Report: Dolphins have interest in Antonio Bryant

NFL_bryant3.jpgWhen Bill Parcells became head coach of the Cowboys in 2003, he inherited Antonio Bryant, a second-round pick in 2002 who at the time was regarded as a player with a lot of potential. 

Parcells and the Cowboys shipped Bryant to Cleveland during the Tuna’s second season in Texas.  The move came after an offseason in which Bryant reportedly threw a jersey at Parcells during practice.

Since then, Bryant’s career has been more down than up.  His best performance, two seasons ago in Tampa, resulted in a franchise-player payday of nearly $10 million in Tampa for 2009.

Bryant is now an unrestricted free agent, and he has met with the Bengals.  The Redskins are interested (unless they aren’t), and now Bryant’s agent tells Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that the Dolphins have expressed an interest (unless they aren’t).

The Dolphins.  The Tuna’s Dolphins, re-embracing Bryant more than five years after shipping him away.

It shows that the Dolphins realize talented receivers with a low ass-pain factor are few and far between.  That said, if Parcells is willing to try a manage a guy who tended to be unmanageable in Dallas, why not go all in and pursue Brandon Marshall?

Plenty of Dolphins fans would agree with us on this.  We’ll now shut up and let them.

33 responses to “Report: Dolphins have interest in Antonio Bryant

  1. Well it’s about damn time they start to show interest; the guy isn’t going to stay on the market forever!

  2. Say it aint so!! as a Dolphin season ticket holder, it sure would be nice to get some talent at the WR position…unfortunately, mediocrity is the modus operandi here in Davie

  3. This is a non story, the Dolphins have shown the same level of “interest” in a # of players this offseason.
    Only once it progresses to a team visit should this become a story.

  4. I read somewhere else that Brandon Marshall has a scheduled meeting with Miami on Friday. Can anyone confirm? Forget Bryant, would rather sign Chuck Norris then him.

  5. The guy had one good year (barely). I would gamble on a WR through the draft, before I throw money at this turd.

  6. except, unlike ernest wilford and gibril wilson, this guy has actually shown that he has talent (better than any wr currently on the dolphins roster).
    besides, signing antonio bryant doesn’t preclude us from drafting a wr – even in the first round.

  7. bryant to me would be welcome but i do agree with florio about going after marshall he may be a pain in the ass but he is a gifted wr

  8. Bryant threw a Jersey at Parcells and has grown up since. Marshall would cost draft picks, money, and is a timebomb waiting to happen. I’ll let you decide who the better choice is.

  9. Just because you’ve expressed interest means nothing … We expressed interest in Ryan Clark too. If the Tuna & CO. feel they can steal someone than they will but unlike previous years it seems they are content in making realistic offers and letting the other teams fork out big dough!!

  10. No Florio, We dont agree with you. Last 3 weeks of season, as we were fighting for playoffs, miami fell behind 24-6 to Tenn, 27-3 to Hou, 24-10 to Pitt. why would i want miami to give up a high draft pick for a WR when that clearly isnt our biggest need. That draft pick would be better served on a DT, LB, FS.

  11. Phin Fans are a desperate bunch – trust me, I know….Has any team done as little as the Dolphins in bringing in a playmaker on offense? Who have we tried? R. Brown & R. Williams were good pick ups as RB’s.
    As receivers we traded Chris Chambers drafted a return man (T Ginn) and picked up Wilford???
    We have drafted some role players but have never tried to bring in top level talent…not in the last 15 – 20 years.
    And it’s not just the Trifecta – Cam, Saban, Wanny…it’s been a disaster.

  12. There’s no comparison between Marshall & Bryant.
    Bryant has had two respectable/good years out of the seven he’s been in the league. He parlayed the good year in TB into a big contract, then was injured most of last year.
    Marshall has had three Pro Bowl years in a row after his rookie year. 100+ catches each year and 23 TD’s.
    Bryant has 30 TD’s in seven years.
    If I’m a HC or GM and I’m taking a risk on a potential head case I at least want one who consistently delivers on the playing field.

