Report: Antonio Bryant signs with Bengals

nfl_bryant.jpgThe Bengals reportedly have signed a new receiver. 

And that receiver is not Terrell Owens.

According to, a web site that shares an office with the agent of receiver Antonio Bryant, the veteran wideout has signed what is believed to be a four-year deal with the Bengals.

Per, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The move apparently means that Terrell Owens will not be joining the Bengals.

Unless, of course, the Bengals decide that it’s time to part ways with the player who lobbied so heavily for T.O. to be added to the team.

71 responses to “Report: Antonio Bryant signs with Bengals

  1. Solid signing. If Carson can get back to 75% of the passer he was a few years ago Bryant will have the best QB he has had and his numbers should dictate that!!!
    WHO DEY!! Thanks Mikey for pulling the trigger!!!

  2. Look out to any team that thinks they can cover the Bengals running game while focusing on Ocho an Antonio. Playoffs here we come!!

  3. This is not a bad move, but I was SO hoping for Brandon Marshall! This is one more bit of evidenve that Jerome Simpson is going to have trouble contributing to this team.

  4. Yea right Chad isn’t going no where.. Good on Florio.. This sux I really wanted T.O. and the city was buzzing crazy.. Way more than when Bryant come to town..

  5. WOWWWW Antonio Bryant… congrats douchebags too bad Carson Palmer is the most overrated quarterback in the league. Just stick to running the ball

  6. In my opinion they only way they are gonna succeed is to sign Bryant and T.O. or just Marshall. Hopefully this is not the only improvement they make.

  7. Much better signing than TO, provided Antonio behaves. That said, it’s not like they were choosing between a boyscout and a pest. Both guys aren’t exactly charming citizens. With Antonio, they have a younger guy that can also help stretch the field, which may free up Ochocinco a bit more.

  8. Sweet! Now get me T.O. and a TE in the draft. Or get me Gilyard in the second round.

  9. @ Persona says:
    March 10, 2010 3:06 PM
    “Antonio Bryant”
    Unless you been sleeping under a rock, he is a pretty decent wide receiver Cleveland should have never let him go to Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay is a good one for letting him go.

  10. What’s w/ all the hatred towards Chad? I really don’t understand
    it. Besides the class clown that he is, not an obnoxious one in my
    opinion, he at least gives it to you straight. Not a bulls@hitter.
    Unlike batman owens…

  11. good, not great. not the sexy choice, but the better biz decision given his age. makes us better for sure, but still need a TE and Safety…and maybe some OL help. would love to see them get any of these TE’s: Ben Watson, Greg Olsen or M Bennett.

  12. What’s w/ all the hatred towards Chad? I really don’t understand
    it. Besides the class clown that he is, not an obnoxious one in my
    opinion, he at least gives it to you straight. Not a bulls@hitter.
    Unlike batman owens…

  13. Nice job Miami, Im glad you finally stepped it up and signed-what? The Bengals signed him? Huh…I guess Miami missed out on another FA that they needed to fill a void.

  14. Just kick the crap out of Pittsburgh twice each year and I’ll be happy…………

  15. Damn, I am disappointed. I was waiting to see those two acting like children togehter when they weren’t getting the ball enough. Oh well TO, this is always Canada, maybe you haven’t worn your welcome out up there, ay!

  16. Watcher say keep on dreamin BeGals’ fans, you’ll still be the BeGals anyways.

  17. Dammit! I was hoping they signed T.O. I wonder where he’s headed now. Miami maybe?

  18. SWEET!!! I knew we weren’t in the Marshall circus, and I didn’t want TO. This is the next best thing to Boldin signing. Good job Bengals FO! Wow, still feels wierd to say that!!! Now draft Iupati or Gilyard or the kid from GaTech and get some secondary help and D line depth please.

  19. Yeah, just like they covered the run and covered johnson and T.J. when they had em. Bungles stink

  20. Could be a great signing by the Bengals, provided Carson Palmer pulls his head out of his ass and starts playing like a franchise QB.
    If Palmer continues to play the way he did down the stretch last year, it won’t matter if they sign Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss and the ghost of Don Hutson.

  21. would it it be that far fetched to see them sign TO also, as our 3rd receiver? Ocho, TO, and Bryant with Ced in the backfield? Yes please.

  22. T.O. is very unlikely at this point.. We also signed Matt Jones.. The team is not going to stock pile WR without cutting people.. If we signed T.O. two people would have to be cut between Cosby, Caldwell and Simpson..

  23. The AFC North has all of sudden become Wide receiver U with Stallworth and Boldin going to the Ravens, Bryant to the Bengals and the Steelers getting Randle El back.

  24. In the battle between WHO DEY vs. WHO DAT . . . the Saints won a Super Bowl first . . . so they get to keep it. No more Who Dey.
    Go Niners.

  25. You’re still a perennial third place team with virtually zero defense. Soooo…good luck with all that.

  26. I think this will work. It gives us a WR lineup similiar to what we had in 2005, when we had Henry and Chad on the outside and TJ in the slot. Bryant can burn DBs like Henry used to and Caldwell is TJ in the making. If Bryant stays healthy, I see a BIG improvement in the passing game this season and if Benson has a similiar season rushing the football next year, it should be wide open for Carson.

  27. @ Stillerz
    Hmmm…overrated qb? Who was it that led the Bengals over the Squeelers twice last year? Let me think…hmmm.
    Oh, and he hasn’t even been accused of a crime along the way. Yeah, I would much rather have Rapistberger leading my team.

  28. Just when I started liking the idea of T.O. coming, this happens. Hey T.O. is still in town, maybe we sign both! lol Wishful thinking. 🙁

  29. Hey Domsdad……. the Jets have that covered Best D in the League with 2 shut down corners…..We beat you this year and we will beat you again next year!!!!!!!

