Eagles, Saints could make a run at Ray Edwards

NFL_edwards.jpgAs the Vikings try to upgrade their roster with the addition of running back LaDainian Tomlinson, they might have to worry about another team trying to pilfer one of their restricted free agents.

Bob Grotz of the Delaware County Times recently reported that the Eagles “are expected” to make a run at Minnesota defensive end Ray Edwards.  The four-year veteran has been tendered at the first-round level.

The Saints also have been mentioned as a team that might pursue Edwards, which would be an intriguing development given that Edwards said he would have targeted Saints quarterback Drew Brees for late and/or low hits if he had known that Saints defenders were knocking around Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre.

Of course, Edwards might not be interested in leaving.  But a long-term contract tends to change a guy’s mind — so perhaps it would be wise for the Vikings to work out a multi-year contract with Edwards before a team drafting in the bottom third of round one signs him to a deal containing a poison pill of the very kind that the Vikings concocted four years ago.

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  1. The Vikings did not concoct the poison pill as it was within the rules and they took advantage of that just as the Seahawks did back to the Vikings, it is called business.

  2. Eagles are too cheap to make a run at a legit playmaker.
    They are also too stupid.
    Wanting 2 first rd picks plus more for Kolb?
    Because he had 2 300yds games vs the Chiefs and Saints?
    My friend Lowell Rikert could do that against those defenses.
    I can’t wait for Philly to trade McNabb and be at the cellar of the NFC east again.

  3. I hope the Eagles dont go after him. I dont think hes a good enough upgrade for the Eagles de’s right now to warrant a 1st round pick and a big contract. They need a Will and Sam lb and a FS before they need a DE.
    I think he will hurt the Eagles more then he would help.

  4. He’s overrated because of one dominant game. If he goes, he goes. Robison could steop in.

  5. As a viking fan let me say edwards sucks all talk no play I would take any 1 st round pick for him in a heartbeat.

  6. So these guys think Edwards is on the same level, picks wise, as Allen? Not as many but still a 1st rounder.
    Hes good, but that good?

  7. right gopher, it is business, its a part of business that’s called………a poison pill

  8. The Eagles and Saints can have all the runs they want. (Pepto works good for that, btw). Ray wants to play for the Vikings.

  9. NOOOO this guy isnt worth a 1st round pick, the Eagles need to improve through the draft.
    Kolb is the future, trade McNabb and get at least a 2nd rounder for him. Pick up a 1st or second round runningback, free safety or linebacker….any of those two.
    Eagles go 13-3 next year, they are playing the AFC south….so thats what…the Colts and then 3 easy wins.
    PS-Im glad the Eagles didnt piss away the big money on “Play when i wanna Peppers” or the other big names out there. The team is young except for a few core player, draft guys to replace them in the future and the Eagles will be good for another 10 years—Duh
    I wish any of this advice/thoughts was read by the front office…..

  10. Wait a second… @Floriosadouchebag “I can’t wait for Philly to trade McNabb and be at the cellar of the NFC east again”
    I think Jeff Garcia would beg to differ and Andy Reid is the reason the Eagles have consistently been at the top of the NFC East.
    Think before you post.

  11. Are you an idiot, FloriosaDB? The Eagles aren’t asking for 2 first round picks. They are saying that they only would let him go for 2 first round picks. So far, he is their future QB. Why would they risk letting him go for less? They are showing how much they value him. If they wanted to trade him, they would surely ask for less

  12. Dude, the Eagles don’t want 2 first round picks for Kolb. This is the Eagles way of saying Kolb is not up for grabs. Some of you people are dense as hell. The Eagles holding on to Kolb has nothing to do with those games. And giving up great draft picks for someone who isn’t even that good, when they can draft a DB.
    Stop getting dropped on your heads people.

  13. That’s a good picture, but I prefer the one where he is getting his roll on after sacking culpepper.

  14. Just one more piece to the puzzle. Go Eagles . Save Edwards the pain of another disappointing season with the purple pansies

  15. Losing Edwards would not be a good thing by any means, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world either.
    don’t know why Florio keeps bringing up the poison, no-one has used since the Burleson deal…and yeah, I read the other article our man posted on it.

