Report: Roethlisberger admitted to having "sexual contact" with alleged victim

As the investigation regarding the sexual assault allegations against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger continues, KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh reports that Roethlisberger has conceded having “sexual contact” with the woman who claims sexual assault, but that there was no intercourse. 

The admission apparently came during an interview of Roethlisberger conducted at the scene.

Per the report, Roethlisberger claims that the woman fell and injured her head after the incident.  She then went to a hospital and alleged that she was sexually assaulted.

Police have requested a DNA sample from Roethlisberger, but attorney Ed Garland has not yet agreed either to make a DNA sample available or to make Roethlisberger available for another interview.

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217 responses to “Report: Roethlisberger admitted to having "sexual contact" with alleged victim

  1. Yeah, innocent people always deny giving DNA samples to investigators. That really helps clear them.

  2. Wow, he just gets creepier and creepier.
    Imagine if he IS brutalizing, on top of raping, which by now, most would have to agree is probably the case. So disgusting. I have to laugh, though, at Squealers fans — the same way they did at Brady going down.

  3. Wow, very similar to the “I fell down the stairs” excuse used to mask domestic violence.
    All these millionaire athletes, can’t any of them afford private drivers, so they don’t get tagged for DWIs? Don’t any of them have handlers to screen potential hookup prospects? What good are their entourages if they can’t keep them out of trouble? The goal is supposed to be keeping these morons OUT of trouble.
    Looks like Ben might have better luck if he first married the nearest Swiss nanny. His guardian angel is all over him.

  4. lets just hope that rapelisberger had a better taste in women this time because the last one looked like she got hit with a hot bag of nickels

  5. Yup! Just think if this puke didnt have “The Man’ Dick Lebeau and that defense. Rapistburger wouldnt be nothing and he’d be getting hammered from every angle by the media. Not this soft gentle kick it under the rug attention hes getting now. Guys and super douche with scrambled eggs for brains! In the end F the steelers.

  6. The Steelers should dump his ass, for two reasons he is stupid and he lied about any contact.
    Oops, I forgot he has retained Ray Lewis, the murder,his attorney he will get off.
    How many more dump ass events are the Steelers going to put up with.
    1) The header into a windshield
    2)The alleged assult in Vegas
    3)The alleged assult in Georgia
    He is a stain on the Steeler reputation.

  7. LOL “The woman fell and injured her head”. Sounds to me that big Jen isn’t too smart. Squeeler fans are going to be doing alot of squeeling this year!
    GO DIXON!!

  8. So much for one Rapistberger report a day eh Florio…
    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

  9. man what a mess this guy keeps putting himself into, even if the woman is lying, the guy is trying to get himself suspended by crapping all over the NFL’s already suffering PR

  10. She fell and hit her head? He admits sexual “contact” and they are lookin for DNA?
    Big Ben,, you in a heap of shiit , son

  11. I too often get clumsy after sexual contact. I have fallen on many occasions and wondered what happened. May be the alcohol may be that I am drunk on passion. It is burden that I carry.

  12. The more I hear, the more I think Roethlisberger is being railroaded. He had “sexual contact” with the drunk girl (probably of the oral persuasion) then she falls and hits her head, goes to the hospital, and realizes she could get a ton of money by accusing him of rape.
    Wouldn’t be the first time a woman has accused a man of rape for personal gains. Duke Lacrosse, anybody?

  13. “Police have requested a DNA sample from Roethlisberger, but attorney Ed Garland has declined either to make a DNA sample available or to make Roethlisberger available for another interview.”

  14. No sexual intercourse so you can’t say rape! WIll you idiot Cowboy, Raven and Brown fans get it right! AT leats he is not like Rapheal Septien, remember him Cowboy fan!!

  15. Sexual contact? Meaning Big Jen had lil ben whipped out? Maybe she hit her head when she was laughing !!!!!

  16. Seriously, the guy is fresh off of one sexual assault defense … even if she DID give consent, does this moron have a single functioning brain cell that isn’t directly linked to his Johnson?
    I mean, sex in a lady’s room??? How could that go wrong, huh Ben???
    WTF is wrong with this idiot????

  17. Holy hell. I’m assuming he gave that statement before he retained the services of Lewis’ old attorney.
    Cop: “How did she get that lump on her head?”
    Ben: “Duhhhh….uhhhh……SHE FELL!!!1”
    Cop: “Was that before or after you gave her a tear soked dirty sanchez?”
    Ben: “After….it was…..wait, what?”

  18. She fell eh?
    If there was no DNA on her then it becomes a simple assault. Either way it looks pretty shady for Ben.

  19. He’s’s over!!
    I can’t believe the media has been so relaxed on this.. It’s not because he’s white?? Is it?? They sit outside Tiger’s house for having consensual sex, and Golic spends 2 hours this morning telling people they shouldn’t jump to conclusions.. What a shame..

  20. He’s either an idiot, or a scumbag. Does PFT still do the turd team, or did they get all clean when they joined forces with the evil empire (NBC).

  21. If I had a nickle for every time I had sexual contact with a girl who then falls and injures her head……………………………!

  22. So he grabbeed her stuff and now he’ll have to scratch her a check with 6 zeros on it and she never has to work a day in her life.
    He’s still a douchbag. Ask any member of the Pittsburgh sports media how much fun he is to be around.

  23. I think Ben will learn his lesson. I’m guessing right after his future cell mate shows him how it feels.

  24. “Yeah, innocent people always deny giving DNA samples to investigators. That really helps clear them.”
    Any defense attorney worth his salt would NEVER allow his client to volunteer DNA without a warrant.
    Innocent until proven guilty, people. Guess that doesn’t apply on the intertubes.

  25. “He is a stain on the Steeler reputation.”
    Is that possible ? ROFL sorry that was too easy but I couldn’t resist.

  26. Its all about whos got more money!
    OJ,Ray Lewis,Randy Moss,Leonard Little,Donte Stallworth, and on and on the list can go.
    You or me do any of this shit, were locked up in less than a week!
    Money, money, money…….MONEY!!!!!!!

  27. Okay you guys can now apologize for calling that poor girl a gold digger!
    He better get more than 23 months for raping that girl.

  28. Come on, this high priced lawyer is going up against the sloth like movement of the MPD? Ben will get off and continue to troll some other backwater town looking for someone who’s easily impressed. She probably had the back of her head get smashed against the wall

  29. It’s actually a smart tactic by the lawyer, Rothlisberger’s attorney is going to want as much information as he can get before offering up such exculpatory/incriminating evidence so he can start shaping a defense. Classic quid pro quo.

  30. A long list of new jokes I can hear the beginnings of them now.. “Big Ben and two cops walk in to a bar right”

  31. Richm2256 says:
    “Police have requested a DNA sample from Roethlisberger, but attorney Ed Garland has declined either to make a DNA sample available or to make Roethlisberger available for another interview.”
    Ask the Prophet Florio, you don’t give the police an extra shot at proving you guilty if they couldn’t the first time; at least not without a court order…….
    That being said, any lawyer worth his ass would tell you not to go anywhere near an investigator unless there was some sort of provision compelling you to do so. Believe me, I’m no Ed Garland and I think Ben is being a knucklehead, but even I know that despite your guilt or innocence, keep your damn mouth shut while you’re under the microscope.

  32. Ben “Bloat” Rapistberger will have lots of time to distribute DNA samples once he is kicked out of the league.

  33. You have to, at this stage, just go the Kobe route. Pay the woman and consider it the price for being a dumbass.
    And that assumes he’s innocent. I don’t know what happened, and quite frankly the outcome will likely be the same no matter if he is innocent or guilty – a large cash payout.
    He is now approaching Michael Irvin level – where he is automatically presumed guilty by a sizable group of people. And, while that’s wrong, that’s the world we live in.

