Blount blows off Pro Day

We tend to not get too worked up about Pro Day workouts, the touring, off-Broadway version of the Underwear Olympics.

But while it’s difficult for a guy to do anything to dramatically improve his stock via a Pro Day workout, a guy can screw himself up by, for example, not showing up.

Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount, whose career was derailed by a 10-game suspension imposed after he punched a guy following the first game of the 2009 season, blew off his Pro Day workout, according to Gil Brandt of

As Brandt points out, Blount’s decision not to work out “likely will prompt more questions.”

UPDATE:  Blount’s agent says that the player never intended to show up for today’s Pro Day workout, and that he’ll be there for the March 18 session.

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  1. The title of this blog post is also a good description of what he’ll be doing to make ends meet once he flames out of the NFL.

  2. From what I read (per SI), he was going to work out on the next Ducks Pro-day on the 18th. Another non-controversy twittering away.

  3. Could this guy be any dumber of a human being? He has one thing he is good at, football. There are no other backup plans.

  4. I won’t jump to conclusions even though it sounds fishy. Maybe he had personal reasons not to show. Sick? Family Matters?

  5. he was busy sucker punching people who weren’t looking.
    He’s such a punk that its likely the Raiders or Bengals that will draft him.

  6. I think that playing in the NFL is such a priveledge, that I would love to see this scenario as an incentive to ‘behave’: any player that does anything this stupid, or worse, or gets into any sort of legal trouble during his college playing days should be forever ineligible to play pro football and should never be given piles of cash.
    If this guy acted like this in a college game, do they think he’ll change while making millions of dollars per year, thus further provoking his ego to believe he can do whatever the hell he wants?
    These kids should learn that if they don’t straighten up and fly right, they’ll have to find a job and work for a living like the rest of us. I’m sick of hearing about losers like Blount being rewarded with more money than most of us will ever see in our lifetime.
    Unfortunately, I’m sure it won’t ever happen like this because, of course, money is the meaning of life, right?

  7. He didn’t blow it off. THere are two Oregon pro days. He is scheduled for the second one. This is what happens when there is this rush to write something negative.

  8. Thats a really long comment. This player is a moron and will end up with a pacman-like career. Enough said.

  9. This is pretty funny, I wonder how many people would still make those comments if they found out he is scheduled to work out on their 2nd pro day.

  10. # brownsfn says:
    “DUMB ASS!!!! He’ll be in jail within 2 years…mark my words…”
    Okay, I’m marking your words. I’ll be back in two years then we’ll see… Happy now I’ve marked your words?

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