  16. Or take the 1st and 3rd rounders and draft more talent. Ray Edwards is a product of Jared Allen. Allen’s numbers don’t do justice for the level of impact he has on opposing teams.

  17. Floriosadouchebag IS a douchebag.
    Too cheap to make a run at a legit playmaker? Asante Samuel? Jason Peters?
    They are smart where they spend there money. Some haven’t worked out, but isn’t that the same for every NFL team? Do some homework before you post please. It’s bedtime, i suggest you go or else you will be cranky tomorrow.

  18. A queen fan can find something wrong with any statement when someone tells the truth about the queens. They did concoct it. They did find a loophole in something and used it to their advantage. Their was never a rule made that was intended to be a poison pill. CONCOCT, CONCOCT, CONCOCT AND CONCOCT.

  19. wouldnt surprise me, given reids history of trading first rounders away…and reids picks can go either way. sometimes itll be fredex, lito, or jerome, sometimes itll be shawn, donny, or bunk. who knows. either way, i prefer edwards, because theres always the rest of the draft to not waste 8 million dollars a year on…

  20. Ironically, Floriosadouchebag is, in fact, a douchebag. Lowell Rikert? Nice name-drop dumbass. If you are not going to comment on the content of the article, why even say anything? This has nothing to do with Kolb or McNabb.
    That aside, I would be happy to see Ray Edwards come to the Eagles. However, I’m not sure that a first-round pick and a lot of money would be worth it for a guy whose success may have come mostly because he played opposite of Jared Allen.

  21. Look at me.
    Every new sentence is a new paragraph.
    I’m cool.
    I don’t realize that by putting a price tag of 2 first rounders on Kolb, the eagles are just saying Kolb’s not available.
    I’m a douchebag.
    I must be a cool douchebag.

  22. Wow, this would be a sweet addition if it gets put together, and I don’t think giving up a 1st is so bad for that caliber player. Also, I would think he would rather be in Philly than with the Saints…but, who knows now a days, after all money talks! Just ask Peppers!

  23. gopher says:
    March 11, 2010 9:50 PM
    The Vikings did not concoct the poison pill as it was within the rules and they took advantage of that just as the Seahawks did back to the Vikings, it is called business.
    What the hell are you talking about? Of course they concocted the poison pill. No one said it was illegal or wasn’t good business. Poison pill in this context means a contract clause that would cause the original team too much to justify meeting it. It is exactly what the Vikings did with the Hutchinson contract. It has nothing to do with illegality or cheating, and no one insinuated it did.
    Think you’re being a little over-sensitive there, Viking cool-aid drinker.

  24. Floriosadouchebag = you are an aidiot. Throwing for 300+ yards on any NFL team is not something just anyone can do. 391 yards in his first ever start against the soon to be SB champs (out-throwing the mighty Breese by 80 yards). He cant help who he played. I honestly think Kolb will be a better QB then McNabb but Im happy with either I suppose. How good would Ray Edwards be without Allen on the other side though? Is he worth throwing away a 1st round pick for?

  25. Mentions of teams using poison pills on this blog: 100 Gazillion
    Poison Pills used: ZERO
    Why? Because the Saints have a ton of RFA’s as well. If they swiped Edwards from the Vikes with a poison pill offer, the Vikes could turn and do the same thing to the Saints and grab Jahri Evans for nearly the same price.

  26. Uhhh didn’t the Saints win the superbowl? I think Ray Edwards mediocre production (only 8.5 sacks which is similar to Juqua Parker’s numbers) was more a result of Jared Allen playing on the other side.

  27. @gopher
    Let’s say for instance that the Eagles offered Edwards a contract that became 100% guaranteed if he played a total of 10 games in the first 2 years of the contract in the State of Minnesota. Would that be “within the rules”? Yes. Would the Eagles ever be worried about the contract becoming fully guaranteed? Of course not. Would you be 15 different kinds of pissed off? Without a doubt. Finally, would you consider that to be a “poison pill” or just “business”?

  28. Edwards isn’t worth a first round pick. So that would be a steal to get a first rounder for him and address DT and Corner, then maybe OT, DE, and safety there after.
    The Vikes have Robison who is a better pass rusher than Edwards is, so they can’t be too concerned.

