Roethlisberger's crew included officers

A Pittsburgh-area police officer and a Pennsylvania state trooper were in Ben Roethlisberger’s posse on the night he was accused of sexual assault.

A lawyer for one of the officers told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that his client is close friends with Roethlisberger, and was in Georgia with him in that capacity. 

Eyewitnesses have described larger bouncer-type friends protecting Roethlisberger at times while he partied.  Surprisingly, neither man has been contacted by Georgia authorities yet, indicating that the investigation is going slowly.

The lawyer said both officers were “completely sober” on the night in question and will cooperate with the investigation.  Authorities are seeking a sample of Roethlisberger’s DNA.

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  1. he’ll probably just give them his DNA forcifully and without even implied consent, i can’t imagine they have to seek much further

  2. So large, bouncer-type officers were bar hopping with a 20 year old girl and protecting their boy Big Ben? Sober or not, something is up here.

  3. I am not one to rush to judgement but I am starting to lean towards Big Ben being falsely accused. First sorority sisters claiming it didn’t happen and now cops within the posse. Things are starting to NOT add up. I will withhold judgement but sounds a little suspect….

  4. After watching that press conference I have no idea why the investigatoin is going slowly….

  5. I read this news about the officers yesterday. Both are longtime bodyguards and the trooper has been with Ben since 2006. It seems odd that he’d be assaulting someone with two sober cops present.

  6. Florio, so much for your embargo on Ben.
    I think you were behind the whole thing just to get the pot stirring.
    I know your hits are down in the offseason.
    What’s next……Peyton Manning cross dressing?

  7. Big Ben does a lot for police charities in PA, so this isn’t really surprising. I seriously have a hard time believing that he is a rapist, but he is definitely dumber than a bag of hammers.

  8. Just send a female officer over in some assless chaps, and Ben will provide all the DNA they need.

  9. Can you say “relegated to desk duty pending an investigation”?
    I come from a cop family – and the parade of pro athletes to the house was non-stop. Just kidding. I guess these guys fixed a few speeding tickets for Ben at some point.

  10. If he was in a room alone with her, he could be in trouble regardless of who was in the building. Even if she went through the door willingly. Ben’s at the very least hurt his employer’s image in the community, and that’s not good for anybody. This time he has a problem, at least that’s how it looks today. and likely for a few tomorrow’s.

  11. Just because he had cops with him doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. I’ve known plenty of these types and nothing says that they’re all that honest. I’m sure they will be paid well for their testimony though.

  12. “Authorities are seeking a sample of Roethlisberger’s DNA.”
    Check under Rooney’s toupee. Might be mixed in with the Bailey’s stains though.

  13. Cops have a tough job and I appreciate them fully. However, some of the worst people in society wind up getting that job. I used to live down the block from where Frank Jude Jr. got beaten within inches of his life by off duty cops. Just because cops were with him DOES NOT mean he was obeying the law.

  14. Hey if they want his DNA that must mean that they found DNA on the victim which was not hers. What other reason would they want DNS from him.
    If it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck it is a Duck. And having officers with you means nothing. I have some in the Family in Chicago and let me tell you they are just like anyone else except they are taught to lie very early on and pretty well I might add to help convict people.

  15. Go get those ho’s big Ben. No sense in being rich and famous if you can’t get groupie love. Just make sure you wear a hat, you don’t want to have a baby with one of those worthless b*tches.

  16. NOW I’M DONE, are you implying that if his dna does match that he’s guilty without question? or do you mean it will exonnerate him

  17. As always, the Steelers haters display their ignorance. Jealousy of the hardware can be an ugly thing.

  18. I think Ben needs to come out and make a public statement denying having raped his bodyguards, otherwise one could assume his guilt by his silence.

  19. well if it’s true, it makes sense and means ben is trying to protect himself from scamming chicks
    but still, he picks the scammers real well haha

  20. If you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. Unemployment is super high and these gold diggers are after the QB with 2 rings. Who should blame Ben for having a number of body guards who can also act as witnesses? Good thinking. So many skanks are out there trying to shake down athletes, politicians, movie stars, whomever they can milk. On the other side are scumbag lawyers (no offense Mr. Florio) who are also doing the same thing and teaming up. So Ben likes to go out and hang out with chicks. He has a big target on his back so he handles it with plenty of bodyguards and witnesses so he can at least still go out and have a good time. Good thinking. It is called taking care of business and that is why he has 2 rings and more on the way.

  21. Steelbird – where was it reported that they were posting that it didn’t happen?
    Florio – ya happy now?
    The unsourced innuendo you started, which is counter to what TMZ reported about the twitter / facebook accounts – is now gaining traction.
    Just keep copy and pasting from TMZ, please. Do us all a favor and stop trying to use your brain.