  34. Before you idiots start pointing fingers, let’s take a step back. This could have been any of us. How many times have you been in the VIP room hanging with your off duty cop entourage, sipping a pepsi, just trying to relax when all of the sudden all of these young college coeds burst into the room. I know you are probably a little annoyed at this point but you don’t want to be rude do you? As a favor you take a couple of pictures with them and offer to share some pepsi with them. But these are bad girls and only want alcohol and they are already drunk. As you kindly tell them to have a good night and inform them that tonight is a “guy’s night out” and you just want to dance. Next thing you know they are throwing a fit, one begins to stomp and pout. In the midst of this you try to calm them down, by accident, one of them falls and hits their head while your penis accidentally falls inside their mouth. You were just trying to be a gracious host but now you are some kind of a jerk. Could happen to any of us, just sayin’

  35. @TigerPlanck
    as a Steeler Fanatic and native of the fair city byt the Three Rivers..that is the first time I have read a post and laughed in spite of myself in the last 6 days..thank you 🙂

  36. Fonetik – how drunk was she? You seem to know that she was drunk, and to what level. Please source.

  37. What is so funny is that all of these Steeler haters are lovin life cause Ben kicked the shit out of their team and he may never play again. Hate to say it boys and girls buy Dennis Dixon will do much of the same to your sorry ass team!

  38. Wow, talk about a pack of rabid wolves…not one damn fan has a clue what is or what is not true. First off, the past alleged sexual assault is about as fishy as they come, law enforcement has up to two years to charge on sex crimes, unless the state has no statute of limitations. The fact that the woman in Nevada filed a lawsuit instead of going to the police shows that she is out for money or other, maybe fame. People tend to forget that pro athletes are in the national spotlight. As for this case, under federal law: sexual contact can range from hugging to a kiss even. The fact that off-duty police were with him, knowing they could lose their badges would doubtfully back him if he was guilty, secondly, the fact that her own sorority sisters are saying he is innocent shows direct cause that there is more to this.
    Sorry if I don’t buy the B.S., but women are not so innocent from pulling this kind of crap. Recent studies showed that women have proven devious, if not dangerous in becoming more bold and using the law to their benefit to either get money or to in fact hurt people, some have admitted to using the law to get attention from friends and family. In Colorado it has been proven that one out of every five sexual assault crimes were orchestrated by the female partner to even the extent that they would accuse after they felt their personal relationship was in trouble; meaning they hurt their lovers by accusing them for nothing more then basically for revenge.
    I’m not saying I agree or disagree, nor am I a Steelers’ fan. But with all that has been stated, I tend to feel the case is thin. And as to the DNA sample, he may be innocent and his attorney advised him not to give DNA because that is the basis for the case in itself, meaning that if he gives it and it’s tampered with, they could claim one thing even though the sample is not valid. While if they charge him, DNA given at that time would clear him. But it also becomes a case of he said, she said which can not be convicted and the process is based on witnesses alone.

  39. WOW. Just because he’s holding back on a DNA sample does not mean he’s guilty.
    I’ll admit, he’s acting pretty shifty and even downright douchey (for lack of a better word) at times, but that’s kind of how he is all the time.
    Any attorney will tell you to not give up a DNA sample regardless of innocence unless there is a warrant. Without an issued warrant, this means that the police have yet to have a legitimate reason to pin anything on Roethlisberger. My father is an esteemed lawyer with years of experience and a partner in the oldest law firm in his city. He would have given the exact same advice.
    I think that this issue is not black and white. I’m all about the rights to one’s own body and that alcohol is no excuse to ignore a person’s lack of consent. However, we don’t really know the nature of the situation and probably never will unless the video caught something concrete, like her physical resistance or yelling ‘NO’.
    In the end, I think it’s best for the situation to just be dropped. If she really was raped, the emotional scarring will only get worse if this continues to drag out. I feel the coverage of it and slandering of Roethlisberger is most definitely justice served. While this doesn’t prevent him from raping again (if that’s, in fact, what occurred), whenever he walks into a party, it’s fair to say that he will be viewed with much scorn by those who desire to not be sexually harassed that he’ll have trouble finding a girl who doesn’t want to hook up with him to stay around and drink with him.
    I find the issue here and the blame that needs to be thrown, based on the FACTS that we know, should be more on Roethlisberger. I understand the idea of being famous and reaping the benefits of that. Going out, partying and hooking up are fine. That’s a personal decision.
    However, I see his choice to party in distinctly college hangouts to be the dilemma. Beyond the issue of him clearly being older and becoming a figure of authority or power that leads to situations like rape, it shows a level of immaturity. Even if everyone is legally drinking because they are of age and they aren’t breaking any statutory rape laws based on age difference, it’s deplorable that he desires to be in that environment. As soon as I’m out of college (just a few more months!), it’ll pretty much be socially and personally unacceptable for me to continue to be part of the college party scene.
    If Roethlisberger had chosen to party with older people or at least in a different (non-college) environment, these situations would most likely not have occurred. Whether it was rape or not, him injecting himself into that social situation was not conducive to any positive results. Innocent or not, he needs to join the social scene people his age are a part of.

  40. It amuses me to see so many Steeler fans in denial, hoping against increasingly stacked odds that their hero didn’t do this.
    The lady in Reno is calling her local Mercedes dealership as I type this.
    Ben, I dub thee Rapenstein!

  41. I like the Steelers, and I know how damn hard it is to come up with a franchise QB, but at what point do you stop letting this immature bully stain the team, the town and the NFL?
    The sports nut hangers who back the athlete on every incident make it very hard for the girl who is a victim to have the courage to even report it. The victim knows their name and reputation will be publicly drug through the mud. The athletes know this, and use it against the victim. How much of this crap goes unreported?
    Go through the due process then dump his bully ass.

  42. Saw the accuser’s picture. Not good. I’ll bet she has a great personality though.
    Must have been really dark in there.

  43. The most aggravating aspect in all of these cases is that information, true and false, is leaked out piece by piece and we are left with trying to picture the events as they unfolded.
    We are never gonna know what happened. I’d like to know if the “lady” in question was intoxicated. Hell, Ben probably was.
    Again, until the headline, “Police Indict Rapistberger!” hits MSN, we’ve got nothing here.

  44. Roethlisberger claims that the woman fell and injured her head after the incident.
    What the hell was he doing that caused that?

  45. Remember when Carson Palmer “slipped and fell” and blew out his knee in the 2005 playoff games against the Steelers?
    Similar situation here.

  46. From the pages of on Monday:
    “Roethlisberger’s representation says the allegations are untrue and the events in question did not happen.
    to this, today:
    “Roethlisberger has conceded having “sexual contact” with the woman who claims sexual assault, but that there was no intercourse.”
    Umm, is this what Ben’s agent meant by “mingling”?
    Yeah, they mean the same thing, huh?

  47. And this is why he lawyered up right away. Admiting he had sexual contact with the woman, having her “falling” and hurting her head, and then she goes directly to the ER and claims sexual assault. Big Ben is in a heap of deep doo doo.
    It is a he said she said at this point. But the description of her being distraught in the ER paints a picture of someone who was not a willing partner.
    It will be VERY interesting to see what the Commish does. If Ben is indicted, he MUST be suspended. Why? Precedence with Michael Vick who was suspended after being indicted in VA. If he doesn’t suspend Ben, the 80%+ AA men in the NFL are going to be really pissed off, and for a good reason.

  48. Any chance this chick is the same girl that’s in those Head & Shoulder commercials?
    What’s her name, Troy Polamalu?

  49. Guess it’s time for the Pig Ben apologists to come up with another story now that he has admitted sexual contact.

  50. Hey Cromartie might have fathered 7 children from 5 mothers, but at least it was consensual….

  51. Hey Cromartie might have fathered 7 children from 5 mothers, but at least it was consensual….

  52. IF we see him smiling, acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world because he’s “innocent”, we’ll know one thing…he’s GUILTY!
    Tom DeLay, Isiah Thomas, they both smiled when they talked about the supposedly false accusations against them. They were both found guilty. If you’re truly innocent and you’re falsely accused of something, you’re not going to smile, you’re going to scowl!

