Broncos cut Andra Davis

In a surprise move, the Denver Broncos have released starting linebacker Andra Davis.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that releasing Davis may be the Broncos’ most stunning transaction of the offseason. The 31-year-old Davis played in all 16 games in 2009, starting 13 at strongside inside linebacker, playing well against the run and also recording 3.5 sacks.

It’s the second time in less than 24 hours that the Broncos have released a defensive starter, following the release of defensive end Kenny Peterson.

The Broncos also released defensive tackle J’Vonne Parker.

35 responses to “Broncos cut Andra Davis

  1. This wouldn’t be a bad pickup for depth and or a competition for starter with Dhani Jones here in Cinci..

  2. Sucks for Dre Davis… he was the only decent defensive player we had here in Cleveland for a while when he was here. Hope the guy gets picked up by a good team, he deserves it.

  3. The dolphins need to get on this guy like now. After sigining Dansby this would solidify our LBs. Please come to Miami!!!

  4. Dude…seriously…who is making these decisions?…Donald Trump?…smh; they are rebuilding like the Lions or somebody.

  5. Wow. Stunning is right. Strong leader, quick learner and very relaible.
    I hope McD has something up his ass–er, hat.

  6. While surprising, I don’t think it’s entirely stunning. He did wear down as the season progressed and they simply couldn’t continue with Davis/Williams in the interior.
    For those that suggest this is “tipping their hand”, I would say that McClain was a likely first round option anyways, but I would also caution against a rush to judgment. Haggan can slide inside with Robert Ayers taking over as the strongside OLB. Doing that would continue the trend of getting bigger and tougher.

  7. I used to park cars for the Browns for several years. Most of them were world-class shitheads (yea I know, hard to imagine K2 wasn’t a kind, friendly guy), but Andra Davis was one of the nicest men you’d ever meet. He was a true family man, and was kind to everyone he came across.
    He also led the team in tackles for several years. He’s a very solid player and a good man.

  8. yea that would be a good fit for Miami. Dre, Dansby, and Crowder; however, i think Dre would fit in a 3-4 scheme as well now that Mike Nolan is the DC there….

  9. Thought Haggan would be gone before Davis, anyways looks like the Broncos are going to play this 3 ways. Sign Larry Foote, let Spencer Larsen start, or draft McClain.

  10. He would help solidify the Giants LB’s as well, serving as a tutor to Sintim, Goff, and Kehl plus whomever they draft this year at LB.
    Go get him G-men

  11. New England should reverse the pipeline of player leaving for Denver and KC and scoop this guy up. I thought that Dansby was way overrated and glad New England did not make a move to get him, this guy however, I do want them to go after.

  12. “8==D”
    Seriously. Why the delay on when comments show up? It obviously isn’t for content review reasons if you let an emoticon of penis go through.

  13. hed be better for the giants over morrison due to morrison costing a 3rd round pick

  14. ” JSpicoli says: March 11, 2010 5:47 PM
    I hope The Al is on line1. LB is one of our needs.”
    Al ain’t even out of the coffin..uh, er, BED yet.
    We can only hope that he’s awake on this one, but with our luck he’ll sign Joe Lunchbox for 86 million with 45 million guaranteed. Then he’ll bench him for 6 years because he said the wrong thing in an interview.

  15. Supposed to wait untill after the draft to do this, they will regret it if a prime ILB dosnt fall their way

  16. # rjaxx says: March 11, 2010 5:38 PM
    In response to a couple of other posted comments:
    WOW…..relax. Its not like the Broncos got rid of DJ or Dumervil…. . Take a step back and wait and see how the rest of the offseason shakes out. good god.
    No not yet, he hasn’t gotten rid of DJ or Dumervil, just Cutler and soon Marshall & Scheffler. DJ and Doom could be next, ya never know with BoyBlunder, they have no connection to NE and may not genuflect properly when he enters the room.
    It’s McDaniel’s decision making and personnel management that’s being questioned, and justifiably so, by many except blind Bronco fans and those with “Bronco” something in their screen names.
    Even fervent Bronco fans like Milehiclown are begining to question some of his decisions.

  17. With every blunder or potential blunder Mcevil makes, he is one step closer to being out of my life. Down with mcevil!

  18. So he Starts him one year, puts up relatively same numbers as they year before ( actually a bit improved with 3.5 sacks) then cuts him. what did he expect

  19. Does this open the door for a browns trade of dqwell jackson and brady quinn to denver???

  20. Not too excited about this one… I just listened to him talk to Alfred Williams and DMac on a Denver radio station. Pretty surprising but he was an absolute pro talking about it. He played great last season and was a real head banger it doesn’t make sense.
    But rjaxx has it right, some of your are freaking out little too much

  21. @Brewster
    A year ago people on here were cracking comments about Denver signing Davis…. “another Brown signs with the Broncos!” Now, they are a bitching because apparently he was the second coming of Mecklenburg and Denver cut him loose.
    I don’t know what to think of McDaniels yet, he’s got 1 year under his belt, I’ll wait a minute before I rush to judgement like some other people. If people posting on here (including me) knew any better than the people actually running these teams, wouldn’t we have those jobs? Players come and go on teams we should all be used to that by now.

  22. I heard interviews with Davis on the local stations several times last year and he seems like a great guy and a better leader/teammate, but the simple fact is that this defense played great for six games and horrible for the next 10 (save for the Giants game). They could not stop the run at the end of the season and, frankly, most of that was on Davis and the D-line. The line has been addressed. I would have liked to keep Davis around, but this is not all that surprising. He clearly wore down as the season progressed.

  23. Ok, for all you retards talking bad about josh mcdaniels, lets try to keep in mind the fact that after we got rid of cutler last year, most people expected 4 wins out of them last year, incase you missed it, they doubled it.
    I think the guy has done more then prove to everyone that he knows what he is doing.

  24. Relax people, I have no doubt that Davis is a good guy and has great character. On the field though, at this point in his career he is a depth player and fringe starter. He had a decent year last season but he is hardly irreplacable. When he signed last season there wasn’t exactly plans for a Super Bowl parade and I doubt there will be much excitement when he finds a new team this offseason either.
    I also find it funny that people are criticizing McDaniels for cutting depth players and for losing guys like Marshall who haven’t even left yet. It is clear that some people don’t like the guy and will criticize him no matter what. The guy has had the job for a year and has started a major rebuilding project without taking a step back in the standings. None of the moves he made last year have been proven to be terrible, nor have they proven to be great, both take time before real judgement can be made.

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