  22. Laxer – where in that story do they mention that the tweets said anything? You and Florio made that part up.
    The actual story you link to says they were told to remove social net accounts and not wear anything that would ID them as members. They want to shied them from media circus, interviews, PI’s, etc.
    You just made up the part about tweets that said she made it up.
    You just made it up.

  23. All I have to say is that if this was a black man the script would probably be different right now. More and more people would probably be claiming he was guilty as could be. I hope they throw his ass in jail.

  24. So two cops are with Roethlisberger, and somehow a 20 year old college kid gets served liquor while in their presence?
    Yeah, job well done guys, thanks for “protecting” Ben. What else went on in front of these yahoos????

  25. # Deb says: March 10, 2010 6:19 PM
    I read this news about the officers yesterday. Both are longtime bodyguards and the trooper has been with Ben since 2006. It seems odd that he’d be assaulting someone with two sober cops present.
    But didn’t it take place in a bathroom? I could be wrong, I will have to go back and do some research.

  26. WWMID?
    (That’s What Would Michael Irvin Do).
    He’d probably be in bracelets by now, and certainly the same people on PFT now urging a wait-and-see attitude with Ben would be killing him.

  27. If The Humpty Dance is in Ben’s i-Pod, he’s 100% definitely guilty.
    Simple as that, case closed (gavel noise).

  28. @The Real Shuxion …
    My understanding is that it took place in the hallway outside the bathroom.

  29. @all-knowing Mooch, etc. …
    It’s been reported that Ben said they had a sexual encounter that did not include intercourse, after which she fell and hit her head, which may be why she required hospital treatment.
    In the absence of intercourse, she might have his semen on her skin or clothes. She also might have his skin and hair on her skin and clothes. That’s why they’re asking for a DNA sample.
    The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. I cannot tell by looking at a woman if she is 20 or 21. It was not the job of the Pennsylvania police officers in Ben’s employ in Georgia to card the women in the bar that night. Since the police said he met her AND her party in a bar, it would have been reasonable for them to assume she had a legal right to be there. I don’t ask the age of every person I meet when I’m out. Do you, oh self-righteous ones?
    According to the police, Ben’s party was with her PARTY. It was not a case of Ben and his bodyguards with a 20-year-old woman.
    @The Real Shuxion … As I said, it’s my understanding the incident happened in a hallway outside the restroom. That was reported by the local Milledgeville paper on Saturday. But the police said several times in their initial press conference that multiple locations within the club were considered a crime scene.

  30. Ben has been threatened before. Like face to face! So these guys are paid to protect him when he’s out in public. Protection from the crazies, like some of the posters at this forum.

  31. I was wondering how Big Ben could be so blatantly arrogant about the way he goes about this kind of activity considering what had just happened to him.
    Now I know…..when you have active police officers licking your nut sack and providing you with “Protection” just because your a football player I guess I too would think I am above the law.
    I am so glad this happened to the Steelers and not the Raiders!!

  32. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    March 10, 2010 7:35 PM
    All I have to say is that if this was a black man the script would probably be different right now. More and more people would probably be claiming he was guilty as could be. I hope they throw his ass in jail.
    Gimme a break, put the race card back in the stack. This is a headline on ESPN and non-sports news outlets, it’s not like it’s being brushed under the rug. Plus it seems as though the general population actually is claiming he’s guilty as can be!
    I don’t recall Kobe being treated any differently than this when he was accused of sexual assault/rape. In fact, there were many news outlets exposing the girl’s past which discredited her.

  33. Deb, you are clearly annoyed about something else I wrote, because nowhere in your rant do you seem to take issue with something I wrote here.
    “It was not the job of the Pennsylvania police officers in Ben’s employ in Georgia to card the women in the bar that night.”
    It isn’t their job to be hiring themselves out as bodyguards, either. Doing so would be a violation of police policy in the Philadelphia PD and I would suspect Pitt and PA. New Orleans was one of the few departments that allowed it, and I believe even they’ve ended it.
    I am not even sure they did that, although your assumption seems to be that they did. I have viewed them more as hangers-on.
    Even if they were merely members of the entourage, they’d face some level of disciplinary action for being part of this circus in this situation. It embarrasses the force. Note I said the punishment would be desk duty, not firing. Unless they were being employed by Ben, a slap on the wrist would likely be the extent of it.
    So, I have no idea why you’d mention my name in that post. It seems you did not read or did not understand what I wrote. Please go back and review. Really, makes no sense. I don’t even know you from this site, don’t recall any arguments with you before two odd posts where you take issue with me (over what, I’m not sure).
    But, have at it.

  34. Deb – I am going to assume that you are a lawyer or in law school, largely because of how you stomped your feet and made a big deal about what an expert you were about cases like this (on the other thread).
    Here is a key to being a good lawyer…when you want to go at someone and back them into defending an untenable position, or one that you know you can successfully argue against, make sure that they disagree with you first. I helps.
    Because aside I’m not sure what is in your post that I disagreed with.

