Deji Karim has strong Pro Day, supposedly

As we mentioned earlier tonight, we don’t get too caught up in the touring version of the Underwear Olympics, otherwise known as the various Pro Day workouts.

We also don’t get too worked up about word of the various private workouts and visits, since many of them are meaningless at best, overt smokescreens at worst.  Agents like to spread the word of the sessions simply to get their clients’ names into print.

That said, the agents for Southern Illinois running back Deji Karim have sent out a press release containing some eye-popping numbers generated by Karim at the Northwestern Pro Day.

He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds, which if not adjusted due to surface would have tied him for second among tailbacks at the Scouting Combine.

His vertical leap of 43 inches would have been first among all tailbacks, his broad jump of ten feet, three inches would have placed third, his 20-yard shuttle time of 4.05 seconds would have topped all tailbacks, his 6.67-second mark in the three-cone drill also would have been first, and his 19 reps in the 225-pound bench press would have been sixth among all tailbacks.

So, basically, if Karim would have attended the Underwear Olympics, he would have won several medals.

Now let’s see if the kid can play football with the big boys.  We’ll find out in six months or so.

17 responses to “Deji Karim has strong Pro Day, supposedly

  1. Now let’s see if the kid can play football with the big boys. We’ll find out in six months or so.
    By “the big boys”, do u mean Florio Jr’s team?

  2. I keep reading and hearing how worthless the “Underwear Olympics” as well as Pro Days are but it seems that all 32 NFL teams attend these events so they must all be really stupid, but then again these clowns known as writers and insiders are also there, so please explain why you press people attend these events because it sounds like your smarter then the rest.

  3. Florio, I’m just curious.. do you read the comments? Haven’t you learned yet that “Underwear Olympics” isn’t even a little bit funny? Talk about beating a dead horse

  4. This kid can flat out play football. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear his named mentioned around the nfl for quite awhile. Whoever is lucky enough to draft this guy is getting one helluva RB. Go Salukis…! The real Blue Mountain State!

  5. I have seen this guy play and he is pretty good. It will be interesting to see if he can play in the NFL. There have been a lot of small schoolers who made an impact in the NFL but there have also been some busts in the draft. Best of luck to him!

  6. Too bad RB s don’t go to the line of scrimmage and get awarded X yards for thier vertical jump.

  7. “Now let’s see if the kid can play football with the big boys.”
    We’re still waiting for sixth overall pick Vernon Gholston to do the same.
    Maybe the 4.37 is a little suspicious. but I’ll say one thing about Karim. He plays like he’s shot out of a cannon. He has a chance to make it and will be a lot cheaper than the jets underwear model.

  8. Saw him play twice this year, at least part of a game.
    He was WAY above the quality of competition.
    Could force his way into playing time. Lots of RB situations that he could sneak into.

  9. Was anybody actually there to watch this performance besides the kids agent?

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