  53. This guy is guilty as hell, claims to have sexual relations but not intercourse. I bet that she agreed to it and is just another victim claiming it was rape right. If you are not huilty why not give the DNA? And want to give it or not if there is enough evidence they can force him to give it.
    Last tell the NFL Network and all these other kiss ass media outlets from talking about this guy like he is some Choir Boy that just needs to change his ways. If he is guilty you may be talking about a Rapist that has struck more than once and on a child just out of High School, as is alleged.
    Why are none of my comments on this guy posted?, you all kiss ass and on the cover for this clown, this kid could have been your daughter.

  54. Whatever happened to “in lieu of doing a post every time a new development occurs, we’ll simply post an update once per day or two or whenever we think of it”?
    It took Florio and Rosenthal less than 2-1/2 hours to come up with two more posts about Roethlisberger. I guess “whenever we think of it” won out, huh.

  55. “Per the report, Roethlisberger claims that the woman fell and injured her head after the incident. She then went to a hospital and alleged that she was sexually assaulted.”
    Ok – either she was injured during the assault or she did fall and hit her head. If she fell and hit her head we can assume that she was intoxicated. In most states, if she was “falling down drunk” she is not sober enough to give consent.
    A “yes” if she is that drunk doesn’t count as a “yes.”
    Not looking good for ol’ benny boy.

  56. Fell and injured her head after? LOL Bullshit!
    Bullshit Ben is following in the famous steps of Mike Tyson. Unlike the badass Tyson though, Ben will be the bitch wearing lipstick in the pen.Will learn first hand how it is to be a rape victim.
    How dumb of you Ben..wasn’t millions and willing pussy enough???

  57. Adam’s Mom says:
    Ask the Prophet Florio, you don’t give the police an extra shot at proving you guilty if they couldn’t the first time; at least not without a court order…….
    That being said, any lawyer worth his ass would tell you not to go anywhere near an investigator unless there was some sort of provision compelling you to do so. Believe me, I’m no Ed Garland and I think Ben is being a knucklehead, but even I know that despite your guilt or innocence, keep your damn mouth shut while you’re under the microscope.
    Having been a LEO, I can tell you one fact: Innocent men do all they can do to prove their innocence. Need a DNA sample to clear me? Here’s ten of them. Need to ask me any questions? Fire away, I have NOTHING to hide.
    Guilty men stonewall. Take that to the bank.

  58. So if they had the “Steel Curtain” era in the 70’s can we call this the ‘Stained Curtain” era?

  59. he’s in trouble. Steelers playoff hopes for 2010 just went down the drain. They better draft another running back. They’re gonn need them.

  60. this jerk has got to be the moron of the century. i used to be a fan. time to wipe this nitwit away. he’s got enough money now to screw all kind of things up somewhere else. bye bye

  61. Big Ben is just changing with the times. The Steelers name was chosen to represent all of the steel mills in the area…. Now that the steel industry is dying it’s time for a change. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Pittsburgh Pussy Stealers.

  62. Why is it so hard for these athletes to just stay out of bars/clubs and stay out of trouble?? It seems like every time one of them enters a public, crowded, late-night hangout spot something goes terribly wrong.
    Ray Lewis, Pacman, Burress, Darrent Williams, and now Ben…
    Grow up guys!! Stop acting like you’re 21 years old!

  63. SoCalSean says:
    March 10, 2010 7:26 PM
    He’s’s over!!
    I can’t believe the media has been so relaxed on this.. It’s not because he’s white?? Is it?? They sit outside Tiger’s house for having consensual sex, and Golic spends 2 hours this morning telling people they shouldn’t jump to conclusions.. What a shame..
    Your’e joking right?
    Of course it’s because of his skin color!

  64. Ben got the idea for this defense while watching a Life Alert commercial on ‘Judge Judy’ this afternoon.
    Worst. Defense. Ever.

  65. I went offline for a few hours and turned onto this and 84 comments.
    One question, where is the comment from FRANK BURNS?
    Man Up!!!

  66. This HAS got to a Public Relations nightmare for the organization. Innocent or guilty this stuff is just going to continue snowballing.
    Better get the backup QBs ready just in case.

  67. thank god he doesnt hang around bars in small towns where girls barely the legal drinking age hang out… then there would be some real shit huh????
    funny Tom Brady marries the highest paid model and had a baby with an actress, eli mannings wife is hot as sh*t and Big Ben is trying to score with my best friends sister from 10 years ago….. way to go harley

  68. You fools are crazy – this is not about sports or what team you cheer for.
    This is a real human being that was sexually assaulted.
    I bet you idiots would be all over an animal abuser.
    You people are sick!

  69. funi says:
    March 10, 2010 7:22 PM
    No sexual intercourse so you can’t say rape!
    You apparently don’t know much about the law, do you?
    Trust me, a person can be locked up for a good long time for sxual assualt, battery, rape, and a host of other seedy titles WITHOUT having put his junk inside her.
    I can’t ’til he either goes to jail or has his football career ruined (uh, if he did it, that is) 🙂

  70. Squeelers, I hate em’. Now they can eat crow for all the comments they have made about Cowboy players…ha ha.

  71. Isn’t it ironic that if he had been this strict about not giving up his DNA before he wouldn’t be in this mess now.

  72. I’m a lifelong Steelers fan, and I’ve been a fan of Ben’s since he was drafted. But not any more. Even if by some chance charges aren’t filed, he is definitely not the kind of person that’s presented. He’s really become quite the disappointment, and as someone with a sister about the same age as the “alleged” victim…this jackass should know better. I guess going head to head with a Chrysler New Yorker and all the other hits on the field really HAVE taken their toll. Maybe he’s already got a serious case of CTE. I hope he gets suspended for the season, regardless of the results of the investigation.

  73. @linzbinz102:
    “In the end, I think it’s best for the situation to just be dropped. If she really was raped, the emotional scarring will only get worse if this continues to drag out. I feel the coverage of it and slandering of Roethlisberger is most definitely justice served.”
    Yeah, that’s a great idea you got there, Zippy. Let’s just tell famous people that they have a right to rape you as long they are willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the media. Your post could be the stupidest thing ever posted on PFT, and that’s saying A LOT. Can’t wait for you to graduate and join the rest of us in polite society.

  74. To all the Steelers fans crying about people judging too quickly: suck it. Lewis had murder charges dropped against him because of lack of evidence and you scumbags call him a murderer every chance you get. All that and he was only accused of a crime once. This is Rapistberger’s second incident.
    Karma’s a bitch. You deserve everything you get.

