Pat Williams says Bills trainer told him "everything is legal" with StarCaps

Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams testified on Wednesday that he took StarCaps, an over-the-counter diuretic secretly spiked with a banned substance, to remove fluid from his body due to gout.

Pat Williams and teammate Kevin Williams are suing the league for violating Minnesota law in connection with the drug tests that detected the banned substance in their bodies.  Ultimately, the players are hoping to avoid four-game suspensions imposed in 2008.

According to Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Pat Williams said that a trainer with his former team, the Bills, told him that “everything was legal” with the product.

Both players testified that they shared information regarding the positive tests with their wives, agents, and coach Brad Childress.  The players contend that the NFL violated Minnesota law regarding confidentiality of drug testing information by leaking word of the positive test results to the media.

Also testifying on Wednesday was Stacy Robinson of the NFLPA, who explained that no specific warning was given by the league regarding the presence of Bumetanide in StarCaps. 

“On many fronts, it was very disappointing to not have that information shared with me,” Robinson said. 

Per the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the players’ agents will testify on Thursday, and Vikings coach Brad Childress will testify on Friday.  Thus, the slow-moving case most likely won’t be resolved before the weekend.

15 responses to “Pat Williams says Bills trainer told him "everything is legal" with StarCaps

  1. I don’t know why people keep forgetting/ignoring the fact that StarCaps was being manufactured with a drug that by law could only be dispensed via a prescription from a doctor. It was not on the label. There was no expectation that it was in the product. This was an illegal act on the part of the company. Anyone who blames the Williamses for having that prescription diuretic in their system is crazy. It would be akin to going to Target, buying some Aleve or Tylenol or Motrin to help your backache, and failing a drug test the next day because the medication you bought was spiked with a narcotic pain reliever. You have a reasonable expectation when you purchase a product that federal drug laws are being complied with. And the NFL, if they knew about this, should be ashamed of themselves. They had an obligation not just to the players, but to society. If they found out that a drug, which the government has deemed dangerous enough to warrant being available only by prescription, was in a product being sold over the counter to the general public and they didn’t tell the FDA – well, I think they have some explaining to do about that. Would they have sat on the knowledge that a narcotic was illegally being included in over the counter Motrin?

  2. what a joke. They’ll get off and its going to be a slap in the face to the league. Its just sick. SUSPEND THESE CHEAT’N JACKASS’S ALREADY!

  3. This is all about the NFL saving face – there are no limits to how much the NFL will spend to look right.
    Players were using Star Caps for years. This is why the trainers say it’s ok…. but the NFL says nothing – knowing the stuff is in there?
    Star Caps slipped the mickey in there to give Star Caps the (word of mouth) edge in the market. The problem is they broke the law by not telling anyone they did what they did.

  4. As an overseas observer I am constantly amazed how soft the NFL is on drugs. In nearly any other sport they would be staring at a two year ban. The league is so soft that players are almost obliged to bend the rules

  5. The NFL needs to just drop this and accept the fact that because the Vikings play in Minnesota, they are not subject to the same rules as the other 31 teams.
    On a somewhat related topic, the Buffalo Bills should be considered the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The New York legislature and the governor recently enacted a new law that all NFL teams based in New York (currently only the Bills) are permitted to use 20 players on offense and 20 on defense, but their opponents will be limited to no more than 5 players for both offense and defense. The NFL recognizes that they must abide by the laws of New York, just like they must obey the laws of Minnesota, so the Bills are now expected to be the first team to finish 19-0.

  6. How about the players sue the company for not disclosing the ingredients/substances of the product, as required by law.
    Then they can continue with their suit of the NFL for not disclosing their knowledge of finding the harmful substance in the product and not notifying their employees of the dangers.
    The arrogance of the league here amazes me.

  7. My contention all along has been this: How can you suspend a player for using a products that is not on your DO NOT USE LIST OR ELSE. If the NFL new it was laced with an illegal drug than put it on your list. Otherwise, no leg to stand on….sounds like they are out to catch the players so they can suspend and look like the tough guy.

  8. favre uses allens mullet as handlebars says:
    March 10, 2010 11:32 PM
    what a joke. They’ll get off and its going to be a slap in the face to the league. Its just sick. SUSPEND THESE CHEAT’N JACKASS’S ALREADY!
    Hey moron!!!! Have you read the facts of the case before you posted your stupid comments? Pull your head out of your ass and learn what your commenting on. The NFL is totally at fault here and you know it. You dumb ass hater!!!!

  9. Pat Williams is now blaming a Bills trainer for taking Star Caps? Didn’t he like leave Buffalo after the 2004 season and this violation was in 2008?
    Give it up, it should escalate to a 6 game suspension now for complete stupidity. What’s the next excuse going to be…
    “We have Brett (Lord) Favre on our team you can’t suspend us we need to win him a championship”

  10. I am so sick of these “Williams Wall” losers… they should just admit they cheated and take the suspension. I like how that have to find a pathetic loophole in MN state law to get out of a suspension. Douches.

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