  13. Go after Antonio Bryant or trade for Brandon Marshall.
    Miamis draft success over 20 years concerning WRs:
    2001 Chris Chambers – Decent 2nd rd. pick
    1993 O.J. McDuffie – Arguably the best receiver the team has ever had.
    1983 Mark Clayton – Pro Bowler
    1982 Marc Duper – Pro Bowler
    so that’s 28 years folks of dismal WR drafting.
    Secure proven players! The chance of a WR draft pick having success in the NFL when the Dolphins select, is slim oppose to a giving up a pick (or two) for a player that has done it on the highest level.
    WR are divas and prima-donnas – live with it!

  14. Bryant is not going to make any kind of an impact. He is a JAG(just another guy) We need playmakers not noise makers!!!!

  15. Can someone please give Denver next yrs 1st round pick or this yrs 2nd and Ginn and get Marshall. This guy is a beast. Who cares about the off field issues. Look at Ricky and we love him. Imagine the next 5 yrs, Henne & Marshall. Nasty! Do it Tuna. For the love of God!

  16. OMG SIGN BRANDON MARSHALL OMG. Antonio Bryant has drama with Parcells and Mike Nolan… that and he doesn’t know how to run a damn route. Just ask Josh Freeman

  17. We need to build our receiving corp thru the draft…this is a deep class this year. Just stay away from any receiver in the big 10 that looks good against other big 10 teams…in other words, stay away from anything that looks like Teddy Ginn
    Thanks CAM, your contribution to our team will always be remembered…douche

  18. They are a disaster.
    Bryant is definitely better than what they have, but still not top shelf.
    Lots of holes on this team and while it may not seem like the obvious need with the 12th pick, I would go Spiller. This is the type of play maker Miami needs to build around. Brown is always hurt and Ricky is done after this year.
    And they should also be neck deep in any discussions possible with Chicago if the Bears are actually dumb enough to trade Olsen.

  19. The fins need a young receiver not bryant who had 1 good season with the Bucs need to draft somebody like Damian Williams or Brandon Lafell in the 2nd round Maybe get Benn in the 2nd but i doubt it

  20. Bryant has been on the radar of many dolphin fans for awhile now.
    I’d rather have Marshall, but Bryant is far cheaper…. it really depends on if our FO decides to pay for Marshall. Frankly I think he’s a planet theory guy, and worth every penny. Give a first and pay the guy. If we can’t get Marshall, I’ll take Bryant as a consolation prize…. but I’d still want to draft another WR. Bryant alone won’t fix our receiving corps.

  21. I’d rather get Bryant and still have our 1st rounder to trade down, take Brandon Graham and get an extra pick.

  22. Bryant would be an improvement over Ginn & should be able to get him cheap!!! Marshall IS NOT COMING to Miami!!!

  23. Lets throw caution to the wind and go after BOTH of them. It’s not as if we don’t need a #1 in Marshall and #2 in Bryant … Harline should make a nice #3.

  24. Gam(e)_is_on says: March 10, 2010 1:42 PM
    1993 O.J. McDuffie – Arguably the best receiver the team has ever had.
    Either you’re 12 years old or you are O. J. McDuffie.
    Ever heard of Paul Warfield, Mark Duper, Mark Clayton? Hell even Chris Chambers had better numbers than McDuffie in a shorter period of time no less.
    McDuffie may have been a serviceable WR for Miami but by no stretch of anyone’s (except perhaps McDuffie) imagination could he be considered the best WR in Miami history.

  25. Its one of three things going on here.
    1) Tuna’s ego is getting in the way by thinking players will accept his lowball offers just to play on a team he is putting together. (short of Dansby)
    2) He’s got a trade up his sleeve. But with all the top FE’s being signed elsewhere he is losing his bargaining power.
    3) He has one hell of a draft plan.
    Right now, barring some head scratching cuts we still have some major holes to fill or we are spinning our wheels this off season.

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