Hadnot lands with the Cardinals

After visiting several teams, free agent guard Rex Hadnot has gotten a new home.

Per a league source, Hadnot has agreed to terms with the Cardinals.

It’s a multi-year deal.  No further details are currently available, but we’re working on it.

Hadnot, a six-year veteran, spent four years with the Dolphins and the last two with the Browns.  He also visited the Broncos.

10 responses to “Hadnot lands with the Cardinals

  1. Hadnot is with the Have Nots…..
    Arizona is the new graveyard for those NFL players who dont want to be buried in Detroit…..

  2. Cleveland is going to really SUCK this year…yes, even worse than last year…glad it’s not my team!

  3. @nfcbeast
    “Arizona is the new graveyard for those NFL players who dont want to be buried in Detroit…..”
    Arizona is a great place to be buried…its warmer than Detroit and the dry desert air acts as a dessicant…

  4. yeah, he was a real difference maker in the 9 games he played last year. for the kind of money i read that he got (other sites reporting 3 yrs between 9 – 12M), forget it. he is an average starter at best. not to mention the browns OL improved when he was replaced by pork chop womack. just ask jerome harrison.

  5. @Eaglesman
    Yeah buddy, I mean I was a diehard Browns fan but when I found out we let the Cardinals have one of our backup lineman I was like “O-M-G W-T-F”. I thought about suicide…..I thought about if there was another team I could root for….hell I even thought about becoming an eagles fan…..When it all came down to it I just figured I could kill a couple hundred dogs with my bare hands and you and your team would probably give me some award for it. Stay Classy! Don’t change a thing!

  6. Eaglesman,
    I’m confused by your peacocking. Why the need to hate on Cleveland.
    THREE times, didn’t the Eagles get beat THREE times by the Cowboys last year.
    THREE times, that must hurt. Especially because one was to lose home field in the playoffs and the next was to get bounced out of the playoffs.
    THREE times, at least the Browns split against the hated Steelers.
    Did I mention THREE times. 20-16, 24-0 (wow), and 34-14 (when it was time to man up).
    As Ricky Bobbie likes to say, if your not first, your last. I’ll call it a tie between the Eagles and Browns.

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