  30. Bryant is a better signing than TO. He put it together in ’08 and was hurt by Freeman at QB last year. TO would’ve been a stopgap, while Bryant will be a solid addition for years to come.

  31. Seriously Mike Brown?
    You give Bryant $28 Million. You didn’t go after Boldin? Remind me why I keep buying tickets?

  32. wide reciever U? stallworth wasn’t good before he went to jail and will be even worse now that hes been out of the game for a year, bryant is decent but often injured, randel el is 45 and terrible, boldin is the only good WR in that division with the exception of ocho. that was a retarted statement.

  33. @ Tomthebombtracy
    Haha yeah, but what about the browns?? They have NO receivers! lol

  34. # domsdad says: March 10, 2010 3:09 PM
    “Look out to any team that thinks they can cover the Bengals running game while focusing on Ocho an Antonio. Playoffs here we come!!”
    Some good drugs just arrived in town—yippeeee!!!

  35. Watcher say keep on dreamin BeGals’ fans, you’ll still be the BeGals anyways.

  36. Stillerz, Yah i guess Carson doesn’t rape any women so he is considered overrated. At least he has his head on strait and if i am not mistaken this is the same QB you all felt you had to take out to advance in the 05 playoffs. By the way OCNN reported the Bryant news like an hour ago.

  37. IMO, bad signing. The Bengals needed to make a splash w/this and it’s barely a ripple. Bryant is not a THREAT, he’s another option, sure, but not a threat. Way to play it safe, Bengals, enjoy continued mediocrity.

  38. Stillerz:
    Carson might be “overrated”, but at least he’s a family man and not a serial moleface rapist like your hometown hero. Guaranteed Pittsburgh is the cellar-dweller in the AFC North this year. Freaking ‘gloid.

  39. 75% of Carson Palmer = the best QB? 100% of Carson Palmer = somewhere outside of the top 10. 75% gets you John Kitna.

  40. jrm347, yea, teams did a good job of covering Chad and Ced last year, look at some game tape, or just average the game stats, doofus. Ced didn’t run for a buck seventy ont he best run D in the NFL in a playoff game did he? Chad didn’t have a very productive season despite the team switching philosophies to a run first team right? And when did TJ have a bad season once cracking the starting lineup? Ahhhhh, ignorance must be nice. DaWatcher, very impressive, insightful comment, way to rep.

  41. now i am worried that chad will want a new contract since bryant maks more $$$$$$

  42. As a life long Buccaneer fan and season ticket holder please allow me to give you Bengals fans some info. Although Bryant is a sound receiver with above average hands, he is also a complete headcase. He makes up his own routes and takes several, and I mean SEVERAL, plays off, that even a veteran quaterback like Palmer will grow tired of. For a team as bad as the Bucs are to let go of a talet like Bryant, be weary of this guy, he will break your heart Bengal fans. He did mine…

  43. @ Ralph Gre Nader: Zero defense??? Really?? Do you even pay attention to football? We have one of the best DC’s in the league and we finished in the top 10 in the league, yet we have zero defense. LOL Nice work on your research Ralph. Dumbass.

  44. Hey Ralph Gre Nader, Bengals were the 4th best D in the league this year. Check your facts!

  45. Why wouldn’t they sign both Bryant and T.O. Bryant is filling the hole that L. Coles couldn’t fill when Houshmandzadeh left but there is still a gapping hole left by the passing of Chris Henry. Other than Chad they have Cauldwell who is ok and Simpson a major disappointment and Quan Cosby. They could definitely use both Bryant and T.O.

  46. cbrianwatkins says:
    “i’m far from a Bengals fan, but i have to ask, what makes Palmer the most overrated QB in the league?”
    Zero playoff wins.

  47. Your logic makes absolutely no sense on why they would not sign TO . They were going to be looking at WR’s regardless of cutting Laveranues Coles and Bryants contract is the exact same contract that coles was signed to last year so he basically just takes over coles’ spot…. that still leaves enough room for TO on the payroll

  48. Houseof68..
    I did not say 75% of Carson would be the best in the league. I said that 75% of the old Carson would be the best QB that Antonio Bryant has played with… I mean Jeff Garcia is his most prolific former signal caller. Read before posting!!!!

  49. goodlordno: If a division championship is mediocrity, I’ll take mediocrity every year.
    Dumb A.
    And leave it to Steeler fans to make this a Carson v.s Ben article. Younze people need to get educated and get a life.
    Must be boring at the cheese line today.

  50. @stnmmc: LOL, thanks for that.. now i don’t have to write anything else! But do tell, Cinci fans, where would you be without him? Still without a SB ring, I’m sure… He’s a good fantasy QB, but that’s just it.. it’s FANTASY!

  51. Are Bengals fans really trying to play the felon card on Big Ben? Thats like Florio trying to play the untalented hack card on T.O.

  52. Why not TO? We could still sign him, especially with how badly he wants to play next to Ocho. He wants a ring and we are the best shot at it for him.
    Wow…I cant believe I just typed that

  53. hitdogo42 – winning the division means nothing when you get walloped in the first round of the playoffs by a 9-7 wildcard team.

  54. Better player than T.O. for the longevity of the organization.
    Ohio still sucks though.

  55. Carson Palmer,
    The Bengals have stepped up and put talent around you.
    It is now up to you to prove you are the quarterback they drafted and the #5 highest paid QB in the NFL. No more excuses or injuries.
    Now, get back in the weight room and stop reading internet blogs.
    See you on Sundays in the fall. Section 303 baby!

  56. hitdogo: That 9-7 wild card team was the Jets, and they went all the way to the AFC Championship.
    Another know nothing posting without knowledge.

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