  75. It amazes me of the Herd Mentality that has become an epdiemic in this country. It’s as if anyone, everyone and their Brother is ready to take a pound of flesh from anyone before nthe facts are known.
    Ben Roethlisberger is in fact a young “kid” as of yet compared to us 50ish people. I think he is being cornered and expoloited like Kobe was, and, Dave Leterman, and, a slew of others because of his celebrity status. Some gal went with him to the bathroom, and, no one was kicking and screming.
    I blame this on to areas. Ben, makes bad decisions, and, he doesn’t comprehend the dangers and precarious positions that he can find himself in while acting normal. I also blame this “new event” on his Agent, Dan Tollner, and publicist for not helpinh protect Ben. He is a Class “A” celebrity, and, has NO BUSINESS mixing it up with co-eds that I’m sure salivate with the notion of what a conspiracy would bring just from making an allegation.
    These are extremely CRUEL times, and, no one can be trusted, and, Ben did not abide by this idea all in trying to have fun, And, yes, he is in his sexual prime, and, these are not Nuns that are in these night clubs where these Hens can say “Anycockwilldoo” unlike a Rooster.
    Take a struggling co-ed, trying to pay for school whom may have an unsavory side, or friends that are whoremongers, and, the situation can develop as it has. Into a bad She said/he said.
    I truly believe Ben is a naive, red-blooded, young American true sexually driven stud that happens to be a millionaire, and, doesn’t have the sense to stay away from Goldiggers, and, those that would be willing to destroy hom for money. This is the way it is in the so called great country. God knows there are plenty of gals in college campus Bars all over the country looking for a cowboy to park thier pony in their in their stall, and, no one ever calls the police on these otherwise poor peasants. Let it be a celebrity, and, someone is willing to milk him for more than his MoJo. Enter in Ben Roethlisberger.
    I feel sorry for him, and, if he knew any better he’d be mixing it up with Aristocratic women, or, even if need be; find a high end Escort service., but, hanging with mere peasants will bring a dmanation onto the shoulders like a Big Ben, and, could spell the end of a great career because this is na country of nthe vicious, and, they don’t care who it is if the opportunity ois presented.
    Now, a Mark Chmura situation was one that brought that grat Tight End (Green Bay) down, as he was acting in a criminal manner, and, was beyond what Ben did.
    So many time the league tells these guys,…..wtach where you go, wtach whom you hang out with, and, be very cautious. Put some alcohol into a sexually mature big athlete, and away slips common sense, and, blind trust.
    I think Ben is innocent, but, just the same; he’s not too bright. And, much of this rests on the shoulders of those that should be protecting him.
    We live in a society where we laud these icons of greatness, and, are willing to plant the knife in their back as soon as they turn. It’s a vicious cycle. We look up to them one moment, yet willing to destroy them the next. Envy shows it’s ugly head, and, now this wayward foiol is about to be destroyed by what I would consider a low level slut whom was probably egged on by friends and other salivating idiots.
    The guy won’t catch a break unless the truth is known, and, I’m sure it is ine of opportunist looking for someone to exploit for money and willing to destroy him for the almighty dollar.

  76. Trust me Big Ben, you can pay that lawyer $50k to represent you or a $5k lawyer, but, either way the police will get your DNA whether your Overpriced attorney agrees or not; its called a search warrant stupid.

  77. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”
    And why is it that the male is always the perpetrator? I personally know of a wonderful young man who was sent to prison and now will carry the label of “sexual offender” for the rest of his life after a consentual relationship ended and the woman got revenge by crying rape several months later. He couldn’t afford a real lawyer so he ended up with a Public Defender who couldn’t have cared less and convinced him to plead guilty to avoid a worse sentence. Ben may be guilty, but the women in these cases could be guilty as well – possibly looking for their own revenge because Ben shunned their advances or just want a free ride through life, etc. I hope those of you who are condemning Ben now never find yourselves in the same situation.

  78. I’m a white guy and I think it was kept out of the media early on because he was white, rich, and thought he could sweep it under the rug (again). Now the facts are slowly coming out and he WON’T give his DNA?! I know his lawyer advised against it and rightfully so from a legal perspective – however – if you KNEW there was nothing to hide from you would agree on the spot and end the whole situation. PERIOD.

  79. We should never rush to judgement. Even then, it’s so easy to cast aspersions. We are not in his shoes and don’t have the details yet. Lets hasten slowly.

  80. Piss on Pittsburgh. Steeler fan is going to take an ass whooping in the Cleveland Muni Lot now more than ever !!!!!!!!!

  81. Piss on Pittsburgh. Steeler fan is going to take an ass whooping in the Cleveland Muni Lot now more than ever !!!!!!!!!

  82. Roethlis-bang’d-her has terrible judgement. It’s not looking good for him at all….the league needs to step in and really consider disciplinary action as soon as this settles..

  83. I’ve no personal vested interest in what goes down on this. I’ve been a Steelers fan for over twenty years and think Roethlisberger’s a top-tier QB on the field; beyond that, however, the guy has never exactly been a role-model figure, and I don’t think he really cares that this is the case. That said:
    (1) To everyone who’s saying, “Ben’s come into my town, and I heard from my buddy, Ralph, that he was a total cocky asshole.” This isn’t news; there are stories about the guy being dickish far back into his undergrad days, so your two cents aren’t worth that much anymore. Furthermore, plenty of people are total dicks.
    (2) To everyone who’s picking one little piece of the story and taking it out of context, do some research first. There’s a lot of goofy shit with this story all around, some of it on the girl and her friends, some of it on Ben. Any judgment at this point is an attempt to speak just to hear yourself talk, because there isn’t enough substantive material yet to go.
    (3) Regardless of what happens with this situation, Ben’s had enough chances to grow up and learn from his mistakes over the past few years. Even if he is cleared of this, the dude is a complete magnet for trouble. I can understand that celebrity status makes you a target for attention in public places and whatever other excuses you can conjure up, but after a while, you gotta adapt.
    At the end of the day, if he is found to be guilty of whatever here (since the details are too sketchy at this point to say what that “whatever” is, despite all the expert opinion of PFT posters who don’t have the mental capability to not jump to immediate conclusions), the guy deserves to get nailed on it bigtime. No one would disagree with that, including any rationally-minded Steeler fan. If he were to be found not guilty, it’s time for him to grow the hell up, come to grips with the fact that he’s had more chances to learn than 99.998% of the rest of us, and start making better life decisions.

  84. lots of fools with no idea what happened running their mouths on here. Guess Ben needs Tiger Woods’ fans because they all scream leave him alone that it’s between him and the women. I’ll actually use some brain cells and human decency and wait to see some evidence before I cry havoc like all you holier than thou retards!

  85. Fell and hit her head? Well, he is 6’5″… he probably dropped her while doing her. I hope it shows him buying her a drink…awesome…she’s 20.
    HE’S DONE PEOPLE! The radios all over Pit is going nuts and against him. He is having trouble with his players and has been fighting with the Tomlin. I told you people OVER AND OVER this guy is bad news… and a rapist. I’m sure they did a rape kit at the hospital. Also, Ben hiring Ray Lewis’ attorney… DUMB! He’s scared and he’s guilty. They won’t even say where he is other than “he’s left GA”. Hiding under a rock no doubt.
    I LOVE my Steelers… just get rid of him! And take back a BUNCH of that guaranteed money! 102 million dollars… PLLLEEAASSSEEE!
    The Commish nor the Steeler Nation should put up with this AT ALL. Let’s see what they do…

  86. Just plain creepy . I bet Tiger is happy this news came out. Wait… isnt Ben a decent golfer also. Hmmmmmmm.

  87. There was also an off duty cop and PA state trooper with him that night. He’s WALKIN’. All the way back to Heinz Field.

  88. This doesn’t answer anything. Did they mention whether they found Ben’s DNA on the woman in question? If so where, her teeth? Ben’s pretty tall perhaps this was done in the standing position? BJs at the bar? That never happens. There’s nothing like the love between two or more drunks!

  89. haha, ‘thanks for the heads up.’
    was that a pun florio? or did i have to point it out for you

  90. hey Ben- try
    they match based on overall compatability, not just a hummer in the bathroom……..give it a shot, can’t be any worse!

  91. I have to believe he is innocent until proven quilty. After what I’ve been through with my ex-wife I now believe a person will lie for greed, money, and stupidity. Ben needs better counsel, that’s all, I can’t believe how many people are so quick to point out something they have no information about. Media thinks it has all the facts. Nobody knows what went on, it will be many weeks before the real story is told. I can relate to Big Ben, once the word gets out about a character flaw women will eat you alive like savage beast starving to death. I would take my millions and retreat to no man’s land, screw the public and go live your life like nobodies business Ben! People are gonna listen to what they want to hear. Two rings and be gone, nobody else has done what you’ve had so it should be no big deal. You stay in the public eye then it’s all in the game, bro! Just another concussion that needs time to heal. Public should be ashamed of themselves for judgeing you so fast. If the young lady was truely hurt I hope other women would be aware and stay away from the dude. But I don’t think Ben harmed her on purpose.

