Ravens could host Steelers on opening Monday

Get ready for the Ed Garland Bowl.

According to a tweet from radio station WNST, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski says that his network has requested Steelers-Ravens for their opening Monday Night Football doubleheader next year.  The game would be played in Baltimore.

The Steelers and Ravens have played a handful of classics over the last two years, but they have traditionally come late in the season.

Of course, requesting the game and getting the game isn’t the same thing. 

Depending on what happens next in Ben Roethlisberger’s legal case, the league may not want to showcase a team led by Big Ben or Dennis Dixon on opening weekend. 

61 responses to “Ravens could host Steelers on opening Monday

  1. Last year the NFL asked the Ravens to play the Steelers in the opeing game and the Ravens refused. Luckily the Titans manned up and took their beating in place of the Ravens who were in the safety of their homes watching on TV.

  2. I suspect that Jaworksi made this request prior to Rapenstein’s recent attack, so I doubt this will happen. But I wouldn’t bet against Dixon being Pittsburgh’s opening day starter.

  3. The Super Bowl team always hosts the first game. Its a team sport, its not just about one player.

  4. ’09- D Mason/M Clayton/K Washington
    ’10-A Boldin/D Mason/D Stallworth
    Stillers better sign some CB help.

  5. That would make for somewhat of a purple bookend for the weekend with The Saints probably facing the Vikings on Thursday.
    That would be a great game. I live in B-more. This town would be in a frenzy if the Ravens opened against the Stoolers.

  6. I hope this happens. Wonder if Modell lobbied to have this night game played in Baltimore this year too! lol….
    Good game to start the season for both teams.

  7. # this class sucks says: March 10, 2010 8:21 PM
    The Super Bowl team always hosts the first game. Its a team sport, its not just about one player.
    what the!
    this is MNF that he’s talking about, not the opening game of the season

  8. The Ravens are stacked right now. The Steelers are going to get Raped this year. No pun intended.
    btw Steelers fans are hillbilly’s

  9. Laxer 37, how many years in a row were the Ravens supposed to play in Pittsburgh in national primetime games? I don;t think its about being scarred, it’s about a fair back and forth of home field advantage.

  10. this class sucks : The Super Bowl team always hosts the first game. Its a team sport, its not just about one player.

  11. The first game of the season is on THURSDAY night at New Orleans. They are talking about the MONDAY night game. Can’t wait to beat the crap out of the garbage stoolers on Monday night

  12. Apparently the Squeelers Offensive line is refusing to play the Monday Night game because they do NOT feel comfortable bending over in front of Big Ben!

  13. Maybe the Steelers can unleash hell in September this year…….Bwahahahahah!!!!!
    They’ll be the third best team in the AFC North this year, but hey, at least their not the Browns!!!

  14. I love it!!! This would be a great opening Monday Night Game!! These are my 2 favorite games every year, being on Monday Night and the opener for both……INSANE….

  15. Sqeelers vs Raiders, Browns, or Chiefs would be even better! Watching Rapistberger and company sh*t the bed all over again would be a wonderful way to kickoff the yr!

  16. The saints would still host the thursday nite game…this is the 7:00 monday nite game 4 days later.

  17. The Ravens weren’t “scared” of anything. They were just tired of the NFL always giving the Steelers HOME prime-time games when the Ravens had to play them.
    They spoke up and told the NFL that if they’re going to keep doing this… how about they let the game in Baltimore be a night game sometime!
    And look how it worked out… it happened, and they won.
    Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Ben knows all about that.

  18. Alright folks. Why don’t we try and get the stories straight before we talk. The Ravens only requested that they did not play the Steelers in Pittsburgh on a prime time game. They were more than willing to play the game at home or during the day on Sunday but did not want to play the game in Pittsburgh in prime time and the league granted that request. Teams make scheduling requests every year to the league and the league does their best to tries their best to grant those requests.

  19. Bring on Dixon! Bring on Big Jen! Bring on the biggest phoney bandwagon team (and their fake ass fairweather fan’s) next to the Lakers & Yankee’s! RAVENS will RULE the squeelers in 2010!

  20. …but unfortunately you still have flacco throwing. he never exactly lit up the steelers. mason’s a year older, and stallworth’s a joke.
    boldin’s an excellent pick up, but the only afc north offense i’m scared of is cincinnati’s, since adding antonio bryant.
    have fun wearing purple this year.

  21. Can’t wait to watch the Ravens hide Joe Flacco’s inept play. Ravens recievers look good on paper and that’s about it.