  29. Hey DOUCHEBAG, first of all, the Eagles did go after, and sign, last seasons 1st team All-Pro Leonard Weaver. Asante Samuel and T.O. also ring a bell. Kearse also, but he turned out to be a F’n flop! And I think the reason they want such high draft picks for Kolb is because they really dont want to trade the guy, but if someone is willing to give up a lot for him, hey why not trade him. Theres not 1 player in the league that a coach wouldnt consider trading if he could get way more than what his player is worth. The Eagles also used a 1st round tender on Ellis Hobbs. I dont think the Eagles think Hobbs is their best player, but they probably know that no other team will offer a 1st round pick for him so they know he’s going to stay put. Use your head DOUCHEBAG and think outside the box!

  30. What made Edwards a force was the addition of Allen to go with the Williams Wall. Edwards feeds off the double teams of the others.

  31. It would be a risk for both teams to give up their 1st round pick on a unestablished player. In all seriousness, who has heard of Ray Edwards before Minnesota;s playoff run? My guess is not that many, he benefits from playing opposite Jared Allen and the two brick walls on the d-line. Plus, he is coming off a leg injury, which is not that big a deal but the draft is pretty deep this year and there will be some good d-ends available in the first 2 rounds.
    The move would benefit the eagles if they trade McNabb or Kolb for a 1st round pick since they would get their much needed help at LDE and still able to pick in the 1st round. I doubt that the birds will receive a 1st rounder for either qb and the fans and local media would not be happy if, for the 3 time in fours 4, their 1st pick in the draft is in the 2nd round, regardless if they pick up Edwards or not.
    BTW, I 1,000% agree with Florio when he stated that certain RFA’s are worth 1st round drafts picks and teams should be in pursuit of players like Brandon Marshall, Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson, Elvis Dumervil but NFL organizations perceive the first day of the draft as superior players.

  32. I think the Vikings would be happy to get a 1st rd. pick for Edwards, I suspect they tendered him as they did to see if they could get a team to bite on him. Ray Edwards limited success is directly related to playing along side 3 Pro Bowl defensive lineman. Think about it, the Williams Wall and Jarod Allen are dbl teamed every down which leaves Edwards on man to man and yet he can’t post good numbers in sacks and tackles. I think the Vikings knew exactly what they were doing by tendering him as they did…….also, the vikings are quite shrewd at player personnel, drafting and trading (think poison pill). A second first rd. pick would allow them to combine both 1st rd’ers to move up in the draft.

  33. “The Vikings did not concoct the poison pill as it was within the rules and they took advantage of that just as the Seahawks did back to the Vikings, it is called business.”
    No, it’s called sticking it to your business partners. And getting stuck back.

  34. “gopher says:
    March 11, 2010 9:50 PM
    The Vikings did not concoct the poison pill as it was within the rules and they took advantage of that just as the Seahawks did back to the Vikings, it is called business.”
    No one had ever done it before, and it wasn’t against the rules because no one had thought of it before….
    But they didn’t concoct it?

  35. You clearly don’t know who the Eagles are. Cheap, they’ve made some of the richest contracts in this decade.

  36. The eagles are stupid. They’ve got a gold mine at QB and they can’t seem to figure that out

  37. Ray Edwards is totally not worth a 1st rounder. If he wasn’t playing with the best D-Line in football he wouldn’t be putting up sacks. The Saints with #32 might be able to use him, but the Eagles at #24 can draft someone with more potential. Edwards is a solid player but he’s worth a second rounder at best

  38. @floriosadouchebag youre an idiot. ray edwards has not established himself as a legit playmaker and the eagles want 2 1st rounders for kolb because of the investment theyve made in him, not because of his performance in those two games.

  39. Florio, the only “poison pill” you are going to see this year are those you drop in the crapper first thing in the morning ….

  40. wouldn’t they have to give us their 1st round pick if they signed him? vikes need to sign him. he is not spectacular but played much better this year and has been in the system for three making him difficult to replace in the current market.

  41. @buffalo hogan what are you talking about? it seems they know they’ve got a goldmine and thats why they’re not trading these guys away just to get rid of them.

  42. I like Edwards a lot. He and Trent Cole would make a good duo. I would not give a 1st round pick for him, he’s not that good. I would give Mcnabb for Edwards and Minnesota’s 2nd rounder however. Thats only saying Favre retires however. Brad Childress is the coach and he may want Mcnabb if he feels by draft time Favre is not coming back.