  92. Negative Adam’s Mom. A good portion of the (innocent) population actually care about clearing their names. They have every right not to consent, but a lot of (innocent) people cooperate so as to not have the shit drag on for months.
    And….this is going to shock you….a lot of defense attorneys will tell everyone — innocent or guilty — not to cooperate because the attorney makes more money the longer the case drags on. Hard to believe, I know…
    Oh, and JDV85….that’s not what quid pro quo means.

  93. So he whips it out, she’s trying to talk herself into it while fellating Big Ben (which she now thinks is pretty ironic)
    cut scene – Girl goes “Nahhhhh, I’m good”
    cut scene – Girl on floor
    /End movie

  94. Well, now that we’ve heard from all the non-Steeler fans, we can MAYBE think about this a little clearer. Honestly, a lot of these responses are based on the simple fact he’s a QB for the Steelers. IF he were QB for YOUR team, your tone would change.
    I DO NOT believe this accusation for a second. Look at the publicity the girl will get, look at the money to be made—Oprah, OK magazine, the Today show….all of it. SHE knew what she was doing. SHE is an adult. SHE knew he’s her meal ticket. She knew—every step of the way.
    So what if he had sexual contact with her? I’m SURE she didn’t mind it. Have you guys SEEN the pics of them together as a couple? Have you? She knew exactly what she was doing. She’s just jumped on the the “Sue a sports celeb” bandwagon.

  95. In the ‘burgh, Ben is often compared to another young sports hero by the name of Sidney Crosby. Innocent or guilty, there is no comparison.

  96. Used to admire Ben and the Steelers. Now, it’s sad. He’s just another entitled jerk who believes his God-given athletic ability entitles him to take whatever he wants no matter who he hurts. By the way, unwillingness to submit DNA does tell me that there is something that Ben doesn’t want to come out. If I were falsely accused I would volunteer the little saliva swab.

  97. I’m more than willing to wait for this thing to play out, but the chances are lookin pretty solid that it won’t be at all pretty for Ben.

  98. Apparently Big Ben does not understand the judicial system in south Georgia. I bet that sheriff is eating a big steak tonight. His 15 minutes of fame is about to begin, assuring him permanent re-election after
    putting that Carpetbagger in prison for taking advantage of a 20 year old Southern Belle.
    Trust me, Ben is in deep doodoo. Chain gang doodoo.
    Boys, if you want to misbehave, don’t do it in south Georgia! Trust me! He is finished!

  99. Someone is leaking the interview reports – I doubt it is anybody on Roethlisberger’s side.
    If the Milledgeville DA thinks this will intimidate Ed Garland and Don Samuel into begging for a plea guess again.
    More likely is that local law enforcement cannot resist having 15 minutes of fame and is chattering – the DA might want to shut that down pronto.
    It’s a marathon, not a sprint – for everyone who is getting hard at the thought that Roethlisberger is going to be convicted of a felony (as opposed to just being guilty of one) remember the adage of Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction and don’t start sucking each other’s popsicles quite yet

  100. He better hope he wore a condum when he raped her because if not hes going to be screwed if she got a rape kit at the hospital.
    Why would his body guards block of the bathroom and not let anybody in if he wasnt having “Sexaul Contact” with the girl? Theirs no way he would do all that just to talk.
    This statement makes him look even more guilty.

  101. Ok so she gave him head and she was drinking therefore she was probably drunk and fell. Ben was probably being nice and tried helping her up and in her drunken state assumed that Ben pushed her. Makes sense don’t you think? She wants money from him and he probably wouldn’t pay her for the BJ.

  102. I miss wrote.
    I mean why would he get her in the bathroom and have people block the door for anything other then intercourse?
    So whats he saying he got head from her? I dont know what else is sexual contact except that.
    Forcing a girl to give you head is rape to ben. Did she fall and hit her head before or after?

  103. I was wondering how Big Ben could be so blatantly arrogant about the way he goes about this kind of activity considering what had just happened to him.
    Now I know…..when you have active police officers licking your nut sack and providing you with “Protection” just because your a football player I guess I too would think I am above the law.
    I am so glad this happened to the Steelers and not the Raiders!!

  104. Matt – thank-you for a voice of reason. I’ve been a Pittsburgh fan since I was maybe 12. I’m 45 now and I have two 20 something daughters. I don’t think this is a “Pittsburgh” problem, it is a “Ben” problem. If he is guilty, let justice be served. If not, he still needs to pull his head out of his ass.
    With regard to volunteering DNA…I’m a thousand plus miles away and in no way involved; I’d still never consent to DNA testing without a warrant.

  105. He doesn’t want to give up the DNA because it might link him to several other unsolved rape cases.
    I know this to be true because I heard it from a guy, who knows a guy who played golf with a guy who passed out at 31 flavors last night.
    In all honesty, if this was a black quarterback we would not be talking about Ben Rothlisberger.
    I think the Steelers should dump Ben and use the money to sign Larry Johnson.
    Sorry, I could do this all night…which…. that’s what she said.

  106. SylvanWiz, you’re drunk. Go to bed and get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning. God, you and LinzBinz on the same page. I weep for humanity.

  107. If Ben doesn’t want to volunteer DNA, that’s his right. I don’t make assumptions based on people exercising that choice.

  108. This website is becoming more and more the National Enquirer of the NFL.
    From actual reports:
    KDKA, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh, reported Roethlisberger told police and others in his party he did not have sexual intercourse with the young woman.
    Sources told KDKA Roethlisberger said he had contact with the woman and afterward she slipped and fell, injuring her head.
    In addition, Pennsylvania attorney Michael Santicola said Wednesday night that Anthony Barravecchio, an officer on a suburban Pittsburgh police force, and Pennsylvania Trooper Ed Joyner were with Roetchlisberger celebrating his birthday.
    Santicola represents Barravecchio but said Joyner is also a longtime friend. Santicola says neither men saw any criminal activity.

  109. Route36West:
    It’s “condom” not condum. And “theirs” does not mean “there is”.
    Please learn the English language before you make public comments.

  110. Richm2256 its exactly your kind of simple minded sheepish attitude towards government and their policies that puts innocent people in jail.
    Think about how ignorant and narrow minded that statement you just made was.
    Wake up you complacent government worker everyone on this planet is different and will act differently life is not so black and white where you can proclaim one set of rules applies to every human being!

  111. I’m so glad the Raiders have sucked forever and the Steelers have won 2 Superbowls in the last 4 years.
    Al Davis is the biggest curse a team can have.

  112. Hipfan: please explain how Ben is a “carpetbagger”. Please look up the definition before responding.

  113. Innocent until proven guilty, anyone?
    He admitted to sexual contact. That’s not a crime if it was with consent.
    And in a college town bar near the restrooms I doubt a rape would go unnoticed.
    Not consenting to provide DNA is his right.
    And regardless what anyone types here, he is still innocent until proven guilty.

  114. Something tells me Ben is going to have ‘sexual contact’ with a guy named Bubba in the Georgia state prison system pretty soon

  115. she was giving him a hummer in the bathroom and slipped on some drunk guy’s piss on the floor when she tried to get up, got embarrassed and decided she could cash in since there was already an accusation against the guy. come on people he’s walking around in a bad economy with a target on his back!

  116. Funny to see C.Bass still clinging to Big Ben’s dingle berries because his nut sack is already taken.
    Yeah you have a good team on the field but now unfortunately for you NOW even us Raider fan have someone we can look down on….the so called Steelers nation is now a bunch of low life degenerates that Raider fans mock and laugh at!