  22. The Rural Juror says:
    ’09- D Mason/M Clayton/K Washington
    ’10-A Boldin/D Mason/D Stallworth
    Stillers better sign some CB help.
    Compared to the Raven’s secondary the Steelers situation looks pretty good. Only need to add one CB. The Ravens CB’s spent the season watching guys run past them and over them, and now no Ed Reed to bail them out? Receivers will be salivating to play the Ravens next year if they don’t get some help.
    They better score 35 points each week.

  23. Who cares?! The Steelers have much bigger concerns at the moment as opposed to playing the Ravens on Monday Night or any other night.

  24. The Steelers and Ravens can do all they want during the regular season. They aint going far in January before being bounced….

  25. Oh I see, they’re fine with playing them primetime only as long as Roethlisberger has a chance of not playing.
    Haha Baltimore’s owners are a bunch of cowards.

  26. blitzburgh1 says:
    March 10, 2010 8:19 PM
    Ha!! I thought the Ravens were afraid to play the Steelers in primetime.
    okay let me give you some facts.
    in 08 we played the steelers at pittsburg on MNF
    in 07 we played the steelers at pittsburg on MNF
    in 05 we played the steelers at pittsburg on MNF
    from 05-08 the games in baltimore were played at non prime times. so why would we wanna play another prime time game in pittsburg this year. that is why we refused to play in pittsburg on thursday night football.

  27. By then rapistberger will either be in jail or suspended or both so it won’t be much of a game what with the Ravens crushing the squeelers!!!!

  28. # BuckFigBen says: March 10, 2010 9:16 PM
    Rapists, drug dealers, domestic abusers, and murderers…must see tv.
    Who is the drug dealer? Just wondering. You do realize Jamal Lewis hasn’t been a member of the Ravens for the last 3 years, right? And even when he was, his phone was used. He wasn’t dealing. But yeah, welcome to 2010. Ravens running backs are Willis McGahee and Ray Rice.
    It was pretty funny though. You forgot “alcoholics” for Jeff Reed.

  29. With all of the criminals now wearing Ravens uniforms, it’s downright funny to hear the trailer trash of Baltimore talk about Ben being a “rapist”. After today’s revelations regarding the woman in question’s sorority taking down their Facebook comments that cast real doubt on all of this, I am wondering if the same trailer trash here will be so willing to kiss Ben’s ass whenever the Steelers come into your ugly town.
    The Steelers own the Ravens. This coming year will be no different.

  30. Hey laxer that retarded statment u just made proves that the most of the ravens u proly watched was the 10 secod sportcenter highlights. They got torched the 2nd game of the year at san Diego (and still won the game) an the secondary got a bad rap the rest of the year foxworth played 193848493939 times better the 2nd half of the season and so did chris carr and they really only need one decent corner because lardarius Webb is gonna take a while to come back from his injury all the steelers corners are trash

  31. Great opening Monday night matchup! Love Steelers-Ravens games! Big time hitting and damn tough football. Should be a fun matchup, and a tough game with Ravens’ getting Boldin. Looking forward to the Steelers hopefully having their full defense on the field with Troy and Aaron.
    Hey Ravensmaniac, looks like we got a big game right off the bat! What more can we ask for?

  32. Boh says:
    March 10, 2010 8:44 PM
    The Ravens are stacked right now. The Steelers are going to get Raped this year. No pun intended.
    btw Steelers fans are hillbilly’s
    Steelers fans are hillbilly’s what?

  33. So I guess the Ravens only complain about playing Pitt on MNF or SNF if in Pittsburgh. Otherwise, Baltimorons are ok with playing the Steelers at night. They’re just afraid to play in Pittsburgh at night….

  34. Hey DoctorK:
    You have nerve talking about Baltimore.
    The only thing that poor, ridicoulous, hillbilly town of Pittsburgh has going for them is sandwiches with coleslaw! Talking about criminals, answer this, how many Law Enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty in that sh*tty town of yours in the past year? Well second thought you may not want to answer that.
    Also let all of your fat, obnoxious woman fans know that if you come Ravens stadium this year, we are charging their fat a**es for 2 seats!!! We are taking the Southwest Airlines approach.

  35. Doctor K:
    Anyone who watched the second ravens-stillers game last year knows that the ravens pounded the stillers. It was only their propensity to make costly errors that kept the ravens from winning by 2-3 tds. Plus, the stillers can’t stop the ravens run game. No, the stillers better strap up their headgear, because Ray Rice and company will own the has beens from up north.