  35. @Klytus … Thank you. I can’t believe this is the first these people have heard of a multi-millionaire celebrity sports figure traveling with bodyguards
    @Silver&Black666 … You are giving Ben way too much credit. Do you really believe he stopped to calculate how police bodyguards could help him stay above the law and out of trouble? Obviously not.
    @kdub … Amen to that. The woman in the Kobe Bryant case was outed by the media and ripped to shreds. She received death threats and every detail of her sexual history was exposed.

  36. Deb – you miss the point. Cops can’t moonlight as bodyguards, and state troopers absolutely cannot. It is a violation of policy, and grounds for dismissal (not sure w/ Pit, but is for ST and the state’s largest muni PD in Philly).
    Of course having bodyguards isn’t odd in and of itself, he’d be crazy not to have them. I’m just surprised he didn’t have real professionals. Again, I think these guys were drinking buddies who were also expected to keep people away from Ben. Being a cop and being a bodyguard are two different jobs, and it isn’t a part time gig.
    Not having pros is why Ben finds himself in this situation. Same with Plax, Iverson, Barkley back in the day, on and on.
    As for Kobe, it was a private affair. There were not people milling about, no pics taken that night, he was in an upscale hotel, and his reputation was pristine when it happened. Ben doesn’t have any of that going for him (even though the NV complaint was a blatant money-grab).
    None of us will ever know what happened in GA (or with Kobe). This almost certainly will not go to trial, the whole thing ends with a large cash payout.

  37. “Amen to that. The woman in the Kobe Bryant case was outed by the media and ripped to shreds. She received death threats and every detail of her sexual history was exposed.”
    You sound gleeful about what happened. I think even Kobe was made uneasy by the death threats.

  38. If the Poeleese in Georgia charge Big Ben with contributing, providing booze to an underage drinker, what are his chances he can beat this wrap and avoid game suspensions and fines from the NFL? How do you think the Rooney’s are going to embrace him post conviction? Looks like you Dixon lovers gonna see your boy play after all.

  39. Darn it, Mooch, I wrote you a big ‘ol apology last night that PFT just decided not to post!! Let me try again!
    You are absolutely right!!! I’m so sorry!!! That comment should have been directed to all-knowing richm2256. Please forgive me for that! I knew a Mooch in school–must have your name on the brain.
    Here’s the relevant info from the article I read Tuesday about the cops:
    “One is a police officer from Coraopolis and the other is a Pennsylvania State Trooper stationed at the Washington County barracks. Both the Coraopolis police officer and his chief have not returned phone calls, but the State police in Harrisburg confirmed the trooper has been supplementally employed by Roethlisberger as a personal assistant since 2006. According to the State police, the trooper has been employed as a driver and accompanies Roethlisberger to autograph sessions, charity events and other events.”
    So obviously PA cops and troopers can moonlight. Nooooo I wasn’t being gleeful about the Kobe case. When I said “Amen to that,” I meant “amen” that people aren’t going easy on Ben because he’s white. (Why must people bring race into this already volatile situation?) Rather than figuratively lynching the accused, as people seem to be doing with Ben, in the Kobe case, they figuratively lynched the alleged victim.
    I agree that it will probably end with a cash payout. And thanks to this bit of stupidity, that McNulty woman will probably get a payout as well.

  40. Oh please this is bull. She’s claiming he raped her in a club? There would be witnesses. Notice how there aren’t any.
    I bet the ‘sexual contact’ was oral, performed on him, by her. Did she slip and fall after that? And why is it so hard to believe she slipped and fell after? Hasn’t anyone ever been intoxicated in a bar?
    I’ll say a 2nd allegation doesn’t look that great for Ben, but you’ve already got one girl with a lawsuit (and no charges filed), it’s not that hard to imagine someone else claiming the same thing.
    If he did it, he should be punished, no doubt. But,since she is making a claim that could ruin his career and put him behind bars, lets wait and see the results of any EVIDENCE. Like the videotapes that were seized.
    As a female, I think rape is a horrible thing, but there are a lot of false allegations, unfortunately. And the the accused being a big-time, rich sports star… well, waiting for proof is the right thing to do.

  41. Deb – that “all knowing” thing was what annoyed me. I can take the disagreements, but that smelled like a personal attack.
    That’s really surprising to me about the moonlighting. The PA state police is tougher to get into than the 101st airborne. I’ll check into out – maybe it is a security detail? But ‘supplementary’ seems to indicate it was a job.

  42. @Mooch …
    Oh, I think it was a moonlighting job–not an official security detail. I think both guys were on Ben’s payroll at the time.

  43. why would anyone in thier right mind “party” with cops. This is a major nono. One who parties with the polic e is a turd smoking idiot. Never , never, associate with the police. Never.

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