  117. C.Bass I think its better if you shut your little pie hole on this one there is no way you are ever going to look good defending a 28 year old man raping a school girl.
    Yeah I agree “carpetbagger” is the wrong word here I think “Degenerate” is the word you are looking for!

  118. Matt’s post at 9:05pm is right on the mark. I would only add one thing. If he beats whatever rap this turns out to be, he does need to grow the hell up. But, do it with another team besides the Steelers. He has clearly demonstrated through his behavior over his years with the Steelers that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the franchise or his team mates. Let some other team have a guy that is “too tough” to wear a motorcycle helmet and too stupid to keep from getting charged repeatedly with sexual assualt. Preferably the Browns. I’d rather see the Steelers go 5-11 with Dennis Dixon than win another Super Bowl with that moron at QB.

  119. So has anyone realized that after hiring her attorney to pursue the CIVIL case she is going to bring, she dropped out of college…What is the reputation of the school she was going to…anybody???
    The non-geeks on the board all know that scoring in the bathroom at the club is just about the coolest thing you can pull off, short of joining the mile high club.
    That said, Big Ben is undeniably a moron. Great QB…Greater Imbecile.

  120. Fonetik says:
    March 10, 2010 7:20 PM
    “The more I hear, the more I think Roethlisberger is being railroaded. He had “sexual contact” with the drunk girl (probably of the oral persuasion) then she falls and hits her head, goes to the hospital, and realizes she could get a ton of money by accusing him of rape.
    Wouldn’t be the first time a woman has accused a man of rape for personal gains. Duke Lacrosse, anybody?”
    I believe you have hit the nail on the head.

  121. yo blueyedevils-
    if you ever want anyone to take you seriously at all, you need to change that racist tag. No matter how much sense your posts may occasionally make, I see the name, and the whole thing reeks of ignorance.
    you hate for people to stereotype you, quit stereotyping everyone else.
    and you can say whatever you want to or about me- once I see who wrote it, I’ll completely discount it anyway.
    stop the cycle.

  122. Why do they call Heinz field -Heinz field ? Cause the Steeler’s are always playin , Ketchup football ! .

  123. What a great set of comments. Why do we even bother with court systems? Let’s just leave it up to the press and ignoramuses that have no facts, no clue, just hard-headed opinions. I agree. String the rapist up. Today! And anyone who agrees can expect to be treated the same way, right? No hearing, No trial…just straight to judgement. I mean, my gosh, the man had the temerity to have more talent and make more money than you. The nerve. Rapist! Rapist!

  124. The young girl (under 21) receives head injuries from the sexual attack requiring hospitalization and immediately reports the assault to the police.
    The creepy perpetrator wearing satanic clothing refuses to supply a DNA sample and claims the girl’s head injuries must have happened after the sexual incident.
    Do you really think the the jury will believe the creepy guy in the satanic clothing????

  125. Rapistburger’s rationale: “Hmmm, I’m being sued in Vegas for rape, had to apologize to my team for causing the whole organization embarrassment, so I think my best move right now would be to hook up with this 20 year old in the ladies room for some consensual sexual contact.”
    (as we all know, most gals love sexual contact in the ladies room at a bar, especially with a famous accused sex offender)
    Rapistburger explains: “Seven lumps? Well your honor, she fell down seven times and injured her head.”
    Pig Ben couldn’t even get a jury of 12 average stealer fans to acquit him at this point.
    What do you think his next career will be? Car wash?

  126. First, I am astounded at the number of dumb jocks and mental midgets on this site. You really know how to attract some winner on here, don’t you Florio? By the way, I love how you love to gossip and exploit other people’s pain, Mike.
    Second, Rottenberger is a piece of garbage. I will become an ex-Steelers fan because of this puke. I don’t even live in Pittsburgh anymore(thank God)….so, why should I even care. I’m done with this team…and with football. Too many slime ball, dumb jocks in sports. It is beneath me. I’m too cultured. I was just at the symphony this past Saturday night! Why am I hanging around the likes of all of you?
    My advise to the dummy posters on this board: try reading a book for a change. Huh? You are all a bunch of vile, bottom-feeders. You make the world lousy. Dig?
    As for you Rottenberger? I hope you burn in Hell, you selfish S.O.B. You suck! If you don’t like what I just said, do something about it!!

  127. Ben: “She fell down your honor”
    Later that year….
    (first day at Georgia State Prison)
    “Yo Ben, Iz be yo new cellmate. Okay now, Iz gonna be da husban, an youz gonna beez da wifes, got dat? Otherwise, youz gonna bees fallin down a LOT!”

  128. At this time and point, Ben is guilty of being a moron and using poor judgement. And that is all. None of us were there. None of us know the background/history of the girl who is accusing Ben of this crime. Just because someone is being accused of something does not make that person guilty. There are plenty of money hungry, bitter people out there who are just looking to make a buck. If Ben is indeed guilty, I hope he gets suspended from the NFL and has to pay whatever price he is sentenced. If not, hopefully he learns his lesson. Starts dating girls with a little class and avoids the chippies hanging in the college bars. As for the earlier post stating that this is not getting the press that is deserves because Ben is white, you need to look at the history of crime in sports. You hear about a lot more African Americans involved in such situations because a lot more African Americans are accused. Usually by other African Americans. Plenty have been swept under the rug or possibly gotten away with a crime because of who they are. OJ, Kobie, Jamal Lewis….

  129. @123456789
    Sorry we’re not all cultured enough to go to the opera with you and your same-sex partner. And sorry we’re not all smart enough to watch figure skating instead of football… good luck with that. No reason to insult everyone here just to inflate your pathetic superiority complex…. d-bag.
    Anyway, Big Ben is a scumbag and I think most people can agree on that. He keeps on making terrible decisions and even though these allegations may or may not be true, they are going to cripple his career and he deserves it. I don’t think it’s at a point where we can jump to any conclusions as not all the facts have come out. If the whole “no intercourse” thing is true then I think he will be proven not guilty because I doubt he “forced” her to third base in a bathroom, lol. If he is indeed guilty then I hope they throw the book at him.
    Either way this verdict turns out I hope the Commish has the stones to do something about it and suspend him. If he’s not guilty take him out for at least half the season, if he’s guilty I want him gone for good (no matter how short his sentence would be). A very small number of NFL players are making a TERRIBLE name for everyone else who abides by the laws and keeps to themselves. If the Commish doesn’t do something about it really soon the reputation of the league is going to suffer incredibly.

  130. the majority of you are using this platform as just another pissing contest…pathetic…this isn’t about football; who’s QB is better, who will make the playoffs, etc. If he is guilty it’s time to man up. And if I read one more thing about this girl’s looks…what the hell does that have to do with any of this? Misogynists looove to team up..there you go, you can start your own team of losers!

  131. Funny all those folks saying PA cops were there so ben will walk. Yea Yankee COPS in GA matter, especially ones on the Rapist’s tab and who I’m sure he paid to come along with him. Not to mention what were cops doing DRINKING WITH UNDERAGE GIRLS! From the sound it he probably needs to pay his guy friends as well because he can’t rape them. Ben makes BUBBY BRISTER look like a Rocket scientist!
    Where is Roger Goodell on this issue! THE NFL NEEDS A STATEMENT. Ben is a the Perfect represenative of the Steelers. He’s potrayed as a legend choir boy but underneath the covers he’s SCUM! That’s who your PITTSBURGH STEELERS ARE. A team built and run by professional bootleggers and gamblers yet pretends to be this nice little family run organization. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
    Steriod Curtain to the Rapistburger years that’s who you are DIXburgh!

