA state trooper with him that night. He’s WALKIN’. All the way back to Heinz Field.

  10. Wow, Mooch. I know why I’m caught up in this story. Mostly, it’s because the story involves my team. I also have a lot of history with sexual- assault issues, wrongful-conviction, and due-process issues. And researching the original suit against Ben is how I discovered PFT in the first place.
    But you just seem to be rubbing your hands together and licking your lips.
    It was reported immediately that Colon was out with Ben that night but wasn’t with him when this allegedly occurred. If I were a professional athlete, I wouldn’t want my name within a million miles of this thing. It’s idiotic to read anything other than understandable self-preservation into his statement.

  11. “But you just seem to be rubbing your hands together and licking your lips.”
    What are you talking about? With that level of perception, I am thrilled that I will never be a client of yours.
    I merely note that the statement is unusually stern. Contrast this with the reaction of Falcon players with Michael Vick, or countless other incidents. There will typically be some level of support for the teammate, or a softer distancing of self from the suspect. It is by no means a stretch to note that this is a particularly forceful statement.
    End of story. Don’t read more into it than that.
    But you’re the expert. Anyone with an opinion other than yours is ‘idiotic’.
    That’s a great mindset for someone in your profession, which is about persuasion and the selling of ideas.

  12. I havent been happy with Colon’s comments at all.
    There’s a huge difference between ” I have no idea what happened, I didnt see anything, I was off doing my own thing, dont ask me any questions or drag my name into this” (essentially what Colon has said.)
    “I was with Ben at the club, and saw the accuser hanging out with him. From I could tell she seemed to be having a good time.” At the end of the night I went on the dance floor to get some exercise. I did not see and have no information regarding the actions that the accuser has alleged”
    I dont know about you, but if my friend were in Ben’s predicament, my statement would be more like version 2.

  13. Big Ben has touched more women than Hallmark.
    Maybe the makers of Maxey Pads could find a way to stop Ben from ruining panties.
    I can’t stop

  14. Earth calling Roger, where are yoooooouuuuu?
    Geez, by now he would have issued statements, threats, suspensions, or something. I guess Big Ben’s pigmentation has complicated things for good ol Rog.

  15. @Mooch …
    WHOA, I am not an attorney!!! I’ve said my brother and sister-in-law are criminal defense attorneys, and if you needed one, you’d be fortunate to have either of them.
    Since I’m following multiple Roethlisberger threads, I’ve read many comments from you on this subject, which is what inspired mine. So that “licking your lips” thing wasn’t specifically about Colon but about your intense interest in the story overall. Incidentally, you never answered my question about what inspires such avid interest about a quarterback that has nothing to do with your team. You’re an Eagles fan, right?
    I don’t think people who disagree with me are idiots. Hey … remember this?
    “Are you people who can’t understand this just stupid?”
    You posted it just this morning on another Roethlisberger thread–right before you suggested someone else who disagreed with you should never reproduce. Guess that makes you the pot to my kettle.
    Anyway … no I don’t think people who disagree with me are idiots. I think all the people who are so obviously and so desperately hoping this is true because it’s Roethlisberger and the Steelers are idiots … just as I think the people who were rubbing their hands together Michael Irvin are idiots even though I hate the Cowboys.
    If it’s true, there’s a real victim. Why would people hope for that just because they hate a football team?

  16. Officer Anthony J. Barravecchio and state Trooper Ed Joyner of the Washington barracks accompanied Mr. Roethlisberger to Georgia to celebrate his 28th birthday, Mr. Barravecchio’s lawyer, Michael F. Santicola, said today.
    Read more:
    Tony B is a big dude. He plays semipro football up here too. I doubt they were there as just friends but more as security as reported earlier. They are friends but ever since Ben had a gun pulled on him years ago, he likes to have backup.