  43. Brian Robison is better than Edwards anyways. He just needs more playing time. I hope someone “steals” him for a first round pick.

    That said… I would feel wayyyyy better by drafting a DE at 32 or in the 2nd round.

  45. Alls I have to say about the poison pill is that it was a brilliant idea whether you like it or not. It wasn’t cheating or anything of its kind. It was a genuine idea that we came up with. Who gives a hoot if you or anyone else doesn’t like it. It worked and we got an all pro left guard because of it. You have to do what it takes in this league to be competitive. When it comes to running a business in this league its a dog eat dog world. Whether you like it or not. So try not getting your panties in a bunch okay. Or would you like me to get some vagisil cream from my wife if you catch my drift.

  46. im always for the eagles going out and getting players but you need to get good players to increase the chances for success. we have parker and clemons to play opposite cole. 1st round picks are like gold but the eagles are too cheap to pay first round money which is why they always trade them away.

  47. Ray Edwards is definitely worth a first round pick. Particularly as low as Philly and NO sit in that round. Those that haven’t had the opportunity to watch this guy play regularly are basing their poor opinions of his talent level on ignorance. Minnesota tenders this guy at a #1 for a reason.
    The problem with Edwards is he can be a whiny tit baby. Basically a bit of a shit stirrer. He had the same rap with his coaching staff at Purdue.
    But he can definitely play.

  48. WAKE UP IDIOTS!!!!!!!!
    suuuuure ray edwards benefits because of guys like jared allen. but the eagles also have a beast of a defensive end!!! trent cole would definitely make ray edwards job easy in philly… jared allen is hands down the best in my opinion or atleast the hardest working, i am not saying trent cole is better than him, but he does get doubled/tripled covered as well at times.
    Ray Edwards or a rookie in the first round??? I’d take ray edwards first especially since the eagles wouldnt take the most important/best player available. We’d take some bust DT or DE. Maaaaaybe a safety but i’m willing to see what marlin jackson can do first

  49. Wow, there’s a lot of idiot jabber in here, and a lot of it is concentrated among the Purple Legion of Doomed.
    First off, Allen is a product of having a block eating blob playing alongside the real strength of this defense, Kevin Williams. Do the math, geniuses. That’s three of five blockers (depending on the blocking assignment to either DT) on an opposing o-line leaving one-on-ones on the outside for Edwards and Allen. Allen’s sad game (was and still is) getting the outside corner on a LT. The lack of quality LT’s in the league is quite parallel with his “rise” to elite status. Allen is an extremely limited, no anchor vs. the run, overpaid one-trick pony. I give Edwards a hell of a lot more credit and clout for their performance in the playoffs. Losing Edwards would be a serious blow to the defense, and I for one would love to see him play for the Saints.

  50. You guys can say what you want.. But Edwards is as Solid as any Player you can find for the left side. He is not a dominant pass rush guy, like a Jared Allen. But he is Solid, Plays the run excellently, And is still going to provide you with 5-9 sacks a year. Is he elite, deserving a blockbuster contract? No.. But he is better than what you are likely to find in the draft.. at least past the first 15 picks or so. So if you are the Saints and holding the 32nd pick in the draft. You would definitly be tempted to aquire Edwards. Depending on his asking price it could be a deal.

  51. You people ripping the Eagles are complete morons….1st you say they havent dont nothing yet in Free Agency…..well, no sh!t, do you want them to just please the fans and blow all kinds of money?…..you might as well root for the Redskins then…….then you rip their front office and Andy Reid…..they are commited to winning, they just did not win a Superbowl…..they have spent plenty of $$$ on FAs over the years (Kearse, traded for TO, Asante Samuel etc…) so you cannot call them cheap…….then you say everyone figured out Andy Reid’s scheme?……wrong again, they scored over 400 points last season…….hmmmmm what else??? Over rated……not really…..and they have been to the Playoffs 8 times in the past decade…..with 6 NFC Championship game appearances and a Superbowl appearance…….the only issue they have not won the big one….and McNabb doesnt have that killer instinct……he would rather be friends and smile at his opponenI rather than rip their heart out……..if you are an Eagles hater, just say that instead of looking like a moron saying stuff that makes no sense, do you even watch football? i agree they need more help, but there was alot of money wasted over the last week