  132. ***Steeler fan alert!***
    Obviously I hope he’s cleared of all wrong doing. With his admission to sexual contact, that may not be the case. He is a distraction the team doesn’t need, and may potentially be heading to the pokey, leaving the Steelers QB-less for a while. But on the other hand…
    I still wouldn’t mind him coming back and ROFL stomping your teams into the dirt…AGAIN. So I can laugh at the haters who can’t accept that their team got beat, and will log on and try to make themselves feel better by calling Ben a rapist and the Steelers organization classless, but your definition of “classy”, or your labeling of the Pittsburgh Steelers as such, is not important to me. I feed on your resentment.
    I’m sure if this case goes farther south he’ll be let go and then I guess the Bungles, Browns, n’ Ratbirds fans can have a joyous season or two where they don’t get swept by the Steelers.

  133. Beardown30? That is the kind of homophobic response I would expect from someone like you. I bet you watch WWE wrestling, too. Right?

  134. This story came out yesterday. PFT posted it at 7 a.m., and it only took 2 hours for nearly 200 people–most of whom clearly have no idea what they’re talking about–to verbally lynch Roethlisberger. Yeehaa, welcome to the Old West.
    God help most of you if you’re accused of a crime because you fools will talk yourselves into a cell before the day ends.
    @Richm2256 … your constant salivating over the prospect that a Steeler is guilty of rape is just sick. Sorry to throw in a few facts, but the POLICE said there was no rape. Sexual contact does not have to mean intercourse (your sex life must be pretty unimaginative).
    So if he were innocent, he’d give up the DNA? If they had sufficient contact–let alone sexual contact–she could have had his skin and hair on her skin and cloths. If they had sexual contact, she could have had semen on her skin and clothes. That’s not evidence of guilt. But it’s a bargaining chip. Why would I give my DNA to the police unless they agreed to share some of their info? As someone else posted, quid pro quo.
    Why does an innocent man need quid pro quo? Because evidence can be built and manipulated against innocent people. Google the Innocence Project and start reading.
    Ben was not feeding alcohol to an underage girl. Ben met a 20-year-old girl out clubbing. It’s the club’s responsibility to card the people getting in. Since he met her in a bar, he could assume she had a right to be there. She was drinking with him all night. Perhaps that’s why she fell.
    If you had assaulted someone and she was injured when she left … would you just stay at the club and keep partying until the police arrived? He had two SOBER cops with him. You don’t think they might have said “Hey, Ben, we should get you out of here”?
    Ben’s a jackass–and an embarrassment. No argument there. But if they convicted people solely for being jackasses, PFT would lose half its posters. At least.
    Due process. It’s what separates us from the communist countries so many of you are so worried about.

  135. Of course Ben deserves a suspension for poor decision making. The precedent has been set on that. You don’t have to commit a crime to be suspended; you are expected to act like a decent human being as a member of the NFL, and at the very least, he fell short of this.

  136. Innocent until proven guilty.
    I am no fan of Roethlisberger but he is not guilty solely by virtue of exercising his Fifth Amendment rights. Even in a criminal trial, a judge will instruct the jury to draw no inference of guilt from a defendant’s choice not to testify.
    I agree that something doesn’t sound right here, but let the criminal justice system work.
    He’s probably skating on thin ice with the Rooneys, especially if his contract has a “good behavior” clause. I don’t pity him, but what a waste.

  137. The cops were sober? They were not there in an official capacity as guards, they were friends and guests – at least that seems to be the story.
    So they may also have been partying. Any info on that in the reporting – I haven’t seen much on those two aside from that they were friends celebrating his BDay. Ben seems to have been there with no security detail. Just pals who happened to be cops. Mistake #1.
    Tough call for them on how to play it – if they were there as bodyguards they’ll face disciplinary action when they get home, likely dismissal. If not, they’ll face a lower level of action for being in a bad spot and embarrassing the departments they serve.
    I’m assuming like most that the girl was drunk (why wouldn’t we).
    Do we know how drunk? When she went to the hospital, she would have to say if she was – and probably give an estimate for # of drinks if the docs were issuing any medication.
    Her being “falling down drunk” seems to be a key point to many posters thinking on this, one that plays into Ben’s statement. But do we know that? Weren’t there cameras in the club? Could very well be the case, but that is now being taken as a fact as opposed to speculation.
    It would be interesting to know how drunk she was before building that case – and yet another reason Ben should NEVER have spoken to the cops.
    PS – You can’t suspend a guy for being a dope, he’d need to be convicted of a crime or at least arrested. And that isn’t going to happen.

  138. Big Ben is undoubtedly an idiot, maybe guilty, at least guilty of terrible judgement.
    But the best part , seflishly, for me is knowing that , for some of you Ravens, Browns, Pats , etc. Steeler-hating fans know that this will be the highlight of your season…

  139. @123456789
    Nope, no WWE for me. Just good old fashioned football and baseball for this guy.
    But since you’re giving up football and we’re all idiots you might as well stop wasting your time and mind checking this thread. Have a good time being better than all of us 🙂

  140. Alright you steelers haters,make your comments because your talking to a die hard steeler nation man,but i to beleave that its time that they look into this matter,im getting tired of all this sport stars that think there above the law,and second of all im going to have a hard time rooting for a man that keeps his dna away from young girls,if was any one else they would throw away the book,do the same to him!!!!!!!!!!

  141. You all are pathetic. What a bunch of ignorant losers. I hope some gold digging b accuses some of you dbags of rape, and you can find out what it’s like to be found guilty by judgemental scumbags who don’t know the first thing about the situation.

  142. @Mooch …
    You and I must be reading different accounts. Every news account I’ve read said the cops were serving as bodyguards and that they were sober. The state trooper’s boss confirmed that he has worked as a driver/security for Ben accompanying him to public events since 2006.
    The police were asked during both press conferences if the woman’s blood-alcohol levels were tested while she was at the hospital and they refused to comment.
    There were security cameras in the club, and the cops have secured the film. It’s been reported that there also was film from other places they visited that night.

  143. The NFL and Roger Goddell must act immediately to fine BR $10M, minimum 3 year suspension and or lifetime suspension. The NFL and society are much better off without this sleaze bag garbage. Do it now Roger. Do it NOW!!!!!

  144. “You and I must be reading different accounts. Every news account I’ve read said the cops were serving as bodyguards and that they were sober.”
    I read some accounts where they were portrayed as bodyguards, others where they were portrayed as friends who were celebrating his BDAY with him.
    I saw your post on the guy’s boss with the PA St Troopers, so that clears that up.
    Well, they certainly won’t lack for evidence when it all comes down.
    Dykstra now on the hook for a sexual assault, apparently. I may rush to judgement on him. I loved Nails when he was a Phillie, but the guy is a total scumbag.

  145. @Mooch …
    Well, I’m pretty much a one-sport girl. Though the name sounded familiar, I had to google Dykstra to be sure who he was LOL So I’ll just take your word on the scumbag thing.
    It may sound like they won’t lack for evidence, but unless there is something very telling on that security footage, it’s probably still he said/she said. And security footage is usually grainy and open to interpretation. I’ve read that the incident took place in the hallway outside the bathroom. If it actually took place inside the bathroom, then it’s unlikely they have footage of it though they might have footage of her fall, if that happened in the hallway. The police have said that multiple locations in the club are considered part of a crime scene.
    If his story is true, it blows my mind that, with the Nevada suit pending, he’d go to a college hangout, get drunk with a bunch of girls he didn’t know, and go into a bathroom for consensual sex of any kind. A man of his means does have other, more discrete options. Dumb dumb dumb.

  146. I really hope that Dixon and Batch are out somewhere (away from the media) and are practicing and practicing! Maybe it’s about time some one showed Ben he CAN be replaced. Love them Steelers but let him go!!!! He is another prime example of a man w/ talent and money and the whole world at his feet and he thinks he is above the law….Steven Segal he is not. The money they pay him can be used to bring in new talent and re build that Steel Curtain…. when 1 brick in the foundations crumbles you ALWAYS replace it!!!! One brick will not make the foundation fall!!!!!