  36. ’10-A Boldin/D Mason/D Stallworth
    Stillers better sign some CB help.
    H Ward/S Holmes/M Wallace/A Randle El
    Ravens better sign a CB as well

  37. Laxer37 says:
    March 10, 2010 8:20 PM
    Last year the NFL asked the Ravens to play the Steelers in the opeing game and the Ravens refused. Luckily the Titans manned up and took their beating in place of the Ravens who were in the safety of their homes watching on TV.
    Funny how both the Titans and Steelers were in the safey of their homes watching the RAVENS beat up on the Patriots in the PLAYOFFS!!!

  38. Just busting you guy’s chops. I know the Ravens don’t like playing when it’s dark out.
    As for Cameltoecleavage getting all bent out of shape: I watched every Ravens game last year. If you put your emotions aside for a minute you know Webb, Foxworth and Carr are not bonafide NFL starting corners. Average cover skills, average tackling skills, below average size. And again, no more Ed Reed?
    Keep telling yourself everything will be alright if it helps you sleep at night. From Harbaughs off season comments I know he’s looking for better options.

  39. DoctorK: “The Steelers own the Ravens. This coming year will be no different.”
    The home team has won 14 out of the last 16 games between the Ravens and Steelers.
    You’re a Steelers fan, that’s fine. But don’t be dumb and spew out nonsense. Neither of these teams own the other. It’s been a pretty even division rivalry over the years. The games are usually very close.
    Fans of high scoring, throwing down the field all day, no defense… HATE watching us play on national TV. But most AFC fans love it!
    We can all agree this should be a great game… hard hits, probably some pre-game jaw jacking, some after the whistle scuffles, and it will go down to the wire. Division game right off the bat, got to love it. Let’s hope BOTH teams come out of the preseason healthy and in a rhythm ready to roll!

  40. Hey Holeinone….Dude is this going to be awesome or what….grab a ticket and come on down to M&T and tailgate with us….steak and beer..on me!

  41. I d like to take a good look at every team’s schedules and find the “sexiest” non division games. “Superfights” if you will.
    Stuff like “Colts vs Giants”
    “Saints vs Vikings”
    One of the best, epic games a couple years ago was Giants vs Steelers. It had a big game vibe. I hope lots of games like that are scheduled.
    ALSO, Jets play the AFC North this year.
    Jets vs Steelers should be awesome
    Jets vs Ravens is epic
    What’re some other “supergames”?

  42. BuckFigBen – spoken like a typical, know-nothing, gas station attendant, low-class, low IQ Squealers fan!

  43. Quick!! Ravens fans……call the league and put a stop to this!! Remember? The Ravens are too chickenshit to play the Steelers in prime time. Oh wait…..since it’s at home, it’s OK then.
    What a bunch of overrated sissies. Chances are, Stallworth will be back in jail, and Bolden will be hurt…..AGAIN.
    Get ready for another Steel City beatdown.

  44. Good game to start out with . Ravens V Steelers gets no better . Best game played in football today .
    I dont know why ppl would make fun of any cops getting killed . Pit or anywhere else . BTW how is your mayor doing ? Did she go to jail yet ?
    Anyone who pays attention to FA would understand that the Steelers freenzy for signing players is bad news for the Ravens and the rest of the league . The draft will be heavy on D line , LB , CB . You are going to add 5 d picks to one of the best Defenses in football . Add a healthy Troy and Aaron to the mix is bad news for the RAvens and the rest of the league .
    If Ben cant play or is in jail or is traded whatever . Dixon is more and capible of beating the Ravens . Bolden will make you a little better . But unibrow never plays well against the Steelers . Hard to throw when you are laying on your back .

  45. I predict a Raven win by a huge margin. The Steelers seriously may not even have their starting QB, and I don’t see them doing anything to improve on their third place in the division finish this year.

  46. Not gonna happen. Look at the Poirates schedule. The Steelers have to open the season at home beccause there are no other Sundays in September when they could at home…..unless it’s a Sunday nioght game. Take it to the bank….the Steelers will open the season at home.

  47. @123456789:
    That’s funny. My work sent me to Pittsburgh a few times last year. They didn’t believe me when I told them most of your restaurants have salads and sandwiches with french fries on the menu. Or that grown ass women wear their Squealers jerseys out in public in June.
    I mean really, what’s the point of a salad if you’re going to put french fries on it? Explains a lot about your women though.

  48. The crows probably only requested this when Ben got into trouble. Dixon took the fake raven def to OT last year! ben will eb suspended teh first 4 games no matter what, so after the Ravens on the road, Steelers should get Browns at home, Bucs at T.B and CAROLINA AT HOME!

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