Brodney Pool reaches deal with Jets

Free agent safety Brodney Pool is about to become a Jet.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the New York Jets reached an agreement on a one-year, $1.3 million deal with Pool on Thursday night.

Pool has played his entire five-year career in Cleveland but wasn’t tendered by the Browns. That means the Jets won’t have to send any compensation to the Browns, even though Pool was technically a restricted free agent.

Pool has suffered multiple concussions, and after his latest concussion cut short his 2009 season, there was talk that it could end his career. But Pool was given a clean bill of health in February.

In addition to the Jets, teams that showed an interest in Pool included the Rams and Buccaneers.

17 responses to “Brodney Pool reaches deal with Jets

  1. Sharper should definitely feel like an ass now. The signing of Pool eliminates his chances of going there (couldn’t go there either way b/c of the final 4 rules), trying so hard to market himself but going to end up not being signed by anyone.

  2. Boy, with all of these secondary moves the Jets sure do realize they are going to have go through Indy to get to the SB don’t they?

  3. I’ve had the chance to meet Brodney and he is a stand up guy, I’ll miss him in Cleveland.

  4. Pool plays with a lot of passion and lays his body on the line for his team…which is why he has concussion issues. His first NFL play was on kick coverage in which he ran like hell down the field, plowed into the ball carrier, and knocked himself out. He has issues ever since. He is a good kid and a great player and I wish him luck.

  5. Cleveland fans are getting out their Rosaries and starting 24 hour a day prayer circles hoping Eric Berry drops to #7 right now.

  6. Good, albeit predictable Tannenbaum decision.
    Pool comes on the cheap and fills a need, but doesn’t quite handicap the Jets if a Safety of their liking is available at an early draft pick.

  7. “Pool has played his entire five-year career in Cleveland but wasn’t tendered by the Browns. ”
    So the Browns, with one of the worst defenses in recent memory, decided that Pool couldn’t help them and wasn’t even worth an offer to come back?
    Rejoice, Jet fans! First you got Revis Island… get ready for the Dead Pool!

  8. Pool is a solid player, but he has had way too many concussions which is why we let him walk. Good Luck Brodney.

  9. Good Signing??
    No, not really..Pool is one concusion away from not knowing his name.
    He is a reserve at best and if he plays on special teams he will be hurt. He is typically a half-season player becuase of his injury history. When he retires he should donate his brain for concussion research.
    Without the injuries he would be less than average.

  10. Well shit… the Jets are really beefing up that defense….
    I almost forgive for letting Thomas Jones go…

  11. Poo Flinging Monkey says:
    March 11, 2010 9:35 PM
    Rejoice, Jet fans! First you got Revis Island… get ready for the Dead Pool!
    hahaha that actually made me laugh out loud. It’d be great if DBs on every team just started to sweat Revis and came up with their own gimmicks.
    Cromartie’s Cabana or somethin. Nicknames are fun.

  12. wtf?
    cleveland gets blasted all last off season for picking up all these Jets players. Now that the Jets pick up Pool, who was ok when he wasnt getting his bell rung all the time, damn near everyone thinks its a solid pickup?
    Gimme a break…

  13. Pool was a solid player, but too many concussions!
    I’m sorry – I don’t think it was stupid not to tender him, it was more considerate than anything.
    He is a kamikaze tackler and it looks good on tape, but in regards to the concussions – like someone said earlier – he is one away from not knowing his name anymore.
    Will definately miss Pool, hope the best for him and stay healthy!

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