  147. Can the stealers get their money back from Ben? The Falcons got theirs back from Vick. There is some sort of morality clause in the NFL agreement.
    Unlike Vick, who killed dogs, Rapistburger will never play in the NFL again. Nobody will sign him.

  148. Bdrunk says:
    March 11, 2010 9:51 AM
    ***Steeler fan alert!***
    “I’m sure if this case goes farther south he’ll be let go and then I guess the Bungles, Browns, n’ Ratbirds fans can have a joyous season or two where they don’t get swept by the Steelers.”
    Umm…Bdrunk, my “Bungles” swept Big Ben and your Steelers this year, so you may want to check your 2009 record…

  149. Okay- ugly story. However, he is innocent until proven guilty.And dumb as a stump, apparently.I agree with the posts enquiring where his entourage was? If he doesn’t have handlers that accompany him, the Steelers REALLY should get him some. And make it clear to him that whatever they say goes, even if that interupts any attempted booty call. Was it bad behavior? Apparently. Was it as bad as she said? We don’t yet know. If he’s charged his lawyers will contend that he received a permanent brain injury from his motorcycle crash that has damaged that part of his brain that regulates impulse control. He’ll get off, and even it leaves a stain on him it will go away-look at Kobe Bryant and Michael Vick. And I’m not blaming the victim, but women (and girls) out there need to realise that hero-worshipping can get you into a bad situation. They may not be the person their public face makes them appear to be. In fact, they have publicists and spokesmen that craft the image we see. Be very careful because I suspect these incidents happen more often than we know, but a check and confidentiality agreements are written before the public hears about it. And Ben- seek professional help. Seriously, you have a problem!

  150. Deb Doll,
    Its very nice to see you defend your hero, however, if Ben was haome with his wife, he would never have been accused or in this situation.
    No sympathy for a millionaire sports star, who is arrogant and does not think of others.
    No go back to type how great and self righteous you are and keep bragging on your merits.
    It shows the real you. Very haughty and proud.

  151. @jamaltimore and others who brought up the fact that she is 20 and drinking in the club w/ Ben and his apparently sober escorts who are cops…it is the responsibility of the establishment to verify the age of persons who are drinking. In some bars you need to be 21 to enter. It’s ridiculous to put the onus on Ben and his companions. It’s neither their job nor their responsibility. As she was served in the bar, they could rightfully expect that she was 21. He shouldn’t be vilified or pilloried because she was not of legal drinking age, he didn’t know her, or her age and I hardly think she would tell him and risk getting kicked out.
    That brings up another facet to this story. Did they not card her, or did she have a fake ID? Does the club take a hit for serving someone under 21? Does she get cited or arrested for possession of a false ID if she had one? Does it affect her credibilty in the eyes of a potential jury if she was drinking and she is underage? Particularly if it comes down to he said vs she said…

  152. Those of you who continue to state that he is “innocent until proven guilty” are leaving out the required context. That specifically refers to proceedings in a court of law. We are now not in a court of law. Benny boys contract, as all NFL contracts have a behaivour clause. The evidence, with respect to the contract has a lower burden, threshold. The quality, quantity, etc. is far less, and is at the sole discretion of the NFL-Roger Goddell. Some of the language in the contracts, I do not quote here states simply that if an individual brings negative attention to himself, the club, the NFL that individual is subject to fines, suspension, and/or termination. Benny boy being a bright individual no doubt understands this scenario. Twice now he has declared himself to be associated with this type of behaviour and actions. I say flush the toilet and get rid of benny boy. Lifetime suspension is what benny has earned.

  153. @ Bdrunk…..
    While your at it…check your shorts. that brown stain in the bottom ir really Big Ben….

  154. Fear Da Tiger says:
    “Umm…Bdrunk, my “Bungles” swept Big Ben and your Steelers this year, so you may want to check your 2009 record…”
    Gratz on finding that acorn Mr. Blind Squirrel. Hope it’s enough to sustain you for a few years.
    Just a little something to think about while you’re hoping, nay, praying that Ben gets cut…Bungles were 3-6 against the Steelers from ’97-’01, with none other than Kordell Stewart at the helm, with patches of (ROFL) Kent Graham and (LOL) Mike Tomczak in for a few games.

  155. The comments on this site are depressing. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Do any of you “perfect inviduals” have any evidence at your disposal to conclude that he is guilty? If he is guilty then send him to prison. If there is evidence and he is charged let him be convicted or exonerated by a jury of his peers.
    And to raidresnation: What wife would that be? Ben is not married.

  156. If they are looking for DNA, there is a good chance there is some “DNA” inside of her glory hole or on some other part of her body they are trying to ID.
    The “where” becomes important since ben now claims no intercourse… only “contact” What does that mean,? One can only guess… but if they find his DNA inside her monkey, and you can add lying to police/perjury to the list.
    Almost as bad at the rape for what he could get for the perjury/lying if he does it on stand.
    Be interesting to see WHERE the DNA has been extracted from.. Is this another Monica L. stained dress, or a swab out of the private parts?
    That’s My question…
    I thought this was the same story as the other one where he supposidly raped that chick at the resort, i havent been keeping up on news lately, sounds like from posts that This is different case?
    Not looking good for big ben

  157. You know what pisses me off!! There are two women, with what evidence? They can let Michael Vick back in the league, and he not only fought dogs, but executed them as well. So are you people telling me that he should be accused without evidence, he didn’t deny having been with the women, if he had done something wrong why would he have admitted it. I think they are just trying to be noticed, and get money from Ben and the NFL! Leave the man alone! Are you honestly gonna sit there and say you haven’t ever done anything wrong? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I don’t believe he has been proven guilty yet, so just leave it the hell alone.

  158. What a shame. How funny. Bye Bye Big Ben. You’re on your way to getting booted out. And I love it.
    What an absolute idiot. He didn’t learn anything last time? IDIOT

  159. Gee whiz, raid-res. I go onto another thread and admit that I was getting on my high horse, that I was sounding like Mary Poppins trying to school the other fans in football, and that I’ve become the Tolstoy of PFT writing posts as long as “War and Peace” (which is not a good thing). I tell a guy he was absolutely right to get snippy with me for being so annoying. And in your mind, that’s me bragging?
    If I’d said I’m brilliant and gorgeous, would you have told me to work on my self-esteem?
    I’m not one for hero worship, raid-res. I’m too aware of human failings to think anyone is perfect–least of all some sports star. The few people I truly admire most are not famous. The main reason I’m so keenly aware of human failings is because I have so many of them. I think of all the incredibly idiotic situations I’ve gotten into, and yeah, I can believe people really are that stupid.
    Ben isn’t married, raid-res. Apparently a lot of people think all good lil QBs should marry and settle down by the time they’re 28, but I’ve known a lot of single 28-year-olds. It’s really not all that unusual.

  160. Big Ben, Michael Irvin, Leonard Little, and O.J. Simpson(when he gets out) should start a Planet Hollywood type restraunt with memorabilia of their rapes, murders, drug use, and football days. Just like Bruce Willis, Slyvester Stalone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger did with their acting.
    They can call it Planet I-told-her-she-wood.

  161. When one is in the position to have millions of dollars at stake, one should make the kinds of decisions that indicate they realize the reality of their situation. Getting drunk and acting like some latter day BMOC is NOT the recommended course of action of one exercising anything close to good judgement. Big Ben might want to look into getting a blood transfusion, because it appears that while he has two heads, he only has enough blood to run one at a time.

  162. You know I’m amazed that these idots that say he should be out of Football. How many guys go out to have fun and you know the truth that women do want to be noticed also the can tease. Ive seen in the past that when everyone knows that there’s someone important in a bar or restaurant they go crazy. Lay off the guy he is only human and I know there’s a lot of guys that would do the same. The jerks that want him out of Football know he a great Quarterback and don’t want him to kick their teams butt.

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