  52. medicore??? umm i really think that Edwards was the Vikes best DL in the playoffs. and was far more productive than Allen.
    i would take him for a late 1st rounder because at 32 – there wont be as much talent at that position
    and you never know what you get – Glen Dorsey next Warren Sapp?????? yeah sure

  53. Begz…..Are you really Dave Spadaro? Yes, they have had success. You can put up all the stats you want to. Have they won the big one yet? Has their scheme worked? Has any team won the Superbowl passing more than 70% of the time? Yes, they put up big scoring numbers this past year. More than half their games were against doormats. What did they do when they played playoff teams? They got their a$$e$ wooped. Where has Samuel got us? A lot of INTs, but more guys running through him or catching TDs. They have so many holes on defense and they have done nothing to fill them. They are depending on a bunch of guys with bad knees to come back 100%. Do you really think they closed the gap to the Cowboys by signing Marlin Jackson and some kid from the Air Force who hasn’t played in 2 years? Oh, they are bringing inHank Baskett….That will make a difference. Wasn’t he cut last year!!!!

  54. Ray Edwards benefited more from Jared Allen then anyone cares to think. When you have such a strong playmaker on one side of the ball the protection naturally slides his way making the opposite side player with one blocker to beat as opposed to a blocker and a blocking RB for example. I say let him go, he wont be the same without a strong playmaker opposite him.

  55. “then you say everyone figured out Andy Reid’s scheme?……wrong again, they scored over 400 points last season”
    Easy schedule. They didn’t beat a single playoff team in five tries.
    Average score vs. playoff teams: 15 (including the playoffs)
    Average score vs. non-playoff teams: 29.5

  56. The superbowl champs lost to the bucs, so obviously all that u say vox runs concurrent with your life, means nothing!

  57. Ill forgive the Eagles for Marlin Jackson if they do this. Well untill I see Jacksons ACL legs in action

  58. IMO, the Andy Reid offensive scheme has become Buddy Ryan – Cunningham circa 1992.
    Sit around and wait for your one playmaker to make a big play. Back then it was Randall, now it’s DeSean.
    I don’t see the cohesive game plans I did 5 years ago. We don’t run plays that set up other plays. The down and distance does not seem to influence the play selection (and who does not love play action after 12 straight passes?). We don’t seem to go after team’s weaknesses, it’s the same basic stuff every week. Preparation seems to have dropped off, and halftime adjustments have never been a part of the equation.
    Not saying Reid sucks, but the gameday product isn’t what it used to. And teams seem to be figuring it out. And not just the bad teams…we were dismantled by Oakland.

  59. @ Vick Veritas,
    And to think that last year the Eagles did all that while:
    Revamping 4/5’s of the O-Line
    Starting a rookie RB for most of the season
    #1 WR = 2nd year guy
    #2 WR = rookie
    LB corp decimated by injury
    All that considered, I’ll take 11-5! I don’t care how soft the schedule was!
    By your logic the Eagles were not even a playoff team so that leaves the Cowboys with a 1-2 record against playoff teams??? The ONLY win coming against a Saints team that had, virtually, had everything locked up in Week 15.
    Vox, you are truly a little girl lost in love!
    Steers & Queers!

  60. Dear Ray,
    Run to the nearest exit. Minnesota is for losers.
    GO MAN GO.

  61. Hey idropbombs –
    Very clever weaving your racism into McNabb’s name. Too bad you have to go online and hide behind a fake name to reveal your hatred. I hope you get hit by a car.

  62. Why do you care about what the Cowboys did? They stomped our asses into the ground 2 weeks in a row. I don’t recall Donovan being hurt while he was killing worms. Do you really think they closed the ground on the Cowboys by signing a guy with 2 bad knees and a WR from Air Force who hasn’t played in 2 years?? I guess if they sign Baskett (the same guy they cut last year) will put us over the top, HUH?
    Another Dave Spadaro want to be. No matter what the Eagles do….it’s the right thing.

  63. HAHA a first rounder for this dude!? HAHA We’ll take it! (good thing he had that one good game against Dallas!) Bye bye Ray… good luck suckers!!!!!!!!!!

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