Whitehurst to visit Seahawks next

We haven’t seen a ton of action on the restricted free agent market yet because teams don’t want to give up picks in the first two rounds.

But Chargers quarterback Charlie Whitehurst will only cost a third-round pick, and he’s set to make his second visit this week in Seattle, according to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche.  He’s already talked with the Cardinals.

The Seahawks don’t have a third-round pick, but they are looking to pick one up.

What are we missing here?

Norv Turner, love him or hate him, coaches up quarterbacks like few others.  Whitehurst hasn’t even been able to pass Billy Volek in San Diego. 

Turner’s disinterest in Whitehurst should be a huge red flag for any teams that are going after him.

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  1. Disinterest? They gave a guy who hasn’t taken a snap in almost 4 years a tender worth over a million dollars! That’s hardly disinterest.

  2. “Turner’s disinterest in Whitehurst should be a huge red flag for any teams that are going after him.”
    Ya, except for the fact that Whitehurst was slapped with his original pick tender.
    What are they going to do, give him a 1st or 2nd round tender? The guy has done nothing but hold a clipboard because he’s got one of the top 5 QB’s in the league on the same team as him, along with one of the top 5 (arguably) backup QB’s in the league in the number 2 spot.
    Doesn’t mean that he hasn’t learned a thing or two, and I’m sure the Chargers would love to get a 3rd round pick for him, when they can draft a QB in the 5th round or later to pick up the clipboard-holding duties.

  3. Oh, and if you guys knew anything about anything, you would know that GM A.J. Smith makes all the decisions in San Diego, and he would have been the one who applied the tender.
    That’s exactly why his puppet Norv got an extension despite continuous failure in the playoffs.

  4. If we trade Seneca for a 7th round pick and then use a (non-existent) 3rd on Whitehurst I’m not going to be happy. We should be able to pick him up for that conditional bag of chips we just got from the Brownies.

  5. You might wish to check your facts regarding Turner’s disinterest in Whitehurst. Turner keeps him involved on game day by having Whitehurst relay the plays to Philip Rivers. GM A.J. Smith has refused to trade him to other teams. Check with Kevin Acee or check the following links…
    If they keep the same 3rd string QB for 4 years, refuse to trade him, and tender him at the 3rd round, you might think they do see something in him. I would rather have him than ANY of the incoming rookies.

  6. hmmm………..if the seahawks are interested in whitehurst, how about they give up a 4th for matt flynn and we call it even?

  7. we could never make whitey competent in san diego
    we knew he had int and accuracy issues out of clemson and we thought we could at least make him into a serviceable backup, it just didn’t happen
    if someone else can get ahold of him and fix what norv couldn’t , who knows
    he’s got potential, but right now that’s all it is
    he also has only seen preseason work so he doesn’t have any miles on him, and he should last quite a long time if he’s able to turn his nfl career on
    he’s got a decently strong arm, and he has speed

  8. Norv Turner, love him or hate him, coaches up quarterbacks like few others.
    Yeah, he really “coached up” Heath Shuler.

  9. Whitehurat was a half decent prospect way back when wasn’t he? after his 2nd year at Clemson? He was considered 1st round potential but year 3/4 put him at the 3rd round and the Chargers.
    Nobody posting here knows boo about Whitehurst other than pre season looks, zero snaps is meaningless. Blame Rivers

  10. Like Volek is some slouch? He’s not Rivers but stepped up to the plate when needed. Florio, your hate for all things San Diego is so transparent. I’m shocked you didn’t manage yet another LT bash.

  11. Philip Rivers and Matt Schaub both became starters after being backups without a regular season completion before.
    Not equating Whitehurst to those QB’s, but I’d let him go for a 3rd round pick if somebody wants him. Heck the Seahawk’s fourth round pick is essentially a third rounder anyway.

  12. He was injured so he slid to the third. What you are missing is Volek could start for most other teams which has nothing to do with Whitehursts’s ability.
    One area SD is stocked so would be a good move for both clubs.

  13. I think Whitehurst has a chance to be a decent player. He’s just buried behind Rivers and Volek is one of the better backup QB’s in the league.

  14. lol Hodog16 is completely uninformed!! Dude Matt Schaub had plenty of snaps in Atl. His claim to fame was a crazy game that he filled in for an injured Mike Vick against the Patriots. He lit them up!! He used to come in for diff. packages that involved him and Mike. He played most of the 06 Philly game (Mike’s last as a falcon) Phillip Rivers got snaps as well. He subbed in when Brees tore his labrum as well….As for Whitehurst, dude is on easily the deepest qb team in the league. Billy Volek is hands down the best backup period! He even won a playoff game for an injured Philip Rivers..

  15. Why the hell are we looking at quarterback,we have so many other needs but no free agent signings. Why get a guy who hasn’t done anything in the league

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