  17. Deb – this is THE story of the day, and I post way more on the Eagles threads.
    You didn’t need to be a golf fan either to follow the Tiger Woods story. Am I not allowed to get into the discussion of this because I am not a Steeler fan? I think it transcends sports and rooting interest. And last I checked, I’m entitled to an opinion, no?
    What is odd is that I agree with most (certainly not all) of what you have said, and if you read my posts you’d notice at no point do I say Ben is guilty. Or innocent. How would anyone know? But I do find the statement from Colon, on the heels of a VERY strangely distant one from Rooney, to be of interest. Again, not damning or proof of guilt… but just odd – I can see a scenario where maybe Ben doesn’t finish his career a Steeler no matter what happens.
    Mostly, what I find odd is that the same people who were all over Irvin and Sapp last month are now rushing to the defense of Ben. And Irvin’s was long after the incident supposedly took place. And I HATE Irvin!
    As for my quote, I stand by that. Someone who immediately calls a potential victim a ‘gold digger’ or a ‘ho’, absent any evidence – motivated by rooting interest because their QB is the suspect, then I hope that person does not have kids.
    And if you come on here and say Irvin is definitely guilt because you hate the Cowboys, or that Ben is definitely guilt because you hate the Steelers, that’s being a dope as well.
    Find me a post where I demonstrate that I “hope” this is true. You can’t do it.

  18. wow some of the jokes on here are so corny its embarrassing but hey whatever floats your boat. i think it would be extremely stranger if he colon WAS there when it allegedly happen.

  19. What are two teamates doing together during the off season at some dinky donk bar in a small college town? It just happens.

  20. “What are two teamates doing together during the off season at some dinky donk bar in a small college town? It just happens”
    Ben has a vacation home there. They were there for a golf tournament

  21. @Mooch …
    I was asking more out of curiosity than hostility. Sometimes you seem to be among those fired up about Ben’s possible guilt. But other times you seem to be genuinely interested in the story. I tried to post an apology to you on that other thread last night, but it didn’t come up (gee, thanks, PFT). Just re-posted.
    I defended Irvin, too, and I hate the Cowboys as well. Due process. Our judicial system is so screwed up where sex offenders are concerned, so these kinds of cases make me crazy. Everyone’s caught up in this but we need to be focused on why that guy in California was out of prison and able to rape and murder two teenagers … and why that lunatic was out and able to kidnap and imprison Jaycee Dugard for umpteen years. True sexual predators can’t be rehabilitated, yet these guys were freed to prey on society.
    People keep posting all this stuff about Ben, and I agree that he sounds like a jackass and an overgrown frat boy. But deep in their heart of hearts, I wonder if any of these people really believe he’s malicious and dangerous to society. That’s the only thing that matters to me. If it turns out that girl is willing to take money to make this go away, we have our answer.

  22. Contra
    Thats some of the funniest shit I have read in a while. I’m laughing so hard I got a belly ache. I come to this site for the humor and although I have to filter through some lame comments I usually come away satisfied.

  23. No apology necessary – there seems to be little hard news about this, so this site has become useful in getting some info on what is going on.
    What set me off was the TMZ report about the sorority’s efforts to shield its member – which was spun into “they tweeted that it didn’t happen”. All based on one weak-ass, non-sourced, “scoop” that Florio had (made up).
    If there were tweets supporting Ben, he’s have copies right now. The Steelers and his legal team would have been on anything Ben-related that was out there. He’s that big of a $ investment for the team. That’s why they get the big $.

  24. @Mooch …
    I discovered PFT after McNulty filed suit. Other than TMZ, it was the only outlet covering the story, and I liked Florio’s legal commentaries (although it was more useful to run things past my brother). But this being a criminal case, I’m finding more legit news outlets are covering it. So far I’ve read everything at least 12 hours before PFT posted, and haven’t even been to TMZ unless Florio linked me there. Hate that site. I have a high-speed connection and do everything online lickety-split–read, type, surf. They have sooo much junk on their site that it takes forever for pages to load, and that makes me nuts.
    Well, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anyone other than Florio posting about the content of those Facebook pages. That doesn’t mean he made it up. Just means we can’t confirm what he said. Maybe he saw some of the pages before they went down. Maybe he read a comment from someone or talked to someone who saw them. Should we give him the benefit of the doubt? 🙂
    I did find a statement from the college saying she has not dropped out. She may have just pulled out of classes this semester.

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