McNabb trade hoax forces media to chase phony rumor

NFL_mcnabb1_250.jpgThroughout the day, we’ve received from multiple readers a link to an report that the Eagles have traded quarterback Donovan McNabb to the 49ers.

The story clearly is a hoax.  For starters, the URL isn’t an “” address, even though the address resolves to what looks to be an page.

Then there’s the fact that the person who wrote the thing misspelled McNabb’s first name (“Donavon”) four times. 

Finally, the “add your comment link” goes to a story about Mike Vick.

The phony link, which we won’t paste into this story because we’re not interested in driving traffic to the site that’s hosting it, has duped some members of the media into chasing the story, and we’re told that the 49ers already have issued a denial in response to inquiries from the press.

41 responses to “McNabb trade hoax forces media to chase phony rumor

  1. They misspelled donovan 4 times ? Must have been a Yahoo Sports writer. Probably Mark J Miller. Maybe not though, They steal most of their rumors from here and post them the next day.

  2. Thank you Florio,
    I appreciate you clearing that up for me. I will not say another bad word about you… Until tomorrow.

  3. C’mon, people. Read the URL. Be educated consumers of news. And I guess even the writers of news need to be educated consumers of news.

  4. They also misspelled San Francisco in the header… That article had hoax written all over it.

  5. Oh Florio, don’t act like you didn’t look into it too. You’re a much bigger rumor monger than anyone else, so don’t act for a SECOND that you have not only chased a false rumor, but made up your own.

  6. the Westbrook call was Capt. Jenks, a regular caller into the Howard Stern show and a professional phony phone caller.
    This McNabb thing is out of his spectrum

  7. Of course, this really wouldn’t be an issue if true journalists still existed.
    Instead, we have “reputable” news agencies simply reporting whatever they hear…bogus or not.

  8. Now it’s starting to get ridunkulous….I’m looking forward to the Eagles finally resolving this QB situation. Trade someone and lets move on with our lives.

  9. Not difficult to mislead the media. Nothing but a bunch of sheeple parroting mindless dribble.
    The media is usually used by politicians to get re-elected or to push a certain agenda. Then you get the seasonal hurricane analysis and uninsightful information like “being underwater on your mortgage means you owe more than than the house is worth”.
    A reporter truly is the definition of a paid shill.

  10. Why would any other team want this washed up has-been? He is still an Eagle only because he is butt buddies with fat boy Reid.

  11. Then there’s the fact that the person who wrote the thing misspelled McNabb’s first name (“Donavon”) four times.
    So you wrote the article then huh Florio?

  12. if someone had told me this while i was at school, i would have first had to hold back from pooping my pants, then i would have spread what turned out to be a false rumor like crack.

  13. “…the phoney Pope can be identified by his high top sneakers and incredibly foul mouth.”

  14. Hey, if mispelling words or bad grammar meant things were made up, this site wouldn’t be real…

  15. I’m curious as to what the fake page looks like, does anyone know if its still up and where I could get a link to find it?

  16. This is as pathetic as having a site review all comments and then approve people spamming their t-shirt sale site.

  17. I’m glad. The media is so overblown on every single thing that it’s good they look stupid once in a while

  18. Did someone just usurp my name?!? Although I agree with the comment, the real Opie (I) did not say that….
    Check into this Florio, someone tampering with my account?!?

  19. @ Opie
    I agree…what a joke! They don’t want to put the URL to the hoax, but they will approve a spam post…
    What are you guys thinking???
    I would rather have seen the hoax page then to have to see spammer posts being approved!!!

  20. I agree with Fauxpie, you need to tighten up on the comment reviews. Between the t-shirt shill and all the jerkoffs making stupid threats (it’s the internet, morons, you’re not going to do shit) and really pushing the vulgarity envelope this place is fast turning into something on par with youtube comment sections. After reading those first two sentences you should have already figured out that I don’t have the cleanest mouth either, but it’s really gotten out of hand.

  21. I wanted to personally apologize to everyone for the news posted earlier today on about the Eagles trading Donovan McNabb to the 49ers. Unfortunately we were one of many others who were taken in by the false news report today.
    By the time we were able to catch the story that was posted as a hoax, it was too late. The story had made it’s rounds and was exposed as nothing more than an elaborate rouse that caught one of our news reporters off guard.
    We at pride ourselves in scouring the internet and bringing everyone all the news around the NFL as quickly as possible. A perfect storm of circumstances though allowed this story to be posted and stay posted longer than it should have. One of our news reporters saw the “story” right when he was about to leave work and he posted the story in haste. This unfortunately led to the story staying up on our site way longer than it should have and having the story go out via Twitter, our RSS feed as well as being posted on numerous other sites like and as news. The damage was done by the time an administrator on the site was able to react and delete the story. Let me assure you that this was nothing more than an honest mistake by one of our reporters and I hope this one mistake doesn’t shake your faith in us to bring you the latest NFL news.
    We have made it a point to reiterate to our reporters that every and any news post that is put up needs to be verified before posting. I know people will read this and think “well, that should have been the policy ALL THE TIME.” I want to assure you that verifying the news is standard procedure at but circumstances today led to this false story being posted. We aren’t the first website to be taken in by a false report and we won’t be the last. Unfortunately for us it was our turn in the crosshairs. I hope that in time we can redeem ourselves in the eyes of readers who were upset over the report. Thank you for taking the time out to read this and hearing us out.
    Steve Marin

  22. Eagle fans believe anything. They bought Andy Reid’s story about how he didn’t know his kids were running a drug ring out of his house. Guess the AK-47s were for target practice. Yeah, they’re like children really. Dumb children.

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